Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rob Ford smoking crack on video again

The Globe and Mail is reporting that yet another video has been produced of Rob Ford Smoking crack dated Saturday, April 26, 1:16 a.m. This time they have posted screen shots from the video.

While the Toronto Sun has reported that it has obtained a new and "raunchy" audio recording of Ford "ranting and swearing" in a Toronto-area bar on Monday night. CTV states that Rob Ford now claims he's still running for reelection but is taking a leave of absence to seek professional help.

Earlier Rob Ford was claiming people hate him because he's right wing. That has absolutely nothing to do with it. People hate him because he's an abusive drunk and a compulsive liar. Now we can add crack addict to that list. It has nothing to do with him being right wing or left wing and and it's really important we remember that. Sounds like Jack Layton's wife is going to run against him. Which is fine. There's nothing wrong with that. We just need to be sure this has nothing to do with left versus right. It's about good versus evil. The right wing need to choose a new candidate.

It's like over in France. Sarkozy was a dirty dog. He sucked up to Gadaffi and tried to convince the world we should trust Gadaffi with Nuclear weapons because he wanted to sell Gadaffi a French reactor while he lined his pockets with campaign contributions. Then as soon as Gadaffi says he wants to buy a reactor from Argentina instead of France, Sarkozy leads the invasion into Libya and his troops provided the cover fire for him to be brutally executed without a trial.

Not only that, but Sarkozy was involved with kickbacks from selling Arms to Pakistan going to his party's political campaign. He was also accused of being involved with the "terrorist" bombing in Pakistan after a subsequent president canceled the kickbacks. Sarkozy was as dirty as they get. So what happened? France goes and elects a Socialist. From one extreme to the other. Now Sarkozy is trying to make a comeback. That is criminal. The right wing need to pick another candidate. When the right chose criminals for candidates the left wings. It's as simple as that. Which makes you wonder if that's not the original intent.


  1. Rob Ford might just pull this off. If he actually do a 15 day program, and stay clean and sober for a while, he might just be re-elected Mayor of Toronto.

  2. Sadly he didn't say he was entering rehab. He just said he was taking a leave of absence. I.E. Not speaking to the media about it. Getting professional help could simply mean asking Gwyn Morgan to help him with his campaign.

  3. Have you ever seen the parody done on Rob Ford from Saturday Night Live.
    It is hilarious.

      try this link

    2. That one worked. Even the US thinks it's funny.

  4. I couldn't get that one to work but no doubt there have been many spoofs about him on American TV. Makes us look pretty silly for electing him.

  5. ya no kidding! he shouldn't even be allowed to run or have anything to do with politcs anymore.


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