Friday, September 20, 2019

Police support injunction to clear Oppenheimer Park

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Sex assaults, shootings, stabbings, and swarmings present an ongoing public safety risk in and around Oppenheimer Park, senior Vancouver police officers said Thursday, as they publicly called for a court injunction to clear the ongoing tent city in the Downtown Eastside park." This is absolutely true. I completely support the court injunction to disband that camp. It is full of exploitation and lawlessness.

You know it's bad when former NDP MP Kennedy Stewart starts to complain about it. That's because he's concerned about the sexual assaults and the level of exploitation and violence that exists in that camp. I supported the Woodward Squat but this has nothing to do with supporting homelessness. This is about confronting crime and supporting law and order.

I've talked about how for many years we used to take youth to the DTES to hand out food and clothing to the homeless. I've talked about how the the women would tell our female leaders that they normally stay away from Pigeon Park now because it is not safe for them there. At the time there were tents set up at Pigeon Park as well. They would tell us that women get raped in those tents and nothing gets done about it. The exact same thing is happening at the tent city in Oppenheimer Park around the corner. Letting that continue is not right.

Women's rights in the DTES



    Whats your take on this?
    Shalum Young Man !

    1. A kilo of cocaine and 1.8 kilos of crystal meth. Awesome. Edmonton is red and white.

  2. If you understand that no matter how much they say they do, the people in your government really don't give a fuck about you, then suddenly it will all make perfect sense. It's the only explanation that matches up with what we see in front of us.

    1. Perhaps but they do care about getting reelected and I do support Kennedy Steward's desire to get a court injunction to disband that rape camp in Oppenheimer Park.

  3. Oh exactly right they do....and I agree, all this "homeless" living in tents/camps is BS. If you want to see where you are headed, check out California. Part of it is affordable housing, but the truth of the matter is, there are those of the mentally ill and drug addicted who will choose to "live rough" because they cannot abide by the rules in shared living arrangements, cannot afford even the low end of the market AND their drug habit, or whatever else may be their motivation.

  4. Homeless living in parks is fine, but what we have in O. Park isn't homelessness. Its a bunch of criminals. That needs to end. Homes and/or shelters have been made available, so there is no need to use city parks. There are other people in the city who would like to use them.

    The Chief of Police has been clear regarding the dangers in the park. that needs to end.

    There are people who can not live in apartments, shelters because of mental illness. Many are more comfortable living in less restrictive conditions and with less noise. what is left in O. Park are just criminals from what the reporting has advised us.


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