Friday, September 20, 2019

Justin Trudeau is an idiot, but he's not racist

I wasn't going to comment on this because it is such a nonissue but since the Main Stream Media is obsessing over it I will comment on it to set the record straight. Everyone is freaking out about how Justin Trudeau dressed up as Aladdin one Halloween and had a brown face as part of the costume. The Neo Cons also released photos of him wearing a black face in a costume. Well let me tell you, I don't think many Neo Nazis would do that.

When my older sister was young she had a black face for a costume one Halloween. Now that would be considered inappropriate but I can tell you that my sister was never racist and her costume was in no way whatsoever mocking black people. In Columbia they actually have a carnival where black people will paint their faces white and white people will paint their faces black. Here that isn't really considered appropriate. There it is an annual tradition that celebrates cultural diversity. Take a walk in my shoes so to speak.

When we look at the candidates this election and ask ourselves which ones are racist, Justin Trudeau doesn't make that list. Maxime Bernier's anti immigration party does and Andrew Sheer is not far from it. I didn't vote for Justin Trudeau last time round. I voted for Thomas Mulcair because he supported a balanced budget and the decriminalization of pot as opposed to legalization. This time round Jagmeet Singh wants to legalize all drugs and I can't accept that.

I don't have a problem with Andrew Sheer. I do have Conservative values. However, I really don't like his attack ads. Justin Trudeau never said he was going to balance the budget. That's the problem. He said he had no intention of balancing the budget. That is my primary concern with Justin Trudeau. However, I really don't know if Andrew Sheer would be any better because Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney weren't. They were tax and spend Neo Cons.

There was one thing that Stephen Harper did that was right and that was get rid of the long gun registry. I support civil liberty. I support the Swiss Model for gun control and I support the New York model for dealing with drug and gun violence but let's be honest, Justin Trudeau is not the racist. So lets start looking at the issues not the smoke and mirror distractions.

A Green Party Candidate wore a brown face in a skit about Gandhi. Stephen Harper wore a brown face dressing as a native. That one was OK because natives painted his face. So what's the difference? We need to look at the issues not the circus side show.

Now, as for the issues, Justin Trudeau is a complete idiot but he is not racist.

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  1. British public (meaning private) schools and boarding schools (and those of this type of institution in Canada) quite commonly used to have "Red Indian Night" or some such similar event, it wasn't seen back then as racist, the spirit was more in the line of respect for the other culture and trying to briefly (and cartoonishly) live in it. "All in the spirit of good fun". Of course those days are long past due to the killjoy scolds of political correctness. It's not that what you do is wrong, only that you can be shamed and thereby controlled, with the shamers (who were nobody before they opened their cake-holes and got a bunch of their fellow dolts to cheer them on) now gaining recognition for their "progressivism" and "woke-ness". LOL. The dynamic is unbelievably hilarious but at the same time, political correctness and those who spout it will be the death of us all if we don't stop paying attention to them. The Siren Song of Communism/Socialism/"Progressivism" has led millions of willing idiots to their deaths in the last century and scores of millions more unwilling to their deaths and yet people are squawking for another kick at the can, this time in the country that made the last two major victories against totalitarianism possible. (WWII & The Cold War) The enemy, like Satan, whispers sweet and seductive lies in the ears of those who do not know history, with focus on the young through deliberate infiltration of the education system so as to indoctrinate rather than educate.

    "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." - Vladimir I. Lenin

  2. If we were to ask the various entities who came up with these pictures of Trudeau, how long they've had them, I would not be surprised if they had them for a long time. It's all political theatre. The Cons and their MSM friends wanted to try to create as much damage to Trudeau as possible. They want him gone. He hasn't given out as much money to the corporate sponsors of politicians as they'd like. In stead, Trudeau and the federal Liberals have been sending cheques to families with kids who are living around the poverty line. that will never do, helping families feed their kids and keeping a roof over their heads. OMG, that money could be used to reduce taxes for corporations.

    Mulroney and Harper left huge deficits and kids never benefited. As a matter of fact during the Harper years, Harper and his Cons which includes Scheer who was speaker and Bernier deliberately spent less money on health and education for Indigenous children than other children. Now that's what I call racism.

    if we want to talk racism, lets have a really good look at Scheer's campaign manager, Hamish marshall, formerly of The Rebel, Ezra Levant's little rag.

    Balanced budgets in my opinion would be good if they weren't created on the backs of the working poor, children and seniors in need. Every one likes to talk about balanced budgets, but no one wants to give up anything. If we were to balance the national budget and cut all tax "incentives" for corporations and end tax haven hiding of funds, the 1% would set their hair on fire.

    So Trudeau wore black/brown face 19 years ago. It wasn't appropriate, but how many others in this country were doing exactly the same every Halloween? If he is not re elected what will our country look like in 19 years? How about no child benefits cheques, even less pollution control, fewer civil rights. Lets not forget Scheeer was part of a government that when Harper took over, the first thing they did was defund all Women's groups the federal government funded. Now what was that all about? Who can forget Harper's use of Revenue Canada to take aim at groups who didn't agree with him?

    During the reign of Harper more soldiers killed themselves than were killed in the wars. Now that is a real record.

    the real racists in my opinion are Bernier and Scheer and their ilk. It is doubtful this will have any lasting impact on Trudeau's career and hopefully not on his re election.

    "red Indian night" was racist then and it is today. People were a lot more ignorant then and it was socially acceptable, just as Trudeau's "black/brown" face was. Never heard of Red Indian Night, but given how the Indigenous people have been treated in this country, its very doubtful it was meant to be a positive thing.

    1. Balanced budgets are good. Deficits are irresponsible. Deficits will eventually destroy social programs. Spending money on the elderly is better than spending money on bank interest to debt.

      Harper never spent money on the elderly. He took money away from the elderly and disabled and gave it to his rich friends who received over paid government contracts with tax dollars and gave him kickbacks in the form of campaign contributions. All those tax dollars on over priced government contracts was a misappropriation of public funds just like SNC Lavalin.

  3. I have to ask about your mention of, "Maxime Bernier's anti immigration party" being racist.

    Can you please explain (not just to me, I think) how their policy is racist?

    I do not recall, as far as I know, Bernier stating any immigration policy that was based on ethnicity, country of origin, race, etc.

    Please let me know - it would greatly affect voting.

    1. If you don't understand, I can't explain it to you. Everyone other than Aboriginals in Canada are immigrants. Being anti immigration now is racist because they obviously aren't concerned with white immigrants. People are free to vote however they choose. I am insignificant. I personally see an anti immigration party as racist.

    2. If being "anti-immigration" means i am racist, how can i draw attention to issues associated with the current rate of people moving to Canada without being accused of racism or does that concern automatically make me racist?

    3. You don't have to do anything. Vote however you want. Most people who are concerned with that are racist. Some aren't. I'm not.

  4. Symthe, I'd agree with Watson's response.

    In Canada, when they talk, "anti immigration" its code for non white. Many who use the term "anti immigration" then go on to wax eloquently about the days of yore where we had only British coming to Canada. Now of course those same anti immigrant types will wax on about Northern Europeans. Some still aren't that keen on people from Greece or Italy. As the old expression from G.B..goes, "the wogs begin at Calais". that is what anti immigration is about, any one who isn't a WASP.

  5. On Trudeau, of course he is not racist, all of this is just politics. If pictures of Sheer surfaced of him in blackface then the everyone including the liberals would be all over him as well. I didn't vote for Trudeau in the last election and won't in this election but I don't believe he is racist.

    As far as immigration goes, Canada needs immigrants to grow our and population. Our economy will collapse without them. Having said that just because someone or some party wants to limit or stop immigration, it is a non sequitur or broad jump of Olympic proportions to assume they are racist. Some people who oppose immigration may very well be racist be certainly not all of them are. Very discouraging these kind of discussions can't be made without throwing out the racism label.

    1. For me, an anti immigration party is racist. That is what I believe. People are allowed to be racist and I am allowed to not vote for them.


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