Thursday, September 5, 2019

Former Kelowna RCMP Officer charged with misconduct

Infotel is reporting that "A former Kelowna RCMP officer has been charged with seven counts of breach of trust for allegedly pursuing sexual relationships with women in connection to his duties. The B.C. Prosecution Service released a statement today, Sept. 4, saying that Brian Matthew Burkett was charged July 19 for allegations of misconduct against seven people between October 2015 and August 2016 in Kelowna and area."

"According to information on the charge obtained through the courthouse, the breaches are from pursuing a sexual relationship with people in connection to his duties. A publication ban covers the names of his alleged victims. He was charged on July 19 in Kelowna court with seven counts of breach of trust in connection with the duties of his office, the statement said." RCMP sexual misconduct. What else is new? How about IHITit banging the cub pack's crew hoe?

Brassington was having threesomes while Jim Fisher was shagging witnesses and selling intel.

Police Misconduct Study: "The National Center for Women and Policing cites two studies that found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of families in the general population." That's four times the national average.

Confronting police corruption was a crucial element of the New York Model

Second $100M settlement announced in RCMP sexual harassment case

Michael Kramer: Pimping for the ATF

We all know what Jim Brown was up to. Dianne Rock was gang raped on the Pickton farm by bikers and cops. When the court heard that Dianne Rock was gang raped, the judge told the jury they could convict Robert Pickton even if he wasn't the only suspect. They could even convict him if he wasn't the prime suspect, just a willing participant. God Damn Wally Oppal.

Spotlight on the Garden of Eden:

How an ex cop became a pimp and a drug dealer for the Kelowna Hells Angels.


  1. When the hits just keep coming, it's the culture that's rotten.

    1. Sadly the three Toronto cops charged with gang raping a female parking enforcement officer after a night of partying in 2015 were acquitted. In her 2017 decision, Ontario Superior Court Justice Anne Molloy said that the Crown had failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the complainant did not consent or was incapable of consenting. Bad judges are still part of the problem.

    2. I know some people are going to wail and gnash their teeth at my stating this fact, but there is a reason why, historically, worldwide in all cultures and civilizations, women and men have been separated in certain work/living situations.

      Trying to change a proven reality to meet someone's dream ideal just does not work in real life.

      It only creates more victims. It only causes more problems than it attempts to rectify.

      Just look at the number of sexual assaults in any "integrated" military.

    3. I'm not going to gnash my teeth but I will say that is pretty ridiculous. If a man sexually assaults a women it is the man's fault. Segregation has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      Sexual assault in law enforcement or the military is an abomination. In the Israeli military they stopped having women serve in the infantry not because they weren't capable but because every time one got shot all the guys would run to her aid and put the mission at risk. Soldiers and law enforcement are suppose to protect people not rape them. That is grounds for an instant court martial.

    4. I am not stating it is the woman's fault. I never stated that; nor implied it.

      Nor am I stating women are not capable. Again, nor did I imply that.

      I only stated the fact that putting men and women together in certain situations does not work. It never has.

      Those wailing and gnashing will be the ones who have an agenda; usually to create division under false claims.

      In this case, you put female witnesses under the authority of these men.

      The recent and current history of the RCMP has shown, repeatedly, as you have reported on here time and time again, there is a very serious problem with men and women. It's not isolated, as the court cases have revealed.

      It's systemic. However, just stating that is not good enough. Nor is stating how wrong it is. Nor is stating how it needs to stop. It does.

      It needs to be addressed in the reality of the situation, not in some ideal of how they will all just sit in a circle, hold hands and sing "kumbaya" and all will be fine.

    5. It does need to be address but segregation is not the answer. Even suggesting that implies the men aren't to blame when they are. It's like that sexual deviant Sigmund Freud whose archaic delusions claimed women who were raped secretly wanted to be raped. That was outrageous.

      If a soldier or law enforcement officer rapes anyone they need to be fired or court martialed instantly. That is the obvious solution because they have clearly chosen the wrong career. You can't segregate every industry: office staff, teachers, hospitals. Men and women are allowed to work together and women have the right to assume they are not going to be raped. The burden of responsibility falls upon the offender.

    6. agree, "segregation is not the answer". Rape is about power and control, not sex. These men raped because they could and they got away with it. Having men and women work together is not the cause of rape. No one's career ought to be restricted because some body else wants to control them or exercise power over them, based on hate.

  2. Fuck yeah. "Failed to prove that she said no"? WTF.

    1. Failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt she said no to a gang rape. That judge should be in jail. That decision should be appealed.


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