Monday, May 23, 2022

New York Times editor guest at WEF forum in Davos

Globalism is Communism and Communism is slavery. The WEF is at the root of it. Controlling the Mainstream media is their MO. I don't see any Tibetan or Uyghur voices in the Indigenous movie section on Netflix. Everything about Communism is a lie. That's why they spend so much money on censorship and misinformation. They even own Disney now as well as the mainstream media.

Cartel shot the Canadian tourists for a drug debt

The Borderland Beat is reporting that "The Jalisco New Generation Cartel planned the execution of two Canadian citizens at the Xcaret Hotel in Quintana Roo in early 2022, who were members of a Vietnamese mafia cell that owed money to the Mexican criminal organization, for which they executed the two men in the tourist destination of Playa del Carmen."

"Robert James Dinh was the main target, considered by Canadian authorities and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to be the right-hand man of the head of the Vietnamese mob there, Cong Dinh. The latter is wanted for his alleged activities in laundering millions of dollars from the sale and shipment of ecstasy, marijuana, and cocaine. The operations linked to this subject identified by the DEA cover Mexico, California, Australia, Vietnam, and the streets of northern Canada." Sounds a we bit fishy. Local reports said the Red and White were involved.

Mexican authorities said Thomas Cherukara, the other male killed also from Toronto, was a member of the Hells Angels. The Canadian spin doctors said he wasn't a member must have been an associate. That still documents an affiliation. The Business Insider reported that both Robert Dinh and Thomas Cherukara had links to the Hells Angels.
Blaze, posing as a former UN member said "Canadian Hells Angels bikers owned a luxury condo by Playa del Carmen that was open to all members. It's kind of like a clubhouse inside a gated community protected by an armed guard." Blaze and Jamie Bacon are both in the rat pack now.

Two shootings in Calgary on Victoria Day

The Calgary Herald is reporting that "Calgary police were investigating a shooting along a busy stretch of 17th Avenue S.W. Monday afternoon that sent a young adult to the hospital. Around 2:55 p.m. EMS responded at the request of police to the 1000 block of 17th Avenue S.W. for reports that a man had been injured in a shooting. Paramedics transported a young adult man about 18 or 19 years old, in serious but stable condition with gunshot wounds, to Foothills Medical Centre." A witness heard a single shot.

"The shooting on 17th Avenue S.W. was the second shooting reported by police on Monday; the first shooting took place in the southeast neighbourhood of Acadia around 11:30 a.m."

Debi Johnstone stalks Doug McCallum

We all know that Doug McCallum ran for the mayor of Surrey on a promise to embrace Sky train over LRT and to form a municipal police force in Surrey. He won the election based on that platform. LRT down 104th would have been an infrastructure nightmare. Linda Hepner and Dianne Watts didn't care because they don't live in Guildford. They just wanted the SNC Lavalin campaign contributions in their pocket.

We all saw the paid ads on Facebook from the RCMP Union trying to prevent Surrey from forming its own municipal police force like everyone else despite the fact that Surrey is the largest city in Canada without it's own police force.

We all saw the fake news deride the mayor and try to prevent Surrey from moving forward. Yet now that same fake news is promoting a provincial police force for all of BC so we see forming a municipal force in Surrey had nothing to do with their concern. Their concern was that Doug McCallum was a fiscally responsible conservative and they deplore fiscal responsibility. After all, Dianne Watts was the tax and spend junket queen who wanted to toll every bridge under the sun to pay for her lavish trips and expenses.

Now Global Fake News is citing Debi Johnstone as their star witness. On Linkedin Debi Johnstone bills herself as your fairy godmother. She is a wingnut that stalked and harasses the mayor relentlessly. The fact that the Surrey RCMP charged the mayor instead of her is evidence they need to be replaced. If Global Fake News is against Doug Mccallum, I'm still for him.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

BC puts healthcare at risk: Hire back our Heroes

True North is reporting that "A new campaign by a group of British Columbia healthcare professionals is urging the government to start fixing the province’s broken healthcare system by hiring back the heroes it praised so highly in the early days of the pandemic. At a time when we are crippled with debt and inflation is at its highest, why would we spend more money to bring in workers when we have perfectly healthy and experienced workers right here?”

If you support Health Care workers, you can order a lawn sign from their website.

Bill Gates, baby formula and the bird flu

Gates, Fauci Funded Experiments on Bird Flu — Will It Be the Next Pandemic?

Turkeys on farm with bird flu to be culled, poultry group says.

Bill Gates has nothing to do with the baby formula shortage either. Much.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given over $319 million to media organizations.

1 illegal gun, two murders in Toronto

Speaking of local shootings, Global Fake News is reporting that an illegal US handgun smuggled into Canada killed two Ontario teens. It is relevant because it reinforces where most of the illegal guns in Canada come from that are used in gun violence. They don't come from legal gun owners here that have registered firearms.

People don't commit violent crime with registered handguns because they are traceable. Instead they use throwaway. Illegally obtained guns that aren't registered. Even the Nova Scotia false flag mass shooting. None of those guns were leally obtained so taking guns away from legal gun owners will do absolutely nothing to stop gun violence. They don't care because their goals isn't to stop gun violence. Their goal is to use these events to take away civil liberty.

Climate change is not a valid reason to throw all our rights away and embrace Communism. Neither is Covid. Gun violence does need to be addressed but we don't have to throw away civil liberty to do it. We simply need to enforce the laws that do exist and go after organized crime which we are simply not doing in BC. Damion Ryan's arrest in Ontario was a good thing. Now we need to start enforcing the law here in Vancouver.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Surrey Shooting

CTV is reporting that "Mounties in Surrey are investigating a shooting at a home in the city's Whalley neighbourhood Saturday morning. Surrey RCMP confirmed to CTV News that a man had been shot at a home on Grosvenor Road, but said their investigation is in its very early stages. Officers were called to the scene in the 13700 block of the street shortly before 10 a.m., according to a news release. They arrived to find a man suffering from serious injuries. He was taken to hospital, police said."

CBC attacks Leslyn Lewis and defends the WHO

Leslyn Lewis is reporting that "Next week the World Health Assembly will meet to vote on amendments to the International Health Regulations. The proposed amendments will drastically alter how pandemics are declared for any signatory nation. If action is required to deal with pandemics, then local, provincial or federal politicians should be accountable for decisions that are made. Full stop." Exactly.

CBC wrote a scathing spin caller her a fear monger. Turns out that two of the fake legal experts quoted in the CBC article are members of the Trudeau Foundation. Big surprise. If CBC is against Leslyn Lewis, then I'm for her. Lets not get fooled again.

"They said I held up a document that wasn't the treaty. That's right...I did. That’s because I was clear that the document was the working paper of the amendments to the International Health Regulations that will be voted on next week. My point was clear: if this document is passed next week, then I believe it lays the foundation for the transfer of powers from nation states to the unelected WHO during pandemics — thus legitimizing the drafting and potential passage of the Global Pandemic Treaty." The CBC are liars.

Covid submisions to the Standing Committee on Health

Seemingly the Federal Standing Committee on Health is accepting written submissions of 2,000 words or less about how the pandemic response has adversely affected the public. You can submit a brief by following this link and see watch has already been said and submitted.

Guide for submitting briefs to the Canadian House of Commons Committees