Monday, February 20, 2017

Women's rights in the DTES

Lately we've seen Women's rights being pimped out for political purposes. Reflecting on the extremes, I'm forced to ask about Women's rights in the DTES. Several years ago I made a post stating that East Van doesn't look after it's own. I was addressing the misconception that the homeless are safe in East Vancouver because everyone claims East Van takes care of their own.

Times have changed. East Vancouver is the epicentre of exploitation. Harm reduction without the other three pillars (Enforcement, Treatment & Prevention) has simply poured gasoline on the forest file of violence. The elderly and weak are regularly robbed and assaulted in the DTES. East Van doesn't take care of it's own, they eat their own. The spike in predatory violence is fueled by the drug trade we are enabling and promoting with tax dollars.

Sadly, it's not just the elderly that are being targeted. The number of sexual assaults against women in the DTES has skyrocketed. At least we gave them a clean needle and a clean crack pipe before the sexually assaulted a woman in the DTES. Can we not see the irony and the criminal culpability of our socially irresponsible conduct?

Last year I made post about Women suffering in the DTES. It was a result of my observations helping a group of volunteers hand out clothes at Pigeon corner in the DTES. Last year we had a few female leaders with us. They were told by other women living in the DTES that they were not comfortable on Pigeon corner because they get sexually assaulted there by other addicts.

Last Saturday we were there again and heard more horror stories of women being raped and exploited in the DTES. The first thought that came to mind was the hypocrisy of the woman's marches that are motivated by political purposes when we see complete exploitation of women in the DTES and no one is saying a word about it because the perpetrators of the violence are the ones we are enabling in the drug trade.

What we are doing in the DTES is wrong. History has recorded that.

Fatal shooting in Abbotsford

News 1130 is reporting that "One man is dead, and three more are under arrest after a shooting this morning in Abbotsford’s Townline Hill neighbourhood. Police say it happened in the 30500 block of Steelhead Court, near the intersection of Mt. Lehman Road and Blueridge Dr. Officers arrived at around 9:40 a.m. to find a man in his mid-20’s shot multiple times. He died at the scene."

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Canadian approach to Immigration

In a joint press conference Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked by a reporter if he felt President Donald Trumps' policy on immigration had merit on national security grounds. Justin Trudeau responded by saying:

"The last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they chose to govern themselves. My role and our responsibility is to continue to govern in such a way that reflects Canada's approach and be a positive example in the world."

Well said. There is a difference between the Canadian Mosaic and the American melting pot. There is also a colossal difference between the American and Canadian approach to immigration right now. I support the Canadian approach. Channel 4 News pointed out the differences between these approaches in the joint press conference.

Without opening a huge can of worms in the polarized Trump conflict, I will simply state that he was fairly elected and I support the democratic process. I don't agree with his policy on immigration because they aren't just targeting criminals and drug lords they are going after everyone including women and children. That's not the type of society I personally want to live in.

Having said that we in Canada are going to have to amend our policy to deal with the flood of new immigrants by issuing temporary work permits. We could set up refugee camps in rural areas and give them all temporary work visas to work in the construction industry to build them all homes to live in. We can make this work. Giving boatloads of refugees free medical and free welfare will indeed bankrupt our great nation. Giving new immigrants temporary work visas will be a win win situation for everyone. Our economy will thrive.

In a separate post I will once again discuss the polarized extremes that we see emerging between the left and the right. In my opinion the extreme left is no better and ultimately no different than the extreme right. Both extremes end up in the same place. With regards to the differences between the current Canadian and American policies on immigration I will simply say you take the low road, we'll take the high road and we'll be in the Promised Land before ye. Peace.

Super Bowl Commercial - The Entire Journey

Top DHS checkpoint refusals

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Creep Catchers on W5 - Update

Creep Catchers are on W5 tonight at 7:00 PM. The Vice dot com reported that several stings have painted the vigilante pedophile hunters as bullies after targeting people with disabilities. CTV's W5 are asking if online pedophile hunters are 'catching' the innocent?

As I said before I think the idea behind the group is good. However, the president of the Surrey chapter is a convicted drug dealer. They've got to do criminal record checks if they want any credibility. The predatory drug dealers in Whalley are no better than the child molesters they pretend to confront. One is no better than the other. They are both bad.

After seeing a couple of stings in Surrey it just looked like a bunch of predatory drug dealers from the Surrey strip continuing their bullying into other areas on camera pretending to be heros when really they are just the same themselves. The drug dealers that sell drugs on the Whalley strip brutalize addicts and sex trade workers alike. They give the sex trade workers free drugs then take all of their money when they get a trick and demand free service from them beside the tree they dumped Janice Shore's body after sexually assaulting her and caving her head in with blunt force trauma for a drug debt. These creeps are the ultimate low lifes known to man. Them running around trying to be heros on the big screen is the epitome of hypocrisy.

CTV reported that the Surrey Creep Catchers crossed 'many lines' targeting man with disabilities. They guy they claimed was luring young girls was in a scooter. Catching people who are luring children into sex is a good thing but we have to look at who is really luring who.

CTV's W5 is reporting that "a W5 investigation of the largest vigilante network, the Creep Catchers, has found their cameras often don’t tell the whole story. Cases with truly horrifying chats have been lumped in with chats that show no evidence of any sexual intent. And the nationwide network’s enormous online audience isn’t told the difference." Some advocates think they may be motivated less by a pursuit of justice as a pursuit of fame and social media reach, which can lead to money. Not all chapters of Creep Catchers are drug dealers. The Surrey chapter is. That needs to be addressed. God damn the pusher man.

Update: Wow. I saw a clip from the W5 episode. The Edmonton chapter president went to a troubled young woman's house and posted a video of him shaming her at her house and she ended up committing suicide. That was horrific. He lured her. The fact that they reposted the video in their top ten catches shows that they are messed up.

W5 reviewed a chat log in another case and found no sexual content. The young man said he was offering help to a teenager who said he was growing up gay in rural Alberta. The chat logs show the pair is meeting “just as friends.” If you have money to burn, donate it somewhere else.

In Calgary Dawson Raymond defamed and targeted a 23 year old man who met an 18 year old girl. The Creep Catchers are just like the drug dealers outside the Front Room on the Whalley strip. If you don't help them give someone the boots, they will give you the boots. They targeted a woman in Red Deer Alberta simply because she spoke out against them.

The Creep Catchers need to be charged in the death of Katelynn McKnight.

Tim Shields from the RCMP is a bad man

Another out of court settlement for another RCMP sexual harassment lawsuit that has resulted in yet another gag order sweeping the RCMP's prolific sexual harassment under the carpet again.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit that alleged a former spokesman for the RCMP sexually harassed a colleague. A former civilian employee filed the lawsuit in 2014, alleging in court documents that Tim Shields physically and verbally harassed and assaulted her, and that the RCMP did not provide her with a safe work environment. The documents allege that Shields tried to undress the woman, exposed himself to her and sent text messages saying he wanted a sexual relationship."

CBC is reporting that Shields is still facing a criminal charge of sexual assault for misconduct that is alleged to have happened in 2009 and 2010. At that time he was the officer in charge of strategic communications at 'E' Division headquarters in B.C. The trial, set for the end of May, is scheduled to last three weeks."

Tim Shields wasn't as bad as Jim Brown but he was definitely one of the "Friends of Craig Callen" that was consistently being promoted while involved in sexual harassment. That is their MO. That is why they have a class action lawsuit against the RCMP. For letting the Friends of Craig Callen rise and thrive disgracing the uniform they are paid with tax dollars to represent.

CBC also reported that "While he was spokesman he apologized on behalf of the police force for inaccurate information that was given out after the Taser death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport." Lying for the old boys club. That's how he rose in the ranks. Pierre Lemaitre couldn't handle the hypocrisy and ended up committing suicide. Lest we forget.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Shane Maloney pleads guilty in Hells Angels drug ring

OK so it's all over the news. A BC criminal from Burnaby named Shane Maloney has plead guilty in that huge Hells Angels drug ring out of Montreal tied to Larry Amero and Rabih Alkhalil. Larry Amero as we know was a member of the Whiterock Hells Angels when he was shot in Kelowna for publically endorsing the Bacon Brothers on behalf of the Hells Angels and the cub pack. After getting shot and taking one for the team in Kelowna, the Hells Angels mysteriously put him in charge of two gigantic drug rings out of Montreal. So they say.

Larry is from here so he's multicultural. He's good for coercing minorities like Randy Naicker who was also shot dead in Vancouver. However, Larry certainly isn't the brains of the operation like Randy Jones over here is. Obviously someone else higher up was in charge in Montreal and Larry is the fall guy for it. A little je me souvien for the canuck non?

Likewise I'm going to have to question the validity of Shane Maloney's ties to the West End gang in Montreal and just how big that organization is today. No doubt it was huge in the early 1900's up until the /70's and the /80's. Just how prevalent they are now is what I'm questioning. It makes for great drama but I'm not sure how reality based it really is.

As previously reported Shane is in a wheelchair that's why they call him wheels. He says he was injured in a motorcycle accident. One outlet claimed it was a snowmobile accident here in BC. Yet locals claim it was something else. I'd like to find out for sure because it sounds awfully fishy to me. But then again, I'm just a cynical old man. Jimmy Cournoyer was no kingpin either.

All I know is that he was hanging out with some dirty cops from Quebec down in Mexico.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Aging Rebel on Asset Forfeiture

A blog reader just sent me a link to this timely article on Asset Forfeiture from the Aging Rebel's blog. I have a lot of respect for the Aging Rebel. He's a smart man that is familiar with the US Courts. The subject of civl forfeiture has come up in Canada and for the most part we have been for it. It's all about reducing the proceeds of crime. The problem is who's the bigger criminal? The criminal or the government stealing from the criminal?

This dilemma was made very clear in Freeway Ricky's movie Crack in the System. In that documentary which is tied directly to the Gary Webb story, they interviewed a DEA agent who admitted after the CIA pulled the plug on the Oscar Blandón bust they were all on the take. The DEA agent admitted the new directive wasn't to get drugs off the streets, it was to seize as much drug money as they could to fund operations letting them keep finder fees for themselves.

The CIA ended up corrupting the whole lot of them. It's also reminiscent of the Documentary on New York Cop Corruption in the /80's called the Seven Five named after the 75th precinct that was dirty as f*ck. So the CIA are the ones bringing the drugs into the country and every other agency under the sun wants a piece of the pie. Now Donald Trump wants in too.

Seemingly in the States they can seize assets without a criminal conviction. Now that's criminal.

The Fentanyl Fraud Exposed

A local activist sent me this link to a Youtube video they made exposing how the Fentanyl Fraud is tied to campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical companies. He consistently raises valid points. I will add that adolescents shouldn't smoke pot and agree arresting more people for pot than for violent crime is insane. CBD is good, THC is not.

However, the point of the video is the fact that the pharmaceutical companies are literally making a killing off of the Fentanyl Fraud which is tied to advocates like Larry Campbell and Health Canada. This is why the Christy Clark government is spending massive amounts of tax dollars on harm promotion instead of treatment. The real criminals here are wearing suits and ties.

The Youtube video on the Fentanyl Fraud also names the BCIMC who as we know, defrauded the English Family out of their livelihood and a resort property worth millions of dollars near Tofino.

Citizens United Against the BCIMC

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Justin Trudeau kills the Charter of Rights yet again

Justin Trudeau just pulled a Stephen Harper again. Big surprise. The cross border policing insanity has returned to the table under the disguise of the dark master. CBC is reporting that U.S. border guards would get new powers to question, search and even detain Canadian citizens on Canadian soil under a bill proposed by the Liberal government.

So tell me has Justin Beiber agreed to give US Agents diplomatic immunity while on Canadian soil as well? That was their concern before. Since Canadian officers can actually get charged with murder in Canada if they do in fact commit murder, US Police didn't want to be bound by Canadian law while armed in Canada. They wanted diplomatic immunity. I kid you not. That is insanity at best. You never arm a foreign police force to patrol your country then give them diplomatic immunity to break the law they are supposed to enforce. This reveals the true character of Justin Trudeau behind all the smoke and mirrors.

CBC is reporting that Legal experts say Bill C-23, introduced by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, and likely to pass in the current sitting of Parliament, could also erode the standing of Canadian permanent residents by threatening their automatic right to enter Canada. The bill would enshrine in law a reciprocal agreement for customs and immigration pre-clearance signed by the governments of Stephen Harper and Barack Obama in 2015. Both houses of Congress passed the U.S. version of the bill in December.

"A Canadian going to the U.S. through a pre-clearance area [on Canadian soil] can say: 'I don't like the way [an interview is] going and I've chosen not to visit your country.' And they can just turn around and walk out. Under the new proposed bill, they wouldn't be able to walk out. They can be held and forced to answer questions."

CBC is also reporting that one of those question is about your religious affiliation.

These politicians are the real enemies of the constitution. They have broken their oath to defend it. God help us. No one else will. Vote number 666 has returned to the table. This is how liberty dies. Watch Press for Truth Video: The Trudeau Deception

Kevin LeClair's murder trial

Kim Bolan reported on some interesting testimony that came out in Kevin LeClair's murder trial. Kevin was a Bacon brother associate gunned down in a Langley strip mall back in 2009. It was two years after the Surrey Six murder where Jamie Bacon and his brothers took over the leadership of the Red Scorpions on behalf of the Hells Angels.

The witness testified that he saw a man pull a machine gun out of a gym bag and light up the truck Kevin was in. The witness also said they saw a second man with a handgun who unsuccessfully tried to tried to open the driver's door before the co accused lit it up with a machinegun. Prosecutor David Jardine said in his opening submissions that former United Nations gang members would later testify that Vallee and Jesse Adkins were the two shooters that day. Adkins vanished in 2009 and is now believed to be dead. I'm assuming Cory Vallee was the one with the handgun while the bigger guy had the automatic weapon.

This one is sad. Kevin seemed like a nice guy. That forces us to ask what he was doing with Jamie Bacon and the rest of the swine flu because they were complete scumbags. If Kevin was such a nice guy, why was he friends with such a piece of garbage like Jamie Bacon? Perhaps after the Surrey Six murder, Kevin began to wake up and smell the coffee.

Previously Kim Bolan reported that Kevin LeClair was cooperating with the police regarding to the Surrey Six murder. That means he had a brain and a heart. It's just a shame they hit Kevin and missed Jamie. The police told a witness that Jamie Bacon ordered Kevin's murder for cooperating with the police. It appears that the police lied to the witness to try and get information from them.

Letting the Hells Angels obtain a monopoly on the local drug trade has not solved anything.