Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Free Palestine Bridge Protests: Anarchy in the UK

I haven't seen anything on the news yet but a coworker claimed there was a free Palestine bridge protest somewhere in Vancouver. Before I dive into both extremes of this grossly exploited conflict I want to point out the obvious. As soon as people start blocking bridges, they lose my support. I don't care what the cause is. Glen Beck said it well.

Those kinds of stunts don't win people over to your cause. They make people angry. That's what George Soros wants. He wants people to contend with anger one against the other. He wants people to fight with each other and create chaos. He wants to create division.

A couple weeks ago there was a Carbon tax bridge protest. I oppose the carbon tax but I also oppose bridge protests. If you want to stick it to the man, stick it to the man but if you want to stop me from going home from work or stop me from going to work then F*ck you and F*ck you cause.

Glen Beck discovered an interesting anomaly. The free Palestine bridge protests in the US are funded by George Sorros. Which isn't surprising but when you stop and look at what's really happening, he's indirectly funding both sides of the conflict because he's trying to start sh*t.

George Soros is anti religion anti freedom. Is he a self hating Jew? Not really because he's not Jewish. He's a secular Jew but so was Yitzhak Rabin and Yitzhak Rabin was a good man. George Soros is not. There are different versions of the left just as there are different versions of the right and the Devil is actively trying to infiltrate both sides and stir sh*t up.

George Soros is a globalist just like Benjamin Netanyahu is. They both support the World Economic Forum's twisted brand of Communism. Benjamin Netanyahu claims to be right wing but he's not. He's a right wing globalist which is the same agenda coming from the other side.

They are both trying to promote Corporate Communism. When a bunch of rich people sit down and discuss global dominion, they aren't trying to think up ways to share their wealth. They're trying to increase their wealth by making consumers slaves. We can see that now.

We can also see the set up. The WEF is supporting Benjamin Netanyahu's brutalization of West Bank and Gaza but they are doing it to intentionally create an injustice and create a public uproar over it. It's like the motive of George Soros' Antifa riots. They want to create chaos - anarchy, so they can creator order amidst the chaos - their order. Which doesn't include civil liberty.
Let's take Poland for example. Hitler's blitzkrieg took Poland then Stalin's Communism saved Poland from Hitler only to make them complete slaves. Hitler was the flash in the pan. He was the manufactured problem the Devil used to implement his planned solution - slavery. People aren't going to vote for slavery unless you con them first.

The Israeli people can see this but the fake news isn't showing us them. They're only showing us the a*sholes like Benjamin Netanyahu and Ben Shapiro. The fake news is doing this to misrepresent Jews in an attempt to promote antisemitism while they loudly denounce it.

It's like BLM. Black lives matter to the fake news as long as they are supporting Antifa but as soon as they oppose a vaccine mandate or support conservative values those same black lives no longer matters to the fake news. Likewise if you oppose killing civilians and aid workers in Gaza you're antisemitic but if you are an Israeli like Efrat Fenigson who questions authoritarianism you're a self hating Jew. Or if you're a conservative like Candace Owens you're a self hating black. We can all clearly see the fake news is ridiculous and Larry Fink, the CEO of the BlackRock media empire is a big part of that. So is Global and PostMedia News.

George Soros is a bad man but so is Benjamin Netanyahu. Benjamin Netanyahu weaseled his way in right after Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. I don't care if you're left or right. I care if you support freedom. I care if you support free speech. I care if you support due process. As soon as you use manufactured emergencies to take away free speech and lawful assembly and as soon as you use that to end due process then you are a tyrant and it doesn't matter what your hat says. This is why we need lawful assembly. Blocking bridges and causing riots is not it.

This isn't a soccer game. It's not about choosing sides - all Israel or all Palestine. Israel and Palestine is a model for the world. We are meant to share. No one has an exclusive right to the planet. Just like Poland was conned by Communism during the war, Israel is also being conned and the rest of the world along with it. Yet if you see the good people in Israel protesting lawfully you can see there is a lot of good there. That makes us question electronic voting.

Israeli firm meddled in more than 30 elections

Tal Hanan head a team working to manipulate global elections

Monday, April 15, 2024

Efrat Fenigson update from Israel

Efrat Fenigson is reporting that "Everyone is asking what’s happening in Israel and if I’m ok, so here’s a short update: It all feels to me like a scripted Truman Show. Lots of videos of lights in the sky, (like fireworks) in a much slower pace than they should be if we’re talking about such fast missiles (but hey, I’m not a military/weapons expert)."

"I’m not glued to the news. It’s a disease. They’re playing with people’s minds & raising anxiety levels, weakening them, it’s cruel. Last night Israeli government/IDF announced the closure of education system, meaning parents who have to go to work are stuck. No gatherings in public places for more than 1000 people - reminds you of Covid?"

Let me get this straight. The weekly mass protests demanding the Prime Minister of Israel resign are now banned by the same government the people want to resign. Isn't that convenient?

Thousands rally against Netanyahu government in Tel Aviv - 2 days ago

Protesters In Tel Aviv Demand Israeli PM Netanyahu's Resignation - 2 days ago

US to Israel: If you strike back at Iran, you'll do it alone

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Manitoba Warriors in West Kelowna

Castanet is reporting that "A West Kelowna man and woman—found with multiple guns, drugs, and gang gear inside their home—have been released after being arrested two weeks ago. RCMP on March 28 executed a search warrant at a home in the 2400-block of Drought Rd. Police seized drug trafficking paraphernalia along with trafficking amounts of suspected fentanyl, methamphetamine and marijuana. Other drugs seized included prescription morphine, believed to have been diverted for resale. Officers also located and seized British Columbia Warriors gang clothing, a restricted firearm, several replica firearms, and a Taser."

That's the Manitoba Warriors logo staking a claim in BC. I'm going to be careful how much I say about this. I had heard there were some Outlaws MC in West Kelowna. This might be tied to that. However, I don't support anyone who sells drugs. I'm not cheering on more rivals. I don't beef with the Kelowna HAs any more as I don't have a problem with their new leadership.

I hear there's a split within RA is the DTES. Well it's not really a split it's more of a takeover like what happened to IS. Redd Alert are a First Nations gang run by the Edmonton Hells Angels. Since RK didn't go anywhere the Cub Pack have created a new group also called Redd Alert. Only they're non-natives that sell drugs for the cub pack. Outside of prison the original RA does have black, white, brown and Asian members. The Cub Pack is setting up a second group.

That's exactly how the Hells Angels took over the Independent Soldiers. After the Loft Six shooting Larry Amero got a couple of IS guys like Randy Naicker with a bunch of white guys and started using the name IS. Eventually the independent leaders of the IS were killed and the new puppets were all that was left. That's what the Cub Pack is trying to do to the RA.

I don't want to hate, I just want to state. No lie can live forever.

Why the f*ck don't you just let Redd Alert have the DTES? They earned it. Let the Cub Pack tax them instead of Edmonton. That would be a whole lot easier than starting all these new groups to f*ck with them then betraying the new groups you created. Make money. Don't be stupid.

The Iron Dome withstands Iran's drone counter attack

Thousands rally against Netanyahu government in Tel Aviv - 1 day ago

Protesters In Tel Aviv Demand Israeli PM Netanyahu's Resignation - 1 day ago

US to Israel: If you strike back at Iran, you'll do it alone

OK this is ridiculous. The Iron Dome withstood Iran's drone counter attack just like we all knew it would. There were no human casualties but many Israelis are being treated for anxiety. AYFKM? How do you think the women and children in Gaza feel? This insane misrepresentation constitutes extremism. I'm all for the Iron Dome missile defense system. I think Canada should have one. I'm tired of the lies behind the agenda seeking to ensnare all of us.

We can all see how this provoked attack is another distraction from the huge protests within Israel against Netanyahu that the fake news is not covering. There are a lot of good people in Israel just like there are a lot of good people in Iran, Canada, America, Syria, Jordan, Gaza and everywhere else. The good people in Israel oppose Netanyahu's lies just like I do. That doesn't make them Antisemitic, they're Jewish. That makes them honest.

You can oppose Globalism without being Antisemitic. Let's back it up to October 7th. Hamas' mission statement is unacceptable but Mossad created it. That's because Mossad has an agenda and promoting the freedom of Jews in Israel is not part of it.

Mossad is joined at the hip with the CIA who are the largest drug traffickers on the planet. Mossad was there during Operation Watch Tower in Iran Contra. Was Mossad there during 9/11? Perhaps as observers but we know they were there at the false fa]lag attack on the USS Liberty. Deception and dishonesty is their MO. Along with investment fraud of course.

Now I want to be clear about one thing. I support the US Constitution and Israel's right to exist. Israel has an inherit right to some of the lands within Palestine but they do not have an exclusive right to all of the lands within Palestine. We are all meant to coexist. Tyrants and dictators provoke conflict to gain power through force. What Netanyahu is doing in Gaza is wrong. The majority of Israelis agree that it is wrong. That's why they are protesting and calling for an election now. Netanyahu keeps provoking wars to avoid another election and to avoid his corruption trials.

I also recognize that all other countries also have a right to exist in peace. Free from foreign invasion and interference. I also recognize that wherever there is good, evil seeks to infiltrate it and overthrow it. The secret combination seeking to take over America also seeks to take over Israel. Netanyahu is a bad man but he's not the only one. Mossad has lost it's way.

List of Crews the Wolf Pack have betrayed in Vancouver

The Wolf Pack hired and betrayed the Driftwood Crips in Vancouver. That's why they brought in Zone 43. The Wolf Pack keep paying people to kill people then roll on the people they hired.

OK so let's do the math and look at the cause of the post UN gang violence in Vancouver not just the symptom. The Edmonton Hells Angels hired the Redd Alert to take back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN. Before that, Shane Knox was selling for the UN at the Balmoral where he grew up. Before that the UN and the Bacon brothers were in a violent conflict and Larry Amero played both sides until he came out of the closet and was shot in Kelowna.

That was a long time ago. Now Blaze and the CFSEU are trying to blame every HA hit on the UN and that is simply not true. I don't support drug trafficking but I don't support lying either. So let's do the math and look at some of the groups the Wolf Pack have betrayed in Vancouver after they hired them. First they betrayed the First Nation guys from Redd Alert that took back all the drug dealers in the DTES from the UN. After the Redd Alert took back all the drug dealers in the DTES they said OK this is our Money now. The Edmonton Hells Angels said no it's not. The Wolf Pack gets that now. Glen Nelson said bullsh*t so they killed his wife.

The rest of the Redd Alert weren't convinced so they created RK a fake rival they tried to blame on the UN. Only it wasn't the UN it was them. That didn't last long after everyone found out the truth. So Wolf Pack move in to the DTES and Redd Alert kind of step back and stay WTF.

Then the Edmonton Angels hired a bunch of Brown guys to rip sh*t up in Surrey called the Brother's Keepers. Ironic name since the Biblical reference related to the first recorded betrayal when Cain murdered his brother Abel. When they asked Cain where Abel was after he killed him he said I don't know. Am I my brother's Keeper? So it's a fitting name for a club that works for the two biggest betrayers in Canada, the Edmonton Angels and the Wolf Pack.

OK so let's talk about Suminder Grewal aka Ali. The Wolf Pack and the Edmonton Angels betrayed him. Ali was brown. They gave him a real patch and assigned him to the Hard side chapter in Surrey which isn't a real chapter. They're just a couple clowns in a rental. The club was worried about the government seizing clubhouses so they created this cut out I refer to as the Soft side since Jamie likes softball so much. Chad, Ali and Jamie - Huey, Dewey and Louie. Two out of three are dead and the third one does what he's told.

OK so they gave Ali a patch and they assigned him to the fake cut out in Surrey. Yet he was the connection between the club and the Brother's Keepers. The Brother's Keepers are brown, he was brown, they gave him a patch, wow, a love affair in process. So Ali says OK I'm doing all this work, I want a cut. Edmonton says go f*ck yourself. Ali starts keeping some of the drug money. Edmonton says you owe us. Ali says go f*ck yourself so Edmonton cap him.

Only BK wouldn't do it because the Brother's Keepers respected Ali. So Edmonton has to get locals from Edmonton who owned them money to do it so their debt would be forgiven. They even attended his funeral for f*ck's sake. The HAs are the only ones I know who attend funerals of people they killed pretending they are mourning his death. There were even associates from Edmonton who came. They were pulled over on the Surrey off ramp to the freeway looking at a map so I gave them directions to the funeral. Ali was killed by the club. He wasn't killed by a rival.

They even tried to claim Chad was killed by a rival. They fooled me on that one at first because they dumped his body under the bridge on Spike's Side of the river. Only that was them too. Chad was on thin ice when he came to Canada. The club in the US were pissed he testified in the Outlaws trial down south. In the US the club isn't supposed to dial 911. Except for Michael Kramer of course. Here in BC the Soft side were jumping over the police tape to talk to the Po Po when Chad was killed. None of these relatively recent murders were killed by rivals.

So we clearly have a disinformation campaign under way. The CFSEU is intentionally trying to misrepresent the current gang conflict. OK so let's start adding up the list. They killed Ali and they killed Glen Nelson's wife for the same reason. They didn't want to share drug profits. Now let's look at Mo - Anees Mohammad. Mo sold drugs for Damion Ryan and the Wolf Pack in the DTES. Mo steps out of line so Damion Ryan hired Naseem Mohammed aka Lil Man, BK's connection to the Driftwood Crips to kill him. Lil Man was Somalian and he had a BK tat. BK was brown.

Then Wolf Pack did what Wolf Pack does. They rolled on the guy they hired and had people rat him out to the police. So now that they f*cked over the Driftwood Crips they've brought in Zone 43 from Montreal. How long until the Wolf Pack f*ck over Zone 43? I don't know. They are running out of replacements. I suppose someone will always be willing to step up to the plate for their five seconds of fame. Let's not forget how Larry Amero played the UN. Sarah Trebble shared a car lease with Larry Amero. That wasn't his babby's momma. That was just another hockey card.
Sara was in the car with the UN guys who did a hit on the Bacon brothers associate outside TBarz which is now called Shakerz. Larry sends Sara to ride with the UN guys to prove his allegiance then warns the Bacon brothers about a hit and tells them to bring the vests.

When the UN was at it's peak, Larry Amero played them he never confronted them. Clay Roueche was arrested in Dallas May 19 2008. Only he wasn't flying to Texas he was flying to Mexico and didn't schedule a stop over in the US on purpose. So the CFSEU contact the DEA and have his plane diverted to Dallas so the Americans could arrest Clay there without having to extradite him. It was a dirty deal so it was but they got away with it.

Larry Amero keeps playing the UN until the rest of the club takes over all their networks. Then in August 2011 Larry Amero comes out of the closet with his long standing love affair with his best friend Jonathon Bacon up in Kelowna. It wasn't a secret meeting like at Castle Fun Park before the Surrey Six. It was loud and proud. They had Spike's niece and the gingerbread man with them. James Riach was at the Castle Fun Park meeting too so none of this was new.

They weren't being discreet in Kelowna. They were racing around on that ridiculous boat Steroids and Silicone screaming like lunatics trying to pick fights with civilians. That is when they were capped. After Larry Amero went public with his support for Jonathon Bacon which he had been hiding and lying about to the UN for all those years until Clay finally went to prison.

Nobody cares but the new kids this clown keeps recruiting and betraying need to know the truth.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Israel provokes a conflict with Iran

Update: The Iron Dome withstands Iran's drone counter attack. Big surprise.

Politico is reporting that "For weeks, Iranian leaders have vowed they would avenge the deaths of two top Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders who were killed in an airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, on Apr. 1. Israeli officials said Saturday they had confirmed more than 100 drones had left Tehran and were heading towards Israel. Iranian state media reported that Tehran launched ballistic missiles and drones against targets in Israel."

The Iron Dome is pretty effective but the point is Netanyahu has intentionally provoked this attack by bombing the Iranian consulate in Syria. If anyone else had done that they would have referred to it as a terrorist attack. The CIA created ISIS and the Mossad created Hamas. Knowing that, Rebel News is selling F*ck Hamas gear. That is really offensive. You're going to put the Star of David beside an obscenity confronting an evil Mossad created right after they intentionally murdered aid workers and are literally starving a nation full of civilians. Shame on you. You've lost my support. Benjamin Netanyahu is simply creating another distraction from his own misdeeds.

Rapper shot dead in Toronto

The Toronto Police Service is confirming that Ibrahim Abdikarim, 30, of Toronto wash shot dead on Thursday, April 11, 2024, at approximately 2:36 AM. The Dirty Newz is reporting that Ibrahim Abdikarim is the local rapper JasonGGG from the Go Getem Gang who associate with the color blue and are affiliated with the Driftwood Crips. This is so 1980.

Stupid beefs. Was it worth it? I think not. Martin Luther King: What Is Your Life's Blueprint?

Wade Cudmore murder trial and Lolo Lanski

The court registry is reporting that Wade Cudmore's murder trial has started in Vancouver. Wade is acused of killing Carlo and Erick Frye in Naramata back in 2021. Jamie Bacon's right hand man, Lolo Lanski is on trial for murdering Cudmore’s mother, Kathy Richardson, in retaliation.
Not that anyone cares but Larry Amero received a 18 year sentence for ordering Dip's murder in Vancouver. Both Crown and the Defense have appealed that decision. The Crown is asking for a life sentence not just 18 years. The Defense has made so many appeals on that decision it has clearly become an abuse of process. Larry Amero is a POS. F*ck him.
Bardales Medina and Diego Saed's Wolf Pack drug trafficking trial is also under way in Vancouver. Looks like Damion Ryan gave them up. Will that be enough to get him off the fake Iranian dissident charges? Time will tell. It always does. Dean Wiwchar is in courtroom 66.

Halton Police seize 20 kilos of cocaine

Halton Hills Today is reporting that "On March 25, 2024, members of the Halton Regional Police Service Regional Drugs and Organized Crime Unit concluded a four-month investigation dubbed Project Fade. Fade commenced after identifying a resident of Milton who was (allegedly) involved in the distribution of cocaine. Investigation into this male revealed a drug trafficking network involving three other parties that operated in the Halton Region and surrounding areas."

"Between March 24 and 25, 2024, six Controlled Drugs and Substances Act search warrants were executed at residential locations in the Town of Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and Guelph." 20 kilos of cocaine was seized during that search. Ontario is doing police work. BC is not.

The Toronto Sun is reporitng that Sami Karnaz, of Milton, Gurdeep Bagri, of Guelph, Fadey Tannus, of Mississauga and Phillip Chung, of the Mississauga have all been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. In 2012 Sami Karnaz was charged with second-degree murder and arson. The Hamilton Spectator referred to is as a murder for hire.

"According to the agreed statement of facts in the case, Taha paid 31-year-old Sami Karnaz $10,000 to set fire to the Main Street East store, which was being converted from a 7-Eleven. He was to receive another $15,000 when the job was done."

"Awny Taha, who owned at least 30 Big Bear convenience stores in the Hamilton area, died Oct. 12 after crashing his car into a concrete pillar. This was just two months after the fatal fire."

Friday, April 12, 2024

Gina Carano on Tucker Carlson

Disney fired Gina for her political opinions which is unlawful and constitutes wrongful dismissal.