Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another BC Judge Breaks the Law

This is unprecedented and clearly shows that the BC Judicial system is in a State of Emergency. Judges are paid with tax dollars to uphold the law. There is no jurisprudence authorizing them to break the law. The thought seems ludacruous but that is exactly what has happened.

The Federal Government finds out about a crazy pilot project that uses tax dollars to buy heroin for addicts. They cancel the program so the heroin addicts getting the free drugs sue the government and a BC Judge awards an injunction "forcing" the government to use tax dollars to pay for the illegal drug until the case goes to trial. That is totally out of their jurisdiction.

When examining the Vancouver gang war it is clear that the Aldergrove Judicial Review Board is correct: Judges are the Problem. We need a mechanism in place to fire bad judges. We don't need to do away with the Charter of Rights. We need to do away with the bad judges that misinterpret it.

OK so name the judge. Let's have a little public accountability. We can't sue the judge for misconduct if we don't know their name. Whenever a judge makes a decision they cite a law or a case that gives them the authority to make that decision. Where is the law that states the court has the jurisdiction and the authority to break the law? There is none. This decision is lawlessness. It is not a Charter Right to inject heroin at the taxpayers expense. That is treason.


  1. Alberta Family Judges are Crooked as well they just go off of unbiased opinions

    1. In BC the Family judges are fine. It's the criminal judges that are out to lunch. However, in today's paper we just finally found one good criminal judge in BC.

  2. mostly everything is crooked these days ... bent right outta shape.


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