Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hells Angels Associates busted in Saanich

1130 News is reporting that Arash Younus and Dustin Wadsworth who police claim are tied to the Independent Soldiers face charges in Victoria after officers seized $250,000 worth of drugs from a home in Saanich. Police seized 1.5 kilograms of cocaine, 1.2 kilograms of methamphetamine and over 300 grams of heroin on April 10th in the home and a car. They also found a semi-automatic handgun, ammunition, and $6,500 in cash.

Hells Angels associates with 1.5 kilos of cocaine and 1.2 kilos of crystal meth in Saanich. Isn't that interesting. I wonder what Bryce and Ricky C have to say about that. The Vancouver Province is also reporting on the bust. I wonder how Spike's pal James Riach from the Independent Soldiers is doing in the Philippines. We know Larry Amero's pal Randy Naicker from the IS was shot dead.


  1. Im amazed everytime how i see the local paper not publish the names but you have them lol

  2. I got the names from the 1130 News report. I'm told other media reports didn't have the names in them but that one did. However, someone else did also send me their names and facebooks...

  3. We are also finding out that the stats on unsolved murders throughout metro Vancouver has climbed to 290 -tweeted by Kim Bolan from her Papers Series!
    There are many other stats on serious CRIME that are being withheld from the Public in order to PROTECT all Policing Agents - SAVING THE FACE OF THIER INACTION for more than a DECADE!

    This kind of Crime operations in Metro Vancouver (and throughout B C ) is NOT being reported on for the main reason that it has ties to BC POLITICS and the JUDICIARY. We are also reading paper reports that the Public is beginning to blow the whistle on the Corporate connections to Criminal Intent to DEFRAUD workers - being victimized!


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