Saturday, May 31, 2014

Shots fired in Surrey 152nd St and 64th Ave - Updated

Scan BC is reporting that #Surrey #RCMP have closed 152 St & 64 Ave after two vehicles were seen shooting at each other. Both vehicles fled scene. The car on scene behind the police tape must be a witness. One resident claimed their neighbour heard three shots fired. Two other witnesses on the scene seem to think the incident started at King George and 32nd Ave. That's where they heard two cars skid and get in an accident who were then chased by the police. There is no evidence confirming the two incidents are connected. However, the front bumper of the vehicle in the scene was damaged.

Strangely enough, right when I thought they were going to start dropping police tape and letting traffic through more police kept showing up and started diverting traffic off of 152nd Street before 68th Ave right into a suburb maze resulting in a traffic nightmare. I have no idea why they would expand the crime scene and create a circus side show for traffic when the scene is clearly safe. The shooters have left the scene.

One resident tried to cross 152nd Street to get home and a cop freaked on him and made him wait for the insane amount of time the extended crime scene was up. All the guy wanted to do was cross the street and go home. Nowhere near the actual crime scene. He lived on the same street the same cop just let a car exit from and turn south on 152nd. That kind of bizarre authoritarianism just alienates them further from the public. My response is simple. When are they going to start arresting crack dealers in Newton? You think that is not related to this? I beg to differ.

May 13th the Surrey Now reported that a man was shot dead in Cloverdale around midnight at residence in the 17400-block 57th Avenue. Insp. Tim Shields was the RCMP spokesman on that file. The same person charged in a sexual harassment suit that Bob Paulson promised to do something about. Not. The only thing they are doing is harassing whistleblowers and promoting people accused of sexual harassment.

Update: There was another shooting in Surrey Saturday. News1130 is reporting that Police in Surrey are trying to figure out who fired shots from a moving car on 152nd between 64th and 72nd Avenue Saturday night. That's just down 152nd from the shooting earlier that day.

CPA Investigations at Shakerz

So what is up with the CPA Investigations truck outside Shakerz in Surrey today? Tbarz, now known as Shakerz has been known for it's ties to the Hells Angels. Is CPA investigating their connection to organized crime or do they own the firm? Please advise.

I did see a Dank truck parked outside Tbarz a couple years ago. Bikers of America blog reported that Randy ceased being a director of Dank in October 2010. Trevor briefly ceased being a director on May 30, 2011 — just 19 days after he was indicted in the U.S. But he was reinstated as a Dank director on Sept. 16, 2011, the documents show. Dank hosted a party on Oct. 14, 2009 at T-Barz with the band Swollen Members performing." They claim the Dank website featured a photo of two RCMP officers drinking Dank. Looks like Randy changed the name on his Dank energy drink to 420 energy drink and has an LA sponsor. They now call it purple dank.

Update: Ah yes, security cameras. One blog reader suggested they might likely be updating their security cameras. That would make sense. They must do the security cameras at the clubhouses.

Edward Snowden NBC Interview

Now that we've talked about what the Charter of Rights isn't, let's talk about what it is. The Canadian Charter of Rights, like the US Bill of Rights, protects civil liberty in a democratic system or a free republic. The right to commit crime or belong to a criminal organization is not a Charter Right. The freedom of political or religious association is. The protection from unnecessary searches and seizures is. The protection from big brother spying on you without cause is. Those are important rights in a democratic system.

Recently Germany has officially banned Rock Machine as well as Hells Angel patches. No doubt Germany's past history will raise a few eyebrows. Germany isn't known for it's civil liberty. They had Hitler and East Berlin. Both are the prime examples of what a free republic is not and why a Bill of Rights is so necessary to protect civil liberty.

Nevertheless, the right to belong to a criminal organization and extort the public is not a charter right. With the long list of drug trafficking charges, it has become clear that the Hells Angels are not just motorcycle enthusiasts. Banning a group of motorcycle enthusiasts would be illegal. Yet the case law has shown that the Hells Angels are not only deeply involved in drug trafficking, they also use extreme violence to obtain a monopoly on the drug trade. The case law is clear.

The right to commit crime is not a charter right. No one has a charter right to sell crack. No one has a charter right to smoke crack or inject heroin at the tax payers expense. That is such a gross misinterpretation of the Charter of Rights it's not funny. It has distorted the original intent of the charter beyond any recognition whatsoever.

Edward Snowden was recently on an hour long televised interview. The Rolling Stone is reporting that in the hour-long broadcast, Snowden spoke passionately about his desire to serve as a positive example for future whistleblowers, the distinctions between what is moral and what is legal, and how the U.S. government radically changed following 9/11.

He mentioned how he would like to be able to come home and return to the US. Sadly John Kerry referred to him as a traitor which is a bold faced lie. He is a whistle blower. He is being treated like a criminal for exposing unlawful activity. The NSA has been breaking the law and violating the US Constitution which the President and every other elected official has sworn an oath to defend. Edward Snowden is a patriot.

In contrast, John Kerry knows full well about the CIA's drug trafficking. He chaired the Kerry Committee and heard all that evidence confirming that to be true. That makes John Kerry more of a traitor than Edward Snowden. Wiki leaks was a bit different. Although the intent was similar, to expose government misdoings, Edward Snowden did not expose military secrets. He exposed how the NSA has been breaking the law by spying on it's own citizens and on other allies as well. Edward Snowden is a whistleblower not a traitor. The NSA and everyone who defends them including Barrack Obama are the traitors. Just so we are clear on that fact.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Found: One Good BC Criminal Judge

They say a good man is hard to find. Well in the BC criminal courts a good judge is even harder to find. Lao Tzu once said it is better to light one candle than to curse all the darkness. Well today a candle of justice was lit in the dark abyss of BC's criminal injustice system. The Vancouver Province is reporting that a B.C. Supreme Court judge says rehabilitation is a “remote possibility” for a man who committed a string of robberies, unless he deals with his drug addiction. Not only that but he was sentenced to 7 1/2 years less time served for committing seven robberies.

There are two huge breakthroughs here. The first is dealing with prolific offenders. The second is admitting that prolific offenders who steal to support a drug addiction need to address their addiction before they can be expected to be rehabilitated. Remember when court sentences used to include banning the use of drugs or alcohol during probation if proven to be a factor in the crimes committed? Or forcing someone into treatment? Now we freaking give them drugs in prison.

There is a huge public concern with the injustice in the BC criminal courts. Many come right out and say judges are the problem. Others say it's not the judge's it's the laws that need to change. However, that is simply untrue. The criminal code is federal. Ontario doesn't have a problem applying just sentences to criminal acts under the same criminal code. It is clearly a BC problem with an arrogant and out of touch judiciary that thinks they are better then the public because they are learned in the law. In a democratic society the public elects the government that makes the laws the courts enforce. These judges have just memorized a set of watered down jurisprudence that has diluted justice well beyond recognition.

This decision is the logical answer to the Vancouver Police Department's 30 strikes and your out campaign. Logic dictates the more criminal offenses you commit the more time you spend in jail. Currently the BC judges have it backwards. The more crimes you commit the less time you serve in prison. That defies both logic and natural justice.

One could legitimately argue that 7 1/2 years for seven petty theft robberies could be considered excessive since that is more than the minimum sentence for manslaughter with a firearm. The point is a prolific offender should do more time the more offenses they commit not less and if drugs are a factor in committing those crimes then they should be forced into treatment or at least detox.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another BC Judge Breaks the Law

This is unprecedented and clearly shows that the BC Judicial system is in a State of Emergency. Judges are paid with tax dollars to uphold the law. There is no jurisprudence authorizing them to break the law. The thought seems ludacruous but that is exactly what has happened.

The Federal Government finds out about a crazy pilot project that uses tax dollars to buy heroin for addicts. They cancel the program so the heroin addicts getting the free drugs sue the government and a BC Judge awards an injunction "forcing" the government to use tax dollars to pay for the illegal drug until the case goes to trial. That is totally out of their jurisdiction.

When examining the Vancouver gang war it is clear that the Aldergrove Judicial Review Board is correct: Judges are the Problem. We need a mechanism in place to fire bad judges. We don't need to do away with the Charter of Rights. We need to do away with the bad judges that misinterpret it.

OK so name the judge. Let's have a little public accountability. We can't sue the judge for misconduct if we don't know their name. Whenever a judge makes a decision they cite a law or a case that gives them the authority to make that decision. Where is the law that states the court has the jurisdiction and the authority to break the law? There is none. This decision is lawlessness. It is not a Charter Right to inject heroin at the taxpayers expense. That is treason.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Chronicles of Doc Riddoch

There have been a whole bunch of rumors about Hells Angel rivals cropping up on the west coast. Without naming names or promoting chaos I will address the matter. We have already seen a bit of agro between the Warlocks and the Dirty Few outside Edmonton. The Dirty Few are of course Hells Angel puppets, the Warlocks are not. Well to make matters worse, the Rebels are setting up shop in that area as well.

I've mentioned the Rebels before. They're a group from Australia. I can't support them because they use a Confederate flag which to me and most other people represents racism and slavery. BC is multi cultural. They'd get killed here. Edmonton is likely their best shot since it's also plagued by the White boy posse who sell drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels and use Nazi logos.

I have some pictures and some names but I'm not going to post them because I don't want anyone else to get shot. It is really pointless. One of the new Rebel members is an older guy with the computer tech look. He just has that look that makes you ask what the hell are you doing? Someone bored and wants to be something that he really doesn't understand.

Another one of the Rebel members in the Edmonton looks like a nice guy but has that small town hillbilly look. The third one just looks like a complete idiot. He looks like a clown from Wayne's World doing a burnout on a Harley while fingering the camera. Grown men who never grew up.

Although I support a free market and oppose the Hells Angels monopoly on the drug trade I have to ask these guys what the hell are you thinking? There is nothing wrong with riding motorcycles and living the dream but this 1% fetish to sell drugs and pimp the dream is really messed up. Grow up. You have kids now. You should be getting ready to enjoy grand kids not be selling kids hard drugs.

And then there's the Rock Machine in Surrey. When I first heard the news I said three cheers. Finally respite from the Surrey girl idiots. Then we hear it was some kid who has beef with the son of the Whiterock Hells Angel president that called into the Province claiming he was an RM prospect and that the RM were setting up shop in Surrey. Now I find out which kid it was that is pretending to be a RM associate. That guy is a complete idiot and a compete con man. He is a compulsive liar that rips off women. If he is a RM prospect the Rock Machine need to save themselves a lot of misery and cut him loose now before he does any more irreparable damage. Save yourself the hassle of making him a prospect, member then out in bad standing. You don't have to go through all that hassle just to find out the guy is a complete idiot.

I'm not even going to name his name. Most of you know who it is. That clown has been begging me to put him on the gang member registry for years. In fact I had him on it at one time. He sets up fake profiles and starts passing on intel claiming this guy is hard core and has gang affiliations. He's promoting himself with absolute bullsh*t.

So I had the guy on the gang member registry page. Then he starts harassing and extorting this girl sending her links to my gang member registry trying to pretend he is a gang member while he tries to extort her for money. He is as they say a complete con man. He is a fraudster.

You just have to listen to him speak to figure that out. It will take 30 seconds. It's not that the Hells Angels used him and cast him aside. He was fraudulently pimping the Hells Angels and he knows he would never ever make the cut so now he is pretending to have beef with them because they wronged him. That is a lie.

The sad thing is, this guy is such a loser wannabe that he just might actually shoot someone in a desperate attempt to be something. Unfortunately, like we saw with that Clun Clun clown who claimed to have participated in the Kelwona shooting, even if this guy did shoot someone it would never make him something in the underworld any more than it did Clin Clung. If you're a clown shooting someone will not save you. If you want to be somebody in life, get a job. Spend time with your kids. Be a role model. Do something constructive with your life. Slinging crack is not it.

I don't know anything about Doc Riddoch the president of the Whiterock Hells Angels but I do know this kid claiming to have beef with him is a idiot and a liar who will con your daughter out of money then pretend to be a gang member so she doesn't go to the police. Parents beware.

I do think it's amusing how similar Doc Riddoch's name is to the character Riddick in the movie played by Vin Diesel. I understand Vin Diesel will be in another Riddick movie soon. No doubt Doc Riddoch is glad to be rid of the Surrey Girl Princesses. He's likely missing Randy Jones' business forte. It's gotta be hard on business to trade Randy Jones for Villy Lynnerup. Good old toothless isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Back in the day there was nothing wrong with the Gypsy Wheelers. They were normal. They weren't like Ricky Ciarniello and the Satan's Rejects. Everything went downhill as soon as those other lunatics got involved. Some saw the writing on the wall and got out when the getting was good. They were wise to do so.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Outlaw Associate busted in Gander Newfoundland

The RCMP are reporting that on May 25th, 2014, after executing a search warrant in Gander, Newfoundland the police seized a loaded .22 calibre handgun, cocaine, LSD and marihuana. It looks like just trace amount of drugs and that pistol looks like a pea shooter but the axes and machetes are pretty nasty. Interesting to note the Outlaws MC support shirt also seized in the raid. Nicholas Sheppard was arrested and is facing nine charges. LSD? That's kind of retro.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Ukraine Elections Results

We are still waiting for the official results but CBC is reporting that exit polls suggested candy tycoon Petro Poroshenko won Ukraine's presidential election in the first round Sunday.

I'm trying to find a link to today's article in the Vancouver Province because it is absolutely bizarre. It claimed that the Ukraine sent Putin a loud and clear message. That is absurd. Eastern Ukraine didn't vote. We knew western Ukraine was pro EC. He only won with 55% of the vote. That means if Crimea or eastern Ukraine voted, he wouldn't have won.

This shows the double tragedy. Militants in eastern Ukraine blocked voting stations. That is something you never want to do ever. You never want to stop people from voting in an election. I know the theory was we just voted to separate so we're going to boycott their election. The problem is, when you boycott an election that means the other guy wins.

That's exactly what happened to Quebec one year at an Union National convention. Quebecors are passionate. They got pissed off with the politicking and walked out. So what did the English politicians do? They said great. We still have a quorum and our opposition just walked out so now we're going to ram through every crazy policy we want because no one is here to vote it down. That's exactly what they did.

In the 2010 election with Crimea and eastern Ukraine the pro Russian side had enough votes to elect a pro Russian president. In this election, they boycotted and the pro EC side had just enough votes to get elected. Now it's one great big mess. Again I stress you never want to prevent people from voting in an election. The pro Russian forces in the east made a huge mistake. Now, they're screwed. Sadly this whole mess reminds me of one thing: the Greek financial crisis. How it was created by investment fraud tied to key lobbyists who supported this new operation Ajax.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bacchus in the news

CBC is reporting that Bacchus moves into Halifax area. I'm a bit confused. I thought they were already there. Those were the clowns that were supplying PEI with drugs as well as the Halifax prison. I thought that's where the idiot Pat James with the worst ink I've ever seen having two eyeballs tattooed on the back of his head is from. These guys scream huvkleberry hillbillies.

Maybe they just mean they moved across the inlet from Dartmough into Halifax itself. CBC is reporting that they're opening a new clubhouse in Harrietsfield which is on the other side of Halifax. The Saint John Bacchus club president plead guilty to trafficking crystal meth.

There is however, a huge factual error with the CBC story. They claim the club is respected in the outlaw biker world. You have got to be kidding. Maybe in Wayne's world but certainly not in real life or in the OMG world. Look at their logo. It's the patron saint of homosexuality. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it's certainly not the logo I'd wear or respect.

We've been through this before. They all freaked out and claimed Bacchus was a Greek god of wine. No that was Dionysus. Sergius and Bacchus were two roman soldiers who were openly gay and secretly Christian. They were martyred for being Christian not for being gay. Being gay was OK back then. Now the Hillbilly Bacchus clowns back east slip into rage and denial insisting their Bacchus is the god of wine not the patron saint of homosexuality.

Yeah? Well take a look at your logo. It's a picture of a Roman soldier not of a Greek god. I joke about them being the patron saints of homosexuality. It is highly unlikely there were ever canonized but it's clear they were openly gay and secretly christian. So it is what it its hillbillies. Good luck with your Bacchus pride and your delusion about being respected in the OMG world.

Update: CBC is clarifying that "Nova Scotia’s only outlaw motorcycle gang recently moved its lone chapter to Halifax and has a new lakeside clubhouse in Harrietsfield."

Ontario drug ring linked to Mennonites

This one's rather bizarre. The Hells Angel supporters are loving it. There was a recent drug bust in Ontario tied to a group of Mennonites in southwestern Ontario. Yeah that's not a typo. Obviously it's not something the Mennonite church endorses. It's just a group of Mennonites who wanted to make some money. I just noticed there was another Mennonite drug ring across the Alberta border September 2013. That's kind of shocking.

Kinda like the Mossad. They have been involved in drug trafficking since Operation Watchtower and Iran Contra. Somewhat hypocritical to say the least. Not long ago the police seized a brick of cocaine in BC that had a Star of David stamped on it. If that's not blasphemy, I don't know what is.

A Biblical Allegory

We've talked a fair bit about corruption on various levels. Political corruption often seems overwhelming all on it's own. When we add that to corruption in the upper levels of the police force right up to corruption in the HSBC and on Wall Street it is understandable why so many people adopt the way of the ostrich and bury their heads in the sand. Unfortunately that's not going to make the problem go away in real life. It's like Moses and the golden calf.

It's pretty hard for us to comprehend how any intelligent being could possibly worship a golden calf yet we do in our day. We worship our own golden calves of greed: luxury cars, clothes and jewelry. It's not about worshiping statues it's about worshiping materialism and greed.

Moses was quite the military commander. He killed an Egyptian guard. The Israelites were slaves in Egypt. One of the guards raped a slave's wife and Moses lost it. He beat the guard to death. No doubt he got in trouble for that and went into hiding for a while.

The Book of Jasher claims Moses went south into Sudan and Ethiopia. It contains an interesting story about how Moses led the armies there against an evil power that was in a fortified castle protected by a moat filled with poisonous snakes. It seemed impenetrable but Moses thought outside the box.

He got a group of soldiers to each get a baby crane as a pet and train it. When the cranes were mature he took the army along with the soldiers who had the cranes to confront the castle. The cranes ate the poisonous snakes and Moses' army took the castle. Not bad for doing what they said couldn't be done. That story is found in the book of Jasher which isn't in the Bible or the Apocrypha. The Bible quotes the Book of Jasher but it's not in the Bible. It's one of the lost books missing from the Bible.

Moses is famous for leading the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt into the promise land. He told Pharaoh Let my people go. When I was on a non religious Kibbutz in Israel I was surprised they celebrated the passover to commemorate the event. I asked them about it and said I thought you guys were non religious. He said we are. This isn't a religious thing it's just part of our history.

Anyways, the biblical story claims Moses went up to the mountains to pray and when he came back he found them all dancing naked around a golden calf. Moses lost it. He couldn't believe they could degenerate so fast after such miraculous things happened in their escape from Egypt. He smashed the first set of commandments and said Who is on the lord's side? Let him come unto me. Then the Levites gathered and they slew 3,0000. Of their own people. They had to cleanse the inner vessel before they were able to proceed to fulfill their destiny.

Can you see where I'm going with this? Right now we face a huge amount of corruption. Right now this level of corruption is a bigger threat to our civil liberty and to our prosperity that Hitler, Stalin or Chairman Mao. Those enemies stood on the other side of the battlefield and tried to conquer our liberty and turn us into slaves. This new enemy is from within. They pretend to be our friends and wrap the flaxen cords around our neck until their lies choke us into slavery.

As tempting as it sounds, I'm not saying we go Boondock saints and start executing all the corrupt politicians out there. Words will retain their power. I am saying we need to be aware of the problem and confront it before we proceed just like Moses did in the past. CSIS is corrupt. The CIA is corrupt. MI 6 is corrupt. This secret combination is a greater threat to our liberty that Russia, China and North Korea combined. Edward Snowden is a hero. Support him.

It has been said that the day will come when all their secret works of darkness will be brought to light. The Pickton cover up needs to be uncovered. The Operation Phoenix story needs to be told. The Fast and Furious story needs to be told. Arise and shine soldiers. Our day has come.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Arrest made in Julie Paskall's murder

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that the suspect who was arrested for the murder of Julie Paskall, the hockey mom beaten to death in Newton has been named. Yosef Jomo Gopaul is scheduled to appear in Surrey court at 9:30 AM Monday, May 26.

No doubt an arrest is a good thing in this horrific tragedy. I'm just really disappointing that absolutely nothing has been done with regards to the endless complaints of the businesses and the residents of Newton about the open drug trafficking that has created a violent crime area that Bill Fordy and Dianne Watts have done nothing about. It's really sad.

Jim Brown's Disciplinary Hearing

Speaking of off duty police officers attending parties at Piggy's Palace, I understand Jim Brown's disciplinary hearing is in the beginning of June. We are told it's supposed to be open to the public but no one is letting us know when or where it is so I doubt that the public will be allowed in. Especially since the RCMP have gone to such bizarre effort to cover up his criminal fantasies. It's hard to maintain public trust when they cover for a guy like that.

No doubt Jim Brown's disciplinary hearing is going to be a complete scam just like the Missing Woman's Inquiry was. The police already investigated him and claimed “[RCMP] Legal Services deemed this to be off duty, non-criminal, adult consensual activity during which the individual was not representing himself as a member of the RCMP and thus did not appear to them to meet the threshold for a Code of Conduct violation."

This new disciplinary hearing is just another kangaroo court to appease the public after his bondage pictures he posted online hit the media. Jim Brown is someone we need to follow up on. Other people know what he's been up to. No matter what bullying and censorship he does, it's something that clearly won't go away. No matter how hard the RCMP brass try.

Speaking of which, if anyone out there has a copy of that picture of Jim Brown and Dave Pickton together that witnesses claim they have seen, I'd sure love to get my hands on it. I'd burr out privates of course. Nobody wants to see that. The question remains, if the police already have the picture, why haven't they done anything about it? Please advise.

Former Kingpin Crew member charged with drug trafficking

Kim Bolan is reporting that a former member of the Kingpin Crew has been charged with drug trafficking in Kelowna. Castanet also ran the story and posted his picture. Quentin James, 37 and Anita Moessner, 31, were initially arrested back in December of last year after James allegedly attempted to mail a package containing three ounces of cocaine to an address in Alberta.

Police then raided James' home, two storage lockers and two safety deposit boxes.They seized various amounts of drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, MDMA, methamphetamine, ecstasy and psilocybin along with a bulletproof vest, brass knuckles, defensive batons, assorted rounds of ammunition and approximately $100,000 in cash.

We know that in January of 2013 the Kingpin crew abandoned their fruit stand by the airport. That would have been shortly after this initial drug bust last Christmas when Quentin tried to mail some cocaine to "someone" in Calgary.

September 2012 Johnny Newcome was busted for running a stolen car ring tied to the Kelowna Hells Angels which also implicated the Kingpin Crew and the Calgary Hells Angels.

February 2013 a judge upheld a ruling classifying the Kingpin crew as a criminal organization. February 2013 they relocated to a residential neighborhood after they abandoned their fruit stand.

I know they were officially disbanded by October of 2013. In May 2013 a member of the Kingpin crew reported his custom motorcycle stolen after he left it outside while he went out of town when he normally didn't park it outside over night.

December 2011 it was reported that Joey Verma was recruiting for the Kingpin Crew in prison and got a new tattoo that said VP as in vice president. Joey was found guilty in the murder of Britney Irving October 2013. Right around the time the Kingpin crew were officially disbanded.

So that means the colors the police seized in this picture were from way back before they were disbanded or he kept a couple as souvenirs. He wasn't selling drugs for the Kingpin crew after October 2013. If he was selling drugs after October 2013 he was doing it under a different umbrella more likely the Independent Soldiers who also work for the Hells Angels. However it doesn't look like this is a new charge. It looks like it is from December 2013.

Evidently, Quentin James was friends with Chad Karylchuk‏ who also sold drugs and was friends with the Hells Angels. He was with Chad and the others on that trip to Mexico in 2007. Chad as we know died of a drug overdose just like Lar's friend William Wendelborg.

In the book Road to Hell, it claims Larry Pace (Lars) killed William Wendelborg in a contract hit ordered by Wolf Carroll’s associate Paul Wilson out in David Giles hometown of Halifax. They knocked him out with a baseball bat and injected him with a lethal dose of cocaine. Larry plead guilty to accessory to murder and served ten years less statutory release. Lars is in Kelowna now. His lake view lot was sold at 2592 Butt Road West Kelowna after that unfortunate house fire. Kinda amusing you can still see an open gas can in the garage with the nozzle still on it. Isn’t that ironic.

Prince Charles' Visit

I see Prince Charles and Camilla were in Halifax last week. I wasn't going to say anything about it because royal visits for me personally are a non issue. I'm sure someone in Halifax would like to visit them just like I'm sure someone in Victoria would like to see them as well. For the rest of us it's pretty much a non issue. I'm not anti the royal family I'm just not into it.

I personally like Charles. He did as he was told and married Dianna which was the best thing that ever happened to the royal family yet things didn't really work out. She was a lot younger than him and he rather be with someone his own age and not so brilliantly beautiful. Him marrying Camilla in the end kinda shows his character. He's not a dirty old man he is a man of dignity and self respect.

However, his recent statement comparing Putin to Hitler over their annexation of Crimea in the Ukraine has got me shaking my head. Does he really think we're that stupid or is he just pulling a Vic Toews and repeating something he was told without thinking about it or actually looking at the voter count last election. Over 70% of the voters in Crimea voted for a pro Russian president in 2010. Over 70%. How much over 70% we don't know but we do know it was over 70%. Enough to help a pro Russian president get elected that election over all.

Letting an unelected coup steam roll over the democratic will of those voters and forcing them to join the EU would be much more of an act of Hitler than Putin protecting them from that coup and annexing them from it. We've talked a fair bit about the conflict in the Ukraine. It's pretty clear the West of the Ukraine don't want to join Russia and the East of Ukraine doesn't want to join with the EU. That's pretty clear from the voter polls in the 2010 election.

What concerns me is the blind nonsense that doesn't make sense. It makes me wonder who's feeding him that kind of BS MI-6? We need to ask MI-6 what British Agents were doing in Iraq dressed as Arabs with a car load of guns and explosives. We need to ask them why they shot at local police the allies put in place at a roadblock and refused to tell them what their secret missions dressed as Arabs was. Instead of revealing that sinister mission England leveled the prison that was holding them and helped them escape without a trial or an explanation.

There are a lot of things MI-6 does that need explanation. God save the Queen and the future Kings. Charles and William both. God save them from the lies of MI-6.

Just for the record, Communist China is a much bigger threat to civil liberty than Russia and no one seems to have a problem with Communist China. They have launched a new campaign to demolish churches there. It's hard to conceive that kind of communism can still exist in our modern world. Telling someone they aren't allowed to be Christian or Jewish or Muslim. It is bizarre. That is not a free republic.

This is why China should not have our oil rights. We should not be funding their military expansion and their destruction of civil liberty every time we get gouged at the gas pumps.

As for the Ukraine, here's a link a blog reader just sent in:

Pierre Omidyar co funded Ukraine revolution groups

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Hells Angels control of street Prostitution

OK here's part two. We've established two things. The Hells Angels involvement with the drug trade as well as their involvement with prostitution and human trafficking. It is hard to conceive that they would be in any way involved with street prostitution in East Vancouver or in Surrey, but they are. They control it.

Let's talk about the Front Room. The epicenter of drug related violence in Surrey. This is where Janice Shore was last seen before she was brutally murdered for a nominal drug debt. I've talked about the predatory drug dealers outside the Front Room before. They are very aggressive and very violent. I've mentioned how violent they are towards street prostitutes there.

I've always had a hard time visualizing a Surrey or East Vancouver crack ho having a pimp extorting their wages. Now I find out the drug dealers are the pimps. The drug dealers give the street prostitutes crack and create a debt. Then when they get a trick they have to bring the money back to them to repay the debt.

Annette Allan worked outside the Front Room. She was murdered at the Surrey House of Horrors and was dumped in the Fraser River. Joseph Francis Legassie, 38, of Surrey was originally charged with her murder but that charge was dropped and replaced with the lesser charge of unlawful confinement.

Joanna Larson confessed to murdering Annette Allan. She beat her with a hammer and stabbed her nine times with a screwdriver. Wrapped her up in a blanket with rocks and dumped her body in the Fraser River. Jojo was released from prison for that murder in 2011.

Annette was picked on because she wasn't particularly good-looking, and they were trying to make it $40 no less. She'd come back with $20 and that lowered the bar for everyone else. Jojo's claim that Annette was a rat was a bold faced lie.

Teri-Lyn Williams was another sex trade worker in Surrey that was found dead outside Tbarz in 2010. Dustin Lee Lalonde confessed to her murder but we know that often guys in prison will be paid to confess to other crimes they didn't commit.

Recently we talked about Larry Robert Mizen. Another drug dealer and pimp outside the Front Room with a long history of violence. He always had a female co accused as well. Just like Colleen, that fat ugly white girl outside the Front Room right now terrorizing all the sex trade workers there. I think these service providers need better representation than the Hells Angels because the HAs just aren't protecting them from the violence and exploitation at all. They are the ones benefiting from it. If they control the drugs outside the Front Room then they ultimately control the street prostitution there as well.

The drug dealers that exploit the sex trade workers outside the Front Room also demand free service. That tree where they murdered Janice Shore is where they go to get free blow jobs from the sex trade workers they exploit. This is why we have to target the drug dealer outside the Front Room. They are the source of all the violence.

Take a look at the before and after pictures of Teri-Lyn Williams. The first picture is of Terry after her drug addiction in Surrey. The bottom one is of Terry in Alberta taken in 1996. Crack is a poison we have to oppose. We also have to oppose the Hells Angels involvement in human trafficking.

Let's also remember Shannon Collins who was murdered in Edmonton. Her sister was told she was leaving for Calgary to work for the Hells Angels. However, since she was living what police described as a high risk lifestyle, it appears she had already been working for the boys in Edmonton. Georgina Papin was also originally from Edmonton. Her DNA ended up on the Pickton farm. It's a slippery slope. They start off recruiting exotic dancers. Then it's all about strippers and blow. Soon that turns to crack and as soon as the drugs eats away at the woman's beauty and she stops making money she is no longer an asset and is disposed of as a liability.

To all the Mary Magdalenes out there I encourage you to walk away from the drugs. Just walk away and if you can't walk away, run. Run for your life. While you still can. If the drugs won't kill you the one dealing them to you will. Buyer Beware.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hells Angels control of the Sex Trade

After five years of blogging and over 11 million hits, we have clearly established the Hells Angels involvement in the drug trade. It's not just that they are deeply involved in the drug trade, it's the fact that they use violence to obtain a monopoly on the drug trade.

In Quebec, the biker war had absolutely nothing to do with riding motorcycles. It was a war over drug turf. Julie Couillard's ex husband was Stephen Sirois. He sold drugs for the Hells Angels in Montreal through the Rockers, not to be confused with the Rock Machine. In Quebec, the court heard that the Hells Angels contributed a percentage of their drug profits to a fund to murder rival drug dealers. That is all well documented now.

Likewise in BC the Hells Angels used violence to obtain a virtual monopoly on the exotic dancer industry. Exotic dancing is legal by the way so legalizing something doesn't necessarily stop the Hells Angels from exploiting it. We've talked about the Hells Angels and prostitution. We've talked about how they owned brothels in Amsterdam and Nevada. We've also talked about Otis Garett. He was convicted of ordering the murder of Margo Compton and her twin seven year old daughters after she testified against him for running a prostitution ring for the Hells Angels in San Fransisco called the Lovenest. Well there's more. Much more.

Personally I'm not concerned about indoor facilities the Hells Angels are involved with like the Garden of Eden in Kelowna because that appears to be consensual. What concerns me is the huge level of exploitation that goes on at the street level. However, as many human rights groups strive to raise the awareness about human trafficking in Canada, it appears that many of those indoor facilities also include forced prostitution and human trafficking. In Germany and Spain the Hells Angels were charged in a large human trafficking ring. Right before Canadian Hells Angels were caught in a huge cocaine bust there.

I met with a friend from Montreal who talked about one brothel he visited in Montreal run by the Hells Angels where a woman was chained to the bed, she had a bucket to go to the bathroom in and she was paid in drugs. He said it was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen. Another example of how low predators can go just to make a buck off of sheer exploitation.

Again, the problem is greed. It's not enough for the Hells Angels to be involved in criminal activity. They are obsessed with using violence to obtain a monopoly of that trade. Years ago the Haney Hells Angels ran a brothel in Kamloops called La JJ's just like the one in Maple Ridge. Another woman who had saved up her money tried to set up an independent brothel. The Hells Angels told her she wasn't allowed to. She did anyways so they tried drowning her in her bathtub. Her dog saved her life and she was never heard from again. That's my concern. That's when it stops being consensual. When people are forced into that industry against their will or they are forced to work for the Hells Angels against their will.

The CBC reported that a woman who was forced into prostitution by a Hells Angels member said she was too scared to report the man to police. They had a walk in Nova Scotia to raise awareness about human trafficking in Canada including the Hells Angels involvement. I find it very disturbing and very concerning when a prominent Vancouver advocate for sex trade workers publicly promotes the Hells Angels. That is obscene.

While we're on the subject, let's not forget Adam Hall. The Berkshire County Sergeant at arms. Another white Hells Angels accused of forced prostitution. Court affidavits claim he forced three women into prostitution and told them "You work for me now," he allegedly told one woman "There's no way out of it." One confidential informant told police the forced prostitution took place at the group's clubhouse on Woodland Road in Lee, according to the affidavit.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The making of a Predator

This is something I really want to drive home because it is clearly the root of the problem in Surrey and the DTES. The other day I had a talk with an old friend who still does volunteer work in East Vancovuer. Years ago we both noticed that every year there seemed to be more and more homeless and drug addicts on the streets.

East Van has always been referred to as skid road. A place where the down and out go. Back then it was alcoholics some drinking aftershave to get high. Then heroin came in and that addiction consumed the vulnerable. When crack came in the problem continued to expand exponentially.

After all these years of working in east Van my friend has noticed two things. The number of homeless and drug addicted is off the charts as is the complete feeling of hopelessness there. Back in the day people would always say Oh I'm going to get out. I'm going to get treatment. Not any more. Treatment isn't even on the table. The only thing there now is compete hopelessness. This is what the not very safe injection site has done to the DTES. It has created a forest fire of addiction and the total eclipse of any hope anyone once pretended to have.

He talked about the predatory drug dealers that exploit the homeless. He said they're easy to pick out. He talked about being in an alley meeting a 50 year old woman lying on the ground surrounded by syringes. She hadn't moved or had anything to drink for days. The drug dealer at the end of the alley was dressed like a pimp and kept getting reloaded with supplies by an SUV that drove by periodically. He kept taking this woman's money until she had none then moved on to the next mark. He is a predator.

My friend said he often tries to visualize how anyone could be so far gone and so evil to degenerate to be low enough to profit from that kind of misery. He said he couldn't imagine living life without a conscience like that. All these insane extremists that pervert harm reduction into meaning harm promotion do not have the best interest of the homeless at heart. That much is clear to anyone who walks through that hopeless exploitation.

The officer who wrote the blog of the Diary of an East Van Beat Cop admits the first question people ask is when are you going to arrest all the drug dealers? He then explains why it isn't that simple. But it is. It really is. You arrest the drug dealers and reduce the plague of poison on the street. That is the New York model. I saw it.

All our talk about reducing crime is meaningless as long as we allow drug dealers to sell crack in public. Chasing grow ops while we let crack be sold on the street is ludicrous. The problem is staring us in the face and we are all diminished when we turn a blind eye to it.

Insite is a huge part of the problem. When the not very safe injection site opened the police established a tolerance zone where they wouldn't arrest drug dealers around it. That strategy has been one colossal failure. That's like letting a forest fire burn wild. Crack dealers moved in knowing the police won't arrest them and large groups of people smoke crack everywhere in plain view on the street. People are still shooting up in the allies. Insite has not stopped that. We are using tax dollars to commit murder and claim that is somehow promoting heath when it is doing the exact opposite. This is what we need to address.

The Federal government is frustrated fighting the Supreme Court over Insite. Understandably so. The Supreme Court does not have the authority to break the law but that is exactly what they have done. Notwithstanding the fight over Insite the practice of creating a tolerance zone around Insite is a separate issue. The Supreme Court can not stop the police from arresting crack dealers outside Insite. It really is that simple. Until we do that we all become accessories to murder and the predatory drug dealers that exploit the homeless without consciousness.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Police abandon Public Access in the DTES

In another thread I asked why there was a big metal fence blocking the public access to the police station in the DTES at 312 Main street. One reader called me stupid for not knowing the police station had moved. I was not aware it moved. Yesterday I went to check it out myself.

The Main street police station is still there right beside the courthouse. It's in a perfect location. There are still tons of police there that use the facility. Only it's closed to public access. Even the East Cordova street entrance.

I asked one police officer what the status of the police station was. He certainly wasn't friendly. They sure don't like talking to anyone with a camera down there. I told him I had heard the police station had moved but I notice a lot of police still there. He said the station was split. I see. There is no doubt a need for the police to use that facility.

My only concern is the whole concept of closing it to public access. I don't see how that helps protect the people living in the DTES from violence. A few years ago I spoke with one woman who lived in the DTES. She said that if she was being aggressively threatened, she would run over to the front of the Main street police station. She said because they have cameras out front it was a safe place to go if you were being harassed. Now that small amount of safety for the residents of the DTES has been taken away. They are left to fend for themselves.

I am somewhat concerned about the amount of money that gets spent on helping the people in the DTES and how they never get to see it. So many people and agencies exploit the people living in the DTES it's not funny. They get harassed and brutalized by the drug dealers and thieves while the police just abandon them. The city gives them a free crack kick and says fend for yourself. Get medicated and forget about it. That is not a solution to the violence in the DTES.

All this money on a new state of the art police station on Graveley street and all this money on a fleet of band new expensive police cars while the police turn around and abandon the people who live in the DTES completely. That is not right. The police say well they don't want us there they hate us. That's not entirely true. The drug dealers and thieves don't want them there. The addicts want the police to protect them not give them the boots. It really is that simple.

Of course this policy is from city hall not the police. No doubt individual officers feel frustrated. They had a guy writing a blog about walking the beat in east Van but they ended up pulling the plug on that campaign as well since Mayor Robertson just cares about the city's image like every other politician. At first the police were concerned about closing the station down at night to suppress crime statistics. Now the city has closed the whole thing to the public entirely. This is not progressive. It doesn't help stop the violence against sex trade workers or anyone else there.

The Main street police station is within eyesight of the open drug market at the Carnegie centre. I walked around the block yesterday and saw some street venders on the East Hastings side of the building. One guy had a huge open wound on his face from being recently brutalized. Another guy selling stuff had several rocks of crack in his hand that someone else was picking from after paying him for them. Open crack deals in plain view. That is what needs to stop.

Arresting the crack dealers not the addicts would be an amazing thing outside the Carnegie centre. Addressing the crack plague is no doubt a daunting task but like everything all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to remain silent and do nothing. We can't do everything but we can do something. We are morally obligated to try. We are also morally obligated to stop the brutal violence that victimizes the residents of the DTES on a daily basis. The DTES has been one colossal failed social experiment. It's time to try something new.

You must empty your cup to taste my cup of tea.

Crime and Crack

Let's take a look at some crime stats in Surrey and compare that with areas the police allow the public sale of crack and see how closely related the two really are. The Vancouver Province posted this map of Surrey Crime by Neighbourhood. I didn't add in the orange circles, they did. I simply added in the two small black dots and the arrows beside the headlines The Front Room and Newton. I think naming the two largest crime areas of Surrey is very significant.

The largest circle is around the Front Room which is the epicentre of drug related violence in Surrey. The second largest circle is around Newton where businesses and residents have been consistently complaining about the police not arresting the crack dealers there.

The smaller circles also represent areas where crack is sold just not at the same level as outside the Front Room or in Newton. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to connect the dots. We can clearly see that where the police let crack dealers sell crack, that results in a huge amount of crime. The most in Surrey. This supports my theory that if police arrest crack dealers not addicts that will greatly reduce crime over all. That is the New York model. I saw it work in New York.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

San Diego Hells Angel arrested in Langley

Kim Bolan is reporting that Troy Andrew Scholder, a member of the Dago chapter of the Hells Angels in San Diego was recently arrested in Langley on a US warrant. UT San Diego reported that Troy was one of four men wanted in connection with the kidnapping, torture, assault and robbery of a patched member who had informed the club that he wanted out.

Kim reminds us that the Dago chapter was believed to have been working with B.C. Hells Angels in a cocaine smuggling operation that led to the arrests of two full-patch B.C. members, as well as two associates in Spain last September. Previously Kim reported that Chad John Wilson of Haney is formally a member of the San Diego chapter of the Hells Angels.

Kamloops Hells Angels Associate sentenced to 11 years

Kim Bolan is reporting that John Darrel Krokos of Kamloops has been sentenced to more than 11 years in a California jail for operating an international cocaine smuggling ring from Mexico. The Sun earlier revealed that Krokos was the Vallarta-based cocaine broker for B.C. Hells Angels in Mexico.

Kim states earlier court documents in the case laid out how Krokos got nabbed by American law enforcement agents posing as underworld figures beginning in late 2009. Krokos arranged to purchase encrypted BlackBerrys from one of the agents on an ongoing basis. He then distributed the devices to his co-conspirators, believing they were a secure method for arranging cocaine shipments. Little did he know he was enabling U.S. agents to monitor drug shipments for years.

This is huge. It ties in with earlier reports I received making similar claims that went so far as stating certain key members of the Hells Angels were completely implicated in various murders from those BlackBerries. Let's hope those murder arrests happen before the powers that be let them disappear under the guise of one sacrificial lamb.

Inmate found dead at Kent Prison

The Government of Canada is reporting that on Friday, May 9, 2014, David Langlet, an inmate at Kent Institution was found unresponsive in his cell. At the time of his death, Mr. Langlet, 40 years old, had been serving a life sentence for First Degree Murder since December 9, 2013.

The Vancouver Province reported that David Langlet was recently incarcerated for the murder of drug dealer Shayne Preece on June 12, 2000 in Surrey. Someone murders a rival drug dealer in Surrey then ends up dead in prison and it barely gets a headline. People think well he committed murder so he got what he deserved. If we can't stop lawlessness in prison, how can we stop it on the streets? Who's in charge? The criminals? Evidently so.

December 2012, Kim Bolan reported that a Kent Institution prison guard was been charged with two counts of trafficking inside the federal institution. May 6, 2013 Jesse Lahn was found dead at Kent 12 hours after he had been transferred there from Matsqui.

Conflict in the Ukraine continues

A very disturbing article in the Vancouver Province the other day about the violence in the Ukraine. I still have to find the actual article but in essence it said that the government of Ukraine had boasted of a victory as it attacked two cities in eastern Ukraine. I find such a bold claim to be very disturbing indeed.

The current "government" of Ukraine was the result of a military coup and was not the result of a democratic election. They are the insurgents. For them to launch an "anti terror campaign" in Eastern Ukraine is a act of war. NATO supporting a coup in opposition to a democratically elected president is astounding. Yet we know that was done before in Iran. The west supported a coup in Operation Ajax to gain control of Iran's oil. has a pretty toxic article about the conflict but raises one good point. The unelected coup in western Ukraine is being supported by NATO. It quotes a German newspaper that claims "dozens" of advisors from the FBI and CIA have flooded into Ukraine. Other German dailies are reporting the entry of some 400 U.S. mercenaries with the company formerly known as Blackwater. That is believable and is somewhat concerning. Blackwater are mercenaries and would explain the false flag mission handing out those ridiculous anti Jewish flyers in the East.

The article is written by a socialist and long time trade union activist which is in my opinion an onymoron. Communism has absolutely nothing to do with the worker's revolution. I say the article is toxic because it is dripping with workers revolution rhetoric which as we saw from Lenin ordering the machine guns to open fire on trade unionists that objected to his highjacking of the movement to be very hypocritical indeed.

Fascism is no better and despite the fact that Fascists and Communists hate each other so much, I submit that there is no real difference between the two. Both are dictators that end up in the same spot despite the fact that they arrived at that destination from two different roads. The German papers refers to the "Ukrainian transitional government" in Kiev. Also known as a coup.

The article states that during an official visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Obama said "We're united in our support for Ukraine," which isn't entirely true. They are supporting the western coup in Ukraine despite the democratic will of the east. My question is what on earth is the German chancellor doing in this? That is totally inappropriate because it brings back past history when Germany invaded the Ukraine. Now we realize that Germany is no longer Fascist but Russia is no longer Communist either. Why turn this into a conflict of two old extremes? The East wants to be part of Russia, the West does not. It really is that simple.

Here is Finian's Peace Plan for the Ukraine: The military coup in the West of Ukraine need to get their sh*t together. They need to hold a democratic election before they do anything. They have absolutely no right to do anything in the East of Ukraine. Likewise now that Eastern Ukraine has held a referendum and declared their independence, they have no business in Western Ukraine. They may defend themselves in Eastern Ukraine against the western coup and their NATO support but they may not invade or attack Kiev or other cities in the West of Ukraine. It really is that simple and we in the West have to stop supporting the CIA who are nothing but a criminal organization and a bigger threat to our own sovereignty than Russian.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Kamloops drug bust tied to the Hells Angels

Kamloops this Week is reporting that seven people have been arrested after police found and seized 15 pounds of marijuana, 10 ounces of cocaine and 40 firearms. Police wouldn't say which criminal organization the alleged drug-trafficking ring was linked to, but Hells Angels support stickers were among the seized items shown to reporters.

Jason Robertson, 36, was one of the seven arrested. Police executed search warrants on three of his homes which resulted in the seizures. This is so bizarrely HA. Take a look at the guy. He looks like a complete idiot. A flaming Weird Hal wannabe. A total geek. Yet that firepower is staggering. He owns three homes? This is how the HAs do business. They take a complete idiot that would never make it on his own and empower him with the patch. That way they don't have to worry about him working for anyone else because he would never make it anywhere with put the patch.

Larry Robert Mizen

Speaking of violence against drug addicts and sex trade workers, who is Larry Robert Mizen? He has quite the criminal record. In 2006 the Vancouver Province reported that "Larry Robert Mizen, 45, of Surrey has been charged with forcible confinement, extortion, robbery, assault, assault with a weapon, sexual assault, weapons possession and uttering threats against sex-trade workers, street-level criminals and drug addicts in North Surrey. Further charges are expected."

There was a court case in 2005 that talked about some of the allegations against him. He often has a female co accused. Once again this is someone who has a long record for using violence to collect drug debts in Surrey outside the Front Room. I guess as long as he doesn't smoke a joint on Wreck beach, that's OK. The predatory drug dealers are still outside the Front Room.

Don't worry. They'll send a bike patrol a mile down the road from Newton where it's safe. Just as long as the public sees a bike patrol Bill Fordy will be happy. No one actually wants to have a police presence in a high crime area to disrupt the crack trade. That would mess up everything.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

RCMP want tent on Wreck Beach

This is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the RCMP. Front page of today's Vancouver Province is an article about how the RCMP intends on pitching a collapsible tent each afternoon on wreck Beach from the May long weekend to Labour Day as a public-safety measure. A nudist beach. No other beach in Vancouver just on Wreck beach. The biggest tragedy is the fact that they can't even see how totally unappropriated this is.

What are they going to do have Jim Brown and Don Ray patrol that beat? Talk about creepy. How does this help overcome the RCMP's bad image of perverts and sexual harassment? Patrolling a beach? How about patrolling a high crime area like the DTES? Why don't they set their little tent up in Newton or Whalley where the crime is, not to spy on and creep out the general public on a nudist beach. Is there any hope left for the RCMP? I don't know where to begin.

The day after another shooting fatality in Surrey Bill Fordy says he's doing everything he can to make Surrey safe. He forgot one thing: TRANSFER. If he transferred out of Surrey that would make it a lot more safe. Then whoever replaces him can start addressing the drug realted crime in the big red circles on the map. In Surrey you're allowed to sell crack. You just can't jay walk.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Anthony Terezakis and Piggy's Palace

I picked up a book about the Pickton Farm a blog reader recommended called On the Farm by Stevie Cameron. I must say it is very informative. So I open up at the chapter on Piggy's Palace and read how closely involved the Hells Angels were with the Pickton farm and Piggy's Palace.

Dave Pickton claimed "he used Tony from White Knight Security for all his parties. He's an Angel. A Hells Angel." (Page 135) Dave was referring to Anthony Terezakis! The Hells Angels associate who was selling drugs in East Vancouver for the club and filmed himself beating the life out of crack addicts who owed him money.

However, White Knight Security was a reputable security firm run by a different Tony. Tony C not Tony T. Tony C was not affiliated with the HAs Tony T was. It is highly unlikely White Knight Security had anything to do with Piggy's Palace. However, the author states Dave referred to Tony Terezakis and that was a direct quote from him.

The book is very clear about the Hells Angels prolific involvement with Piggy's Palace and the Pickton farm. That's what bugs me. To my knowledge none of that was ever admitted in Willie's trial. The Vancouver Province ran an article about how a band member who played at Piggy's Palace said Hells Angels attended parties there all the time. He never testified in court. The Vancouver Province reported at the time how a woman was going to testify to that fact in court but bikers showed up at her home during the trial and she left town without testifying so none of that evidence was ever submitted to court.

When that evidence was submitted to the Missing Woman Inquiry Wally Oppal shut down the inquiry and turned it into a Panel Discussion. He banned any evidence about the Hells Angels from being admitted. I didn't realize Dave bought land on Tannery Road in Surrey for his P&B business. That's near the Jesters clubhouse.

Page 137 of the book On the Farm states: "But the truth is that almost all the people in the community knew the Palace as a wild party place with drugs and prostitutes. And everyone knew that the bikers who attended usually finished the parties at their own place across from the Pickton farm, a clubhouse that had become infamous as a booze can serving alcohol and drugs to members and friends. By the end of 1996 the neighbourhood became known in criminal circles as a biker area, one controlled by the Hells Angels."

"Off duty police officers attended the parties and so did city officials." (p 136) "He was worried they were going to get busted at the Palace... But the place was full of cops too, lots of them, all in plainclothes." (p 138) Diane Rock had vanished in October. Her boyfriend was a 34 year old longshoreman named Vince McMurchy who treated her like dirt. The book claims he said she was a piece of crap and was better off dead. (p 365) I want to follow up on the Diane Rock story. From what I hear it will blow the lid off the cover up completely.

The Diane Rock story is tied to Bill Fordy, Don Adam and Bob Paulson who are friends and associates of Craig Callens who was from Prince George during the time of David Ramsay. Bob Paulson knows something important about the Diane Rock story that was never admitted to court. That is likely why Cameron Ward wanted him to testify at the Mission Woman Inquiry and why Wally Oppal forbid it. The day will come when the Diane Rock story will be told. reported that Bill Hiscox claimed the "special events" convened at Piggy Palace--a converted building at the hog farm--where drunken raves that featured "entertainment" by an ever-changing cast of Downtown Eastside prostitutes. Sounds like there was more than one person watching the entertainment. Police telling Pickton the name of informants was astounding.

The Diane Rock Story

The book On the Farm stats that "Janice Edwards talked to the police about her friend and co-worker Diane Rock, whom she had picked up, hysterical and bleeding, at a gas station in Port Coquitlam in August 2001. Dianne had described being raped repeatedly in a cellar at the Pickton farm, Edwards told them; she shared everything she could remember about their conversation. Constable Sandra Lavallee drove her to the gas station where she remembered having picked up Diane." (Page 535) This incident happened before Diane Rock went missing in October 2001.

Diane Rock was hysterical and bleeding. She claimed that she was "raped repeatedly" in a cellar at the Pickton farm before she went missing. Raped repeatedly by one person? Willie Pickton? No that is not what she said. What she really did say is paramount to the investigation.

The book On the Farm later states that "Wilie Pickton was back in court on June 30, 2003, when the preliminary hearing resumed. This time the judge listened to days of testimony from 'last seen' witnesses, people who had been identified as the last people to see a victim before she disappeared... Vince McMurchy, Diane Rock's former boyfriend, was one of these; so was her friend Janice Edwards, who picked her up after Diane had been tied up and raped by several men in a building on the Pickton farm." (Page 629)

One step closer to the truth. This time we hear that Diane Rock claimed she was repeatedly raped by several men on the Pickton farm. This clearly implicates more than one suspect but there's more. She named two groups of men that raped her. A claim that Bob Paulson didn't believe. One that he, Bill Fordy and Don Adam all covered up completely.

No doubt the inclusion of Janice Edwards evidence that Diane Rock was gang raped by several men on the Pickton Farm was what led the judge to tell the jury they could convict Robert Pickton of murder even if he wasn't the only suspect or even the main suspect. They could convict him if he was just an active participant which they did. However, the integrity of a Missing Woman's inquiry would look at this evidence implicating other suspects not cover it up like Wally Oppal did.

What about this cellar at the Pickton farm where Diane Rock was gang raped? What else did the police find in it? Was Big Tony making more movies there too? What was this DVD pertinent to the Picktonm investigation the police thought Jim Brown had? Please advise.

I guess Mom Boucher wasn't the only one who broke the no rape rule.

Finian Commission uncovers the Pickton cover up

Rizzuto Associate Sentenced to 10 Years

The US Attorney's office in New York is reporting that Alessandro Taloni, an alleged associate of the Montreal-based Rizzuto organized crime family of La Cosa Nostra, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, to be followed by 5 years of supervised release. In May 2013, Taloni pled guilty to cocaine trafficking charges contained in a superseding indictment returned on April 3, 2013. As part of his sentence, Taloni will also forfeit $2,663,191 that federal agents seized from multiple locations in California that Taloni used to store narcotics and drug proceeds.

Taloni and ten members of a Montreal-based drug distribution organization affiliated with the Rizzuto and Bonanno crime families, the Hells Angels, and the Sinaloa Cartel were charged with narcotics and money laundering offenses in connection with trafficking over $1 billion worth of marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy into the United States between 1998 and 2012. The organization transported tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana from outdoor growers in British Colombia (most of BC Bud is grown indoors) to Montreal, Canada, and controlled numerous warehouses in and around Montreal for the manufacture of ecstasy and hydroponic marijuana.

The drugs were smuggled into the United States using transportation networks run by the Hells Angels and Native American co-conspirators from the Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation along the U.S./Canadian border. Once the drugs were sold in the United States, much of it by distributors tied to the Bonanno crime family in New York, the organization used millions of dollars in drug proceeds to purchase more cocaine from the powerful Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico for exportation to and distribution in Canada. Taloni was personally sent from Montreal to Los Angeles, California, to receive those drug proceeds and to purchase cocaine from the Mexican sources and export cocaine to Canada.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Taloni included Pope Benedict XVI’s blessing in court papers begging the Brooklyn judge for mercy. Defense lawyer Gerard Marrone referred to the “official blessing from the Vatican” in court papers, but did not raise the Papal prayer in court.

Evidently this is the same ring Larry Amero was charged in out of Montreal. Trading BC bud for cocaine to be sold here as crack. The greed continues. Jimmy “Cosmo the Clown” Cournoyer was the Hells Angel fall guy and was sentenced to 20 years after he plead guilty May 2013 to supplying BC Bud to the big apple. Gee I wonder if Randy Jones was tied to the BC end? No doubt Hal was.

The National Post reported that authorities said Taloni was arrested not long after delivering $188,000 to an undercover DEA agent, who was participating in an investigation into the drug ring "kingin" (fall guy) Jimmy Cournoyer. Larry Amero was busted in Montreal for his involvement in this ring November 2012. Cosmo was arrested Feb. 16, 2012. Larry went to Montreal after he was shot in Kelowna August 2011.