Monday, December 4, 2023

Vancouver Rain

Who ever said the sound of rain was soothing? They must not be from around here.

Rupa Subramanya on media Censorship in Canada

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Venezuela embraces US Oil Companies

We all saw the CIA's operation to destabilize Venezuela to gain control of their oil. Well it worked. They're giving up on nationalized oil and are letting American and European oil companies take over so that sanctions can be lifted. They're also voting on invading an oil rich neighbor. It's amazing how much changes when you give the corporate communists full control of their wealth.

I'm all for lifting the sanctions but I will say the CIA's plot to wreck havoc in Venezuela was cruel and punitive. Colombia and a whole lot of other countries are suffering from the desperation of Venexzualan refugees who were defiantly deposed by the oil industry's greed.

The CIA turned Venezuela into one of the cocaine capitals during the chaos that depleted grocery stores and created mass starvation. They even have a new scape goat just like Manuel Noriega.

Could A Controversial Chevron Deal Be A Prelude To Venezuela’s Oil Renaissance?

Chevron Taps Venezuela Chief to Run Its Latin America Operations

Venezuela: Maduro Welcomes Chevron License

Chevron set to trade Venezuelan oil

Cody Haevischer Surrey Six appeal goes forward

Cody Haevischer is trying to have his Surrey Six conviction thrown out. The Supreme court just released the Cody Haevischer decision stating that his appeal can go forward.

"On August 21, 2023, Mr. Haevischer filed a revised Notice of Application (NOA) in which he relies on both the trial fairness and residual categories of abuse of process. In addition to the various types of misconduct by state actors referred to in his original abuse of process application, the revised NOA includes allegations related to the non-disclosure of information about Person Y, a Crown witness."

Wait a sec. Person X became person Y. Nondisclosure of Person Y has already been dealt with. We all know who that is but we can't say publicly. He's the only good guy in that whole sordid affair and I mean affair quite literally. This whole case has been a complete disaster and is flaming evidence why we need to get rid of the RCMP in BC. That is the only solution.

Cody Haevischer is the last one that hasn't flipped yet. EVERYONE else has cooperated with the police including Jamie Bacon the one who ordered the hit. The whole thing has been a farce.

Matthew Johnston and Cody Haevischer filed this last appeal. The Crown claims that Matthew Johnston died of cancer in prison just like Sophon Sek but I don't believe he did. Why would Jamie Bacon risk his life and the life of his family to try and convince Matthew Johnston to flip and join him in Witness Protection if he was dying of cancer? He wouldn't. IHIT would have known and if IHIT knew, Jamie Bacon knew. So the whole thing doesn't make sense.

This blog started because of the Surrey Six and the RCMP's complete mishandling of that case has convinced me they have to go. That is the only positive solution I can see. The lies, the misconduct and the dirty deals must come to an end once and for all. No justice, no peace.

Police on Guard interviews Chris Barber

Kennedy Stewart and Elizabeth May defied a court order. Chris Barber and Tamara Lich did not.

Israel drives even further south to wipe Gaza off the map

Update: Israel is carpet bombing all of Gaza. That's genocide.

The Times of Israel is admitting that "IDF carries out Gaza strikes, tells residents of some areas of Khan Younis to evacuate." This is after Benny Yahoo demanded civilians in the city of Gaza abandon their homes and move south without food, water or electricity.

The only problem is that the IDF is bombing Rafah too. They send civilians to safe zones then bomb the safe zones. We can all see what's really happening here. People being forced to move to Rafah from Khan Younis and the IDF starts bombing Rafah. Last month the IDF did the same thing. They told civilians to leave through the Rafah crossing then they stated bombing Rafah.
Israel is wiping Gaza off the map to steal their natural gas and build their canal. The hostage swap was a circus side show. If they didn't let them take hostages, there wouldn't be any.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Cameron Ortis and the thought police

CBC is reporting that "Cameron Ortis, convicted by a jury Wednesday of violating Canada's secrets act, was arrested when he was on the cusp of passing state secrets to a foreign entity, a Crown prosecutor alleged during the former RCMP official's bail hearing in 2019. According to an unsealed 2020 court document, which can now be reported on, RCMP investigators feared Ortis was planning to share information with Chinese officials." Bullsh*t!

"On several to-do lists police found in his condo, Ortis noted mundane activities like donating blood, cleaning his apartment, working out and filing dental insurance claims — in addition to tasks related to what he called the project." Prosecutors said this was the name given to his plan to leak state secrets. Hokey, shaky and bizarre. He was going to do something. We're sure of it. How can you be sure when he didn't do it? This is kind of like the movie Minority Report. There are definitely flaws in the system. This is a new article the intelligence Community is putting out.

"On his computer equipment, RCMP agents discovered 488 highly classified documents." Big surprise. He was in charge of the most classified department of the RCMP. You don't sign up for that gig to sell secrets. "During his bail hearings in October 2019, federal prosecutor Judy Kliewer alleged Ortis was in the final stages of a plan to pass state secrets to a foreign entity."

Ortis was arrested by his RCMP colleagues on September 12, 2019 before he acted on that plan, said the Crown. He was arrested before he carried out the plan but look at the dates. All these fake news outlets refuse to look at the facts and do the math. They just reprint whatever fake news the intelligence community sends them. He was arrested in 2019 before he acted on this fake plot. Yet his emails to Ramos and the others on the CIA watch list were back in 2015. Years went by and he never acted on that fake plan but they's sure he was going to.

"Testifying in his own defence, Ortis claimed he was actually working on a secret mission from a foreign agency. Ortis said the plan was to lure criminals to an encrypted email service to allow authorities to collect intelligence about them." That was the truth. It passes the test of believability. The false allegations against him do not.

"Investigators also found saved copies of two business cards from officials at the Chinese embassy. 'I believe Ortis planned to communicate safeguarded information to one or both of the Chinese officials,' Driscoll wrote." That is f*cking ridiculous. He was never charged with that because those charges had absolutely no merit whatsoever.

The reason why this is so relevant is because it ties in with the false allegations against Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh. If it was just one guy we could say it was just one bad apple but when you look at the cases collectively and see the three most effective superheros confronting organized crime in Canada we can confidently say no way.

If you don't think the RCMP won't set up one of their own take a look at the Donald Best story. It's highly relevant. "Donald Best is a former Sergeant (Detective) with the Toronto Police responsible for investigating Canadian police, lawyers, and politicians involved in organized crime, and a leading Canadian anti-corruption whistleblower and activist."

"In his ongoing legal cases and public advocacy, Mr. Best has exposed corruption in the Canadian legal profession including secret orders and investigations by judges, the submission of false evidence in court by lawyers, and the failure of disciplinary bodies such as the Law Society of Ontario and the Canadian Judicial Council to investigate complaints against judges and lawyers." Just like Bill Majcher did. Bill Majcher exposed corrupt lawyers and judges.

"I am the recipient of the 2018 Ontario Civil Liberties Award, and have been called 'One of Canada’s most methodical and well documented whistleblowers.' Oh… I also served 63 days incarcerated in a Canadian prison; spending every day in solitary confinement."

Cameron Ortis was a civilian in charge of the OC. Todd Sheen retired and Bob Paulson promoted Cameron to also be in charge of the NIC. On the first day at the new job they trashed his office. He was complexly set up. I'm going to keep saying that until the day I die because that is the truth and no lie can live forever. He was a man of integrity and the conditions he faces in the Ottawa Carlton Detention Centre are punitive. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves. Word.

A Kelowna man tied to the red scorpions was just given a 6 year sentence after being caught with a kilo of crystal meth and fentanyl along with half a kilo of cocaine. These swamp rats want to send Cameron Ortis away for 20 years. That's more than manslaughter. The real criminals are the ones that trashed his office on his first day and set him up just to remove civilian oversight.

Curtis James Crossley just received nine years and six months for murder.

Fresh snow on Vancouver mountains

The morning breaks, the shadows flee. All that cold rain was fresh snow on the local mountains. Unfortunately it's going to warm up a bit and the local mountains are going to get pounded with heavy raid Monday but it's another sign the seasons are changing. Winter will soon be here. It's hard to conceive that winter doesn't even start until December 21st which is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. After that the days start to get longer again.
That YouTuber in northern Sweden talks about the land of the midnight sun and the polar winter. She's so far up north, in the summer the sun never sets and in the winter the sun never rises. Yet after the winter solstice, the days gradually become longer and the sun eventually reappears. Behind the dark clouds, the sun is still shining. It's also shining on the other side of the polar cap. BTW they have penguins in Antarctica because they have no polar bears. Interesting.

Silverstar in Vernon and Big White in Kelowna has much more consistent snowfall.

Friday, December 1, 2023

Vancouver Island drug bust tied to the Hells Angels

CTV is reporting that "Federal prosecutors have approved two dozen drug-trafficking charges against six people from Vancouver Island with suspected ties to the Hells Angels motorcycle gang. British Columbia's anti-gang task force, the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, opened an investigation into a suspected drug-trafficking network focused around the Comox Valley and Campbell River areas in January 2021."

"Investigators executed simultaneous search warrants at four properties in the communities one year later, seizing approximately 3.5 kilograms of cocaine, several guns, $160,000 in cash and Hells Angels paraphernalia. Six people were arrested in connection with the police raids."

"On Thursday, the Public Prosecution Service of Canada approved multiple charges against Comox residents Jeff Scott Pasanen, 59; Shawna Lynne Leblanc, 48; and Peter Bruce Billie, 37. Also charged were Randall James King, 45, of Campbell River; Jonathan Erin Clifford, 41, of Courtenay; and Rhys Tyler Vernon Bolton, 34, of Victoria."

A year ago today Victoria News reported that "Four alleged drug traffickers with ties to the Hells Angels on Vancouver Island are facing charges following a four-year joint law enforcement operation. The men facing various charges include Kristopher Stephen Smith, 44, of Nanaimo; Sean Oliver Douglas Kendall, 44, from Port Alberni; William Bradley Thompson, 58, from Ladysmith; and William Karl Paulsen, 51, from Campbell River."

A month later Datac reported that "In a separate investigation on Vancouver Island, over two dozen charges were laid against seven alleged drug traffickers, one of whom is a full-patch member of the Hells Angels’ Haney chapter." On Sept. 25, Vancouver man Jonathan Lutar also entered a guilty plea, his for drug trafficking. And on Sept. 27 2023, Courtney Lafreniere plead guilty to proceeds of crime. Jonathan Lutar is also full patch Haney.

Former Nanaimo Hell’s Angels vice-president sentenced for drug trafficking

October 2023 the Tofino Ucluelet Westerly reported that "The former vice-president of the Nanaimo Hells Angels chapter has been sentenced to three years’ jail on drug trafficking charges. Sean Oliver Douglas Kendall, 44 at the time of his arrest, was handed the sentence and a 10-year firearms prohibition in Vancouver provincial court on Thursday, Oct. 12." He was selling cocaine by the kilo to an under cover agent.

Fatal shooting in Calgary

City News is reporting that "Calgary police are investigating after a man died in a drive-by shooting Thursday night in the Beltline. Just after 9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 30, officers responded to reports of gunshots on 10 Avenue SW. When they arrived, police found a man who had been shot to death. CCTV footage collected from the area confirmed the man had been walking on westbound 10 Avenue SW towards 6 Street SW, when a dark-coloured SUV pulled up next to him. Police say someone in the vehicle fired multiple shots before leaving the scene."

The Globe and Mail is reporting that the police have identified the victim to be Thane Cameron Clayton and that he has ties to Vancouver, Edmonton and Halifax. That's pretty red and white.