Friday, May 2, 2014

Nanaimo Hells Angel going back to Court

News 1130 is reporting that Nanaimo Hells Angel Robert Frederick Widdifield is going back to Court to face extortion and theft charges in connection to a stolen boat.

Widdifield and three others linked to the Hells Angels were charged in October 2010, and the trial was scheduled to start in October 2012 but was then put off until the fall of 2013. However, on June 11 2013 Justice Robert Johnston dismissed the case over delays.

The right to a speedy trial is indeed an important Charter Right. Not if you're the one causing the delays though. BC Court of Appeal Justice David Frankel has now ruled that Johnston was mistaken, and the Crown was responsible for only five months of delays, while 11 months of postponements can be blamed on the unavailability of defence counsel.


    This is typical of a DISORGANIZED and pathetic RCMP response to a LIFE THREATENING 9 1 1 call! It is reflective of the DYSFUNCTIONAL 9 1 1 operators as well !!!

  2. This is important in that it helps set precedence that delays caused by criminals cannot be used as an attempt to justification for having charges thrown out because of delays.

    I agree with you that if police actually do their job and charge these criminals the courts need to proceed in a very timely manner. If not and these criminals are let off because of that, holding the prosecutor's responsible would certainly help ensure trials are speedily conducted (just like if a police officer, whose DUTY it is to uphold the law and serve and protect is found guilty of breaking these same laws they need to help accountable and their sentences should be at least 3 times that of ordinary villains convicted of the same crimes).

  3. why three times as much? that would never happen. Why dont they start by just giving them half as much, or the full, right amount would be great.

    1. What should be done is sadly often different from what is done. However, that does not negate the necessity of doing what is right.

      Some "pundits" may cry foul for such lengthy sentences and some police may attempt to cry foul and threaten to quit if such penalties were enacted. However, those who quit would be those afraid to face such punishments because of their corruption and/or inability to perform their duty. Those who would be attracted to the police would be those who know they could perform their duty and would be willing to do such and do it well.

      The general public perception regarding police forces is often extremely low. This only allows criminal elements to exploit this sentiment and falsely gain support.

      No one in their right mind could ever tell a sane person all those who purchase and wear HA support gear, attend fund-raisers, donate money to the gang, etc would ever do so if they understood and comprehended the damage all the actions perpetrated by the HA in their pursuit of personal gratification, greed and pride.

      It is often not enough to merely state what they do (i.e. drug dealing, prostitution, strippers, etc) but to actually show the ramifications, damage and all the other sinful outcomes of their actions and behaviour.

      I will not even pretend to falsely claim "Oh, if only they were just the way they used to be in the 1950's riding their machines around, rebelling, having a good time and rejecting societal mores" - what we see today is only the logical conclusion of those same anti-social behaviours.

      Back to the police sentencing - maybe if the government actually ensured the full, right amount of punishment in the first place, we would not be in the situation we are in now.

      However, as Agent K has clearly pointed out previously, our real struggle is with principalities and powers. Only when that is authentically comprehended and interiorized will any true and lasting changes take place.

  4. thats good news , a judge with balls -maybe he should try all the angels cases

  5. HA must have dirt on the judge and a few others in Nanaimo. Isn't that the only HA chapter (or what ever the goons call their area headquarters) on the island? This is disgusting. I would like to know the unsolved murders on the island that are attributed to the scumbags.


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