Thursday, January 19, 2017

Port Alberni Shooting

The Alberni Valley News is reporting that "A 49-year-old man is suffering from non-life-threatening injuries after he was apparently shot at while cycling in a neighbourhood in Port Alberni early Tuesday morning. A 56-year-old Port Alberni man was arrested at approximately 9:40 a.m. over the incident. Hayden said she couldn’t speculate why the shooting occurred. “They were known to each other and yes, they were known to us,” she said. “The police investigation is still ongoing.”

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Abbotsford shooting

Scab BC is reporting that #Abbotsford Police are on scene with a male shot in the leg outside 2539 Janzen St. Related to ongoing Townline Gang War.

Body found in Penticton

The Penticton Western News is reporting that "Penticton RCMP were called to a rural area of Willowbrook Road, near White Lake Road where a body was discovered on Jan. 17. Investigators from the Southeast District Major Crime Unit, Police Dog Services and the Forensic Identification Unit were called to assist with the investigation, which is being treated as suspicious."

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

BC Hells Angel named in contract hit

Kim Bolan is reporting that "B.C.’s anti-gang squad announced late Friday afternoon that two Ontario men had been charged after allegedly coming to Metro Vancouver as hired hitmen." The court indictment states one of the Ontario men allegedly made an attempt to kill Hells Angel Damion Ryan in Richmond on April 10, 2015.

Kim Bolan also reports that "Ryan, who’s from Metro Vancouver, is now living in Greece and remains a full-patch member of the Hells Angels. Up until last fall, he was a member of the Ottawa-based Ontario Nomads chapter of the Hells Angels." Ontario Nomads? They were recently disbanded after their president and vice president were shot on separate occasions in in Quebec from what appeared to be an internal dispute.

The Quebec members had recently got out of prison and wanted their turf back. So an Ontario flunkie joins the cub back. Idiot. Wolfpack81 was Larry Amero's gamertag on Xbox live. for God's sake. Playing Xbox is the closest any of those Surrey Girls will ever get to valour in this life. The Quebec members would eat those preppy bitches for breakfast.

Did they put Cub Pack on Jonathan Bacon's tombstone? Cub Pack members dont have a long life expectancy around here. That's why the Surrey Girls don't meet in Surrey.

Monday, January 16, 2017

What is the CIA doing in the USA?

The CIA's circus side show trying to defame and upstage Donald Trump with absolute nonsense forces us to ask the same question Jesse Ventura asked when he was elected governor of Minnesota. What is the CIA doing in the USA? That's illegal.

Jesse Ventura shared a strange experience that happened to him a month after he was elected governor. He was taken to the basement of the capital to be interviewed by 23 members of the CIA. They sat him down in a chair and formed a half circle around him. Jesse Ventura then said before I answer any of your questions, I want to know what are you doing here? Because in the CIA mission statement it says that they're not to be operational inside the United States of America. They would not answer the question. That is the exact question that needs to be answered now with all this ridiculous beefing between Trump and the CIA. The CIA have no business meddling in the democratic elections within the United States of America.

Criminal Lawyers dot com states that "The CIA's job is to collect and analyze information (or "intelligence") from foreign countries about potential risks to our national security. The CIA then passes on that information to US government officials, such as the President, members of Congress or the US Department of Defense. Government officials use that information to figure out the nation's foreign policy: How the US, as a nation, will react to or deal with a particular problem or threat posed by a foreign government or group."

"There are two main things to remember about what the CIA does not do. First, it isn't a law enforcement agency. It has no authority to arrest anyone or to enforce any laws. It simply gathers information. Also, the CIA works only in foreign matters. It is illegal for the CIA to investigate any US citizen or company inside the US, unless an investigation is part of a foreign intelligence. For example, the CIA may investigate a US citizen who's suspected of being part of a terrorist plot being planned in a foreign country. Unlike the CIA, the FBI is a law enforcement agency. In fact, it's often called the largest law enforcement agency on the planet. Also unlike the CIA, the FBI does not work in foreign countries."

So there ya have it. The CIA is to operate outside the United States and the FBI is to operate inside the United States. The only time the CIA is allowed to investigate someone inside the United States is when that person is suspected of being involved with committing a terrorist attack outside the United States. If that person is suspected of being involved with a terrorist attack inside the United States that falls under the FBI's jurisdiction not the CIA. The was illustrated in the Netflix series Quantico.

The CIA had no business questioning Governor Ventra and they have no business meddling in US elections or in defaming the democratically elected president. This also brings us back to Florida. What was the CIA doing bringing a ton of cocaine into Florida not once but twice?

As we have previously mentioned, Judge Bonner claimed that when he was head of the DEA the CIA brought a ton of cocaine into Florida. The profusely denied it until he went on 60 minutes and documented everything. Then they finally admitted that did in fact do that but the said it was a mistake. They were trying to tack the cocaine to arrest the suppliers. That was yet another bold faced lie. Something the CIA is mandated to do.

After the CIA brought the ton of cocaine into Florida they made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to track where it went after it hit the street and no arrests were made relation to any suppliers of the cocaine. They lied. It was not a sting operation it was simply a continuation of the drug trafficking that was so prevalent during Iran contra.

The second time the CIA was caught bringing a tone of cocaine into Florida they didn't claim it was mistake. They claimed they brought it there to have it destroyed. Yet another ridiculous lie. Why would anyone bring a ton of cocaine into Florida of all places to have it destroyed? Why not destroy it at source? Yet the fundamental question is, what was the CIA doing with cocaine in Florida? That is out of their jurisdiction.

Now we also have to ask what was the CIA doing in LA during the crack epidemic? Gary Webb revelaed that the CIA was responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80's. After losing his job for telling the truth he documented everything in his book Dark Alliance.

The documentary Freeway Ricky: Crack in the System, further supported Gary Webb's claims. The documentary confirmed Freeway Ricky's direct connection to Blandon. Gary Webb clearly established that Oscar Danilo Blandón was the one bringing in the CIA's cocaine into the US to fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. That documents the fact that Freeway Ricky was unknowingly selling crack for the CIA and made a colossal amount of money doing so.

The DEA arrested Oscar Danilo Blandón but the feds pulled the plug on the investigation and wouldn't let him be prosecuted because of his ties to the CIA. So instead they paid Blandón to rat out one of his dealers, Freeway Ricky. That was the first time i'm aware of when a supplier gets police protection for ratting out a dealer when he then just has to pick a new dealer to continue his operation. In the documentary the DEA agent that arrested Freeway Ricky admitted that they lost faith after the feds pulled the plug on the Blandón bust so they started pocketing cash they seized from drug dealers. The corruption started to have a ripple effect.

Here's the twist: What was the CIA doing with Oscar Blandón in LA? That was out of their jurisdiction. Donald Trump may well help fix some of the bureaucracy within the CIA ike any good businessman would but the primary thing that needs to be fixed it to make them obey the law and stick to their mandated jurisdiction. That in itself would save a whole lot of tax dollars not to mention greatly improve national security.

Likewise, Sarah McClendon asked Bill Clinton about the CIA's drug trafficking in Mena Arkansas when he was govenror of Arkansas. She said the CIA brought in plane load after plane load of cocaine for sale in the United States into a small airbase in Mena during Iran contra. That was a known fact. She was simply asking him if he was aware of it at the time.

Bill Clinton did what Bill Clinton does best, he lied. The Mena connection showsthat he and Hillary were deeply rooted in the CIA's drug trafficking out of Mena and explains why the CIA is pushing for Hillary to become president. To continue the same drug trafficking in Mena that she did in Operation Fast and Furious. Once again we must ask, what was the CIA doing in Mena, Arkansas? That was out of their jurisdiction. Their presence there was illegal.

The CIA;s drug trafficking in Lebanon which resulted in the Lockerbie bombing was illegal and immoral but at least it was within their jurisdiction. The CIA have no business drug trafficking within the United States of America. Perhaps that is something Donald Trump and the DEA can address. We on the other hand need to address the CIA's drug trafficking in Canada. Never mind the PoPo, F*ck the CIA. In the words of Steppenwolf, God Damn the CIA.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

One step forward three steps back

I've been pretty clear in that I didn't support Donald Trump although I thought Hillary Clinton was far worse. My concern with the CIA's arms dealing and drug trafficking permeates generations of Bush Clinton fraud. The CIA opposing Trump is a sign for people to support him. Yet his choice for a new director of the CIA represents one step forward and three steps backwards.

He is a member of the Tea Party who pride themselves on being supporters of the US Constitution which is a good thing. Sdaly he supports increased government surveillance and torture of prisoners. WTF? That is the exact opposite of what the Constitution represents.

The Atlantic is reporting that Trump’s CIA Director Wants to Return to a Pre-Snowden World. One would think that would be a good thing. Go back to defending the civl liberty in the Constitution that sent Edward Snowden into exile. Au contraire. The subheading states He’s called for a “fundamental upgrade” to U.S. spying powers.

"Mike Pompeo, the man that President-elect Donald Trump chose on Friday to lead the CIA when he becomes president, has long been a vocal supporter of expanding the government’s surveillance powers. As Congress worked to wind down the National Security Agency’s bulk data-collection program last summer, rolling back one of the secret measures first authorized under President George W. Bush, Pompeo—a Republican representative from Kansas who sits on the House Intelligence Committee—was pushing back." AYFKM?

Mike Pompeo also supports torture and the expansion of Guantanamo Bay. Good God. At least he opposes gun control. If the Agency can orchestrate mass shootings they can also orchestrate 911. Operation Northwoods was real. Now he is saying he won't return to torture under Trump's leadership. Torture in black prison sites is OK as long as they aren't on American soil? Your guess is as good as mine. Looks like a crazy ride ahead.

The Fall of Glen Clark and the rise of Gordon Campbell

One blog rader has been posting links to the Starnet raid back in 1999 which was tied to illegal gambling and child pornography connected to the Hells Angels. That was before I started the blog but since we are looking forward to another election in BC it would be wise to take a walk down memory lane and examine just what really did happen so we can see what caused the current mess we are now in. It certainly is one big George Lucas saga.

Having been born and raised in British Columbia, I have seen the tides of dramatic polarized politics sweep from one extreme to the other over and over again. Everyone has been involved in a scandal of some sort. Bill Vandersalm's scandal was dramatized by the media and I really don't think it was a big deal. The same with the Fast Ferries scandal. It would have been a great idea if it worked. Sometimes businesses fail. That's life in the real world. It wasn't a scandal like BC Rail or Campbell heights was.

So let's look at the Starnet Raid back in the summer of 1999. Despite the dramaic alegations in the media, after the raid was concluded it was back to business as usual. CBC reported that Vancouver-based Internet company Starnet Communications says it faces no criminal charges and is co-operating with authorities after a police raid. The company specializes in Internet gambling and pornography. In a release, Starnet says it has never been associated with child pornography. RCMP Constable Peter Thiessen confirmed investigators left Starnet offices the day before and said, "They spent the better part of three days going through the business. And as a result of that search the investigation is continuing, but no charges have been laid."

As I said previously, the Orange Number 5 was indeed run by the Hells Angels but I am not aware of any under age patrons working there. Although we do know one patron who worked there ended up dead on the Pickton Farm. It's a seedy industry there is no question about that.

All I'm saying is look at what happened to the BC government's taxes, budget deficits, and corporate corruption since the fall of Glen Clark and the rise of the real scoundrel Gordon Campbell. That act killed the province's fiscal responsibility forever by creating the ultimate BC Hydro fraud. BC Rail was nothing in comparison.

Recently CBC reported that "an Ontario mother struggling to pay her hydro bill took Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to task in an impassioned plea that captured the plight of many Ontarians overwhelmed by high electricity rates. Global reported her stating: “Something is wrong now Mr. Trudeau. My heat and hydro now cost me more than my mortgage,” said Kathy Katula, of Buckhorn, Ont., to a round of applause. “I now not only work 75 hours a week, I stay and work 15 hours a day just so I don’t lose my home.”

This is where BC is heading because of what Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals did many years ago. They set the ball in motion for ballooning deficits where there had been surpless paying dividends to the government reducing taxes and balancing the budget. After their dirty deal that practice was destroyed forever and the fiscal cliff rapidly approaches as a result.

The BC Hydro fraud was very similar to BC Rail and Campbell Heights. It represented the firesale of public assets to insiders who return kickbacks to the political party in the form of political contributions. Only this one was much worse and has gone by virtually unnoticed by the mainstream media despite the fact that the scandal rivals Enron and is similar to what caused the same problem in Ontario. It all started with the partial privatization of public power.

The Campbell Government knew privatizing BC Hydro would be a hard sell so they pulled a senator Palpatine and did something much worse. They privatized the power brokers that sold power to the public company at above market rates. They have been burning tax dollars ever since at an unprecedented rate and have at the same time created a ballooning deficit that will soon push us over the fiscal cliff.

I'm not talking about Terson Gas. That's running fine. I'm talking about the power brokers that sell power to BC Hydro at above market rates. I support a free market. I am not a corporate communist. I believe in free enterprise. Corporate monopolies destroy the free market and enslave consumers and taxpayers alike. If we had state run power then much of those profits that communist China is now earning would go to our budget. It would help reduce taxes and balance the budget. That is not a communist plot to overtake the free world. What they are doing now is.

When you privatize a public company their mandate is to make a profit. Not so they can pay dividends to the shareholders but so they can put it in their own pocket at get rich at the taxpayers expense. When you privatize the power brokers that sell power to BC Hydro AND then give them a monopoly on the market there is no competition. They can charge whatever they want and that is exactly what they do.

They charge the public company above market rates for their power just because they can and so they do. As a result this ballooning deficit we have already talked about is growing at a frightening rate. Someone has to fix this fraud before it consumes all of us. When Ujjal Dosanjh took over the NDP after the fall of Glen Clark, the BC NDP balanced the budget and had a $1.2 billion surplus. After the fall of Glen Clark and the rise of Gordon Campbell, that has never happened since. Christy Clark's dishonest fudge it budgets have become criminal yet the public keep buying that dirty deal because they are afraid the sky will fall if they elect a NDP government. Alberta did and the sky has not fallen.

No political party is perfect especially the NDP. I do think the BC NDP could fix the BC Hydro problem if they leave Terson Gas alone and bring the power brokers that sell power to BC Hydro back into the public company. That is what we need to do so we dont end up like Ontario is now. Yet if the BC NDP embrace lethal injection sites and prescription heron, they will push us right over the other fiscal cliff. It is a double edge sword and a narrow ledge we must cross but it's doable. In fact if we don't the consequences are indeed fatal for future fiscal responsibility. Personally, I think right now Bruce Ralston is the man for the job.

Mike Harris is the one who screwed up Ontario Power just like Gordon Campbell did to BC Hydro. When it comes to privatization, the Liberals never learn. Their decision to hand over new generating capacity in the province to private firms led to higher electricity rates.

As the New York Times recently declared, Welcome to the Wild, Wild West.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ip Man 3 with Mike Tyson

I was pretty impressed to hear that Mike Tyson was in Ip Man 3. I forgot it's on Netfix. There is a fight scene on youtube. It's pretty well done. Tyson is obviously a lot bigger and stronger than Donnie Yen but at 3:30 in the video he starts blocking Tyson's powerful punches with bong sao elbow blocks which is traditional wing chung. It's awesome.

In the interview Donnie Yen confirmed what we already figured out in Ip Man one and two in that although the trilogy is based on the life of a real person it's not a documentary. They changed things to spice it up a bit. In real life Ip Man left China and moved to Hong Kong after the communist Revolution because he was a member of the opposing political party.

It was intersting to hear Mike Tyson speaking out in support of Donald Trump in an unrelated interview. No doubt Iron Mike has a future on the big screen. He played a funny scene in a Crocodile Dundee movie years ago as well.

In that clip he showed Crocodile Dundee's son how to meditate like the Flaun Gong do. Good thing the Chinese government didn't arrest him in China for doing the same thing the Falun Gong do. The communist government sure likes to censor things. They actually rewrite history.

Red Scorpion bust in Kamloops

Kamloops this week is reporting that "Heavily armed Kamloops Mounties raided a North Shore gym on Friday morning - a gym owned and operated by a co-founder of the Red Scorpions gang. In a press conference Friday afternoon, a RCMP spokeswoman said the operation at the Heavy Metal Gym occurred following a traffic stop in the morning, where one person was arrested for possessing and trafficking of illegal drugs." Let's hope it's more than just steroids.

ERT used explosive distraction devices during the raid on the gym. Was that really necessary? With all the fentanyl out there killing people, steroids is the least of our concerns. Looks like Konaam has stayed out of trouble for a long time. Perhaps they should give him some space so he can earn an honest living. It's like the illegal tobacco industry. Who cares about that?

Afer the Surrey Six murder the RS started working for the Hells Angels instead of the UN.

The Bacon brothers are the low life scum bags involved in that toxic takeover.

Yet Jamie Bacon wasn't trying to extort Cory Lal on behalf of himself.

Christy Clark corruption makes the New York Times

Well, Postmedia News missed it but Christy Clark's political corruption just made the New York Times. The New York Times is reporting that Christy Clark gets personally paid $50,000 a year above and beyond her $195,0000 salary from the Liberal party which comes from political contributions. When you make tax deductible contributions to a political party, that doesn't usually go directly into a politicians pocket as salary.

The New York Times reports that the son of BC's conflict-of-interest commissioner works for Christy Clark. That is dripping in conflict of interest. Like I keep saying, BC politics is way more corrupt than Quebec. The only difference is that Quebec has a task force investigating organized crime while BC doesn't. In fact, every time a police task force found organized crime, a government body disbanded that police task force. Christy Clark is the queen of corruption in a party that has been dirty since Gordon Campbell.

The article claims "Unlike many other provinces in Canada, British Columbia has no limits on political donations. Wealthy individuals, corporations, unions and even foreigners are allowed to donate large amounts to political parties there." Political donations from foreigners? Let's look at how much money China's organ harvesting of political prisoners contribute.

The Vancouver Sun stated that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development declared that foreign donations to political parties threaten sovereignty. Teck Resources and its affiliates, which are 17 per cent owned by the government of China, have donated more than $2 million to the B.C. Liberals.

The Globe and Mail reported that "A prominent Vancouver real estate developer wanted by the Chinese government on corruption charges has made numerous political contributions over the years, particularly to the B.C. and federal Liberal parties, and also has a daughter who heads the provincial branch of the Young Liberals of Canada."

Not to mention BC Rail and Campbell Heights or the cuts to the BC Gang Task Force. Much.

Update: Foreign money poses threat to B.C. democracy

Douglas todd from the Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Australian voters are outraged by recent exposes, including an Australian Broadcast Corporation investigation that revealed China-related companies gave more than $5.5 million to Australian politicians. Australian voters have become disgusted by the fact they live in one of the few advanced countries in the world that allows foreign companies, without restriction, to donate to its political parties. Australia’s politicians are, in effect, finally facing censure for acting just like another outlier, the B.C. Liberal Party, which has also taken in millions of dollars from companies based in Europe, the U.S. and Asia."

Foreign donations draw scant attention in B.C.

Douglas Todd also points put that The issue of foreign political donations draws little public attention on Canada’s West Coast, however. Although the federal government and most provinces ban corporate and union contributions, the B.C. Liberals in the past decade took in more than $70 million in corporate donations (while the NDP accepted $11 million from unions). More than $12 million was donated to the B.C. Liberals by the real estate sector.