Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hells Angels and Red Devils busted in Quebec

CTV is reporting that "The Hells Angels and the Red Devils biker gangs were targeted in 49 police raids which saw 650 police officers arrest 69 suspects in Saguenay, the Laurentians and Laval Wednesday. Six suspects are still being sought in the roundup of the drug operation which dealt meth, cocaine, and cannabis."

"The raids were mainly directed in the Saguenay area where the network was also suspected of other crimes, including extortion, arson, kidnapping and other crimes. Some of those arrested were Daniel Labrie, 41, of Terrebonne, Daniel Bouchard, 40, of Jonquière, Éric Bleau, 32, of Saint-Eustache, Pierre Chayer, 50, of Rawdon and Normand Girard, 60, of Laval."

So much for riding motorcycles and living the dream. They're just pimping the dream. "Where there is smoke, there is fire and where there is a God there is a devil." And of course where there is crack or crystal meth, there is the Hells Angels. That Judas Priest BS is so grade 8. Nutbars.

Evidently, The Red Devils are an international puppet club for the Hells Angels. In South Carolina they were charged with selling crystal meth along with the Hells Angels out of the Rock hill clubhouse under a confederate flag.


  1. Check out the pill press they confiscated:

  2. I didn't realize they are making crystal meth in pill form now and are targeting the youth. That is really messed up. Crystal meth is really bad for you:

  3. Drugs Profits that drive Surrey Economy, is the MAIN reason for INACTION on the part of RCMP SURREY in collaboration with the entire CITY OF SURREY operations!
    Anyone who doubts this, or takes any exceptions to this fact, has an INVESTED INTEREST and supports this kind of CITY OPERATIONAL MODEL!

  4. Am from saguenay but now live in Victoria. I read the news in french but they were no mention of organized crime of course. Thanks again for letting the truth reach us. You are amazing, this world need more people like you. Cprl Tremblay.

    1. Thanks. I just wish my French was better. Quebec is awesome.

    2. You must be reading the wrong rag! The Journal de Montréal is great for crime news. I find a lot of drug busts there that aren't reported in the English media at all, and they never miss a chance to mention a biker connection.

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