Monday, May 26, 2014

Ukraine Elections Results

We are still waiting for the official results but CBC is reporting that exit polls suggested candy tycoon Petro Poroshenko won Ukraine's presidential election in the first round Sunday.

I'm trying to find a link to today's article in the Vancouver Province because it is absolutely bizarre. It claimed that the Ukraine sent Putin a loud and clear message. That is absurd. Eastern Ukraine didn't vote. We knew western Ukraine was pro EC. He only won with 55% of the vote. That means if Crimea or eastern Ukraine voted, he wouldn't have won.

This shows the double tragedy. Militants in eastern Ukraine blocked voting stations. That is something you never want to do ever. You never want to stop people from voting in an election. I know the theory was we just voted to separate so we're going to boycott their election. The problem is, when you boycott an election that means the other guy wins.

That's exactly what happened to Quebec one year at an Union National convention. Quebecors are passionate. They got pissed off with the politicking and walked out. So what did the English politicians do? They said great. We still have a quorum and our opposition just walked out so now we're going to ram through every crazy policy we want because no one is here to vote it down. That's exactly what they did.

In the 2010 election with Crimea and eastern Ukraine the pro Russian side had enough votes to elect a pro Russian president. In this election, they boycotted and the pro EC side had just enough votes to get elected. Now it's one great big mess. Again I stress you never want to prevent people from voting in an election. The pro Russian forces in the east made a huge mistake. Now, they're screwed. Sadly this whole mess reminds me of one thing: the Greek financial crisis. How it was created by investment fraud tied to key lobbyists who supported this new operation Ajax.

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