Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Donald Trump: President in Exile : )

Just kidding. However, in Canada Donald Trump would be known as the leader of the opposition. He would have a crucial voice in holding the new president accountable. We still want to hear what Donald Trump has to say. I do not believe Biden won Arizona. Now Trump can really say what he wants. China is a scourge to human rights. Just ask the Dalai Lama. Let freedom ring.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Some seniors have died from the Pfizer vaccine in Norway

Rebel News is reporting that "According to the NY Post 23 people died in Norway within days of receiving their first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, recently, all 13 were at least 80 years old. The story, which stems from a report from Norway, also notes that 29 people in total suffered side effects, which includes the 13 who died; of those effected, 21 were women and eight were men.” Norway warns frail patients over 80 of vaccine risks after deaths.

Remdesivir would not have killed those seniors. The UK issued a previous warning.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Tse Chi Lop, ‘Asia’s El Chapo’, busted in Amsterdam

The New York Post is reporting that "An alleged drug lord known as “Asia’s El Chapo” has been busted in Amsterdam on suspicion of running a multibillion-dollar narcotics operation, authorities said. Tse Chi Lop, a Chinese-born Canadian national, was detained without incident at Schiphol Airport at the request of Australian police, which has led an international investigation into his cartel, Dutch police spokesman Thomas Aling said on Saturday."

Australia is now trying to extradite him. El Chapo worked for the CIA just like Manuel Noriega and Pablo Escobar. You work for us until we throw you in jail and take all your money. Sounds shady.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Joe Biden invades Syria first day in office

David Harris Jr is reporting that "Joe Biden is keeping at least one of his promises. That is the one where he promised to reverse Trump policies. President Trump had been withdrawing troops in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. On his first day in office, Biden sent in a convoy of weapons and 200 fresh troops into Syria, in keeping with his longtime position of war at any cost. This is likely not to sit well with Syria and amounts to a military occupation of their country." Abominable.

So Joe Biden stops the Keystone pipeline and starts a war for Saudi oil. Go figure - China says.

U.S. Imports No Saudi Crude Oil for First Time in 35 Years. Now Joe Biden puts Saudi First.

Elections Canada break the law and fine Ezra Levant

Rebel News is reporting that Elections Canada sent a letter to Ezra Levant stating that he was convicted of two counts of breaking the law and was fined $3,000 — specifically for writing a book comparing Justin Trudeau to Tony Soprano, and for the drawing on the book's cover that compares them. He was convicted without a trial of something Elections Canada has no jurisdiction over. Ezra has of course filed an appeal which should include costs and damages.

Elections Canada do not own the copyright to the Sopranos name and logo so they have no authority to make an application on their behalf. That application would be made in a court of law not an Elections Canada tribunal. Ezra's book does not violate copyright. It is a satirical reference to the corruption within the Trudeau government which was clearly displayed in the We scandal and the SNC Lavalin fraud. Justin Trudeau is using Elections Canada to censor critics. No wonder he loves the Communist Manifesto so much.

Elections Canada is supposed to be nonpartisan. They are not supposed to interfere with free speech. This is another example of the Orwellian Era we now live in and how climatization is adjusting us to giving up our civil liberty. I encourage you to donate to the legal challenge against this and get a lawn sign but more importantly, I encourage you to cut the cable and subscribe to Rebel News. That will save the planet. $8 a month to Rebel News is money well spent.

Cable is a worthless toxic wasteland. Post Media News has destroyed the newspaper industry on the West coast and never made the transition to the digital market like Rebel News has. The Vancouver Sun and Province had a long history of credible journalism which was destroyed as soon as Post Media bought them. Now they are both cheap tabloids of political propaganda.

Likewise Global Television had a 60 year history of credible journalism. That has been destroyed by their new owners, Post Media News which has transformed Global Television into a cheap tabloid of fake news. It's time to cut the cable and support alternate news sources. That is supply and demand in a free market. Support free speech and stop financing corporate censorship.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Sweden's Midnight Sun / Polar Night with Jonna & Johan

Cocaine in bananas found in Kelowna grocery stores

Colombia says "After a mix-up, Canadian authorities mistakenly sent a shipment of bananas full of cocaine that had been seized last Tuesday. Kelowna police indicated that 21 kilograms of the drug from Colombia were found in the shipment, which ended up in grocery stores in the country."

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "A dozen one-kilogram bricks were discovered mixed in with a box of bananas by workers at one grocery store then, later that day, nine other bricks were found with bananas at another shop." 21 kilos is a lot.

So whose mistake was it? Canadian authorities? The police seized the shipment then it was shipped to grocery stores by mistake. If they had half a brain they'd be dangerous. CTV is reporting that "When asked why the information was only coming to light two years later, the RCMP said it took Mounties and CBSA quite a while to trace the shipments to their source country, and to look into whether the intended receiver was in the area." That is shady.

The New York Post is reporting that "A botched drug-trafficking operation resulted in banana shipments stashed with cocaine being accidentally sent to Canadian grocery stores, authorities said." This happened February 2019 and we're just hearing about it now.

The same thing happened in Washington State August 2019.

Google has buried me but Gangstersout.com still works and Duck Duck Go hasn't burried us.

Another shooting in Langley

There was another shooting in Langley last night. Post Media Trash is reporting that the intended target who is known to the police contacted them after they got away and is cooperating with the police. LOL He must be from the Cub Pack. When the HAs don't dial 9/11 the cub pack runs to them soon as they start bustin caps. He wants to join Blaze and the rat pack.

Despite the fact that the victim in Monday morning's fatal shooting was known to the police, they still haven't released his name yet. That is shady and there's more to come from the rat pack.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

China says: Joe Biden open cheque book

There has been a whirlwind of activity that I'm going to comment on. The thing that won me over to Donald Trump during his term in office was the media. The absurdity of the mainstream media became obvious. Already we are hearing the polarized insanity from a propaganda driven machine funded by the Communist Party of China.

CTV is reporitng that "Alberta Premier Jason Kenney described the cancellation of Keystone XL's permit as a gut punch and insult to Albertans Wednesday." Of course it is. Chief Alvin Francis from the Nekaneet Cree Nation, which is part owner of the pipeline expressed his disappointment with the decision. I totally support lowering CO2 emissions.

However, I will simply point out that Communist China is the biggest polluter on the planet. Industrial coal is the largest contributor to CO2 emissions that exists. Burning industrial coal to generate electricity is not green energy. That is a toxic lie.

We have to ask ourselves where does this fake climate accord really take us? Is it another excuse to take away our civil liberty and ban us from driving cars? That is exactly where some of these fruit cakes want to take this. They want to use fake environmentalism to implement Communism​ through the global reset.

Joe Biden restores funding to the WHO. How is that a good thing? The director of the WHO is not a medical doctor. He is a leader of a violent Communist paramilitary organization in Ethiopia. How do we know that money doesn't go to support revolutionary Communism? We don't.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, "China has said it wants to cooperate with Joe Biden’s new US administration, while announcing sanctions against the “lying and cheating” outgoing secretary of state Mike Pompeo and 27 other top officials under Donald Trump. The move was a sign of China’s anger, especially at an accusation Pompeo made on his final full day in office that China had committed genocide against its Uighur Muslims, an assessment that Biden’s choice to succeed Pompeo, Anthony Blinken, said he shared." Organ harvesting of political prisoners is a genocide. Communisms is the Mother of all Lies and the CCP is full of it.
Mitch McConnell and George Bush are deplorable. Mitch McConnell has received millions of dollars from the Communist Party of China. It's all documented in the nonpartisan book Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer. George Bush and Bill Clinton were CIA candidates because they are both globalists. George Bush Sr was the one that got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking in Vietnam. This was documented in the book Compromised by Terry Reed.

It's not about Republican vs Democrat. It's about Patriot vs Globalist.
Online radicalization is growing in BC

It's called CBC and Global Television. CBC lied about the Covid hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They straight up lied. That used to be big news when a media outlet lied. Now it's par for the course in the new world order of leftist radicalization. Global had a 60 year history of credible reporting as did the Vancouver Sun and Province. All of that was instantly destroyed by Post Media News who changed the news into propaganda and Corporate branding. Indeed the online radicalization of the Mainstream media is completely out of control.

We are not homophobic. We support Brandon Straka whom you have censored. We are not transphobic. We support Blair White. We are not racist. We support Candace Owens and the Hodge twins. Your lies have become ridiculous. Everyone who disagrees with Communism is not a racist homophobe and they are not radicals. Supporting Communism is radicalization.

Joe Biden: Hail to the Thief

Joe Biden Commander in Theif shirt - Legal challenge to the US Election fraud was never heard