Friday, September 22, 2017

Konaam Killed in Kamloops

Global is reporting that Konaam Shirzad, one of the founding members of the Red Scorpians, before they were taken over by the swine flu, was shot dead last night in Kamloops. I can tell you the UN didn't do it so do the math.

Konaam was in the news January of this year after the police used percussion grenades to execute a search warrant at the gym he owned. I kid you not. The police didn't find anything which supports my personal theory that he left the life.

Blaze the fly sh*t woman beater claimed Konaam had kicked the Wolf Pack out of Kamloops so that would provide you with a motive. Chalk up one more for the big red machine. Konaam was solid. The cub pack sucks. Money doesn't buy respect yo. Any kid can pull a trigger.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

RCMP’s Bob Paulson's exit interview

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Bob Paulson is heading for the exit gates saying that organized crime is the biggest threat facing Canadians. He even names the Hells Angels. Now I'm not going to mention the failure of dealing with sexual harassment in the RCMP while he was at the helm. I'm not even going to mention the Dianne Rock story. Much. He retires on Friday.

I am going to mention the fact that the article points out that Paulson "acknowledged the possibility of Islamic State-inspired attacks is now an ever-present reality in Canada, he said such national security risks are significantly less of a threat than organized crime." No kidding.

"Without being a fear monger, we've got to have political leaders understand what organized crime is, how [the perpetrators] get their advantage, how they corrupt individuals and institutions, how they get their hooks into people." Indeed. The Surrey RCMP are providing the Hells Angels drug dealers on the Surrey strip police protection. Something needs to be done about that.

Paulson himself is on the record saying he almost depleted the supply of federal detectives specializing in Mafia and biker-gang investigations to national-security squads following the 2014 slayings of Canadian soldiers near Parliament Hill in Ottawa and in Quebec.

Interesting. Bob Paulson admitted that he himself almost depleted the supply of federal detectives specializing in Mafia and biker-gang investigations during his tenure to focus on finding and creating terrorists like in the Surrey Pressure cooker bomb plot. Instead of bribing drug adicts to blow things up, we could actually use that money to investigate organized crime.

Finding a Replacement

As to who should replace Bob Paulson, at this point I don't know. Putting Bill Fordy in that position would be a crime against humanity. That guy is the weak link in E Division. He's the last of the Friends of Craig Callen fruitcakes causing problems in upper management here. Yet there's nobody strong enough in BC to take on the Commissioner's role.

Dwayne McDonald has been a huge disappointment since he took over for Bill Fordy as Surrey Police Chief. We had high hopes for him since he did such a great job in the Kelowna Summer Jam but he dropped the ball when he came to Surrey. The problem is he just doesn't have any balls. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's a place in this world for eunuchs. I just wish he'd grow a pair. Dwayne needs to realize that you cant please a dirty politician without getting dirty.

Justin Trudeau also needs to realize that the best person for the job isn't necessarily a woman. It might be but this gender selection diminishes everyone. I think they should pick someone from Quebec. A strong Frenchman who respects women and respects himself. That would set a good example for the entire force. The sexual harassment problem will now dissipate. Now we need to focus on organized crime. That takes fortitude.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Another puppet club replaces the Devil's Army in Langford

The Times Colonist is reporting that a new motorcycle club called the Savages is operating out of the Langford clubhouse previously used by the Devil’s Army. The Savages are believed to be a puppet club of the Nanaimo chapter of the Hells Angels. About 100 bikers including full-patch Hells Angels rumbled through Langford on April 1 during a memorial ride for Mike Widner, a prospect for the motorcycle gang who was killed in March in what police believe was a targeted hit. On April 30, bikers rode from Nanaimo to Victoria in the annual ride in memory of Michael (Zeke) Mickle, the Nanaimo Hells Angels president who disappeared in 1993 and is presumed dead." Zeke was killed after trying to tax the Vietnamese grows. They said no.

Boeing vs Bombardier: Another case of tax fraud

The Boeing vs Bombardier legal dispute is in the news. Justin Trudeau said “We have obviously been looking at the Super Hornet aircraft from Boeing as a potential significant procurement of our new fighter jets,” Trudeau said Monday. “But we won’t do business with a company that’s busy trying to sue us and trying to put our aerospace workers out of business.”

Boeing responded with "“Boeing is not suing Canada. This is a commercial dispute with Bombardier, which has sold its C Series airplane in the United States at absurdly low prices, in violation of U.S. and global trade laws. Bombardier has sold airplanes in the U.S. for millions of dollars less than it has sold them in Canada, and millions of dollars less than it costs Bombardier to build them. This is a classic case of dumping, made possible by a major injection of public funds." OK so that is the root of the problem. Why in God's name would we sell a product to the United States for less than it cost us to make it? That is bad business.

Bombardier has a very long history of getting government bailouts. In 2015 CBC reported that "Bombardier loses $4.9B US in 3rd quarter; Quebec to invest $1B US in CSeries program." In February 2016 Zero Hedge reported that "Bombardier Thanks Canada For $1 Billion Bailout By Firing 7,000 People." March 2017 the National Post reported that "Bombardier’s top execs get almost 50% pay raise as company lays off thousands, taps government aid."

Bombariad is a company like unto Lockheed Martin and SNC-Lavalin. They are all dirty as f*ck and burn tax dollars like an incinerator while top executive line their pockets with tax dollars. Boeing on the other hand is a legitimate reliable pillar in the private industry. Boeing makes money consistently. It's not embroiled in fraud like the others.

The Super Hornet is the best product on the market for Canada. The F-35s don't work in the Canadian arctic but the Super Hornet does. The F-35's are nothing but problems. If Canada wants to look at alternatives to the Super Hornet Russia is the only other logical option. The MIGS have a long history of competence. I personally prefer the Super Hornet for obvious reasons. Boeing creates jobs in Canada. Last year they announced a new lab in Vancouver.

We need to look beyond the court dispute and ask ourselves why are we selling products in the United States for less than it costs us to make them? That's like BC Hydro selling power to the US for less that what it costs us to produce it. That is bad business.

I do have a solution - a merger. Boeing takes over Bombardier with the commitment to keep a plant in Quebec. Boeing can make Bombardier profitable. Paul Tiller and Moya Greene couldn't.

What Went Wrong with the F-35

"The F-35 was billed as a fighter jet that could do almost everything the U.S. military desired but has turned out to be one of the greatest boondoggles in recent military purchasing history."

Dozens of F-35s Might Not Ever Be Able To Fight

Lockheed Martin still trying to scam Canadian taxpayers

Horgan approves public funds for political parties

One step forward, two step back. The Green Party wanted to get rid of Corporate and Union donations to political parties. Horgan agreed to it which made the coalition and let them form government. However, the Vancouver Province is reporting that "Premier John Horgan is unrepentant over his plan to provide public subsidies to political parties, saying it’s an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars and is only temporary support." AYFKM?

If you want to ban political donations from Corporations or Unions, that's your choice but you cannot use tax revenue for campaign funds. That is absolutely insane. It's also illegal. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to jail. You need to rethink this one. If you need time to implement the decision to ban Corporate and Union donations then delay that decision. Do not use tax revenue for campaign purposes. Give your freaking head a shake.

On Monday, Liberal critic Andrew Wilkinson accused the NDP of breaking its campaign promises. “We think it’s inappropriate to have taxpayers fund political parties,” said Wilkinson, who indicated the Liberals will vote against the bill. “Political parties should raise their own money, and not turn to taxpayers.” Andrew Wilkinson is correct. Horgan and Weaver have lost their mind.

Andrew Wilkinson is a much better choice than Dianne Watts. We in Surrey remember what she did to us. Record debt and record fraud. The Princess of lies will fall just like Christy Clark because no lie can live forever. Word. The Fall of Dianne Watts.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Another earthquake in Mexico

The New York times is reporting that A powerful earthquake struck Mexico on Tuesday afternoon, toppling buildings, rattling the capital and sending people flooding into the streets for the second time in just two weeks. By night, nearly 140 people had been reported killed across the country, including scores in the state of Morelos, close to the epicenter of the quake, and dozens here in the capital, Mexico City. But the figure was expected to climb, especially because rescuers were still frantically digging out people trapped beneath mounds of rubble. The earthquake hit shortly after 1 p.m. about 100 miles from Mexico City. It registered a preliminary magnitude of 7.1, causing heavy and prolonged shaking in the capital." Our condolences.

Puerto Rico faces weeks without electricity

Fatal stabbing in Vancouver

Global is reporting that "One man is dead and two others injured following a stabbing in Burnaby Monday night. Burnaby RCMP were called to the 5100-block of Kingsway at approximately 11:30 p.m. Monday after a report of a stabbing involving multiple victims. Police found three people suffering from stab wounds – two received non-life threatening injuries, while the third victim died of their injuries. An alleged male suspect was arrested a short distance from the scene. At this time police believe the attack was not targeted but public safety is not a concern."

Evidently the stabi occurred at a sushi restaurant on Kingsway and the victims were located near Kingsway and Royal Oak in Burnaby.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Toronto shooting at restaurant - Update

City news is reporting that "Toronto police are investigating a shooting at a downtown restaurant. Police were called to Michael’s steakhouse restaurant on Simcoe Street near Adelaide Street West around 9 p.m. following reports of four to five shots being fired. They say a man was located without vital signs. Paramedics continued to try and revive the victim on the scene before transporting him to a nearby trauma centre, still absent vital signs. The suspect reportedly fled westbound along Pearl Street. He’s described as male wearing a grey or dark hooded top and armed with a handgun. The restaurant was the scene of a targeted shooting almost two years ago when a man and a woman were shot by two masked men."

Update: Toronto City News is reporting that Simon Giannini, a 54 year old real estate broker was the victim in the shootng and has sucumed to his injuries. The London Free Press is reporting that Simon has hosted local radio and television shows and was gunned down in a bust steakhouse restaurant filled with 150 people.

Narcos location scout shot dead in Mexico

The BBC is reporting that "A location scout for the Netflix crime drama Narcos has been shot dead while working in central Mexico. The bullet-riddled body of Carlos Muñoz Portal, 37, was found in his car in a rural area in the town of Temascalapa, in Mexico state, one of the country's most violent. Mexican officials were reportedly having difficulties investigating the case given a lack of witnesses. Netflix said the facts surrounding his death were still unknown".