Monday, May 20, 2019

Abbotsford police incident causes house fire

The Abbotsford police department is reporting that "During followup for domestic invest #AbbyPD learned male was in the res breaching his no contact conditions with the vic. Home evacuated & male barricaded self. ERT & Negotiators called to assist. Male surrendered when fire started inside the res. Male arrested & invest continues." That's not exactly what happened.

I rode by the scene at Westerly Street on Southdale Crescent around 4:00 PM and spoke with two different witnesses who both heard and saw tear gas go off right before the fire started.

One witness who was outside at the time heard and saw the police discharge two flash grenades outside the front of the house. Then the witness heard popping in the rear of the house and I asked if there were more flash grenades. No, these were quite and they had smoke. This is what the other witness also saw. Then the smoke from the tear gas turned into black billowing smoke and the fire department soon showed up. Apparently the police set the house fire off with their tear gas. At least they didn't shoot the hostage this time.

Perhaps tear gas isn't the best choice for inside a wood framed house.

FIRE MARSHAL'S REPORT: Tear gas canister started deadly fire


Deontay Wilder knocks out Dominic Breazeale in the 1st round

World heavyweight boxing is back in the spotlight as Deontay Wilder knocks out Dominic Breazeale in the first round. Forbes is reporting that Anthony Joshua knocked out Dominic Breazeale in the seventh round three years ago. Deontay Wilder did it in the first round. And it was ridiculously impressive.

Anthony Joshua has a lot of talent and a lot of class. He has a title defense against Andy Ruiz June 1st. The showdown between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder will be epic.

Gianni Russo: Hollywood Godfather

I finally started reading the book Hollywood Godfather about the life of Gianni Russo. The New York publisher asked me if I'd like a copy of the book and I said sure, I love New York. New York and I have past history back in the day. The term Hollywood Godfather set me back a bit. After all Hollywood is so plastic and artificial. However, it turns out Gianni is from New York City. He was raised within Little Italy in Manhattan. John Gotti's stomping grounds. That carries credibility.

Unlike my old friend and former associate Curtis Sliwa, I would never make fun of John Gotti. I respect the Dons. I don't condone what they do but I recognize that without the Dons there is no order on the street. The real Dons maintain a code the new kids on the block can't comprehend.

Gianni payed a role in the famous movie the Godfather. He played a sh*t bag in the movie who married a mafia Don and beat her up. The Don then rightfully kicked the sh*t out of him in the street. That would be what we refer to as a natural consequence - street justice. I recognize that it was just a role in a move and that role he played was very different than his real role in life. It was good to demonstrate that the Italians did not tolerate mistreatment of their women.

Gianni knew John Gotti. Gianni said that the mafia paid for John Gotti's love for the media and that someone forgot to tell him the mafia was supposed to be a secret organization.

Gianni even had an interesting iteration with Pablo Escobar. I'm not going to reveal the continents of the book, you're going to have to read it for yourself but I will say it's worth the read. Cheers.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Next Federal Election

Well the horses are jockeying for position each trying to promote themselves over the other but I have to admit over all I'm not impressed. Jagmeet Singh has been a rising star. I like him. However, his position on the legalization of all drugs is completely irresponsible and for that reason I cannot vote for him. Andrew Scheer talks the talk but he doesn't appear to walk the walk.

Stephen Harper said the same thing and did the exact opposite. Harper taxed and spent more than the left did while he trampled civil liberty. Harper spent over $65 billion on a bank bailout the banks didn't need and had his own Air Bus scandal with Lockheed Martin and the completely useless F-35's. Boeing is good. Lockheed Martin is bad just like SNC Lavalin. Sheer harping about Trudeau and SNC Lavalin is complete hypocrisy. He would have done much worse. We need to get rid of these corrupt companies that burn tax dollars and give kickbacks to politicians.

Maxine Bernier sounds promising but his position on pipelines is the same as Sheer. He's not offering us anything different. They support all pipelines. I do not. I support LNG pipelines although Laila Yuille has valid concerns about fracking. I'm even OK with pipelines for unrefined crude. I'm just adamantly opposed to pipelines for unrefined bitumen.

As one reader pointed out, Alberta still wants to privatize profits and socialize loss. Look at all these oil companies in Alberta that rape the land, dissolve their assets then go bankrupt when it comes time to pay for clean up. That is not responsible and needs to be addressed.

I was pretty choked when Trudeau used tax dollars to buy the trans mountain pipeline when it implied he was going to cram another pipeline for unrefined bitumen against our will. However, if Trudeau doesn't build a pipeline for tar sands bitumen and nationalizes the oil like Norway, then that would be a step forward for all Canadians. Selling that pipeline to China would not.

The rise of the Green Party shows that Canadians do care about the environment. We want to be responsible and promote sustainable business. We're just tired of all the dirty deals and the exploitation of taxpayers. Civil Liberty and Fiscal Responsibility. That is Green Justice.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

I was reading a positive interview of Keanu Reeves only to discover he is staring in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and I had to laugh. Parabellum means prepare for war. It's also the name of a 9 mm caliber bullet. The name is taken from the Latin saying that says if you want peace, prepare for war. I laughed because John Wick 1 and 2 were very violent and with a name like Parabellum, I'm sure chapter three will not disappoint.

9/11 and the USS Liberty

There elephants dot com is reporting that "On the morning of 11 September, 2001, five Israeli nationals traveling through New York City in a company van were arrested in connection with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers. According to police, traces of explosives were detected in the van and the men were detained and questioned for 72 days before being deported to Israel without having been charged with a crime."

"Prior to their arrest the Israeli’s were seen by witnesses photographing and celebrating the destruction of the twin towers from multiple vantage points including a parking lot at Doric Towers and the roof of Urban Moving Systems, the company for which some or all of them worked. One of the men would later state during a T.V. interview in Israel that their stated purpose was to document the event. Urban Moving Systems appears to have been a Mossad front company."

Adam Green covered the release of the documents on Youtube. The Corbett report covered the story when it happened. Everyone said that there were Arab Muslims seen celebrating on 9/11. Turns out they weren't Arab and they weren't Muslim, they were Israelis.

Filming the events of 9/11 is not surprising. Everyone was doing that. Witnesses claim they were celebrating the destruction of the towers. That is rather odd. It was such a shocking morbid event celebration was inconceivable. I'm certainly not going to hate on Israel. I'm simply going to point out some similarities between 9/11 and the attack on the USS Liberty.

The World Trade Centre was half full of asbestos. The Port Authority took the insurance company to court to have them pay for the asbestos removal and lost. Larry Silverstein then purchased the WTC and insured it against a terrorist attack. The fact that he insured the towers against a terrorist attack was not a conspiracy. The fact that he bought the towers knowing they were half full of asbestos was. After the 9/11 tragedy, Larry Silverstein and the Port Authority took the insurance company back to court and this time were awarded twice the value of the towers.

That's like being in a three car collision and being paid twice the value of your car because two vehicles struck it. It is unheard of. Replacement cost pays the cost of replacement not double the cost. Doubling your investment from that horrific tragedy was obscene.

In addition to the twin towers, the third tower fell on 9/11 when no planes hit it due to heat and fire. Steel frame buildings do not collapse into their own blueprint at free fall speed due to heat and fire. The only way that happens is if the load bearing beams are blown out in a controlled demolition. Professor Steve Jones found traces of thermite in the 9/11 ruble.

Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas

OK so now let's take a look at what happened to the USS Liberty. The USS Liberty was a US battleship that was attacked and almost destroyed by Israel during the 6 day war. That part is undisputed. Everyone claims the attack was a mistake. That part is disputable.

The USS Liberty was well marked flying an American flag. Alex Jones made an excellent documentary of the event which has since been confirmed by a recent book called Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas.

One of the Israeli fighter pilots saw the US Flag and refused to fire on the ship. He was ordered to fire and threatened with court marshal if he did not. Again, I'm not going to hate on Israel here. I'm simply going to point out that they were acting under directions of President Johnston. When the USS Liberty came under attack they requested air support. A nearby US Aircraft carrier sent some fighter jets to come to their aid. President Johnston recalled the air support and said he wanted that ship sunk. Kennedy was assassinated after vetoing Operation Northwoods. After his assassination, President Johnston implemented it.

Colonel Edward P. Cutolo testified that Michael Harari, a senior Mossad agent met Col. Tony Noriega and CIA Agent Edwin Wilson shipping cocaine from Columbia though Panama to the US in Operation Watch Tower. Israel has the same problem with CIA corruption as we do.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Money talks and the bullsh*t never stops

Harold Munro's cheap tabloid of corporate trash is reporting that "A Hells Angels clubhouse was searched and a biker gang prospect arrested and charged with assault this week in Kelowna. On Wednesday night, members of the Kelowna RCMP street enforcement unit, along with officers from the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit and emergency response team, searched the clubhouse, which is located in the city’s north end. Hours earlier, during a traffic stop, police arrested 30-year-old Hells Angels prospect Colin Michael Bayley in connection with an incident in an establishment in the 300-block of Bernard Ave. in downtown Kelowna on May 6."

“Investigations into crimes that have connections to gangs or organized crime are extremely complex and can take a significant amount of resources. We are fortunate in this province to have a number of integrated and specialized units ready to assist,” Kelowna RCMP Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey said in a news release. AYFKM? Gang enforcement in BC is COMPROMISED.

What about the murder of Caitlin Bradley in Kelowna? Oh right, that's not even being investigated. What about the Hells Angels drug fueled over taxed brothel in Kelowna called the Garden of Eden where an ex cop has become a drug dealer and a pimp for the club? Oh right that's not even being investigated. It's business as usual. Arnie brings sex trade workers off the street to work in the brothel and pays them in drugs. You are lying POS with no self respect.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Is Andrew Scheer any different than Brian Mulroney?

I have to admit I like Andrew Scheer a lot more than Jason Kenny but I am still leery of him. After all, we've heard it all before. They claim the left will tax and spend when the right is the worst offender. That pork barrel politics caused a rebellion against Brian Mulroney and created the Reform Party. Brian Mulroney squandered tax dollars on the Air Bus scandal and raised taxes by cramming in the GST. Meanwhile, the BC NDP saved tax dollars through fiscal restraint and lowered taxes by removing bridge tolls. Sometimes you have to look beyond the stereotypes.

Not all pipelines are bad. Green Justice supports LGN. Burning natural gas is a lot cleaner than burning coal. We're even OK with unrefined crude. We're just against unrefined bitumen. We need to talk about what we are going to do with the petroleum coke. We need to talk about clean up. The Tar Sands are not responsible. We need to stop the lies and arrogance coming out of Alberta. Alberta isn't the only province in Canada and they are no better than anyone else. If they want to separate, feel free. You can air lift your dirty oil to China. F*ck the Fraud.

The Blarney Inquiry has begun

There is a great deal of smoke and mirror hoopla over a public inquiry into money laundering in BC. I will simply restate the obvious - it is a complete farce. Why is it a farce? Wait 'till I tell ye. Who do you think is the driving force behind this bogus inquiry? It's the RCMP. Why are they pushing it? Aside from distracting the public from their own refusal to investigate Hells Angels drug trafficking in BC any more, it is a cash cow for them. They get to seize the proceeds of crime. This means the police and the politicians become the pimps and drug dealers. Instead of stopping human trafficking and fentanyl overdoses, they get to profit from it. That is why they have no desire to stop crime. They want to make money from it. God damn you all.

3 kilos of cocaine seized in St John's NL

VOCM is reporting that "A week-long investigation by the RCMP dubbed Project Blowfish has netted drugs, guns, cash and vehicles—and the largest seizure of crystal meth the province has ever seen. Staff Sergeant Thomas says police received a tip that three kilograms of cocaine from Montreal was headed to the province, prompting the search warrant. As a result, 25-year-old Tyler Nickerson Butler and 21-year-old Shae O’Keefe were arrested and charged with eight counts each of drug offences and three counts each of careless storage of a firearm. Both have been released from custody on a recognizance and will be back in court on June 26."

CBC is reporting that "It's the second large seizure of cocaine since April 1, after Project Bowman swept up a handful of men and nine kilograms of the substance. 'These are large amounts of cocaine coming into our province within a short period of time – undoubtedly, organized crime groups are behind these shipments,' said Staff-Sgt. Stefan Thoms."

If the RCMP in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia investigate the Hells Angels drug trafficking, why don't they do it in BC? What makes the BC RCMP SO corrupt?