Monday, June 5, 2023

Facebook still Sucks. They banned Robert Kennedy.

Q+ Freaks target children in Winnipeg and Quebec

The concern is not LGBT. The concern is Q+ and the sexualization of children.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Vancouver Sun is Worthless

Update: Monday, June 5th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST Shawn Buckley, Lead Counsel for the NCI and former CBC journalist, Rodney Palmer will go live on the NIC website as they further discuss Rodney's firsthand accounts of his experiences navigating the inner workings of the industry, censorship and the current trajectory that mainstream media is going. Don't miss it.

Bill Gates Fake News Network linked to this ridiculous article in the Vancouver Sun today. The Twilight Zone headline reads " COVID-19 in B.C.: Monthly report shows dropping hospitalizations, but a spike in deaths."AYFKM? No really. AYFKM? That isn't just ridiculous, it is straight up Satanic. It is falsifying the news with a malicious intent. If Texas and Florida hadn't opened up they'd still have us locked down despite the fact that the pandemic is over.

Now that the evidence is in, let's review it. When viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. Omicron was weaker than the seasonal flu. The World Health Organization has declared the pandemic over. So now the Vancouver Sun bows to Bonnie Henry in the distribution of offensively fake news. That newspaper is now completely worthless.

Let's do the math. The Vancouver Sun used to be credible. So did the CBC. That has all dramatically changed. Tara Henley was one vocal confirmation of the CBC's credibility meltdown. Rodney Palmer is another. His testimony at the National Citizen's Inquiry went viral after it was Tweeted by US Democrat Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy. The Vancouver Sun has just once again proven it's not just the CBC. Post Media News bought the Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province. They put Wayne Moriarty out to pasture and made Harold Munro the chief editor of both papers. After that, they became clones of each other. Reporters for the Sun now wrote for the Province and visa versa.

Post Media also bought the Surrey Leader and the Surrey Now. To save money they got rid of all the staff at the Surrey Leader and changed the name of the Surrey Now to the Surrey Now Leader. I kid you not. Post Media News has systematically destroyed the freedom of the Press in the newspaper industry and is hell bent on doing the same for televised news. After they acquired Global Television, that news source lost its credibility as well. Just ask Anita Krishna who also testified at the National Citizens Inquiry.

BTW they have National Citizen Inquiry gear for sale so you can help us remember what was said since the Vancouver Sun is so determined to make us forget all that evidence and all those facts. Evidence based research is what Post Media News has abolished.

Crazy isn't so crazy any more.

Well it is. It's just that the crazy conspiracy is real.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Trump Town Hall: Republican Roast and Ride in Iowa

Iowa's Roast and Ride is sponsored by senator Joni Ernst. It's a combination of barbecue-rally and motorcycle ride. The Guardian is reporting that "The annual event is a slice of pure Americana. When a young pastor offered a prayer from the back of a pickup truck outside a big yellow barn owned by Harley-Davidson, bikers removed their caps, placed them over their hearts and bowed their heads. The convoy rode in staggered formation past churches, suburban houses with clipped lawns, shopping malls and rolling farmland to the Iowa state fairgrounds."

Donald Trump on America's decline: "We were energy independent 3 years ago."

Donald Trump's polices make a lot of sense. He has a proven track record.

Trump's Town Hall in Iowa was flawless. He has really come a long way in honing his policies. He is a rough stone that has become a smooth shaft. The results are in. The proven track record of the Trump administration and the Biden administration is the perfect example of good versus evil and the media's demonic misrepresentation of Trump's Town Hall is the perfect example of absurdity. I support Donald Trump in 2024.

Ron DeSantis was a great governor. He'd make a great president. He'd be a hell of a lot better than Biden but Donald Trump would be even better. He'd be almost flawless. Trump says it wouldn't take him 8 years to turn the economy back around, it would take him six months. He's right. His plan it completely sound. He would invest in energy and promote domestic production.

Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau's destruction of domestic production had nothing to do with the environment. Pipelines create zero emissions from transportation. Importing oil from Saudi Arabia create a lot more emission than pipelines. Raising the cost of energy by reducing production and securing the Saudi monopoly was about increasing inflation and the creation of a manufactured energy crisis. It was a World Economic Forum plot to implement their globalist agenda.

I disagree with Trump's' opposition to the Nord Stream pipeline. If Trump wants to sell Europe American natural gas then have at it but selling Germany American coal instead of Russian natural gas is not a step forward for the environment. Getting Germany off industrial coal and replacing that with natural gas would be a huge step forward in improving Europe's air quality and reducing world CO2 emissions.

Trump claims he could stop the war in the Ukraine in 24 hours. He's absolutely right. Zelinsky has no incentive to sit at the table and negotiate. The Biden administration has made it more financially beneficial for him to refuse to negotiate. The amount of tax dollars wasted on and laundered through that manufactured emergency has been criminal. There was no need to raise the debt ceiling for that. DeSantis would make a great president after Donald Trump's second term but right now Donald Trump is the one to fix Biden's mess in the fastest time possible.

Sean Hannity from Fox News was booed when he asked Trump if he could tone down the name calling. Trump calls sh*t out. That's what needs to be done right now because what the media and the WEF are doing is bat sh*t crazy. Trump won the last election. He had more support his second run than his first run. There's no way Biden won Arizona. The way the media has misrepresented his town hall and his presidency says it all.

In the last election I was covering a Falun Gong and Hong Kong protest in Vancouver supporting Donald Trump's bid for president. One of them handed me a Trump flag to hold and I just froze. I was kind of stunned because I was more than happy to report on him holding a Trump flag but I wasn't sure if I felt strong enough to actually hold a Trump flag myself. Now I most certainly do.

Justin Trudeau left teaching mid term

Justin Trudeau is absolutely delusional. Rebel News has a clip from the House of Commons where Pierre Poilievre confronts Justin for leaving his Drama teacher job mid term. Rebel News pointed out that it was unusual that a teacher would leave mid term. What's even more unusual was that he brought a lawyer with him to that resignation. Things that make ya go hmm... He certainly wasn't a math teacher because his inability to do math math is literally bankrupting the nation. Maybe we should teach more math in school and less sex ed.

There an interesting document floating around and I'm trying to find it to match the date.

MALCOLM: Trudeau's yearbook tells a bigger story

When you look at the rest of Justin Trudeau's Drama teacher yearbook it becomes clear that Justin Trudeau didn't recently become a flaming idiot. He always was one.

Drea Humphrey interviews Chris Barber

I noticed Chris Barber and Drea Humphrey both spoke at the We Unify conference in Victoria. Dea was able to interview Chris while he was there. His pending court case affects all of us.


WHF makes a good point. In 2016 just over a thousand people were murdered with medical assistance. In 2021 there was over 10,000 in that year alone. So in the past 5 years over 31,000 people have been murdered by the government. That's more than the number of elderly who died from Covid making lockdowns somewhat hypocritical. Welcome to the apocalypse.
Where the grey area disappears and the line between good and evil becomes crystal clear. Notwithstanding that fact many will be deceived because of the lies from the mainstream media. Yet the truth will go forward boldly, nobly and independently of the mainstream media.

Mumford & Sons Timshel

I saw a cool video of a guided expedition up Baker and noticed that had this moving song playing in the background. It's somewhat timely so it is. Evidently Timshel is a Hebrew word that translates to Thou Mayest. No doubt they are referring to God's counsel against eating the fruit of the Tree of knowledge then states nevertheless, thou mayest choose. In other words Timshel means Man's Ability to Choose Between Good and Evil. The book East of Eden takes the use of the word from a different context but the bottom line is thou mayest choose. We are free to choose between good and evil but we are not free to avoid the consequences of our choices.

The bottom line is that the Mumford & Sons song Timshel is moving. "Cold is the water It freezes your already cold mind And death is at your doorstep And it will steal your innocence But it will not steal your substance You are not alone in this You have your choices And these are what make man great His ladder to the stars." Thou mayest choose.

Moses said "I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." Nevertheless, thou mayest choose. Jesus said "strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it but wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat."

As for death and destruction, Tall Shadow by Graveyard Train is a peppy song all about being chased by death as is Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Beethoven's Fifth is death (or fate) knocking at the door. The Trans Siberian Orchestra did a lively remix called Requiem. Peace - Ho Ping.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Paddling down the Capilano river

Obviously this isn't me. I follow a guy on youtube and saw he posted a video paddling down the Capilano river from the fish hatchery. I used to go there as a kid. I had no idea those calm deep parts were there. All you see from the overpass is very shallow rocky rapids. Last time I was at the fish hatchery filming for my video blog I saw a guy with a whitewater kayak and I asked him are you putting in here? Yup he said. I was like good on ya. I just paddle in lakes, streams and the ocean. I've never kayaked rapids. You obviously need a different kind of kayak for that.

I did try some moving water in a voyageur canoe once. That was pretty awesome. We were in the Fraser river this side of Hells Gate. Thankfully I was with an experienced group of paddlers who knew what they were doing - the Fort Langley canoe club. I saw my first whirlpool and I was like whoa! That will suck you down to the ground. Then a guy yells out rollers on the right. What are rollers I ask? He pointed to the rapids and I was like whoah! Are we going down that? The lady in front of me shakes her head like I'm an idiot, says no and keeps paddling. It was very cool.