Monday, January 17, 2022

Quebec lifts curfew and reopens shools

Schools in Quebec were scheduled to reopen today but many ended up staying closed due to snow. The curfew is being lifted tonight. That was the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. It's OK. Covid doesn't travel during the day, it only travels at night. Idiots. History has recorded that Omicron was a complete fraud. Omicron is 80% weaker than Covid. It's less severe than the seasonal flu. Locking down over Omicron was a criminal act.

In BC Adrian Dix admitted that the current hospitalization rate here is 10% lower than it was during flu season in 2019 before Covid hit. Bonnie Henry admitted that the hospitalization data is not a list of everyone in the hospital for Covid, it is a list of everyone in the hospital with a positive PCR test. Everyone in the hospital gets tested. They're not there for Covid or with Covid symptoms. Yet that is not how the media was portraying it. The media was misrepresenting the hospitalization rates yet again by claiming all those people were in the hospital for Covid when they weren't. They lied. Again. They were there for something else and had a positive PCR test. We shouldn't even be using those tests. They are worthless.

Hats off to John Horgan who just finished his Chemo. Bonnie needs a break.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

How Disgraced British Spy Christopher Steele Is Now Secretly Running Strict COVID-19 Restrictions Project

Great Game India is reporting that "Christopher Steele, the ex-MI6 spy, is involved in the ‘parent’ organisation called Independent SAGE – a collective that regularly criticizes the UK government for not introducing tougher measures to achieve Zero Covid." This ties in with Operation Mass Appeal. It solidifies the Intelligence Community's control over the mainstream media and their obsession to remove civil liberty through Covid over reach. Hence the Omicron con.

Spanish Terror Attacks Orchestrated By Secret Service

Great Game India is reporting that "The 2017 terror attacks in Spain were orchestrated by the National Intelligence Center (CNI), a former senior police officer said Thursday. The aim was to destabilize Catalonia before an independence referendum but the outcome that left 16 dead, was a miscalculation, said Jose Manuel Villarejo, according to the Catalanews agency." That ties in with the Air India bombing as well as Operation Northwoods. MI6 is not a defender of the crown. It is a blackmailer of the crown run by Communists.

Lindsay Buziak Memorial walk resumes in 2022

February 2nd 2022 the Lindsay Buziak Memorial walk is meeting 10:00 AM at the Saanich Municipal Hall in Victoria. Lindsay was stabbed more than 40 times. That was not a gang hit.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Shootings in Coquitlam, Langley, Burnaby, Abbotsford, and a fatal shooting in Surrey

TriCity News is reporting that “A man is in hospital in serious condition after a shooting in Coquitlam Friday evening. Before 9:30 p.m., the victim was found with gunshot wounds in the parking lot next to the John B neighbourhood pub and liquor store — located in the 1000 block of Austin Avenue.” CTV is reporting that the victim was known to the police.

In addition to the fatal shooting in Walnut Grove on January 8th, CTV is also reporting there was another shooting at or near the Good Knight Inn on 200 Street in Langley January 11th. He was shot in the leg and was known to the police. Sounds like he owed money.

"The Langley shooting was reported just hours after police in Burnaby responded to a targeted incident in that city. Also in the Lower Mainland, a targeted shooting is under investigation in Abbotsford. The victim in that case is also in his 40s, and believed to have been targeted by his shooter during a fight at an apartment building. And on Sunday, homicide investigators were in Surrey for another incident – this time fatal."

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that “The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has identified the victim in a shooting in Surrey on Jan. 9. Brian Chapman, 62, was found dead inside a house in the 13500-block of 85 Avenue on Sunday. Chapman is known to police, but there has been no police history since 2010.”

If you hear of a shooting, feel free to email me or post a link in the comments. Now that I got rid of hotmail and Postmedia news, sometimes I miss some of the local shootings. Cheers.

Retiring RCMP officer pens his Covid resignation

Corporal Richard Mehner wrote a letter of resignation from the RCMP after 21 years of faithful service. The Western standard wrote about it after it was posted on the Mounties 4 Freedom Website. also posted the letter.

I know there has been a lot of disturbing things going on in Australia. We saw the police use dogs on Covid protesters in Amsterdam and that was upsetting. After that happened, Dan Dicks posted a picture of military veterans coming to the protest to protect the protesters in Amsterdam.

I don’t want to promote violent protests. I don’t want to promote fighting with the police. That is what ANTIFA does and that ain't me. I support law and order. The Charter of Rights is the highest law of the land. When any level of government makes a law that violates the Charter of Rights, that law is illegal. Instead of fighting with the police I want to point out that many police officers share our concerns. Many of them come from military backgrounds just like we do. We did not fight a war in the trenches on foreign soil to bend over for the same tyrants here at home.

I encourage you to read the letter in its entirety but right now I want to highlight two points in Corporal Mehner’s open letter. One is about how the Covid vaccines differ from traditional vaccines and the other is the discrepancies in the overall death rates.

When you look at the overall death rates, there has been no pandemic. They have been manipulating the numbers. People in hospice dying of cancer get a positive PCR test and they claim they died of Covid when in reality they died of cancer. The numbers are fraudulent.

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson on children's vaccination

I'm going to post a link to this video just because I can. Ya gotta love Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson's genuine sincerity. She speaks from the heart. As we know, LL is a little PTL club and that ain't me. I lean more towards Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah chorus. Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and broken hallelujah or more simply, a thank God. After we do all that we can, his hand is revealed. Pentatonix's remix is legendary. In her video she talks about a father kidnapping his child because the mother wants to vaccinate their 7 year old.

I don’t support kidnapping children in a custody dispute. That is a no win situation. It’s bad for everyone. Religion is a sensitive topic especially when it involves children in a divorce. Normally the courts say don't change the child’s religion without the other parent’s consent.

Sometimes one parent will decide to change the children’s religion to spite the other parent. That’s pretty petty. People are free to change but don’t use children as pawns in a dysfunctional game of jealousy. When you were married you made a covenant as did the godparents.

In this case the mother was antivax when she was married but has since changed her position. The father has not. The courts should have ruled that the child not get vaccinated unless both parents agree. As the free North Declaration states, the courts have been deferring to the State when it comes to Covid overreach. Instead, the courts ruled an unvaccinated father should lose access to his child. That was wrong. Yet so is kidnapping the child. It’s a no win situation.

You don’t want to put a child in that kind of conflict. It’s hard enough on them as it is. You can’t have one parent trashing the other parent in front of the child. That’s wrong. Children don't need to be vaxxed against Covid because Covid does not affect them. We all know it is a money making scam. Yet some of us have bought into the fraud. It’s like wearing masks. I think wearing masks is stupid but I don’t oppose mask mandates in public because some people are scared. They’re stupid but they’re scared. I wear a mask out of respect to appease their fear.

In this situation it is possible the child will die from the vaccine. Yet it is unlikely. My kids are adults. It's their choice. Whatever they decide I support. One child thinks Covid is a scam but wants to travel. I get it. The other child, who is not political, reluctantly got their first dose but does not want to get their second dose. I understand. Whatever they decide I support.

If my children were in elementary school I would recommend against it. Polio yes. Smallpox yes. Covid no. It's a farce. Yet if the mother was emphatically for it, I'd be forced to cave in. Raising kids in an argumentative environment is worse than the possible side effects of the vaccine.
The International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists declares that "Negligible clinical risks from SARS-CoV-2 infection exist for healthy children under eighteen. Healthy, unvaccinated children are critical to achieving herd immunity."

BTW Communist China stole the ebola virus from the Canadian lab in Winnipeg.

How Bad is my Batch? Dr Robert Malone just about died from his second Moderna vaccine.

48:44 of Laura Lynn's video says page 23 of a report from the UK Health Security agency states that the UK government has admitted that once you have been double vaccinated you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity to Covid variants.

4th COVID Booster Shot Could Cause Immune System Fatigue

Friday, January 14, 2022

The FDA doesn't test vaccines

The other day I was browsing through one of the medical coalition websites that fact check the fake news when it comes to Covid. I saw an informative video made with the doodle software. It explained that contrary to popular belief, the FDA does not test the vaccines, the pharmaceutical company that makes them does. That's kind of a conflict of interest.

Not only that but the pharmaceutical company choses what data it shares with the FDA. That’s criminal. I want to link to the video but I can’t find it. Perhaps someone can help me with that. You did such a great job finding that news report on True North about the falsified hospitalization rates in BC I couldn’t find. Letting the pharmaceutical companies do the testing of the vaccine and letting them choose what data it shares with the FDA is a recipe for disaster.

The Defender is reporting that "The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will have eight months — not the 75 years it requested — to release all documents related to the licensing of Pfizer’s Comirnaty COVID vaccine, a federal judge ruled Thursday. In his ruling, Judge Mark Pittman of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, quoted President John F. Kennedy, writing, a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

Politicians removing the pharmaceutical companies legal liability for adverse effects is a criminal act. There is no emergency. Kids are virtually unaffected by Covid. Omicron is less severe than the seasonal flu. Using fake news to justify a manufactured emergency so the pharmaceutical companies aren't legally liable for adverse reactions is organized crime. Let's go Brandon.

Myocarditis Tops List of COVID Vaccine Injuries Among 12 to 17 Year-Olds

4th COVID Booster Shot Could Cause Immune System Fatigue

7-Year-Old Dies 11 Days After Pfizer Shot

Pfizer Leads Pack in Hiking Drug Prices

BTW someone mentioned that Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of RNA vaccines, was kicked off Twitter and I said that wasn’t surprising because he is an honest and intelligent man. At the time I said I had him on my Linkedin but they kicked him off that too. However, he does have a website and you can subscribe to his email list. He regularly sends out a lot of pertinent information.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Side effects of the Covid vaccines

When we heard about possible adverse side effects of the RNA vaccines for Covid, first it was blood clots. Then it was myocarditis. Ontario Public Health published two papers on myocarditis in youth after taking the Covid RNA vaccines. The adverse effects were rare but serious.

Yet many went unreported. We all saw the undercover video a registered nurse took of an ER in Phoenix where a doctor admitted a patient's myocarditis was likely related to the vaccine but will never be investigated. That's when I made a post about probability and statistics that Google deleted from this blog. It is difficult to prove all these heart problems are related to the vaccine but the sheer spike in cases that involve youth mean something suspicious is going on.

Children's Health Defense is reporting that "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is not investigating the death of a 13-year-old Michigan boy who died June 16, 2021, of myocarditis three days after his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, emails obtained by Judicial Watch confirmed." This is just one example of many cases that are not reported.

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson interviewed a paramedic who said after the vaccine rollout he saw a huge spike in young people having heart problems. He said if it was older people he wouldn't have noticed it as much because you would expect older people to have heart problems. He said he noticed the spike because you don't normally associated heart problems with young people.

I know many people who had the vaccines and haven't had a problem. I know one person who had a heart attack but you can't prove that was related to the vaccine. When you look at the cases by themselves it's easy to say it's unrelated. Yet when you look at the spike in heart problems collectively as a group it's difficult to say they are all unrelated.

Dr. Byram Bridle explained why RNA vaccines can cause heart problems. He said traditional vaccines stay in the arm. The body sends antibodies to the arm to fight off the infection and thereby builds immunity to it. Dr. Bridle then explained that RNA vaccines bypass the immune system and enter the organs. Infection with a virus usually causes myocarditis. That’s what RNA vaccines do. They send the virus right into the heart. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’d take remdesivir in a heartbeat. I just don't like RNA vaccines. If people want to take the vaccine go ahead. If they don't want to take the vaccine then don’t. People have a right to choose.

Google admits that myocarditis is a rare side effect of the Covid vaccines. How rare, well we don’t exactly know but Clinton Jaws used their data to compare the relative risk for youth. Using their data he compared the risk of a youth dying from Covid compared to dying from the vaccine. They tell us that the benefits outweigh the risks but when you use their numbers it doesn’t.

Despite the media’s obsession to bury any and all side effects of the Covid RNA vaccines, VAERS does contain some data. The problem I have is with dirty politicians who make the vaccines mandatory, then make it illegal to sue the pharmaceutical company if they have an adverse reaction. That is organized crime.

My next post is going to get into how the FDA tests vaccines before they are approved for safety. Well they don’t but I’ll get into that in the next post. Right now I just want to add one creepy statistic about stillbirths which causes us to reflect on Bill Gates' overpopulation obsession.

Pregnancy and Fertility

On the issue of stillbirths, I had heard the claim that there were 13 stillbirths in Lions Gate hospital in North Vancouver over a 24 hour period. The fake fact checkers said that was untrue so I didn't follow up on it. However, I didn't realize the claim came from medical doctors. It was reported on Rair Foundation in the US. If you listen to the quote, Dr Nagase said it was at the Women's and Children's hospital in Vancouver not Lions Gate hospital in North Vancouver.

He said he was speaking with a friend of his who was a medical doctor in North Vancouver who had heard from some duolas working in Vancouver they had 13 stillbirths in a 24 hour period. He admits it is hearsay but it is coming from medical doctors. He also clarifies the statistic from Waterloo in Ontario which is more concretely documented.

Dr Nagase stated that in Waterloo, Ontario, 86 cases have been reported in six months, compared to typically five to six per year. The Rare Fountain article contained a deleted tweet from a grandmother who claimed her daughter had a stillbirth in Vancouver after taking the vaccine. One of the side effects of mustard gas was birth defects. The point is, pregnancy and fertility side effects of the RNA vaccines are not being investigated let alone reported.

Last year world famous boxing champion Marvin Hagler died. He passed away unexpectedly at his home in New Hampshire. Before he died, Thomas Hearns made a post on Twitter stating that Marvin Hagler was in the ICU from an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccine but was hopeful he would recover. When he didn’t recover, people started to express concerns that he died from the Covd vaccine. That’s when his wife, who is not the mother of his children, went on a bizarre rant attacking the rest of his family.

She said his family was not there when he died so they don’t know the cause of death. She said she was there and was emphatic he did not die from the vaccine which was really bizarre. What do we know? We know that Marvin Hagler was admitted to the ICU with an adverse reaction from the Covid vaccine. We know that he was released and died unexpectedly in his home. That is what we do know. We do not know the cause of death. We never will.

Randy Andy loses titles amid court case

The BBC is reporting that "The Duke of York's military titles and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen, Buckingham Palace has said. Prince Andrew, 61, will also stop using the style His Royal Highness in an official capacity, a royal source said. It comes as he faces a US civil action over sexual assault allegations - claims he has consistently denied."

I’m far more concerned with Chuck's ties to the World Economic Forum. That is organized crime. Evidently Prince Charles has forgotten what the Communists did to the Romanovs. As for Andy, she was obviously young but it was obviously consensual. Case dismissed.