Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Domestic dispute outside Delta elementary school

CBC is reporting that "A woman and an off-duty police officer have been taken to hospital in "serious to critical" condition after they were stabbed in front of an elementary school in Delta, B.C. Wednesday afternoon. In a statement, Delta police said an altercation broke out between a man and a woman in front of Immaculate Conception Elementary School at about 3:05 p.m. Police say an off-duty officer intervened and was stabbed in the scuffle, along with the woman. B.C. Emergency Health Services says two patients were taken to hospital in "serious to critical condition. Police have a suspect in custody but say the scene remains active. No children are believed to have been harmed, police said."

Outside an elementary school. You are a f*cking idiot.

Michael Smyth is still peddling the ICBC Fraud

Harold Munro's cheap tabloid of corporate trash is reporting that "Attorney-General David Eby plans to make more than $1 billion of ICBC losses disappear this year." AYFKM? ICBC has been breaking even. The BC Liberals extracted a $1.3 billion dividend from ICBC to balance Christy Clark's fake fudgeit budget. If there was no dividend, there would be no deficit.

Everyone knows that. The fact that Michael Smyth and Harold Munro are still peddling the fraud goes way beyond a credibility meltdown. It crosses over into the realm of a criminal act. Back in the day, if a newspaper printed something false they would do their due diligence and print a retraction. Not now. Now when the cheap tabloid posts something false they reprint it on the front page hoping that if they repeat the same lie enough times someone out there will actually believe it. I sure as hell don't. This credibility meltdown is heartbreaking.

WTF are you doing? Prostituting your principles for pennies? Have you no self respect? Journalism used to be a noble career. This isn't journalism. This is defamation with malicious intent. Harold Munro's cheap tabloid of corporate trash is worthless.

Snowshoer found dead on Mount Seymour

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Searchers discovered the body of a missing snowshoer in avalanche debris on Vancouver's North Shore on Wednesday, two days after he was swept away. Peter Haigh of North Shore Search and Rescue says searchers made the discovery on Runner Peak, north of Mount Seymour. He says the BC Coroners Service will investigate the cause of death but the man appears to have suffered trauma when the avalanche hit. The mother of the 39-year-old Surrey, B.C., snowshoer has identified him as Remi Michalowski."

My condolences to the family. His companion was swept into some trees by the avalanche and was rescued Monday. I'm having a hard time visualizing the trail to Runner's Peak. They say it's in the saddle between 2nd and 3rd peak but I thought the trail to Mt Elsay was just before 1st peak. It's a summer trail. I've been to 3rd peak lots but I've never been to Runners Peak.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Spraying launches butterfly and bird genocide in Surrey

Harold Munro's cheap tabloid of corporate trash is pushing the butterfly and song bird genocide in Surrey by promoting the areal spraying for Gypsy moths. "Tessa Nendick, who lives at the Dogwood Campgrounds and RV Park that is within the area with her fiance and their two-month-old son, said as a new mom, she is concerned. 'I’m not crazy about certain things being sprayed,' she said. But, You have to ask yourself, Do the moths cause more problems than the pesticide?"

Well let's do the math. What kind of damage do gypsy moths do? They eat some leaves. Oh really? What kind of damage does the BTK spraying do? It kills all the butterflies, moths and caterpillars in that area which effects all the other living organisms that feed off of them: song birds, owls, bats you name it. They spray the pesticide and the songbird feeds it's baby a poisoned caterpillar and the baby song bird dies. Why do we waist our time doing butterfly releases when we then turn around and kill them all? Individual gypsy moth traps work fine.

Gypsy moths are not the problem pine beetles are. The pine beetles effect the forestry industry and increase the chance of forest fires. How do we solve the pine beetle problem? It's pretty easy. When we replant a forest after a clear cut or forest fire we plant cedar and fir trees instead of pine trees. Problem solved. All these toxic pesticides are bad for humans and destroy the ecosystem that humans are connected to.

Another double shooting in Kamloops

CBC is reporting that "Two people have been hospitalized after a reported shooting in the Brocklehurst neighbourhood of Kamloops, B.C. B.C. Emergency Health Services spokesperson Shannon Miller said paramedics received a call about a shooting just before 4 p.m. PT on Friday. According to Miller, paramedics transported one person in serious condition and one person in critical condition to hospital."

Kamloops this Week is reporting that "Police said on the weekend that, given the string of violent incidents in Kamloops in recent weeks — including the shooting deaths of two men in January, a kidnapping and robbery on Feb. 13 and the shooting of a man and woman on Feb. 15 — Ferrier’s reported disappearance had them concerned."

Earlier this month CFJC Today reported that 31 year old Blake Bernhard was arrested a few blocks away from the scene of yet another shooting, and is currently facing charges related to the breach of previous gun-related conditions.

Last month there were Two fatal shootings in Kamloops.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Polar on Netflix

I just saw Polar on Netflix with a Danish actor named Mads Mikkelsen. Impressive. Mads is rock solid. I wonder why I haven't heard of him before. Evidently, he was in Rouge One.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Little Dog on CBC

I realize I'm a bit slow to pick up on things on TV until it hits Netflix but someone sent me a link to this Canadian TV show on CBC set in Newfoundland and I think the accents are pretty cool. Little Dog is a comedy about about a down on his luck boxer making a comeback. It's just finishing it's second season. I'm all for supporting Canadian talent so I am. Cheers.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Surrey's new crime problem is tied to the great big fraud

I stand all amazed. What's done in the dark will be brought into the light. I had an enlightening discussion with the owner of Motorcycle world in Surrey today. This is the guy who was in the paper complaining about the Surrey Strip because it was killing his business.

I asked him how it was going now that the Surrey Strip had been cleaned up. Horrible he said. I wish they were back there. I was shocked. It turns out that crime and open drug use on King George Highway has increased dramatically. Putting the homeless into modular homes was a good thing. Not enforcing the law and arresting the drug dealers on King George was not. That new policy of tolerance has made the problem grow exponentially.

One of the problems is that they want to put more modular homes into the area. Why in God's name would they do that? Do they really want to attract every drug addict in Canada to Whalley? That will not see an improvement in the area. Get this. The property they put the existing modular homes on is owned by Bosa. They pay Bosa $30,000.00 a month to lease the land. Bosa contributes to the political parties and gets a huge tax paid contract just like SNC-Lavalin.

Who owns the property they want to put more modular home son? You guessed it, Bosa. The city owns a vacant lot half way down King George Highway. Instead of putting the new modular homes there, they want to put them on prime real estate so they can burn tax dollars and make Bosa rich. That is morally corrupt.

I saw the RCMP move a drug dealer off of the Surrey Strip after they cleaned it up. Now they let them sell drugs right on King George highway in plain view without stopping them. That is completely insane. This morning the owner said there was a guy smoking crack right outside his door when he opened up for business. I asked him if it was a straight glass pipe or if it had a round ball at the end of it. It had a round ball. That means he was smoking crystal meth.

This brings us back to the Surrey Crime Prevention Meeting of 2008. Nothing has changed it's only gotten worse because they are letting the drug dealers sell crack and crystal meth in plain view right on King George Highway in front of the businesses there. This is not the New York model. This is not what we had planned for Whalley.

Once again we are facing unequal protection of the law. A few construction workers crossed King George on their break to get a pop from the dollar store. The police gave them a ticket for jay walking. The police will ticket someone with a job for jay walking but they won't arrest a drug dealer for selling crack, crystal meth or fentanyl. That is just plain evil.

Instead the cops will press the pedestrian walk button and ticket people for running the light. This is why people hate cops because a lot of them are complete dicks. What we are doing on King George in Whalley is wrong. This cannot continue.

The business owner said one day he saw a guy literally beating the life out of a woman in the middle of King George Hwy. He had her on the ground and kept lifting his fist in the air then punching her with full force. I asked if it was a pimp beating a crack hoe. Probably he said. Someone pulled the guy off of her then he went right back to beating the life out of her again. This is the Janice Shore story all over again in broad daylight for everyone to see.

These are the drug dealers that sell drugs for the Hells Angels. The drug dealers are the pimps. They give the sex trade workers drugs for free then take all their money when they get a trick. That is human trafficking. There is nothing consensual about it. Then they brutalize them for everyone to see as a warning to the others. This cannot continue any more.

We need to spend some money on treatment. They hand out so many of the Naloxone kits that the homeless simply throw them out. They even use them to wipe their ass with when they take a sh*t. The business owner says when they consistently dump unused Naloxone kits outside his door with human feces on it, what am I supposed to do with that? These Naloxone kits are part of the Pharmaceutical fraud burning tax dollars through drug promotion.

Recently the business owner had an alarm call from a broken window. The police showed up and didn't see any broken glass other than a small hole from a bullet. No one had broken into the business this time. The police ended up charging the business owner $130.00 for a false 911 call. Someone shoots a gun at his store and the police charge him $130.00. That is f*cking outrageous. God damn you all.

Then there's the property tax. Everyone's property tax in the area has dropped. His has doubled. Now he definitely has to move because he simply can't pay it. They aren't lowering taxes for small business they are increasing them at an outrageous rate. This kills the economy it doesn't help build it. We want to attract business into the area not chase them away.

The drugs are coming right out of the Dell bowling alley straight from Shakerz. The police know that but will do nothing to stop it. That is criminal culpability. Marcus Aurelius had a dream for Rome. This is not it. This is the parasite economy Catherine Austin Fitts warned us about.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Gordon Campbell accused of sexual assault in England

The Canadian Press is reporting that "A British newspaper says police in London are investigating an allegation of sexual assault made against former British Columbia premier Gordon Campbell. The Daily Telegraph says Scotland Yard is investigating a complaint from a woman who was an employee at the Canadian High Commission when Campbell was high commissioner. The newspaper says in a story published online on Friday that the complainant alleges she was groped in 2013 and filed a complaint with police in January."

Why is that not surprising? Gordon Campbell is a scoundrel. Who do you think was with him when he got his DUI charge in Hawaii? He should not have been given the High Commission position. Gordon Campbell is the one who created the BC Hydro fraud. We need to sue him.

Manitoba Hydro overruns

CBC is reporting that "Former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell will no longer be leading a review of cost overruns of Manitoba Hydro mega projects amid sexual assault allegations." Overruns of Manitoba Hydro mega projects? That guy should be in jail for BC Hydro overruns.

Manitoba Hydro overruns are because of SNC-Lavalin. They under bid and over charge. That's their MO just like Lockheed Martin.

Hells Angel drug ring from Quebec to New Brunswick

CTV is reporting that "The Surete du Quebec says it has arrested 32 people allegedly linked to a drug trafficking ring in eastern Quebec and New Brunswick. The arrests carried out Thursday are in connection with drug distribution networks controlled by the Hells Angels. Among those arrested were Eric Blanchette, who police say is a prospect member of the Hells Angels chapter in New Brunswick, and his brother Yanick. The organization, known as the "Eastern Network," controlled drug distribution in the Lower St-Lawrence, Gaspe and Iles-de-la-Madeleine."

Global is reporting that "Insp. Guy Lapointe told reporters in Quebec City the network allegedly controlled sales and distribution of synthetic drugs and cocaine and paid a tax to the Hells Angels to operate." Where have we heard that before?

La Press reported that the Blanchette twins were arrested in he Dominican back in 2012. "Yannick Blanchette has been convicted of robbery, conspiracy and fraud, while his brother has a history of break and enter, theft and mischief." More petty thieves. Nothing noble there.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

SNC-Lavalin bids for Pattullo Bridge replacement

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "SNC-Lavalin, the company involved in allegations with Prime Minister’s Office, is among potential contractors." This is what I mean about the SNC - Lavalin smoke and mirrors. SNC - Lavalin should NOT be on the list. Follow the money.

Laila Yuile is right. The SNC - Lavalin scandal is tied to BOTH parties in BC.

Charges stayed due to excessive delays. The corruption never ends.

SNC-Lavalin under bids and over charges government contracts just like Lockheed Martin.

If you want the project to finish within budget, don't use SNC-Lavalin.

The BC Hydro Fraud: CBC Nails it

CBC is reporting that "A report released by B.C.'s provincial government says the previous government pressured BC Hydro into signing long-term contracts with independent power producers (IPPs) that will cost customers over $16 billion over 20 years. The report says the former B.C. Liberal government "manufactured an urgent need for power while disallowing BC Hydro to produce it." It says the public utility was then forced to buy power from private producers at inflated prices, at the direction of the government." Global is covering the story as well.

Exactly. This is what Norm Farrell and I have been saying for years.

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

Neal Gordon, author of Tony Accardo is Joe Batters will be on Crime Beat an Internet radio talk show with Ron Chepesiuk today to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre on February 14th, 2019 at 8:00pm Eastern Time. Erin go Bragh. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

SNC - Lavalin Smoke and Mirrors

The Fake News Media is buzzing with the latest SNC - Lavalin smoke and mirror Red Hearing. Macleans is reporting that "Former attorney general Peter MacKay told the Toronto Sun this week that the police should be called in to investigate the SNC-Lavalin affair, because someone may have obstructed justice." Peter Dirtbag MacKay? AYFKM? That's the pot calling the kettle black. How about his own endorsement of torture in Afghanistan for the Central Asian Gas Pipeline? When it comes ot SNC - Lavalin, the Liberals and the Conservatives are equally as corrupt.

Now they are tabling motions back and forth to try and blame each other. We are completely missing the point in this news coverage of the latest SNC - Lavalin scandal. SNC - Lavalin is dirty as f*ck. We need to stop giving them government contracts so they can burn tax dollars through fraud and political kickbacks. End of story. It's just like Gateway Casinos in BC.

Laila Yuile is reporting that the SNC - Lavalin scandal is tied to BOTH parties in BC.

Fatal shooting outside Toronto

Global is reporting that "Toronto police say homicide investigators have taken over after a man was shot and killed in east-end Toronto on Tuesday. Emergency services responded to reports of gunshots in the Lawrence Avenue and Andover Crescent area just before 3 p.m. Police said officers found a man on scene suffering from gunshot wounds. He was rushed to hospital without vital signs. Police said he later succumbed to his injuries. Officers said a man was seen fleeing the scene northbound wearing a black toque, black jacket, black track pants with a white stripe, boots and a backpack. Police said he is believed to be armed."

Mississauga shooting Tuesday night

CP 24 is reporting that "A man has been taken from the scene of a Mississauga shooting to a trauma centre with life-threatening injuries on Tuesday night. The incident took place in the area of Mavis Road and Crawford Mill Avenue just after 10 p.m. Peel Regional Police said the victim is in critical but stable condition."

Sunday shootings in Etobicoke

Global is reporting that "Toronto police are investigating after numerous shots were fired outside a plaza in north Etobicoke. Police responded to a call around 10:30 p.m. Sunday in the area of Islington Avenue and Dixon Road. Authorities said two people were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Several cars and at least one store window were damaged."

Global is reporting that "Toronto police say one woman is suffering life-threatening injuries after an early morning shooting in Etobicoke on Sunday. Officers responded to a call at 6:50 a.m. in the area of Lake Shore Boulevard and Silver Moon Drive, just west of Park Lawn Road. Investigators said a woman was found without any vital signs when police arrived on the scene. She was rushed to hospital for treatment."

Last month an 18-year-old man was fatally shot in Etobicoke.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Odis Buck Garrett died in prison

The Federal inmate registry has confirmed that Odis Buck Garrett died in prison on February 12 2017 at the age of 74. Odis was in prison for ordering the murder of Margo Compton and her twin seven year old daughters for testifying against him in the prostitution case. Odis ran a brothel called the Love Nest in San Francisco for the Hells Angels. His pal Sonny Barger attended the trial and later recognized him as a member of the Filthy Few Fellowship in the Big House Crew.

Mexican journalist shot and killed while sitting in a restaurant having breakfast

CNN is reporting that "Jesus Eugenio Ramos Rodriguez was at breakfast Saturday morning when he became the second journalist murdered in Mexico this year. Mexican authorities confirmed the death of Rodriguez on Saturday. They say he was in a restaurant early Saturday morning in the city of Tabasco when he was shot and killed. Rodriguez hosted a radio show that aired twice daily, and according to government run Notimex, he is the second journalist to be killed in Mexico in 2019."

"With nine journalists killed in 2018, Mexico is the fourth deadliest country in the world for journalists, according to a report by Reporters Without Borders, known internationally as Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF). The United States, last year, tied for fifth."

One year after the murder of Juan Carlos Huerta, the voice of Jesus Ramos is silenced. Our heart goes out to his family, followers and all the people of Mexico struggling under the burden of organized crime. We also remember Felina, aka Catwoman the courageous blogger who was killed by the cartel. We spotlight the missing in Mexico in honour of her memory.

Let us remember that the CIA is the one feeding the violence in Mexico. They were the ones responsible for operation Fast and Furious that sold guns to the sinola cartel and brought back tons of cocaine as payment. Some of that cocaine made it's way into Canada thanks to the CIA which is as we originally declared a criminal organization far more ruthless than the Hells Angels.

Fear God and respect the dead. We all will be held accountable for our actions in this life.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Quebec Hells Angel arrested in the Dominican

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "The last alleged Hells Angel sought in a major police operation appeared before a judge at the Montreal courthouse on Wednesday after spending 10 months on the lam in the Dominican Republic. Last April, the Sûreté du Québec alleged Daniel-André (Grand Dan) Giroux was a member of the Montreal chapter of the Hells Angels. The force had just arrested dozens of people in a lengthy investigation into four drug trafficking networks in Quebec with tentacles that reached into Ontario and New Brunswick.

"Giroux is also charged with selling methamphetamine in Montreal with several other people, including three full-patch Hells Angels: Michel (Sky) Langlois, Louis Matte and Stéphane Maheu."

Nobody f*cks with the Quebec Hells Angels. They would eat the BC members for breakfast like they did the Ontario Nomads. The picture of Grand Dan in the Montreal Journal said he was a prospect of the Montreal chapter but he has since received his patch March 2018."

Quebec has an organized crime task force. BC doesn't.

Fentanyl and Naloxone: The Lucrative Lifesaver

The Fusion Media Group is reporting that "Politicians like Hillary and Obama are promoting a wonder drug to save opiate addicts from deadly overdoses. Its rising cost is enriching some of the same prescription drug makers who produce the addictive opiates in the first place."

Can we see the Pharmaceutical fraud yet?

"An investigation by Fusion found at least three major manufacturers of lifesaving naloxone also produce some of the most potent, addictive pain medications at the heart of America’s narcotics crisis. And a Fusion survey of 12 first-responder agencies across the country found that the naloxone provided to them by drug manufacturers has more than doubled in price since 2010."

Friday, February 8, 2019

Fatal shooting outside Vernon

The Salmon Arm Observer is reporting that "A man is in custody after a suspected shooting that left one dead Friday morning. Vernon-North Okanagan RCMP are currently investigating multiple scenes resulting from what police believe to be a break and enter that turned violent."

"The Vernon-North Okanagan RCMP received a report of a break and enter in progress at a residential home located in the 9800-block of Park Lane, Lavington at about 1 a.m. Friday, Feb. 8. It was reported there were possible shots fired resulting in one occupant of the home sustaining non-life threatening injuries."

"Approximately a half hour after the break and enter incident, RCMP officers were called to an address located in the 4800-block of 27th St, Vernon in regards to one male who was has sustained an apparent gunshot injury. This man has since died as a result of these injuries."

Global is reporting that "After the Lavington incident, police showed up in the parking lot of the Village Green Hotel, where a minivan is under an RCMP tent. RCMP say they found a male who had died from an apparent gunshot wound in the parking lot. Whether or not the individual was shot in the van is still not clear, but it should be noted there are blood stains on the ground, just outside the front passenger door." The van was in the Village Green Hotel parking lot.

Australia - US - Mexico 1.7 ton crystal meth bust

MSN News is reporting that "Australian and US authorities on Friday announced they had seized around a billion dollars worth of methylamphetamine -- or "ice" -- in a bust that revealed new ties between Mexican cartels and Aussie biker gangs. The Australian Federal Police said that a joint investigation led the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to uncover 1.7 tonnes of drugs in California last month."

"They face various charges, including attempting to import illegal drugs, and face maximum sentences of life in prison in Australia if convicted. The investigation appeared to reveal cooperation between Mexican cartels and Australian biker gangs, developing what authorities say is a worrying new vector for drugs to arrive to Australia."

Record $1.3bn Mexican drug haul averts 'tsunami of ice' entering Australia “We have averted a tsunami of ice coming into Australia. It is now time for you to stop consuming.”

Reggie Yates on Ice in Australia. [Watch the video online]

Thursday, February 7, 2019

More than 100 guns and explosives seized from Campbell River man's home

My Campbell river now is reporting that "Hundreds of guns have been seized from a Campbell River home. According to a news release from the Campbell River RCMP, the firearms were found in the home of 55 year old Campbell River resident Tony Green, who does not appears to have a previous criminal history. He was originally arrested after allegedly pointing a loaded handgun at an off-duty officer in the city’s Beaver Lodge Lands on January 28th. The search of his home was started the same evening, and continued until January 31st."

“Three full pick-up truck loads of guns, ammunition and prohibited devices were removed from the residence,” read the police news release. “The search was delayed when explosive materials were found. The RCMP Explosive Disposal Unit attended and safely removed the explosives.” More than 100 guns, hand guns, shotguns, and assault style rifles were seized. Many were prohibited, including a Bren machine gun from World War II with a tripod."

“Investigators also located what can be described as homemade silencers, zip guns, prohibited over capacity magazines and untraceable firearms,” read the release. “None of the firearms or devices were locked, none were stored properly and some were found loaded. High explosives, detonators and detonator cords were likewise removed from the house.”

Stockpiling for the Devil's Rejects? If he was a collector, he could have prohibited weapons grandfathered into his firearm license depending on when he purchased them. Doesn't sound like they were properly stored though.

Dead body found in Richmond drug lab

The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Richmond RCMP say that a man’s body was discovered Wednesday in what they believe to be a clandestine drug laboratory. In a news release, the Mounties said that the body was found in the 4600 block of Princeton Avenue shortly after 3 a.m. while officers were searching for a missing person. Investigators said the man found dead matches the description of someone reported missing locally on Sunday. Police said foul play is not suspected, and that there is no immediate threat to public safety."

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Curtis Sagmoen sentenced for assaulting sex trade worker

The Vancouver Sun / Province is reporting that "Curtis Wayne Sagmoen, the man whose family’s Salmon Arm farm was searched by police in 2017 resulting in the discovery of a teenager’s remains, pleaded guilty Monday to assaulting a sex trade worker and received a short jail sentence amounting to time served as well as two years of probation."

"After several adjournments, the parties returned later in the afternoon and Sagmoen, 38, entered his guilty plea to one count of the lesser offence of simple assault of the sex trade worker in Maple Ridge in January 2013. He was initially charged with assault causing bodily harm, a more serious crime that could have resulted in a heftier sentence."

Another guy from Maple Ridge charged with assaulting sex trade workers with more missing and one dead on his farm. Holy Robert Pickton that's Red and White territory so it is.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Jamie Bacon instructed associate to kill Dennis Karbovanec

Global is reporting that "The trial of Jamie Bacon began at B.C. Supreme Court on Monday. Bacon is accused of counselling to commit murder against Dennis Karbovanec, an associate in the drug trade. In opening statements on Monday, the Crown said Bacon instructed an associate, who can only be identified as "CD," to kill Karbovanec. Crown said Bacon wanted him dead because Karbovanec wasn’t making as much money in the drug trade due to his use of Oxycontin and relations with young girls."

"CD agreed to the killing so he could be cleared of his debts to Bacon. According to the Crown, Karbovanec was shot near a cul-de-sac in Mission, B.C. on New Year’s Eve 2008 but managed to escape despite his injuries. The gun was thrown in a nearby creek. In early 2009, a toddler out for a walk with her mother found some bullets in the creek. Nine years later, another child found the gun allegedly used in the shooting while playing in the creek."

Kill one of your own co accused from the Surrey Six. My that's a very red and white thing to do. DK was with pig face during the Surrey Six murder. DK took over for Anton as Jamie Bacon's body guard when Anton was in prison. No L & R there.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

One man injured in Burnaby shooting

CBC is reporting that "The Burnaby RCMP are investigating a Saturday night shooting that has left one man in hospital. Police have cordoned off several blocks of a residential neighbourhood around Smith Avenue and Price Street, as they manage the scene. RCMP say the victim, a 39-year-old man, has been taken to hospital in serious condition. The crime scene featured blood-soaked towels near a black sedan, upon which investigators were focusing their attention.

Global is reporting that "A car sitting at the shooting scene could be seen with its driver’s side window smashed.

Democrats are leaving Hillary Clinton behind

The New York Post is reporting that "Hillary Clinton’s ­political career is over, kaput, ­finished. 'She’s not running for president,' John Podesta, the chairman of her 2016 campaign, told CNN. Now, taking Clinton at her word is the definition of dicey, but this time is different because it’s not as if she has much choice. Clinton quit the 2020 race before she was fired. Ding, dong."

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. Thank God. In steps Tulsi Gabbard into the ring aka Dorthy.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Aspiring to something higher: Dealing with BC Corruption

Drug and gang enforcement in BC has been compromised since the Kelowna Summer Jam back in 2012. However, it was compromised right before that as well as long before that. In Julian Sher's book The Road to Hell: How the Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada Allen Dalstrom was quoted as saying when it came to organized-crime investigations, the RCMP had done “f--- all here for 25 years”. He was referring to how the RCMP scuttled Operation Phoenix.

Nothing has changed. That's why we need to put organized crime back under provincial jurisdiction like Ontario and Quebec. Bob Paulson's exit interview proved that the RCMP have absolutely no desire whatsoever to investigate organized crime. They just want the budget without doing the work. When the RCMP loses billions of tax dollars from it's terrorist budget every year, that is organized crime. Their continued tax fraud is disturbing.

Now that pot is legal we need to focuss on getting harder drugs off the street especially fentanyl. Kelowna has started to arrest street level fentanyl dealers and Surrey needs to follow their example. That is the New York Model. Seizing the proceeds of crime is not the New York Model. That is the corrupt LA model when Freeway Ricky was leading the US crack epidemic.

The UN and the Hells Angels have the right to sell legal pot just like Andy Richards has the right to sell cop pot. Allowing one but not the other is a conflict of interest. As for hard drugs, we need to promote treatment not addiction. That will save lives. It's that simple.

Fatal shooting in Surrey - Bikramjit Khakh

Global is reporting that "Homicide investigators have been called to Surrey, where one person has died in a shooting. The Surrey RCMP says officers were called to the 13900-block of 58A Avenue around 7:15 p.m. to reports of shots fired. They arrived to find an adult victim suffering from gunshot wounds. Attempts to revive the victim failed, police said. Not long after, police were also called to a vehicle on fire near King George Boulevard and Colebrook Road."

Global is reporting that the victim in the shooting was Bikramjit Khakh aka Bicky. Not to be confused with Sukhvinder Singh (Bicky) Dosanjh leader of the Independent Soldiers before it was taken over by the Hells Angels. That Bicky died mysteriously in a car accident back in 2005.

Friday, February 1, 2019

RCMP investigator in Surrey Six case admits to sexual affair with witnesses

Global is reporting that "A former RCMP officer involved in the Surrey Six murder case admitted to a sexual affair with a witness in the investigation. Ex-RCMP Sgt. Derek Brassington pleaded guilty earlier this month to breach of trust and obstructing justice “by compromising the safety and integrity of a witness” during the investigation."

"According to an agreed statement of facts, Brassington struck up a sexual affair with the witness, identified in court documents as Jane Doe 1, and drank alcohol with her on multiple occasions. The witness was under RCMP care because of what she potentially knew about the 2007 murders, and was moved between Canadian cities for her protection, under the care of officers assigned to keep her cooperating with the case."

"Brassington, then considered a young up-and-coming detective with the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT), had sex with the witness in cities across Canada in accommodations paid for by the RCMP while supposedly engaged in official witness management duties, according to the document."

“During the course of their relationship, Sgt. Brassington compromised Jane Doe 1’s security on several occasions. He billed the RCMP for witness management trips which included his pursuit of his relationship with Jane Doe 1, including billing overtime for hours spent drinking and engaging in sexual activity,” reads the document.

"In August 2009, Brassington, Jane Doe 1 and others purchased and consumed over $800 worth of alcohol at a bar in one Canadian city, where the pair engaged in public displays of affection. In another city, Brassington gave his IHIT business card to a stripper, who was invited to party with him, Jane Doe 1 and others."

"In September 2009, the document says Brassington lost his badge and wallet in a bar while out drinking with Jane Doe 1, which were recovered by bar staff the following day. In November, Brassington and another officer flew to meet with Jane Doe 1 and a friend of hers identified as Jane Doe 3, where they spent several days drinking and going to clubs."

All of them drank alcohol with the officers buying drinks for the women. At the club, Sgt. Brassington ‘made out’ with Jane Doe 3. The four returned to Jane Doe 1’s apartment in an intoxicated state whereupon Sgt. Brassington engaged in inappropriate sexual activity with Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 3 in the presence of the other officer, reads the document."

"Details of the case were under a publication ban, which was lifted following a challenge from Global News and the CBC. Earlier this week, two other Mounties involved in the Surrey Six case pleaded guilty to failing to maintain law and order under the RCMP Act."

This is the climate of unprofessionalism that has permeated the RCMP for many years resulting in a class action sexual harassment lawsuit. This wasn't one cop who lied to his coworkers about an affair. It was common practice for officers to go drinking with witnesses and flirt with them. His coworkers knew about the affair and covered up for him. Just so we're clear.