Monday, July 15, 2024

Colion Noir on Trump's Assassination Attempt

They obviously gave Trump the B Team Secret Service. I thought before he won the nomination they refused to give him any secret service. Colion made a good point about the 2A. The government can't protect you. That's why you need to be able to protect yourself.

I'm going to add to that. The government can't protect you and in some cases the government won't protect you. The government is cramming this UN New World Order down our throats which is in direct opposition to the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights. So if you oppose the narrative and if you oppose the UN's NWO the government has no desire whatsoever to protect you. Even with all the mass shootings, orchestrated or not, governments have murdered far more civilians than criminals have.

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Copa America and Euro Cup Finals

England and Spain are playing each other in the Euro Cup finals today. Right after that Colombia and Argentina play each other in the Copa America Final. Shakira is performing for the half time in the Copa America Final. Karol G is singing the Colombian national anthem. Vamos Colombia.

Spain beats England 2-1. Congratulations. While we're waiting for the main event, I just wanted to comment on Darwin Núñez's lie about his fight with the Colombian fans. Charles Darwin said he was protecting their families from Colombian fans. That was a lie. Before he rushed the fans the only fight was the one in the centre of the pitch. After that display of poor sportsmanship the Colombian fans near the end zone were booing him and fingering him calling him a b*tch. Darwin loses his sh*t tries to throw a chair at them then finally storms them and fights with them. After that fight he climbs up at centre field and goes get his son. Nobody likes a liar.

A salute to Jesse Marsch and Team Canada. We didn't roll on the ground like children.
Argentina beat Colombia 1-0 in the final. Bad luck. At least they weren't rolling all over the ground like idiots this time. Colombia played very well. Lionel Messi tripped and twisted his ankle when no one was near him. "And Messi is down again for Argentina. That was a non contact issue."
As for the storming of the gate, they do that in Colombia all the time. You can't blame the Americans for that. It usually works in Colombia. It's a bad habit that needs to stop.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Canada loses to Uruguay in penalty shots

Canada was ahead 2-1 but they played an extra 5 minutes of stoppage time and Uruguay scored to tie it up. Now it's down to penalty shots. Uruguay won 4-3 in penaty shots. Very close. I guess the clown in the sports bra won't have to jump the fans this time. Viva la Colombia.

"Luis Suárez tied the score two minutes into second-half stoppage time, and Uruguay beat Canada 4-3 on penalty kicks after a 2-2 draw to finish third in the Copa America" ABC News

Shots fired at Trump rally, shooter dead - Motive Missing

Sky News is reporting that "Gunshots have reportedly been fired at Donald Trump's rally in Pennsylvania, with the former president rushed off-stage by security staff." F*ck the CIA.

The audio says shooter down. "Shooter and attendee killed in incident at Trump rally."

ABC is reporting that "Two people have been killed at a Donald Trump rally in Pennsylvania, including the person who fired shots in the former president's direction. Mr Trump was seen with blood on his face, and evacuated from the stage to safety." The extra shots were them taking out the alleged shooter. "Another person is in serious condition, the prosecutor said."

"The Secret Service confirmed the shooter is dead, one audience member was killed, and two were critically injured." Witness alerted police to shooter, secret service hesitated.
There is a slight anomaly with the trajectory. The shooter was on the site of the venue. For a bullet to graze Trump's ear he would have to have been stationed behind it not beside it. However, he did turn his head to face that direction when he was shot at.

Logistically, that location would minimize collateral casualties since he was firing from the side. If he was firing head on everyone behind Trump would be a t risk. I'm not sure where Corey Comperatore the 50-year-old volunteer fire chief and the other two injured were sitting.

CTV is reporting that "The FBI identified 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania as the suspect in Saturday's attempted assassination of former U.S. president Donald Trump at a campaign rally."

Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a Netanyahu supporter. That assassination assisted Mossad's quest to destroy the Oslo accord and sabotage the peace process.

NBC is reporting some stereotypical hearsay that doesn't make sense. "A high school classmate, Jason Kohler, 21, said Crooks was a "loner" who was “bullied so much in high school.” Crooks would regularly wear hunting outfits and was made fun of for the way he dressed. He often sat alone at lunch, Kohler added."

Michael Dudjak, 20, went to school with Crooks for most of his life, recalling him as a relatively reserved and quiet classmate. He didn't hear or see Crooks being actively bullied by their peers, but Dudjak did describe Crooks as someone who was "on his own a lot." He couldn't recall Crooks ever being outspoken about politics or very active on social media. Dudjak was with some friends and acquaintances from high school on Saturday night when he learned that Crooks was the shooter. They were all "in shock" and "couldn't fathom" the news, Dudjak said.

He supposedly wore hunting outfits. Hunters support Trump. Hunters don't support Biden. One person said he was bullied all the time yet a friend who knew him all his life said e never saw him bullied. Gun control Activist's claim he used and an AR style semi automatic rifle. Yet an AR is a military rifle. It's not really a hunting rifle or a long range sniper rifle. It certainly can be used for hunting but it's more for mid range as opposed to long range.

The CIA has a long history of orchestrating political assassinations and rigging elections. The CIA supported Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump. The CIA supported Joe Biden over Donald Trump. The CIA is not your friend. The CIA has a long history of drug trafficking, They support the WEF and the UN's New World Order. Every crime has a means and a motive.

OK so let's talk about motive. FBI are investigating a possible motive. We know that the leftists who hate Trump and the CIA who support Biden want him dead. They have a motive.

A non political 20 year old kid who just graduated from high school with awards, doesn't really have a motive to commit suicide and try to shoot the man ready to save the nation form the leftist lies. Let's get domestic production of oil going to break the Saudi and the WEF monopoly that's driving inflation out of control. Only the people that support the Saudi oil monopoly and manufactured energy crisis would want Trump dead. Motive means who stands to benefit.

It would make sense how a shady organization like the CIA or the WEF would want him dead but it doesn't make sense how a 20 year old kid would. I realize no mass shootings make sense but I also realize many not all mass shootings are orchestrated.

Speaking of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr and the CIA were behind that on too. Just sayn.

Mission cop claims he doesn't care about fentanyl labs

May 20th 2024 the Mission Sity Record reported that "Mission RCMP continue to investigate and dismantle a “super” fentanyl lab discovered on Saturday. Shortly after 6 a.m. on May 18, Mission RCMP were called to an address in the 30000 block of Silverdale Avenue. When police arrived, they discovered that several objects , including a couch, had been set on fire in front of the house, and there was evidence that a break and enter had occurred.

Police theorize that the fires were set to draw attention to the home. Officers quickly found indications of a fentanyl lab inside the house, and secured the property for further investigation. No one was at the property when police arrived, and no one has been taken into custody.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, 6ixAK_TV posted a video of a cop confronted for following a vehicle saying “You think we give a fck about these fentanyl labs?” Well ya shpuld. We do. Is this why BC is so f*cked up? The lab was only discovered because "vigilantes" set a sofa on fire on the front lawn. We should give them a medal. WTF?

November 2nd 2024 Global reported that "A large-scale operating fentanyl lab has now been shut down near Mission, B.C. RCMP said officers were called to a report of gunshots in a remote area of Stave Lake Road, in the Hatzic Valley, during the early morning hours of Oct. 27."

“They also found that the word fentanyl had been spray painted on the street in front of the property and a tire had been set on fire,” Cpl. Harrison Mohr with Mission RCMP said at a press conference. “So we certainly believe that whoever did this did so with the purpose of drawing police to the property to help us investigate this drug lab. Approximately 25 kilograms of pure fentanyl was seized, as well as about 3 kilograms of fentanyl already cut for street distribution, ”

That's a pattern. Why don't the Mission PD and the CFSEU care about fentanyl labs in Mission?
There are one of two things going on here. This is either a rival reporting a lab or a concerned citizen. The fact that the police and the CFSEU don't care about these labs clearly show what the problem in BC really is. I can understand why the police might be concerned about shots being fired exposing the first lab but there were no shots fired in the second lab leak. They just set a sofa on fire. Yet a cop followed someone they thought was a suspect in exposing the lab and harassed them instead of the drug dealers. That reveals a problem.

Say these were rivals. Say these guys made and sold their own fentanyl and were simply exposing a rival's business? Why wouldn't the cops be concerned about the labs they were exposing? The CFSEU and Post Media News publicly launched that Rat out your Rivals program. If the compromised CFSEU were encouraging drug dealers to rat out their rivals why wouldn't they be grateful for the tip? Was it because these labs were getting police protection because those drug dealers had already enrolled in the rat out your rivals program?

Here's the inherit problem with the Rat out your Rivals program. Say there are two groups of drug dealers in mission. One is very large, the other is very small. What if the large group jumped at the opportunity to join the Rat out your Rivals program and the CFSEU let them continue to make and sell drugs as long as they occasionally gave them Intel on their rivals so they could get a token bust in the media without having to do any work.

That would be a fraud because it wouldn't be addressing the problem. The real problem were getting a free pass to continue as long as the CFSEU could get a few token publicity stunts. What if there were no rivals in Mission and that was just something the Rat Pack made up?

What if IHIT has these guys in the Rat out your Rival program in exchange for information about murders? What if it was murders they ordered and they weren't ratting out rivals, they were simply ratting out the people they hired to commit those nurses so IHIT could get a bust and they could get police protection to sell drugs? I can tell you right now that is happening in E Division.

Do you understand why I'm angry? What if these weren't rival drug dealers they were just concerned citizens or vigilantes as the fake News called them. The fact that the police and the CFSEU don't care about these labs show we have an internal problem here. A serious one.

Victim of fatal Surrey shooting identified

CTV is reporting that "The victim of a fatal, targeted shooting that happened in Surrey last week has been identified by homicide investigators. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said Friday 25-year-old Jatindeep Singh from Langley died from his injuries after a July 5 shooting outside the Home Depot near Scott Road and 72 Avenue."

"Police say the victim was found in the parking lot suffering from a gunshot wound at about 5:30 a.m. that day and rushed to hospital. Investigators say the shooting was targeted, but Singh does not have a criminal record."

MSN News runs Stock Fraud ad on Front Page

This is a fraudulent ad running front page on MSN right beside real news ads. It uses a photoshopped picture of Doug Ford with a black eye then links to this completely false ad claiming to be from the Toronto Sun when it's on or

When you go to those urls nothing shows and when you cut and paste the actual url you got from clicking on the add, the article doesn't load. This is a complete fraud. The story is false. They are falsely impersonating the Toronto Sun to try and get you to register for a stock scam.
Now it's still running as an ad not a news story:

Pierre Poilievre explains how he's going to stop stolen cars getting shipped to Dubai

Pierre Poilievre explains simply and articulately how he's going to stop all the stolen cars getting shipped to Dubai and how he's going to pay for it. The man could literally save the nation.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Pierre Poilievre and Clinton Jaws on Safe Injection sites

Taming of the Shrew in Maple Ridge

I saw a live Shakespeare play in Maple Ridge today. The Emerald Pig Theatre Society put on a live performance of the Taming of the Shrew at the Bard on the Bandstand which is the Gazibo in Memorial Peace Park on 224th off Dewdney Trunk Road. It was really well done and it was free. They sold raffle tickets and asked for a food bank donation. It will be playing there tomorrow as well June 12th at 7:00 PM. July 18, 19 and 20 it will be playing at Spirit Square in Pitt Meadows.

Shakespeare is old school in old English. Some are comedies and others are tragedies but you have to remember the comedies humor is from a different time and a different place however I did find it very funny. I didn't realize what this one was about.

It's about a father who has two daughters. The older daughter is wild and angry while the younger daughter is fair and desirable. Everyone wants to marry the younger daughter but the father can't let anyone court her until his older daughter is married. So they pay a con man to Tame the Shrew so to speak and marry the older sister so they can have a crack at the younger sister.

There was a younger disabled kid in an electric wheelchair that was dressed up and joined the cast. The ear to ear grim on his face from being able to participate in the play was priceless.

I wasn't sure if it's a con man who falls in love with her like the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 days or if he actually shafts her. It kind of reminds of the John Wayne movie the Quiet Man. My father got me to watch that movie when I was young and it scared the life out of me. I dated a girl like that once and she scared the life out of me. I guess I still have a few scars from that : )

When I was young my parents used to take me to the theatre under the Stars in Stanley Park. I'm told they still do that. Live theatre is so rare now. It's nice to see people keeping the tradition alive.