Sunday, September 23, 2018

Metro Vancouver Police step off the grid into the shadows

Evidently this is old news but I just clued into it. October 2017 Global reported that "The Surrey Fire Service has switched to a new encrypted digital radio system and the BC Ambulance Service will soon be doing the same. And that means little information from emergency responder calls, if any, will seep out to the public over the airwaves." They claim “That means the communication is kept secure and out of the hands of other people who may listen to it and monitor it for nefarious purposes that pose a threat for first responders.”

That is a crock of sh*t. The police are paid by the public and need to be publicly accountable. Scan BC ran quite reflectively. The real reason they went off the grid is to hide from the public. I realize the police don't like the press at shooting investigations but the press always stay behind the tape. Now we simply don't hear about shootings. We only hear what they choose to tell us when they feel like telling us. This needs to change. Going off the grid lets them suppress crime statistics. CBC reported on it June 2017.

The reason this came to light is because there was a police incident outside our place last night. Seven cop cars with cops putting on vests walking around with assault rifles drawn. I checked Scan BC to see what was up and it's gone silent. Now we haven't hard a word about it. The public need to be informed about crime in their community. This is Canada not Communism.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Terror Squad murder tied to the Hells Angels

There is no question that the Terror Squad has been terrorizing Saskatoon and that the Terror Squad sells drugs for the Hells Angels. The latest case in the news involves the murder of Dylan Phillips. Shaylin Sutherland-Kaysea admits she is a member of the Terror Squad and that she shot Dylan. The rest of her testimony is full of contradictions.

"During Sutherland-Kayseas’ police interview, she told officers she used the gun to defend herself. A weapon she said she owned, knew was loaded, and had shot before. Whereas she told court she didn't know whose gun it was, if it was even loaded and had never handled it before."

The motivation for the lies is obvious. She is being charged with first degree murder which involves previous intent. She is claiming it wasn't planned so she gets charged with manslaughter instead of first degree murder. She now claims it was a grow rip gone bad and that she was high on crystal meth. If her crew is selling crystal meth it is highly unlikely she is going to steal his pot for her own use. Dylan sold pot.

Trent Southwind plead guilty to manslaughter of Dylan and refused to testify in Shaylin's trial. They did the rip when his parents were home and beat his parent. A guy with a fence board beat Dylan and his parents while the girl had the gun and a third member of the gang was outside at the side of the house. Three gang members were involved. That is a criminal organization.

They stole the drugs from him because he was a rival drug dealer which solidifies prior intent since they are known to use violence to defend turf. "The drug trade is the primary way in their means of making money. Intimidation and violence is used to further that end game." Four years for murder less one third for mandatory statutory release is obscene.

Raylene Sewap is a member of the Terror Squad who was just sentenced to five years for torture and unlawful imprisonement. She cut off a woman's finger for leaving the gang and joining a rival. Her lawyer claimed that Raylene was high on crystal meth and that no other gang members were present but that is simply not true. "Court heard Sewap and fellow Terror Squad members blocked the door so the victim couldn’t leave." The lawyers are counseling their clients to lie.

July 2013 we reported that the Terror Squad was linked to the Hells Angels. Darren Harper was the longtime boss of Saskatoon’s Terror Squad street gang and had links to the Hells Angels, according to parole documents. Darren and his co accused were charged with trafficking cocaine and fentanyl. Darren plead guilty to trafficking cocaine over a two-year period.

BTW there already is a handgun ban in Saskatoon just like there is in Surrey, Toronto and everywhere else in Canada. The problem is that when gang members use an illegal handgun to commit a criminal offense, the court's don't do anything about it. Often the gang member already has a lifetime firearm ban and it's never enforced. Three years for murder is not justice.

Addressing gun violence with the New York Model

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dianne Watts' dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Harold Munro's cheap tabloid of corporate trash has certainly provided some more comic relief. Michael Smyth, Dianne Walt's lapdog who choked on his sour grapes after her defeat against Andrew Wilkinson, is still flogging a dead horse. He claims Ex-mayor Watts rips McCallum. Not. Ex mayor or ex Watts? Watt's isn't even her own name. That's Brian's name and she's divorced. Everything about that snake in the grass was a fraud.

“I don’t think he would serve the city well given the complex challenges facing Surrey,” Watts told me Wednesday. “I had to clean up some of the problems he left when I became mayor." That is absolutely HILARIOUS. Doug McCalum's track record of crime prevention and Dianne Watt's track record of crime promotion speak for themselves. Like my father used to say, you can't con a con. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. You can't fool us because Surrey is our home. We live here. We know their history.

Doug McCallum was tough on crime, Dianne Watts wasn't. Doug McCallum was fiscally responsible. Dianne Watts wasn't. What kind of crime challenges did Doug McCallum face? Crack houses. Any idea how hard it is to get rid of crack houses? He did it. He evicted them onto the street. I saw it. I was there. I was a letter carrier at the time. The notorious crack houses filled with crime and drug addicted prostitution were evicted by the city. Doug McCallum was successful at addressing crime. Dianne Watts wasn't.

Under Dianne Watts crime in Surrey hit it's peak. Businesses in Newton were complaining about drug dealers selling drugs outside their place of business chasing heir customers away and the city did NOTHING. Residents complained about crime repeatedly only to have those complaints fall on deaf ears. Residents persistently complained about an after hours in Green Timbers while the city did nothing. Residents said what are you going to do? Wait until someone gets killed? That's exactly what they did.

A young girl wrote the mayor complaining about drug related crime in their trailer park. Dianne Watts seized the photo op and said gee it's too bad your landlord rents to criminals. There's nothing we can do about it. For real. I couldn't make this sh*t up. This is Dianne Watts history.

Remember the fall of Dianne Watts and who she is supporting. She is supporting Tom Gill despite the fact that former members of her own party aren't. They certainly don't agree with her about that. Tom Gill is a complete idiot who was bickering in public sharing private text messages with the press like a classless fool. She's still just a three dressed up as a nine.

How about Newton Crime Prevention Super Hero Doug Elford? He doesn't agree with Dianne Watts. He supports Doug McCallum and so do I. The corporate tax and spend gluttons are afraid of Doug McCallum because he is fiscally responsible. Under his leadership their tax and spend play day will come to an end. Lest we forget Campbell Heights and the Fall of Dianne Watts.

It's time for everyone to come together under Doug McCallum. That's Green Justice.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

United for Change Surrey

Evidently there is yet another third party sponsor that opposes Tom Gill and the LRT in Surrey called United for Change Surrey. They have posted a video on their facebook group claiming Tom Gill is in a conflict of interest over the LRT in Surrey. Aren't they all? The Surrey LRT is tied to the SNC-Lavalin Fraud. Now we have Green Justice, Sky Train for Surrey and United for Change Surrey who all oppose the LRT over skytrain. We are all indeed united for change in Surrey.

United for Change Surrey makes a good point. John Horgan and the BC NDP rightfully cancelled the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Fraud after contracts had already been signed by the previous government. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever the Surrey LRT can't be stopped and replaced with Skytrain. People who drive cars prefer Skytrain because Skytrain does not impede traffic. Putting a road through Hjorth Road Elementary is just plain wrong.

I'm all for Skytrain to Newton. Extending Skytrain to Newton makes sense. Making people get off Skytrain and take an LRT the last few stops doesn't make sense. It's stupid.

The NDP lost Laila Yuile's support over the Site C dam. They lost my support over the LRT in Surrey. Their fragile alliance has fallen. Jinny Sims is an arrogant snob.

Infrastructure expert gives Surrey LRT poor score

Give it up for Daryl Dela Cruz

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Huge fish kill on Surrey waterway

CBC is reporting that "Volunteers with the Nicomekl Enhancement Society are sounding the alarm after discharge from a cement plant triggered a mass die-off of fish and crayfish in the Nicomekl River on Sept 14. "The kill was extensive," said NES president and biologist Jim Armstrong. "There were generation of crayfish that were killed off ... literally hundreds. And we went from hundreds of coho fry to zero coho fry."

Monday, September 17, 2018

Justin Trudeau, Rob Ford and Maxime Bernier - the three stooges provide some comic relief

What a freaking circus. CTV is reporting that "Ontario MP Leona Alleslev surprised many in announcing in the House of Commons on Monday that she was crossing the floor from the Liberal caucus to join the Conservatives, in the first floor crossing of this Parliament. Before physically walking across the floor where she was met by thunderous applause and handshakes, Alleslev said she was deeply concerned about the future of the country, citing economic and foreign policy concerns."

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Leona Alleslev will take on a key role in caucus as the party’s critic of Global Security. How about Canadian Peacekeepers in Myanmar?

This isn't the first time a politician has crossed the floor but it is signs of a flailing Justin Trudeau who has clearly lost his former rock star image. Now people just see him as a clown. Forcing the pipeline on us without our consent was a big mistake.

On the flip side, Maxime Bernier quit the conservatives before being kicked out for denouncing multiculturalism. So now he wants to start his own political party. Good luck with that. Ron Paul is a Libertarian. Maxime Bernier is not. Maxime now claims the conservatives are morally corrupt. Like when he left a confidential file on Afghanistan with his former girlfriend Julie Couillard and told her the war in Afghanistan had nothing to do with fighting for freedom it was about controlling the opium trade. Maxime didn't have a problem with the moral corruption under Stephen Harper.

Meanwhile back on the ranch Rob Ford invokes the not withstanding clause of the charter after the court says he can't cut Toronto city council by half. Three nutbars off the hook. Andrew Scheer, federal Tories back Doug Ford’s use of notwithstanding clause. Make that four stooges.

Where's Rick Mercer when you need him? Season finally? God help us.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Seven Virtues of Bushido

We've talked about the compassion of Buddha, the truthfulness of Tao and the five virtues of Confucius. Now let's talk about the seven virtues of Bushido: Righteousness, Respect, Courage, Honour, Compassion, Honesty and Loyalty. This is nobility as Rob Roy explained to his kids.

"Honour is something no man can give you and no man can take away."

"Any man with honour is a king but not all kings have honour." Rob Roy

Be a simple kind of man - Lynyrd Skynyrd. You can't buy the Stairway to Heaven yo.

All that glitters is not gold. There's still time to change the road you're on so there is.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Green Justice endorses Ken Sim and the NPA for Vancouver civic election

Tragically, Ian Campbell, the Hereditary Chief from Squamish First Nation has withdrawn his candidacy for mayor of Vancouver. Vision Vancouver is left with no vision. Even though Mayor Moonbeam was an idiot, I would have endorsed Ian Campbell not the party. Now that he has withdrawn the choice is clear. Green Justice endorses Ken Sim and the NPA.

The Tyee is reporting that "Ken Sim Could be Vancouver’s First Chinese-Canadian Mayor. NPA candidate has heavyweight backing, community support and an uncertain field of competitors."

We've once again come full circle. Politics in BC is tidal. It's a jump to the left, then a step to the right. Let's do the Time Warp Again. Ya see in politics, power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Mayor Moonbeam was an idiot. He was not fiscally responsible. His spending was out of control. Years ago I remember debating with a NPA candidate at First United in the DTES during the Woodward's Squat. They were kicking the homeless out from under bridges and stealing their possession. That was extreme. Sadly we have gone to the other extreme. Harm Reduction has become Harm Promotion and drug overdoses are at record levels.

Although Ken Sim's nationality is not relevant, it would be nice to elect a Chinese mayor for once. Only he's not Chinese, he's Canadian. He was born and raised in Vancouver just like I was. His parents were immigrants. Hard working immigrants.

My daughter's husband is an immigrant. When my daughter told him we only work 40 hours a week in Canada he said only 40 hours? I can get two jobs then. She said no, you're OK. We'll be fine. Immigrants have work ethic. Millennials don't. Yeah I just went there. Immigrants are what makes America great. Unless we're First Nations, we are all immigrants in Canada.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Rachel Notley is a liar and a lunatic

Rachel Notley took out a full page add in a Metro Vancouver Newspaper claiming that "Trans Mountain's delay costs Canadians $40 million every day." That is a bold faced lie. The pipeline already exists. A delay in twinning the pipeline for the tar sands oil that Chicago and Detroit don't want represents a new market not an existing one. It's not our fault Chicago and Detroit kicked Alberta out because of all the petroleum coke byproduct. That pipeline already exists as well.

The delay is Rachel Notley's fault. She single-handedly killed the deal. John Horgan asked how do we control the volume of tar sands oil that passes through BC and our port? She responded by saying you don't. We can send as much as we want whenever we want and you have absolutely no say if we start sending too much for the tanker traffic to handle.

John Horgan asked who pays for the clean up in the event of a spill? Raging Rachel said you do. We won't spend a dime on clean up. That is just bad business. A conservative would have negotiated a fair deal. Raging Rachel did not. Justin Bieber is just as bad because he enabled her insanity by insisting he was going to proceed with the pipeline without our consent.

The full page add represents a bad corporate tactic. The employer comes up with a bad contract and the Union says no. Instead of bargaining in good faith the employer tries to con the members into accepting the bad deal the Union rejected. John Horgan is our bargaining agent. You need to negotiate with him and tell him you will split the cost of clean up and that we can restrict the amount of tar sands oil that flows through the port if the tanker traffic gets too congested.

The newspaper add pretends Raging Rachel is concerned about the welfare of the rest of Canada when she obviously is not. She wants to be able to turn the oil tap off at will to the East and the West to extort the rest of the country for her own gain. She doesn't care about anyone else on the planet. She just pulled out of climate change agreements. She basically said f the world because she is a raging lunatic that needs to be replaced in the next election. Bring someone with a brain to the table next time. Rachel Notley is a lunatic.

Raging Rachel's full page add was paid for with tax dollars. The add complains about the court decision. The court simply pointed out that Kinder Morgan failed to do an environmental assessment of increased tanker traffic in Vancouver's port. They didn't do the assessment because they said our liability ends at the pipeline. Raging Rachel once again wants to con Vancouver into breaking the law so that we can take all the risk and get none of the rewards.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever Alberta doesn't refine the tar sands bitumen in Alberta and send the refined oil through the existing pipeline to Vancouver. If they refined it in Alberta they could also use the existing pipeline to Chicago and Detroit.

The only reason they won't is because they have no way of getting rid of the petroleum coke byproduct that is created when the tar sands bitumen is refined. Chicago and Detroit finally got rid of their mountains of petroleum coke by shipping it off to India. India won't take it any more because it is even more toxic to burn then coal. We need to figure out what to do with the petcoke. Grind it up and put it in concrete. Make bricks out of it for all I care. It's not freaking radioactive. The point is, if you refine it at source, there is no need for a new pipeline.

There is no emergency. The only emergency is the fact that Rachel Notley is going to lose the upcoming election. That is why she's so frantic. She knows she screwed up and only cares about getting elected. She cares nothing about the environment or anyone else on the planet.

Why Rachel Notley will need an even bigger miracle to win again: "The longer the Alberta NDP are in power, the harder it will be to repeat the shocking victory that won them the province."

United Conservative Party on track to win big in Alberta, says poll

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Larry Amero denied bail

Keith Fraser is reporting that "Larry Amero, who is accused of conspiracy to commit the 2012 murders of rival gangsters Sandip Duhre and Sukh Dhak, appeared in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver Tuesday for the first day of what was expected to be a three-day bail hearing. But the matter was adjourned after the judge was told that Amero’s lawyer had fallen ill. The next court appearance for Amero and his two co-accused, Dean Wiwchar and Rabih “Robby” Alkhalil, is set for Oct. 19." Bail? Wouldn't that be a farce. Flight risk? No kidding. Just like Skelator was.

These aren't just more drug charges. These are murder charges. Dean Wiwchar was a hitman for the Hells Angels. He worked directly for Larry Amero. Just as every murder he committed had to be approved by the local executive, Larry Amero was the one that asked him to commit each murder. Dean also sold drugs for Larry just like Robby Alkhalil did. Robby Alkhalil sold drugs for Larry Amero. The Alkhalil's were in charge of a huge drug network and were also affiliated with the Bacon brothers. Larry and Jonathon attended one of the Alkhalil weddings before they were shot in Kelowna. Robby Alkhalil was also involved with several murders for Larry.

Just as every murder Robby Alkhalil committed had to be approved by the local executive, Larry Amero was the one that asked him to commit each murder. The same goes with Jamie Bacon and the Surrey Six. Jamie didn't orchestrate the Surrey Six, Jonathon Bacon did because Larry Amero asked him to. That is the truth. Larry Amero is not a role model. He is a piece of garbage.