Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Bad Blood: A brother offended

OK while I try and figure out the motive behind the trailer trash stunt, I want to reexamine some past history so we can see the pattern of betrayal in the ongoing Vancouver gang wars and discuss the motive behind it. As we all know the most recent betrayal is of BIBO by BIBO.

I personally find it so bizarre because of the extreme nature of the initial name and pledge. BIBO means blood in, blood out. They claim you have to kill to get in and be killed to get out. It's supposed to be a life long commitment. It's a blood oath. So how can those guys so quickly betray that oath and start setting up and killing their own brothers? It doesn't make sense to me.

It's like the saying AFFA. Angels Forever, Forever Angels. Angels Forever until you get kicked out in bad and no one is allowed to talk to you any more. That's not that common within the HAs. Not like it is with all the other puppet clubs. They all copy that same saying. Rebels Forever, Forever rebels or whatever the name of the puppet club of the day is. Only those guys don't mean forever. They mean until they change their patch and burn their old patch. Forever in their minds doesn't usually last very long. Solomon said it is easier to take a city than a brother offended.

As we recall, BIBO originally broke off of the Brother's Keepers and have been beefing with them ever since. So again, one minute they're brothers, the next minute they're enemies shooting each other and the bad blood between them is extreme. It's like when Jamie Bacon and his brothers betrayed the UN. The subsequent war was violent. In each case, a group of guys sold out their brothers for the almighty dollar and went to war against them instead of with them. Not to hate, but the HAs have been behind each betrayal. Let's start with the Surrey Six.

Before the Surrey Six, the Red Scorpions worked for the UN. After the Surrey Six the Red Scorpions worked for the Hells Angels. When the Brother's Keepers started there was a lot of internal strife where founding leaders were shot dead. After all the killing ended, the Brothers Keepers ended up working for the Hells Angels. Even after the club killed Ali.

Anyone who objects working for the HAs gets capped. The current split within Redd Alert - who's behind it? The Hells Angels through the Wolf Pack. The current split between RS and BIBO - who's behind it? The Hells Angels through the Wolf Pack. All these murders have a common denominator. Betrayal based on greed fueled by the Hells Angels. Just sayn.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Lolo Lanski got stabbed and stabbed someone in prison

The Dirty Newz is confirming that Lolo Lanski was stabbed in an Ontario prison. I didn't want to name the institution but they did. My troll was trashing the Dirty Newz but they have a lot more credibility than Post Media News does. My source said Lolo was stabbed in Ontario and the Dirty Newz is confirming it. They also said he assaulted someone and stabbed someone as well.

There's a lot of crazy sh*t going on right now and I'm trying to sort it all out. Lolo's GF needs to learn what low profile means before she ends up dead. This isn't a Kardashian reality TV series. This is real life. That means don't be a heat bag. Keep things on the QT. Stop being trailer trash.

Betraying your brothers is nothing to brag about. Neither is killing someone's mother. Before the dust settles and we sort out the Trailer Park Boys' beefs let's say a word about Jamie Bacon and Lolo Lanski's legacy. How will they be remembered? What we do in life echoes in eternity.

Let's start with Jamie... Jamie Bacon couldn't go to the gym without a body guard. He had a history of betraying bodyguards. He tried to tax Cory Lal because the HAs were taxing him and Corey Lal laughed at him so Jamie asked Anton to kill Corey. Anton wouldn't do it do Jamie got DK to do it with the others. Anton took the gun away from the targets so DK, Matt Johnston and Cody Haevischer knew they would be executing unarmed targets. That was the Surrey Six.

Then Jamie betrayed DK and tried to have DK killed. When the hit failed Jonathon lied and tried to convince DK Jamie wasn't behind the hit when he was. These are the type of people we are dealing with and that is the legacy they will be remembered throughout history for.

Then Jamie Bacon started cooperating with the police and rolled on Lolo Lanski for killing that guy's mother so Jamie could get a reduced sentence. It was a horrific and cowardly act that they both will be remembered for. Lolo wasn't acting on his own. He was acting on club business and Jamie Bacon was a part of it but Jamie Bacon got a free pass by ratting out his right hand man.

So Lolo Lanski will be remembered for killing a guy's mother and for betraying his brothers in BIBO. That is what he will be remembered throughout history for. That is his legacy. Let me tell you, we can do better. We can do better with our lives. We can leave a better legacy behind. Lolo is bragging about killing a guy's mother and about betraying his BIBO brothers. That's not something to brag about. As the old folk song declared hang down your head Tom Dooley.

We all eventually die but the legacy we leave behind is what we decide to do in life.
I just don't understand how Lolo thinks he's going to bounce back after killing that guy's mother. Is he going to rap about it? Killing someone's mother isn't hard core, it's Clifford Olsen. It's like banning little boys. It's f*cked up. I don't see him as having any street cred left.

Update: I'm a little bit confused about the trailer trash drama Lolo's GF started with Kyle's GF at the nail salon. My source said Lolo and Pistol Pete betrayed BIBO but the Dirty Newz says it was Kyle and Pistol Pete. I'm going to have to get more clarification.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

BIBO verses Red Scorpions: A new betrayal

OK a word on the local gang conflict. Remember that fully automatic shooting caught on video in Whiterock? Well, the Dirty Newz is reporting that three out of the four victims of the shooting were targeted BIBO members: Jvne, a BIBO rapper, Andru and Hecktor. "It is our belief that Andru and the unnamed fourth victim sustained more extensive injuries compared to Jvne and Hector."

There's a reason why this is relevant and I'll get to it. 6ixaktv claims that Jvne was affiliated with another rapper called DrillDoc who is Jasmit Badesha and was fatally shot in Toronto March 3rd 2024. 6ixaktv posted a picture of Jvne with Austin Grewal who was shot dead in Fraser Heights (Surrey) back in 2019. He was 18 years old for f*cks sake. 6ixaktv claims that Austin Grewal was also BIBO. I don't want to hate and I don't want to get involved in stupid rapper beefs but WTF.

Jvne is a pudgie white guy on juice with a man purse. Now that's a Jamie Bacon wannabe. Now he can't go to the gym without a bodyguard just like Jamie Bacon couldn't. You look at the video and I'm like WTF are you aspiring to? That is so f*cking stupid. OK maybe I'm a geriatric but GMAFB. That sh*t is whacked. I ain't talking sh*t and I ain't dissing anybody. I'm just saying that is a stupid life. That's why it's time for me to turn the page and let the young guns cover that stupid drama sh*t while I move on to more positive pastures.

There are a couple points I have to make but before I make them I just want to say do the math. When you look at all these shooting we've listed here, we see BIBO getting the sh*t kicked out of them. Now I'm not for or against BIBO. I'm just saying the common thread in all these shootings and murders is that they were all BIBO getting capped.

OK so what is BIBO. BIBO is a branch of the Red Scorpions led by the now deceased Gary Kang. BIBO stood for Blood in, Blood out. They seemed to resist the HA tax and now they're all getting capped. Big surprise. As I said before, Jamie Bacon kissed Gary Kang's a*s because he too resented paying the HA tax. Jamie was tired of being a little b*tch and was hoping Gary Kang and BIBO would help him get out from under the HA's thumb.

However, there's more to this math than meets the eye. The Dirty Newz put out a two part series on the BIBO Red Scorpion beef. Why is this relevant? Wait 'till I tell ye. Now I don't know what they reported about the RS / BIBO conflict in the VIP section of the Dirty Newz because I'm not a a paid subscriber. I think he's found a way to make money and I support that. It's just that I'm a broke a*s bitch and I DGAF about all this stupid sh*t.

I am told that RS turned on BIBO and orchestrated a massive attack at both Kent and Matsqui in January of this year which let to multiple hospitalized BIBO members. I'm told that it's tied to the new split within the RA because RA members did the attack.

As for the split in Vancouver's Redd Alert, there is one side who are under Biggie and go by 18-1. They are with the Wolfpack and consist of mostly Non Native RA members [there's lots] The other faction is the original RA in Van under Steel and they are aligned with RS. (Steele is the one that beefed with Glen Nelson) Former BIBO member Pistol Pete is a RA member now and set up his bros. The RA split has led to tension between RA and Wolfpack in the DTES. The last thing that happened was Wolfpack Kevin [big metis guy from Winnipeg] getting shot by RA Jay.

Zone 43, the Montreal guys we mentioned, hooked up with some Toronto and Edmonton blacks under the leadership and a guy named Wonder. They now refer to themselves as the YVE Group.

RA recruited Pistol Pete and Lolo Lanski and had them set up thier BIBO guys in two jails on one day. Why is this problematic? Wait 'till I tell ye. The Dirty Newz claims Jvne is BIBO and was recently shot in Whiterock with other BIBO members. He's a rapper on the BIBO YouTube channel. Oh but wait, three years ago the BIBO YouTube channel posted a video entitled JVNW - WWYD Trailer. It's a trailer for WWYD by Jvne ft. Lolo Lanski. Ah but Lolo Lanski has switched sides... The moral of the story is all these shootings and murders were paid for by the Wolf Pack.

I was wondering what was going to happen to the Red Scorpions after Jamie Bacon went into witness protection and started trashing the club. We saw he ratted out his right hand man Lolo Lanski. Now it looks like the Wolf Pack have recruited Lolo Lanski and Pistol Pete to take over the RS in Jamie Pigsh*t's place for the Wolf Pack. He was just a cut out anyways. Once again we see loyalty sold for the almighty dollar. List of Crews the Wolf Pack have betrayed in Vancouver.
Remember that fake expert from Post Media News said that fully automatic assault rifle used in the Whiterock BIBO shooting was a converted airsoft rifle? That was ridiculous. He also claimed it was someone inexperienced. I did not. I said look at the flawless way that guy reloaded and got off that many rounds. He was skilled. Post Media News is full of sh*t and we all know why.

Blood in Blood out was supposed to mean you kill to get in and the only way you get out is to be killed. Now they have changed that to mean you kill to get in and you get out by killing your own brothers. No L&R there but we all knew that. Jamie Bacon betrayed Lolo Lanski to get time shaved off his sentence. The whole thing is a web of betrayal fueled by greed where money buys loyalty until someone else offers them more. The rat pack expands and become targets.

It's just like the name Brother's Keepers. Who killed Ali? I don't know am I my brother's keeper? Actually you are. Your boss killed Ali. How does that make you feel? If Lolo Lanski is convicted of murdering that guy's mother it won't matter. RS is predominately a prison gang now. If Lolo Lanski is convicted, he'll just take Jamie Bacon's place. However, I'm told Kyle is in charge now. Jamie's out. Lolo Lanski is in Ontario prison.

Now this rap beef between BIBO and the Hells Angels puppets started a long time ago. I didn't say anything about it at the time because I thought it was stupid and I didn't want to fuel the fire or give them more attention than they deserved. As far as I'm concerned they're all idiots stuck in the /80's. People don't do battle raps any more. The rest of the world has evolved and they got left behind. Tupac was the legend. He gave you the Ghetto Gospel and y'all ran the wrong way.

Everything that you guys put out is sh*t. I'm sorry but it is. You have no self respect. You're still all about strippers and blow. Dollars, dollars, dollars. You never grew up. You need to man up and grow a pair. Get married and have kids. Then be a good father. Set a good example for your kids. Slinging crack or crystal meth is not a good example. A fool and his money soon parts.

You're all still saying "but I made a G today" and the prophet Tupac Shakur is still saying "yeah but you made it in a sleazy way. Selling crack to the kids." Y'all are a bunch of hillbillies.

Now, while I'm on a rant, I saw that a former under cover cop is promoting himself again in England. I'm going to try and be positive but that ain't me. I don't do under cover and I never have. I recognize the need for under cover work but that wasn't me and I notice some cops volunteer for that kind of assignment because they covet that life. I do not. We had a former police chief in Victoria like that. He did biker under cover work in Ontario then came to BC to become a swinger hitting on other cops' wives. I have always said if you want to leave the life, leave. Don't cooperate with the police. That is the safest way for you to leave.

If you rat out your friends to make money, you're a b*tch. If you rat out your friends so you don't have to go to jail, you're a b*tch. What we do in life echoes in eternity. Don't be a b*tch forever.

As TI declared: "I got love for the game, but ayy I'm not in love with all of it Could do without the fame, and rappers nowadays are comedy The hootin' and the hollerin', back and forth with the arguin' Where you from, who you know, what you make and what kind of car you in Seems as though you lost sight of what's important when depositin' Them checks into your bank account, and you up out of poverty Your values is a disarray, prioritizin' horribly Unhappy with the riches 'cause you're piss poor morally Ignorin' all prior advice and forewarnin' And we mighty full of ourselves all of a sudden, aren't we?" Wickedness never was happiness. Word.

Vaisakhi in Surrey is a big deal

CTV is reporting that "Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Surrey on Saturday to participate in the annual Khalsa Day Vaisakhi Parade, which organizers say is the largest celebration of the Sikh event in the world. It’s estimated more than 550,000 people attended the parade, which began in the morning at the Gurdwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar on 85 avenue and lasted throughout the day. On display were floats, live music, and dancing. Vendors also offered free vegetarian food along the route, as seva, or selfless service in the Sikh faith."

There are a lot of good principles in the Sikh religion. Religion encourages bad men to be good and good men to be better. There's no reason to ban that. We have a big screen TV at work for announcements. One of the pictures that shuffled through were the 5 Ks of Sikhism.

I'm all for religious freedom and educating people about the various religions breaks down barriers of prejudice based on ignorance. At first I was kind of like WTF? If that was talking about the Christian religion people would be losing their sh*t. I'm not saying they shouldn't be talking about it because education is good. I just think the double standard is amusing but ride on soulja.

Lessons for life from Zander and Shostakovich

Speaking of how fake environmentalism will literally enslave the planet, this video showed up in my feed and was entitled lessons for life. It's a wise instructor of music from the Boston Philharmonic orchestra. I appreciate music. I can't read or play music but I can hear the feelings it portrays. Many years ago I listed Salt Lake and attended a choir practice in the Tabernacle. It wasn't the Mormon Tabernacle choir it was a smaller more intimate choir.

I sat down briefly and listened to them rehearse a section of a song. The conductor stopped them and said wait, that's not it. It sounded pretty good to me. At first I thought he was being a bit overly critical. Then he says to them, visualize the words you are singing in this section as a mist that gently rises and forms a cloud hovering in from it you.

They tried it again and the second time it sounded completely different. The words came out of their mouths like a mist and gently hoovered in front of them like a cloud. I could see exactly what he was telling them to try. I was like wow, that was impressive.

Likewise, Benjamin Zander appears to be that kind of an instructor. He's more like a Zen master that teaches musicians to feel and express the feelings the composer was feeling and intended to portray when they composed the piece. The musician he's advising in the video is a cellist playing Dmitri Shostakovich's sonota for the cello. It has fast and slow parts and when I first heard the full version it seems the slow parts were painfully slow.

Benjamin Zander explained it by saying it's as though Dmitri was tapping his hand on his knee fast and loud saying play it slow. Then Benjamin explained the history in context. Dmitri lived during Stalin's repression of his music. Russia at the time had a magnificent era of artistic expression like Vienna. For some reason Stalin came out with a declaration opposing music for the opera and Dimitri lived in fear every day of his life. He had a bag packed so he wouldn't wake his children in case the secret police came and hauled him off to the gulag. Once you understand the context of the feelings he felt and was trying to express, that piece makes sense.

I have two points to make. One is an appreciation of music and the other is an appreciation for the free expression of music and the arts. It reminds me of Mao's cultural revolution in Communist China. Several years ago I had lunch with two friends from the Falun Gong in Vancouver. One was a reporter from the Epoch Times. The other was an experienced leader in their community with a great deal of wisdom about the history of their struggle in Communist China.

She stated her relatives back then were academics. Mao's communism didn't just strive to eliminate religion, it also repressed the academics. University professors who didn't conform were imprisoned along with the religions leaders. Mao wanted to control what was being taught in the universities. She explained that the Communist revolution in China was not a cultural revolution. It was a cultural repression. Evidently just like Stalin in Russia.

She explained that the Confucius Institute in Canadian Universities sponsored by the Communist Party of China had nothing to do with supporting the teachings or virtues of Confucius. It simply hijacked his name as a cover for cultural repression. She said that the Confucius Institute was China's attempt to control what was being taught in our Universities.

Again I'm not going to hate on China and promote the WEF. China, like Russia had a long artistic history that predates Communism and right now the WEF are demonizing Russia and China in their attempt to hijack the movement and replace it with their twisted brand of Communism which we have seen happen all too often in the past. Just like what Lenin did to Alexander Shlyapnikov.

The Falun Gong are big supporters of the Shen Yun production which the Communist party opposes. When I first heard that I was somewhat confused. When I saw the Falun Gong supporting the Shen Yun production, I thought OK this is something the CCP will agree with. They want to promote Chinese culture. Then when I heard the CCP not only persecuted the Falun gong but they were also opposing the Shen Yun production I became confused.

That's because I believed the lie. I thought the cultural revolution in China was a cultural revolution. I thought they were trying to preserve and protect Chinese culture. In reality, they were doing the exact opposite. They were trying to repress, censor and erase Chinese culture just like Stalin did in Russia. The life lessons that we can take from this is the preservation of culture and art. Preventing the free expression of art and culture ultimately leads to slavery.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Saskatchewan's late-season chill

The Weather Network is reporitng that "Saskatchewan felt a remarkable late-season chill this week as many communities saw daytime high temperatures colder than a seasonal low temperature for this time of year. Saskatoon and Regina both notched a daytime high temperature of -2.8°C on Thursday. It’s tough this time of year to see daytime temperatures barely climb to the level of a normal nighttime reading."

Oh but wait. Time Magazine said Japan's cherry blossoms bloomed earlier this year because of global warming. Despite the fact that Korea's cherry blossoms bloomed late this year. This year was an El Nino. A mild winter which seems to have resulted in a late spring. Never mind the logic. The sky is falling. Blame everything on global warming and take away cars from one of the least CO2 producing countries in the world. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not.

Canada produces less than 1.5% of the world's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

From 2005 to 2021, Canada's GHG emissions decreased by 8.4% (62 Mt CO2 eq)

If we cared about C02 we would fight forest fires with water bombers not start them.

China was the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions in 2022, accounting for nearly 31 percent of the global emissions. China's greenhouse gas emissions are the largest of any country in the world both in production and consumption terms, and stem mainly from coal burning, including coal power, coal mining, and blast furnaces producing iron and steel.

Getting Germany and China on natural gas and off industrial coal would save the planet.

Fake environmentalism will literally enslave the planet and all of us along with it.

Anti-government demonstrations continue in Tel Aviv

Eagles in the Lowermainland

Speaking of eagles, when I was young my father took me to serve at a seniors camp outside Squamish called Paradise Valley. It was owned by the North Vancouver school district and the United Church would rent it out in the summer for a seniors camp. One day I was cutting through the staff room and saw a picture on the wall. It was a tree with a dozen eagles sitting in it.

I was like where is that? They said it's right here. There are a lot of eagles that come here in the winter. I had never been there in the winter and I had never seen that many eagles in one spot before. Paradise Valley is right beside Brackendale which is called the bald eagle capital of North America. In the winter the eagles come to feed on the rotting chum carcasses after they have spawned. It peaks around December 15th to January 15th.

Several years ago I joined the Fort Langley canoe club. I really liked the Dragon boat but preferred the voyager canoe because we would go on trips instead of just practicing a sprint back and forth. That's how I found out about the Wigeon creek paddle and the Wigeon falls hike.

One time we went on a trip down the Harrison River mid November. We put in at Harrison lake and paddled down to Kilby. It was cold and wet but really nice. There were tons of salmon carcasses. We don't really eat Chum so there are lots lying around. When I saw all the salmon carcasses I said I wounder if we'll see any eagles. In Brackendale the eagles feed on the salmon.

As soon as I said that we came around a bend and saw three trees full of large birds drying their wings. The way the sun was shining we could just see silhouettes and they looked all black. I asked if they were vultures. Then as we got closer you could see the white heads. They were bald eagles. I was like wow. I found a picture I took of one of those trees with the eagles that I put in a YouTube video of sites around Vancouver to the song Wondering where the Lions are.
I've gone back on my own several times since. I put the kayak in at Kilby mid November and paddle up the river past the bridge were it spreads out very wide and very shallow. The big boats can't go up there and you see eagles everywhere. There's a good viewpoint at a gazebo on the golf course but with a kayak you get get up close. Eagles are majestic but peaceful. If you get too close they don't panic they just calmly fly away. They don't like being too close to people.
I suppose this I'll miss but I remember last time I went it was starting to get very busy. They had tour boats roaring up the river with loud music playing. Somehow I think they missed the point. If you're bird watching you're supposed to be quiet. If you make too much noise they just fly away.

Then I saw a helicopter land at the golf course and I was like AYFKM? Eagle watching in a helicopter? That is ridiculous. All that noise will scare them away.

I see there's another version of the eagles learning to fly story. One is an allegory about the mother nudging the young eagle out of the nest so it will learn to fly. In a sense the Fraser Valley has been my eagle's nest. This is where I grew up. The rising cost of housing is nudging me out of the nest so to speak so I will be able to soar once again like many others leaving Vancouver.

Friday, April 19, 2024

A Voice of reason amidst a daily dose of insanity

I was going to take a break from blogging because I'm just not feeling it. I want to be positive and stay positive and I want to stay far away from all the crazy things going on. I see some social media influencers pick on some pretty bizarre extremes and I don't want to do that.

People can be anything they want to be and that includes crazy. I don't want to hate on crazy people. However, today is just another example of a whole list of absolutely insane headlines in the news that need to be addressed. A coworker keeps mentioning that when he reads a news headline now he stops and says wait is this real or is this Saturday Night Live?

He rightfully observes that five years ago no one would have believed all the insane news headlines we're getting every day would ever have been possible. It's like we're getting bombarded with crazy coming straight from the media. Let's start with the complaints from hospital staff of violence from patients using illegal drugs in BC hospitals.

The original articles I saw are buried but I'll link to the new ones. First I heard people were complaining about illegal drug use in BC Hospitals which is not surprising since a former nurse told me when she was in emergency they had patients lined up in the hallways for a safe injection site. Then I read a spin piece in the CBC claiming that the opposition was making it up. Right beside that was an article from the Vancouver Sun stating the concerns were expressed by nurses in the hospital. Now all the articles admit the concerns were coming from nursing staff.

First of all, this is not new. My daughter used to volunteer at the hospital. However, even though we live in Surrey she decided to volunteer at Royal Colombia in New Westminster because Surrey already had a bad reputation at that time for violent outbursts from drug addicts. Then they made it worse by turning emergency room hallways into safe injection sites.

Now it's even worse than that because decriminalization has empowered addicts to smoke crystal meth in public even at the hospital. Right beside the no smoking signs. That is criminally insane. That is an example of what my coworker was referring to when he said when he hears a news headline now he doesn't know if it's real or if it's Saturday Night Live.

The answer is simple: no smoking period. The Times Colonist is reporting that "BC United Opposition Leader Kevin Falcon says he would ban open drug use in hospitals, as a provincial task force that aims to standardize smoking prohibitions and use of illicit drugs in hospitals met for the first time Thursday. “It would take five minutes to solve this problem and just say no — absolutely no,” said ­Falcon. “No smoking of drugs, no open drug use in the hospitals, full stop, and it would happen immediately.” That is common sense.

Now in all fairness that recently criminally insane decision from the BC Supreme Court has created a minor hiccup. The BC NDP decriminalized hard drugs like Portland. However, like Portland they quickly discovered a huge flaw. The intent of decriminalization was to help addicts get treatment. It was so the police could focus on the drug dealers not the drug addicts. We quickly saw how that completely backfired.

Instead of confronting drug dealers and helping addicts get treatment it simply emboldened both. Drug dealers became much more brazen and drug addicts started smoking crystal meth in public. The NDP tried to fix the problem by making a law banning the use of illegal drugs in public and the mentally deranged judge said you can't do that. AYFKM? This is a flaming example of why the BC Judicial system needs to change. Illegal drugs are illegal. That judge should not be on the bench. He needs to be removed from the bench immediately.

The interim solution is simple. Repeal the decriminalization of drugs like Portland was forced to do. That's the only way you can stop people from using illegal drugs in public and at hospitals.

The Globe and Mail reported that "British Columbia will require all of its hospitals to provide a designated space for patients with substance-use disorders to consume illicit drugs, prompted by concerns that an increase in such activity in prohibited hospital areas was putting health care workers at risk. Health Minister Adrian Dix announced this week that the province would create a task force to standardize rules and create active supports to help patients manage their addictions while in care." That is crazy. David Eby is thankfully back peddling.

There's lots more to say on that but I just wanted to quickly go through a few other ridiculous headlines. The fake news was going off about how some guy handing out conspiracy leaflets outside Donald Trump's fraud trial set himself on fire. This is just another example of how completely crazy things have become. Personally I don't like Donald Trump. I think he's a dick but I know he'll do a hell of a lot better than Joe Biden. Having said that the media's obsession with defaming and misrepresenting Donald Trump is off the hook. Completely. All these ridiculous court cases against the Republican nomination is as Tulsi Gabbard said, weaponizing the Department of Justice. They are trying to prevent his leading opponent from running against him.

CBC is reporting that "Brad Johns has resigned as Nova Scotia's justice minister. His resignation comes a day after he said he didn't believe that domestic violence is an epidemic." That is bat sh*t crazy. Domestic violence is horrible. Any time it happens is too many times. Yet to cancel someone because he expressed his opinion that he didn't feel it was an epidemic is insane. We can debate whether or not it's an epidemic. We can debate how common it is but we cannot debate the reality of how horrible it is. There was a border guard who shot his ex and then shot himself with his service pistol on Vancouver Island a while ago. That was an insane tragedy. To say it's an epidemic is totally arguable.

The Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Commissions's final report was a farce. There was no motive. I do not believe Abe shot all those people. RCMP officers were caught shooting up a fire hall where civilians were being kept safe. The fake report didn't mention that. The fake report didn't explain why the RCMP deposited all that money into Abe's bank account either.

We saw how Justin Trudeau conspired with Brenda Lucki to use that suspicious tragedy to gain support for his insane gun control grab knowing that none of the firearms Abe allegedly used were legally obtained. There are a lot of dirty things going on and the fake news is a part of it.

I'm not even going to discuss the Surrey RCMP bullsh*t. Those are the clowns that have hijacked the BC Conservatives. F*ck them. The BC NDP is totally on point when it comes to following through with the transition to a municile Police force in Surrey. Those ego maniacs are completely out of control. The Union has filed a class action grievance from several Surrey Police Officers against harassment from the Surrey RCMP. Fire those f*ckers instantly. All of them.

Another twist is how the fake news is misrepresenting the conflict in Gaza. Killing aid workers and starving women and children is fine for some reason and to express any concerns about it is somehow antisemitic. Our news is completely ignoring the mass weekly protests within Israel demanding Benjamin Netanyahu resign. Netanyahu was now banned those protests.

Instead of covering that they defiantly declare any protest outside of Israel about killing aid workers or starving civilian is branded as anti Israel or pro Hamas. That kind of insanely biased reporting is yet another example of the new crazy that has become acceptable or at least common. Israelis who have severed on the Gaza border know that Hamas could not have gotten in and out with hostages unless Benjamin Netanyahu took everyone guarding the border off that assignment and issued a stand down order. They all know that. That's why they are protesting.

They all know the conflict in Gaza was manufactured yet our media is completely silent about that. In this one video a Jewish protester in Israel comes right out and mentions Netanyahu's ties to Hamas. Hamas didn't assassinate Yitzhak Rabin, a Netanyahu supporter did. Netanyahu and the fake news is actively trying to create division and conflcit in support of the New World Order of insanity. Before that Israelis were singing and dancing to songs of Peace.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Broadening your horizons

This morning on the ride into work it was clear and you could see an orange glow on the horizon before sunrise. The landscape was the mountain range familiar to the Fraser Valley. This picture someone else took and they named all the peaks. I know the peaks on the North Shore but I certainly don't know the peaks out that direction except for Baker which wasn't visible from my ride into Langley. You see Baker when you ride out to Abbotsford or drive down Fraser Highway in Surrey towards Langley. I remember the view driving into Langley in my Triumph Spitfire with the top down when I was young. Mountains all around you. I really liked that.

Now I'm ready to see what's beyond those mountains. I'm ready to expand my horizon. Vancouver's nice but it's too expensive. So I'm looking forward to a new chapter and a new journey. This morning there was a couple with buggies going through the dumpster and my heart sank. That is a hard life. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and I think we could all expand our horizons. I always used to encourage my kids to travel. Get out of the fish bowl and see what it's like in other places. Don't let Surrey be your moral measuring stick.

Both my kids ended up falling in love with foreign countries. My daughter went to Central American and my son went to Asia. They are both fluent in foreign languages. That impresses me. I was never very good at foreign languages but I always encouraged it because I see it as a sign of being educated. I see the current turmoil as part of the gathering. The gathering of good and the gathering of evil. BC is becoming a liberal sh*t hole and it doesn't have the political will to pull itself out of it. That's why it's time for me to leave.

BC is beautiful but it is not the best place on earth. There is good and bad everywhere you go. I know a lot of people here are discouraged. I think the key to staying positive is to not get overwhelmed. All this stupid stuff was foreseen. People arguing about this and arguing about that. It's important to stand by your principles but it is also important to let other people have different views. Without that we have nothing. It's also important to get off social media and get out of the city. Feel the peace that comes from riding against the wind.

Friday Update: This morning as I was walking towards my motorcycle on my way to work I could see and year a couple of crow and seagulls as I put some items in the recycling. Then in the distance behind me I could hear a faint cackle. I thought that sounds like an eagle. Then I heard it again and I said yeah, that's an eagle. So I turned around and looked at the top of a group of cedars and fir tress. Sure enough at the top branch of the higher tree an eagle was perched and a couple of smaller birds were dive bombing it like they always do.

The bird here freak out whenever they see an eagle because they see it as a predator that's going to eat their eggs. There were a few videos of some blue herons in Stanley Park freaking out because a couple of eagles were eating their eggs. The eagles basically ignored their hysteria and kept eating. It was kind of sad but that is the circle of life. I always thought it was irritating when the smaller birds pester the majestic eagles all the time but now I understand why.

I remember seeing an eagles nest cam watching the eagles sit on their eggs. One time the male sat on them for a while and when the female came back she pushed him off them. Then sadly one time when they were ut a couple of ravens came and ate their eggs.

There are a couple of motoivational stories about eagles. One is about how an eagle teaches it's young to fly. The other was about an orphaned eagle raised with chickens. Seemingly the mother flies through the air with her young and drops it to see if it will fly. Then if it doesn't figure it out, she swoops down under it and catches it before it hits the ground.

That story was used as a metaphor to describe how a higher power guides us in our life. The story about the orphaned eagle raised with chickens also had a metaphor to go along with it. Sometime when we hang around trailer trash we forget our own self worth. In that setting it's time to leave the chickens behind and soar with the eagles. Peace.

Fable of the Eagle and the Chicken