Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Outlaw Associate busted in Gander Newfoundland

The RCMP are reporting that on May 25th, 2014, after executing a search warrant in Gander, Newfoundland the police seized a loaded .22 calibre handgun, cocaine, LSD and marihuana. It looks like just trace amount of drugs and that pistol looks like a pea shooter but the axes and machetes are pretty nasty. Interesting to note the Outlaws MC support shirt also seized in the raid. Nicholas Sheppard was arrested and is facing nine charges. LSD? That's kind of retro.


  1. Sent you an email re questionable Gang Patch!
    604 BC caught in a separate vehicle exchange activity!
    After the short Gang BS talk they left!
    This Newton area Parking lot sees DAILY High level Drug Trafficking activity!

  2. LSD retro?? lol Yes, it is. But it is around to get, just you have to look for it. From a pushers point of view, they don't have much time for it, it's not addictive enough, nowhere in the range of coke, crack, horse or that cursed meth. For that reason, the pushers couldn't be bothered havin' it around.

  3. 5 dollars a hit dosnt leave much room to make money off of it. Just not worth selling for most people, especially if your into coke and meth..


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