Saturday, February 4, 2023

Journalist gets myocarditis from the common cold

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle caused by a virus like the common cold or Covid which is a type of cold. A PCR test can't tell the difference. It was a rare disorder but it's not so rare any more. The reason why the Covid mRNA vaccines can cause myocarditis is two fold.

First they're not injecting a dead virus like previous traditional vaccines they are injecting a weaker live form of the virus. Second is because the mRNA causes the vaccine to bypass the immune system and enter the organs of the body namely the heart. This is how your heart catches a virus which causes myocarditis. Traditional vaccines stay in your arm and the body sends antibodies to the arm to fight off the dead virus and thereby builds immunity to it. Dr Byram Bridle explained that the Covid vaccines are different. The mRNA cause the vaccine to bypass the immune system and enter the organs. On top of that, synthetic mRNA doesn't decompose.

Deena Hinshaw: BC's deputy provincial health officer

True North is reporting that Deena Hinshaw has become BC's deputy provincial health officer. Awesome. Put Bonnie Henry out to pasture and let Deena Hinshaw take over. It's time to move forward. Omicron offshoots are not important. Restoring civil liberty is. Hire Back our Heros.

Economic Growth: The Value of Immigration

On the flip side, today I want to talk about the importance of immigration and how that is being misrepresented in the rebellion against the WEF. When Maxime Bernier first started the PPC I was hesitant to endorse him because I saw them as anti immigration and I am pro immigration.

However, when we saw the Orwellian over reach during Covid, Maxime Bernier was always front and centre speaking out against it. I supported that completely. As Abraham Lincoln said, we need to stand with any man that stands right and part with them when they go wrong.

I'm hearing a lot of people slam Justin Trudeau for many things and I applaud it. It's about time. He fooled us in the beginning but people can easily see through him now. He is not the man his father was. We can debate that all we want but the fact remains, Justin's father protected civil liberty by law. Justin did not. However, neither did Stephen Harper. Both were enemies of the Charter of Rights which is a fundamental document that defines us as Canadians.

We had a spook on here that would denounce multiculturalism and I never understood what he was on about. Multiculturalism is a good thing. Diversity makes us strong. We have the American melting pot and the great Canadian mosaic. This is an important part of our identity.

The spook denounced multiculturalism because he was trying to lead us astray and I'm afraid many in the resistance are taking the bait just like the QNuts. Some people claim that Justin Trudeau is responsible for unlimited immigration and that's one of the reasons inflation is so high. Not so. We know people from two different Latin American countries who both applied for a visa simply to visit Canada. Both were denied visas to simply visit. I was shocked. People have the right to travel. That's protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights. Claiming those rights are just for Canadian citizens is like claiming the US Constitution is just for American citizens when it's not. The intent is clear. The US Constitution states all people are equal not all US citizens.

The US Constitution says no state shall deny to any person under it's jurisdiction equal protection of the law. Likewise the preamble to the Canadian bill of rights which lead the way to the Charter of Rights states "This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind" so the intent is very clear. Rights and freedoms apply to everyone not just citizens.

So when people are denied visas to simply visit Canada, I say that is morally wrong unless it's for criminal records. The two people we know who were denied visas to visit Canada then both applied to immigrate. Both were denied. So this claim that Canada has unrestricted immigration is simply not true. We can actually do a lot better.

The left criticizes the right for being anti immigration and compares that to the protectionism of Hitler. They kind of have a point. Hitler's protectionism was self defeating. They claim we don't want immigrants coming here and taking away all our jobs yet that's not how it works. Immigrants usually take the sh*t jobs that no one else wants because they have a high work ethic.

Since Canadian birth rates are so low, immigration helps promote economic growth. When I worked for Canada Post, all these people moving into Surrey meant more points of call and more jobs. It also meant more houses being built and more construction which also meant more jobs.

Now that I work in the food industry, it's the same thing. The more people moving in to Surrey means more people eating and buying food which means more work and more jobs. Protectionism limits growth while immigration stimulates growth. I support the Canadian mosaic.

Communist China and the Hollywood Cesspool

I don't want to be negative but I just want to restate the obvious. Hollywood is a liberal sh*t hole of Communist propaganda and moral decay. Daytime television is ridiculous. Not that I sit at home watching daytime television because I don't. Sometimes it comes on in the lunchroom at work.

The View is partisan crap. It's all bullsh*t with an agenda just like it's spin off the Talk. I saw a commercial for the Talk saying we present different viewpoints. No you don't. You provide different viewpoints of the same stack of sh*t but no matter how you look at it, it's the same stack of sh*t. You support the agenda and the narrative. That is your MO. That's your purpose.

Yesterday I saw a clip from a new talk show and everyone in the audience were wearing pink face masks. I was like AYFKM? Y'all look ridiculous. Omicron was less than the seasonal flu. Omicron offshoots are even less than that. Use you brain and get a life. All this fake woke bullsh*t is toxic.

They were going off about the Grammys this and the Grammys that. GMAFB. No one cares about the Grammys or anything else that comes out of the Hollywood cesspool of moral decay and fake compassion. All that fake drama from Will Smith at the Oscars was paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. I like Will Smith but that stunt was a choreographed set up.

Drew Barrymore has a talk show now and I like the new Drew Barrymore. I think she has class. Yet the script writers are still pushing the same agenda. Everyone in her audience wears yellow face masks and it looks f*cking ridiculous. It's all fake and pretentious.

Recently Pamula Anderson was in the news trashing another ex and I was like get a f*cking life. That's all she does is play the victim and trash her exs. Now she has a new memoir out on Netflix glorifying her playboy past. I thought there was hope for her when she was promoting Julian Assange but now I see that it's a lost cause. I don't want to be mean. Really. But she is promoting things I oppose. She doesn't stand for the things that I believe in. I don't give a f*ck about the playboy thing but she was trashing guys that look at porn and that was her claim to fame. Just like Kim Kardashian and Stormy Daniels. It's all very pretentious just like the rest of Hollywood.

I support morality and civil liberty. That's the opposite of Communism and Hollywood. Right after she was promoting Julian, Pamula Anderson was going off hosting some kind of open sex website. I believe in committed relationships. Hollywood has always promoted moral decay and fake compassion. Now that they've been bought out by the CCP it's become even more extreme. It wasn't a hostile take over. It was a natural transition. After all, the road to hell is paved with lies.

China's spy balloon nonsense

Speaking of fake news, this WWF drama about China's spy balloon is ridiculous smoke and mirrors. Joe Biden is in bed with Winnie the Pooh. Biden is Xi Jinping's puppet on a string.
The CCP owns Disney, controls the UN, the WHO and NATO as well as the Western Mainstream media. This spy balloon fake drama is absurd. They're here with boots on the ground. The Confucius Institute has nothing to do with Confucius. As Candice Owens declared, the CIA is not your friend. Neither is Joe Biden or Winnie the Pooh. They're all promoting the same thing.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Damion Ryan facing firearms offences in Ottawa

CTV is reporting that "Two people are facing charges, including an alleged full-patch Hells Angels member, after police discovered 12 illegal handguns at an Ottawa home. The RCMP says in February 2022, officers conducted a search at an Ottawa residence in support of an international organized crime investigation led by the Winnipeg RCMP." Nice work.

"The search of the residence in Ottawa resulted in the discovery of twelve illegal handguns, a number of prohibited high-capacity magazines, ammunition, and a device used to convert a semi-automatic pistol to fully automatic. Many of the firearms were loaded." The RCMP says the illegal handguns were imported from the United States, and were to be used for personal protection and distributed into the hands of criminal organization members in Canada."

That's what we've been saying all along. Criminals do not use legal handguns that have been registered in Canada to commit criminal offenses because they are traceable. They use throw aways they smuggle them in from the US because they are not registered and not traceable.

"The RCMP says one of the accused, 41-year-old Damion Patrick Ryan, is a full patch member of the Hells Angels with the Attica chapter in Greece. Ryan was arrested in Ottawa and will appear in court on Feb. 15." Damion Ryan? AYFKM? This is the guy the CFSEU had on their payroll. He rolled on people he hired to commit murder and in exchange they let him run the drugs in the DTES. He was finally busted in Ottawa by the Winnipeg RCMP. Twice now.

Canadian gun trafficker arrested in Rochester, New York

This guy busted in Rochester was working out of Ottawa. It's likely he was with the Driftwood Crips the Hells Angels brought into Vancouver and Surrey. The guy Damion Ryan rolled on was with the Driftwood Crips. Damion Ryan got his patch with the Ontario Village Idiots. After the Quebec chapter disbanded them he was farmed out to Greece with Robby Alkhalil. That's where he got his filthy few patch when he capped Larry Amero's coaccused who came to him for help. He was in charge of selling drugs for the Wolf Pack in the DTES. He hired lil man to cap Mo.

Liberals withdraw amendment banning hunting rifles

True North is reporting that "The Liberals have withdrawn a controversial amendment to Bill C-21, which would ban numerous models of rifles and shotguns used by hunters and farmers in Canada. Bill C-21, which cements the Liberals’ ban on handguns, is before the House of Commons public safety committee. Last year, a Liberal MP introduced an amendment banning in criminal law, rather than regulations, any rifle or shotgun that could accept a magazine with more than five rounds, regardless of whether it has such a magazine."

"In practice, this would prohibit hundreds of types of guns used by hunters and farmers, as well as short-shooters. The amendment was widely condemned by gun owners, including many from Indigenous nations. The Liberals said the withdrawal was because they heard Canadians."

He heard the bill would have failed if he didn't withdraw the amendment and it would have triggered a non confidence vote and an election he would lose. That's what he heard.

First Nations leaders unanimously vote against Ottawa’s gun control legislation

NDP MPs oppose Justin Trudeau's last minute amendment

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Justin's Fertilizer Tax to increase inflation

Speaking of bat sh*t crazy, True North is reporting that "Feds knew fertilizer targets would harm Canadian farm crop production." Justin the Freak Trudeau wants to create Canadian food shortages by introducing an Orwellian ban on farming. This has nothing to do with protecting the environment. This is about creating food shortages just like his idol Chairman Mao did.

Farming is the greenest thing you can do for the planet. Farming involves growing plants that consume CO2 and produce Oxygen. That's what we want. When soil has been stripped of it's nutrients it needs to be fertilized. That is the environmental ecosystem we are all a part of.

Zero CO2 emissions is apocalyptic. With zero CO2 emissions all plant life on earth will die. There will be no green left. If there's no plant life left then there's no oxygen either and we all die. Justin Trudeau and the World Economic Forum are liars. They do not care about protecting the planet or the environment. They want to protect their monopoly on profit. That is all.

Raising the price of fuel by cutting domestic production raises the price of food and everything we buy in stores because it gets transported there by truck. Cutting domestic production also increases CO2 emissions. Using domestic production with a pipeline creates zero transportation emissions. Transporting oil from Saudi in support of their monopoly creates a lot more emissions.

Get your booster Not for Omicron offshoot

The CBC Communist Broadcasting Corporation that Tara Henley left because of it's fake woke agenda is stating "Get your booster dose as new Omicron offshoot spreads: Canada's top doctor" Top doctor? Omniwhat? When viruses replicate themselves they get weaker not stronger. Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu. Meanwhile the CDC and the fake news are finally admitting that the synthetic mRNA boosters can cause strokes. That means the risks outweigh the benefits at this point. Top doctor my a*s. Teresa Tam is another circus freak like Bonnie Henry.

Liberal Senator opposes Justin's Internet Censorship bill

Free speech and the freedom of the press is protected by law. Any bill that violates the Canadian Charter of Rights is illegal. Commodus' quest is restricted by the Charter his father gave us.