Saturday, May 24, 2014

Prince Charles' Visit

I see Prince Charles and Camilla were in Halifax last week. I wasn't going to say anything about it because royal visits for me personally are a non issue. I'm sure someone in Halifax would like to visit them just like I'm sure someone in Victoria would like to see them as well. For the rest of us it's pretty much a non issue. I'm not anti the royal family I'm just not into it.

I personally like Charles. He did as he was told and married Dianna which was the best thing that ever happened to the royal family yet things didn't really work out. She was a lot younger than him and he rather be with someone his own age and not so brilliantly beautiful. Him marrying Camilla in the end kinda shows his character. He's not a dirty old man he is a man of dignity and self respect.

However, his recent statement comparing Putin to Hitler over their annexation of Crimea in the Ukraine has got me shaking my head. Does he really think we're that stupid or is he just pulling a Vic Toews and repeating something he was told without thinking about it or actually looking at the voter count last election. Over 70% of the voters in Crimea voted for a pro Russian president in 2010. Over 70%. How much over 70% we don't know but we do know it was over 70%. Enough to help a pro Russian president get elected that election over all.

Letting an unelected coup steam roll over the democratic will of those voters and forcing them to join the EU would be much more of an act of Hitler than Putin protecting them from that coup and annexing them from it. We've talked a fair bit about the conflict in the Ukraine. It's pretty clear the West of the Ukraine don't want to join Russia and the East of Ukraine doesn't want to join with the EU. That's pretty clear from the voter polls in the 2010 election.

What concerns me is the blind nonsense that doesn't make sense. It makes me wonder who's feeding him that kind of BS MI-6? We need to ask MI-6 what British Agents were doing in Iraq dressed as Arabs with a car load of guns and explosives. We need to ask them why they shot at local police the allies put in place at a roadblock and refused to tell them what their secret missions dressed as Arabs was. Instead of revealing that sinister mission England leveled the prison that was holding them and helped them escape without a trial or an explanation.

There are a lot of things MI-6 does that need explanation. God save the Queen and the future Kings. Charles and William both. God save them from the lies of MI-6.

Just for the record, Communist China is a much bigger threat to civil liberty than Russia and no one seems to have a problem with Communist China. They have launched a new campaign to demolish churches there. It's hard to conceive that kind of communism can still exist in our modern world. Telling someone they aren't allowed to be Christian or Jewish or Muslim. It is bizarre. That is not a free republic.

This is why China should not have our oil rights. We should not be funding their military expansion and their destruction of civil liberty every time we get gouged at the gas pumps.

As for the Ukraine, here's a link a blog reader just sent in:

Pierre Omidyar co funded Ukraine revolution groups


  1. China should have fuck all from our resources. No one says shit to China because China can crush anyone with their rising economy. They have a freakishly large army and they have created a surplus of roughly 50 million men. Now I'm not saying that's disposable.....but to the Chinese they basically are.

    Could you imagine 50 million sex starved lonely Chinese men cruising on down? That's a scary ass thought hahaha.

    M-16, C.I.A., C.S.I.S. and all the other equivalents are shady bastards.. I wish we could stay out of other peoples business.

  2. China has a very surprising element to it's economics. Not only is it the world's largest manufacturer of goods, but they also build entire cities without people living in them to keep their economy going.

    We must remember it is not the Chinese people who are our enemies - it is the communist government that is.

    We also must remember that Chinese goods are priced as low as they are because the people are paid so little. However, the people are demanding more money for their work. They will get their pay increases - they have to in order to live and survive.

    As this occurs prices for goods will rise. They have to because of the increased costs to manufacture them.

    The reason manufacturing went to China is because they could produce the items for a very low comparative cost (comparative to what it would cost in the West). If items sold in stores here were made here, we could not afford them. We buy $25 shoes at Walmart that are mass imported from China. We do not buy $250 shoes made in Italy. Those latter are for the wealthy elite.

    Imagine the Walmart shoes were $50 instead, for the same current quality or even a lower quality?

    We could not afford it. We would have to change our lifestyles. No entertainment money (restaurants, theatres, etc would close). Limited food budgets (even more money being spent on high carb foods - leading to more obesity and lower health leading in turn to greatly elevated health care costs). We, in the West, are already almost "maxed" out on artificial credit. Housing costs have risen in a way that is unimaginable to maintain.

    So what happens when we cannot maintain it?

    If China is keep it's society running through these massive building and manufacturing efforts, what happens when the West cannot afford to buy goods from China?

    Where do we get our goods from, is one question. Another is, how does China continue to economically "stay afloat"?

    Could it be through military conquest?

  3. Yes. The current situation with Russia/Ukraine is a sideshow. The next major war will be in Asia.


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