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Anthony Terezakis and Piggy's Palace

I picked up a book about the Pickton Farm a blog reader recommended called On the Farm by Stevie Cameron. I must say it is very informative. So I open up at the chapter on Piggy's Palace and read how closely involved the Hells Angels were with the Pickton farm and Piggy's Palace.

Dave Pickton claimed "he used Tony from White Knight Security for all his parties. He's an Angel. A Hells Angel." (Page 135) Dave was referring to Anthony Terezakis! The Hells Angels associate who was selling drugs in East Vancouver for the club and filmed himself beating the life out of crack addicts who owed him money.

However, White Knight Security was a reputable security firm run by a different Tony. Tony C not Tony T. Tony C was not affiliated with the HAs Tony T was. It is highly unlikely White Knight Security had anything to do with Piggy's Palace. However, the author states Dave referred to Tony Terezakis and that was a direct quote from him.

The book is very clear about the Hells Angels prolific involvement with Piggy's Palace and the Pickton farm. That's what bugs me. To my knowledge none of that was ever admitted in Willie's trial. The Vancouver Province ran an article about how a band member who played at Piggy's Palace said Hells Angels attended parties there all the time. He never testified in court. The Vancouver Province reported at the time how a woman was going to testify to that fact in court but bikers showed up at her home during the trial and she left town without testifying so none of that evidence was ever submitted to court.

When that evidence was submitted to the Missing Woman Inquiry Wally Oppal shut down the inquiry and turned it into a Panel Discussion. He banned any evidence about the Hells Angels from being admitted. I didn't realize Dave bought land on Tannery Road in Surrey for his P&B business. That's near the Jesters clubhouse.

Page 137 of the book On the Farm states: "But the truth is that almost all the people in the community knew the Palace as a wild party place with drugs and prostitutes. And everyone knew that the bikers who attended usually finished the parties at their own place across from the Pickton farm, a clubhouse that had become infamous as a booze can serving alcohol and drugs to members and friends. By the end of 1996 the neighbourhood became known in criminal circles as a biker area, one controlled by the Hells Angels."

"Off duty police officers attended the parties and so did city officials." (p 136) "He was worried they were going to get busted at the Palace... But the place was full of cops too, lots of them, all in plainclothes." (p 138) Diane Rock had vanished in October. Her boyfriend was a 34 year old longshoreman named Vince McMurchy who treated her like dirt. The book claims he said she was a piece of crap and was better off dead. (p 365) I want to follow up on the Diane Rock story. From what I hear it will blow the lid off the cover up completely.

The Diane Rock story is tied to Bill Fordy, Don Adam and Bob Paulson who are friends and associates of Craig Callens who was from Prince George during the time of David Ramsay. Bob Paulson knows something important about the Diane Rock story that was never admitted to court. That is likely why Cameron Ward wanted him to testify at the Mission Woman Inquiry and why Wally Oppal forbid it. The day will come when the Diane Rock story will be told. reported that Bill Hiscox claimed the "special events" convened at Piggy Palace--a converted building at the hog farm--where drunken raves that featured "entertainment" by an ever-changing cast of Downtown Eastside prostitutes. Sounds like there was more than one person watching the entertainment. Police telling Pickton the name of informants was astounding.

The Diane Rock Story

The book On the Farm stats that "Janice Edwards talked to the police about her friend and co-worker Diane Rock, whom she had picked up, hysterical and bleeding, at a gas station in Port Coquitlam in August 2001. Dianne had described being raped repeatedly in a cellar at the Pickton farm, Edwards told them; she shared everything she could remember about their conversation. Constable Sandra Lavallee drove her to the gas station where she remembered having picked up Diane." (Page 535) This incident happened before Diane Rock went missing in October 2001.

Diane Rock was hysterical and bleeding. She claimed that she was "raped repeatedly" in a cellar at the Pickton farm before she went missing. Raped repeatedly by one person? Willie Pickton? No that is not what she said. What she really did say is paramount to the investigation.

The book On the Farm later states that "Wilie Pickton was back in court on June 30, 2003, when the preliminary hearing resumed. This time the judge listened to days of testimony from 'last seen' witnesses, people who had been identified as the last people to see a victim before she disappeared... Vince McMurchy, Diane Rock's former boyfriend, was one of these; so was her friend Janice Edwards, who picked her up after Diane had been tied up and raped by several men in a building on the Pickton farm." (Page 629)

One step closer to the truth. This time we hear that Diane Rock claimed she was repeatedly raped by several men on the Pickton farm. This clearly implicates more than one suspect but there's more. She named two groups of men that raped her. A claim that Bob Paulson didn't believe. One that he, Bill Fordy and Don Adam all covered up completely.

No doubt the inclusion of Janice Edwards evidence that Diane Rock was gang raped by several men on the Pickton Farm was what led the judge to tell the jury they could convict Robert Pickton of murder even if he wasn't the only suspect or even the main suspect. They could convict him if he was just an active participant which they did. However, the integrity of a Missing Woman's inquiry would look at this evidence implicating other suspects not cover it up like Wally Oppal did.

What about this cellar at the Pickton farm where Diane Rock was gang raped? What else did the police find in it? Was Big Tony making more movies there too? What was this DVD pertinent to the Picktonm investigation the police thought Jim Brown had? Please advise.

I guess Mom Boucher wasn't the only one who broke the no rape rule.

Finian Commission uncovers the Pickton cover up


  1. On the Farm is riveting. Smells of a covering.

    Off topic, not related, but then, sorta is.

    About three years ago, a retired tax judge in Ottawa, his wife, and a visiting friend were all murdered. He lived in a secure condon. Carmera's here, there, etc. Nothing on the assasin, etc. Nothing. There hasn't been a thing new on this in the media at all.

    It's a can of worms nobody wants to open. Neither is Picton and the HA clubhouse.

  2. Indeed, thanks. I'll have a look. What was the judge's name?

  3. Federal tax Judge Alban Garon. It's actually been 7 yrs, my bad.

    1. Got it, thanks. A retired court judge tied to Brian Mulroney who played a key role in a judicial disciplinary inquiry that rocked a 2002 trial of Hells Angels in Montreal and led to the resignation of the controversial presiding judge -- and a new trial. He lived in a high security condo but the video cameras didn't record the intruder. Very interesting indeed. I'll have to follow up on that one.

  4. back even in the late 80's when people would drag race at the bottom of boundary road in a warehouse district - racers and attendees were invited back to the pig farm for parties my friends and i went by and even then we hada bad feeling about the place so we never attended although several girls from my highschool did ( all accounted for thank god ) but willy would frequent junior highschools back then befriending 15 year old girls who he would get to claim as their uncle if teachrs ever asked about him.

    1. I know someone who grew up in that area at that time period. He claimed that the parties at the Dominion were huge and it was the place to be for under age drinking. He said Piggy's Palace was different. It was dark and dirty. If you brought a date the sleazy biker types would be eying her up right in front of you. He said it was very uncomfortable and they wouldn't stay. Which makes me wonder why the elected officials quoted in this book all said parties at Piggy's Palace were great. Two very different accounts.

    2. A quote from the book in your post tells us much of what we need to know about why they were able to get away with what happened out there, and why Wally Oppal shut down any mention of the Hell's Angels and curtailed a lot of potential testimony that would have actually led somewhere. The intent was not to have a real investigative hearing, any more than what the police did was supposed to be a real investigation, but to make sure that it could be said that there had been one. Public outcry had to be "satisfied".

      "Off duty police officers attended the parties and so did city officials." (p 136) "He was worried they were going to get busted at the Palace... But the place was full of cops too, lots of them, all in plainclothes." (p 138)

      Unbelievable. Cops and crooks in an incestuous mix......this being acceptable behavior by law enforcement officer who obviously were never acquainted with the concept of an "integrity violation". This stuff doesn't start when they attend the academy, it starts with recruiting people who will do the right thing when no one is looking and not succumb to the mentality of "we're the police, we can do whatever we want".

    3. The Globe and Mail reported that the inquiry was going to hear that off-duty officers “frequented” Piggy’s Palace. That never came out in the inquiry either. We know there is more information about Jim Brown that still needs to come to light.

  5. also -just to add , i dont believe for a minute he acted on his own i believe he was a garbage man for the hells angels - when prostitutes stop bringing in money and drug debts pile up they become a liability -its sad that even today people only see the flashy bikes and fake smiles and dont think about the horror show they are supporting !

  6. The Greek Gang of Vernon went the same way in the whole Judiciary of a made up trial that wasted Millions of Tax Payer Dollars! There was so much lying going on that it pointed the finger first to the RCMP falsified evidence with regards to who killed who and who ran the Greeks!
    All Lawyers will tell their potential clients that the First Person into the trial process that LIES will win the case. ICBC is the leader on this fraudulent use of the Judiciary followed by the RCMP evidence submission to CROWN for false charges!

  7. yes agent k -you are right i would hear stories from my girlfriends about how they felt like they were in danger of being raped and one girl was so out of it that she let anyone and everyone have their way with her - it was a place where they groomed and took young woman and forced them into the sex trade and there were off duty police at the parties which really scared some of my friends when your 16 years old you think cops are bad but not in that way right - wally opal shut down the investigation because there would be a public revolt if it was proved that politicians and police were involved but of course they were where else do bikers and criminals alike get their tips and info from plus paying off cops means you can do buisness almost openly like they have for years

    1. Cops plural is a definite concern. We knew Jim Brown was a freak but to think there was more than one is very scary indeed. The fact that high ranking police covered that up is very disappointing.

    2. The Vancouver Police Department has always had it's issues with corruption, going back for decades.

      "The Vancouver Police was at the centre of one of the biggest scandals in the city's history in 1955. Feeling frustrated that blatant police corruption was being ignored by the local media, a reporter for the Vancouver Daily Province switched to a Toronto-based tabloid, Flash. He wrote a sensational article alleging corruption at the highest levels of the police department in Vancouver, specifically, that a pay-off system had been implemented whereby gambling operations that paid the police were left alone and those that did not were harassed. After the Flash article appeared in Vancouver, the allegations could no longer be ignored, and a Royal Commission, the Tupper Commission, was struck to hold a public inquiry. Chief Constable Walter Mulligan fled to the United States, another officer from the upper ranks committed suicide, and still another attempted suicide rather than face the inquiry. Other scandals and public inquiries plagued the force before and since this one, dubbed "The Mulligan Affair", but none were so dramatic. An earlier inquiry into corruption in 1928 was ambiguous in its conclusions as to the extent of the problem. The last major inquiry into policing in Vancouver focused largely on police accountability. Judge Wally Oppal (later provincial Attorney General), submitted the results of his report in 1994 in a four volume package entitled Closing the Gap: Policing and the Community."

      Gee, "Uncle Wally" wonder they called him for the Pickton Inquiry, he'd already proved he could be relied on to do the "right" thing....

      Most of it never makes the papers (or these days, the internet) even though it's widely known. That part of the iceberg that's above water should be enough to make people realize what's actually there, but the truth is, they really don't want to know. Apathy rules, and the guilty on both sides of the law know it. (Actually they're both on the same side, aren't they?)

      Payoff's? Of course. How else does the HA connected crew that runs the Black Door operate since the late 1990's with no arrests? It's not like the police don't know they're there, IIRC VPD dropped by for a chat to let the lads know they needed to take some time off during the Winter Olympics a few years back. Sounds pretty cozy to me.

      It's well known that the HA has had a presence in the Longshoreman's Union for decades. Working the docks would obviously be desirable if your main business is the importation of large amounts of drugs. One could correctly observe that all "port cities" have that kind of activity or the potential for it, but that being the case, why would anyone want to disband a law enforcement agency tasked with pursuing such activity and destroying all their records? Just slightly suspicious, right? Maybe the tip of an iceberg?

      The fix is in. "Nothing to see here, move along"......

    3. 1955? That goes way back indeed. The Longshoreman's connection is what concerned me about the Diane Rock story.

    4. Interesting to would only take one person to tell the truth....just ONE person.

    5. There is a fb meme that goes something like this

      if 'they' ie nsa cia intelligence, as snowden and others have revealed, are spying on EVERYTHING ... including organized crime, corporate crime, pedophiles, child murdering satanists... ... terrorists? but these things are never reported or stopped... one might conclude its because



      I'll drop a link which goes into this a little bit, but the case may not be as 'tight' as some of the things you guys are going into right now... no, I will drop at least two links, quickly...
      i feel like i should share specific articles that were relevant to me related to this group and its recent activities involving investigating long standing crimes of the vatican and royals in trafficking, torture, and murder of children and others... some in supposedly satanic rituals...

      I don't want to try to 'explain it', but suffice it to say they back up a lot of what they say with facts, including a photo of ratsinger kissing a kid full on the lips, etc although as you may guess that is not the most compelling evidence...

      i feel like i see this stuff, and then I'm lulled back into complacency, forget what is real... some really disturbing, scary stuff that makes... life difficult to trust and have faith in things sometimes... institutions and power at any rate.

      so many elephants in the room...

      the house of cards will eventually fall...
      how do we rebuild something that isn't quite so... prone to corruption?
      i donno.

  8. Seriously?? Is this sitr for real? Do u really care or just blabbing your mouth. Fuck that.the real questions. What's up with the Snuff Tapes? Tapes of Aboriginal women being drugged raped and some murdered at the Pickton farm. You want to know why they are covering shit up. Because very important people attended these functions. Got fucked up and did fucked up shit. And oh yeah. What about "the hooker game" a game where the fuzz would drug the young prostitute rape and torture them. If they were just some useless tool with no price tag. They were lucky enough to survive. If they were of a certain Aboriginal ethnicity then for some sick reason people in certain places would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to watch these women get snuffed in Snuff films. I realize I'm stumbling across this article a year later. Who cares if no one reads it. God and I know the wrong things that happened to all those women. And to all the young women and children forced into human sex trafficking. I love you


  10. I find myself on this
    Stuck in awestruck
    Imagine the women who did get out and managed to survive and how fucked up they are left because of their battle wounds
    I know that We are tuffer muther fuckers than any of you out there who were apart of this disgusting game
    It takes a certain type of personality to do disgusting horrible acts on those women
    Im so embarassed for our human race for this kind of shit
    I mean like
    I heard also theres another farm
    theres a few i really hope that w.e is happin in those particular places that maybe the ones who were the sickos have had their head examined and maybe using them places to put sickos like that where pickton n party put them


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