Monday, May 5, 2014

George Wolsey scams Surrey

There was a very impressive piece of investigative journalism in today's Vancouver Province. They heard rumours of East Vancouver slum lord and pharmaceutical scammer George Wolsey setting up shop and running another scam in Surrey so they did some surveillance of their own and got a picture of him at a shady methadone clinic in Surrey when he has been banned from practicing.

Turns out he and his shady partner were running another scam with a bogus recovery house in Newton set up to scam the system again. A former employee of George Wolsey who ran the recovery house said their responsibilities included finding residents, getting them on medication, and sending them to IHS Pharmacy to fill their scripts. Just like the scam he pulled in the DTES. Only that time he was a slum lord. This time he did it under the guise of a recovery house. Only “There is no service, there is no recovery,” said Weinmeister of the Impact Housing Society. “It is not recovery. It is a flop house.”

This is the problem. Recovery homes in Newton that aren't recovery homes,. They just scam the system by abusing the methadone program. That is why recovery homes like the Welcome Home Addiction Recovery Academy are so important. They actually help addicts get off drugs instead of fostering ongoing methadone addictions at the tax payers expense. The problem with the methadone program is that they never reduce the dosages they just keep them on the program forever so they can make money filling out prescriptions at the tax paters expense.'

The Welcome Home Addiction Recovery Academy doesn't use the methadone program. That's why they get so much opposition from the medical scammers. Instead they give them life skills and help them actually get a job at Price Pro their private fundraising company. This is a program we should support. The fake recovery homes like this one run by George Wolsey are just a pharmaceutical scam and should be shut down.

The Vancouver Province is also reporting that Wolsey missed his court appearance this morning. Do they have a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Journalism in Canada because this article definitely qualifies since it nails the Newton problem once again.


  1. Drug Trafficking in Newton is still quite alive.
    Just caught a suspect ONTARIO Connection attempting to establish a POST in the Senior's Centre Newton Overflow Parking Lot!
    This territory is run by a 5 team E. I. group!
    The CBC excerpt on B&E etc., Crime Stats for Slum Surrey proves that RCMP and the CITY of SURREY have accomplished NOTHING in crime reduction!
    I watch this activity go unabated, even with RCMP looking on and often the complete lack of any Policing presence - OFTEN!

    This is a HUGE source of FOREIGN Drug Traffickers being admitted into Canada by the C B S A!


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