Saturday, July 31, 2021

Kelowna Daytime Shooting - ID'd

Breaking News: It was Kyle Gianis shot again

Castanet is reporting that "RCMP have cordoned off a section of Pandosy Street after a brazen shooting on a busy roadway. Witnesses say gunfire rang out just before 7 p.m. while restaurants in the area were at the peak of their Saturday night dinner rush. Details are scarce at this point and police have yet to comment, but initial reports from bystanders are that two men were hit. Video shows one of them being loaded into an ambulance. Witnesses say they heard between five and seven gun shots." Daytime shooting on a busy street. Bizarre.

City News is reporitng that "Kelowna RCMP have confirmed two people were injured Saturday night in an apparent targeted shooting. Just before 7:00 p.m., Kelowna RCMP received reports of shots being fired in the area of Pandosy Street and KLO Road. When officers arrived, they saw two adult males suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. The two men were then transported to hospital." The Vernon Morning Star refers to the shooting as targeted.

In March Kyle Gianis was shot in the leg outside a Kelowna gym 12:30 in the afternoon. Five days prior to the shooting his house was raided and torn apart by the compromised CFSEU executing a search warrant. Kyle told Global that they took his phone and his car for no reason.

The compromised CFSEU told Global they were in the process of preparing a disclosure package for Crown counsel seeking charges in relation to that investigation. In the process of. So they had no right to seize his car and phone. The CFSEU are shady. They work for the Cub Pack.

Arnie Miller was an ex cop turned pimp that sold drugs to his service providers at the Garden of Eden in Kelowna. The CFSEU never touched him because they received discounts at that facility just like at the Swedish Touch above Brandi's. They never investigated Brandi's murder either.

Fentanyl found in Kelowna cocaine

Castanet is reporting that "Interior Health is warning residents after a sample of cocaine recently tested positive for fentanyl in downtown Kelowna. On Friday, IH issued a drug alert, after a product sold as cocaine was tested at the Living Positive Resource Centre and came up positive for fentanyl. IH says there is a high risk of overdose when using any type of stimulant that contains fentanyl. The drug alert remains in effect until Aug. 6."

In 2016, a nurse bought some cocaine in Shakerz and ir turned out to be straight fentanyl. She died instantly. When the police do not arrest drug dealers that sell tainted drugs they are criminally culpable in murder. Issuing a public warning just isn't good enough. If ytu know a drug dealer is selling tainted drugs, arrest him. Until we do that, out gang enforcement is a lie.

We also need to arrest drug dealers that sell drugs at treatment centres. That is just plain evil. If we can't arrest drug dealers selling drugs at treatment centres, then what good are we?

Friday, July 30, 2021

Iceland Volcano erupts

Pretty amazing video. As soon as the lava started flowing down the mountain, I'd be like OK time to retreat to higher ground. Maybe they had a good spot but they were awfully close.

Bustin caps at Kyle Gianis in Kelowna

Breaking News: Kyle Gianis shot again

This one kinda past me by and I missed it. Back in March BC Local News reported that "The man arrested by B.C.’s gang cops last week in West Kelowna is allegedly the same individual who was shot this week outside a Kelowna gym. Vancouver Sun journalist Kim Bolan reported the connection and named Kyle Gianis as the victim of the targeted shooting in the parking lot Global Fitness on Monday, March 29." That name rang a bell.

A while ago people sent me links to a YouTube reality show Kyle was hosting in Kelowna during Covid. I didn't report on it at the time because it seemed as though he was trying to make a go of it so I let him run with it. After all, he was genuinely from Surrey.

In 2017 Kyle was injured in a fatal shooting that killed his friend Tyler Pastuck. Kyle seemed pretty genuine. He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth like Gumby and Pig Sh*t was. He rose above adversity and I respect that.

The Penticton Herald reported that "Just last November, trafficker David Tull was sentenced to almost 12 years in jail for his role in the 2017 conspiracy to murder Gianis, his former associate in the drug world who was marked for death after double-crossing Tull."

This is all very similar to Jamie Bacon and DK. When a drug dealer hires someone to kill his former body guard. I do not believe Kyle Gianis betrayed David Tull. I think it was the other way around. David Tull cut a deal and cooperated with the police. So did one of the guys he hired to kill Kyle. Another similarity to Blaze and the rat pack.

This case also reminds me of the murder of Konaam Shirzad outside a gym in Kamloops. Someone else who had left the life that the Cub Pack felt threatened by. I don't know Kyle but I do know Dr Spin and the Compromised CFSEU. I saw how they lied about Shrader and put his life at risk because they wanted him to testify against former associates which he refused to do.

I don't believe Kyle has ever cooperated with the police and given anyone up. If he ends up dead like Konaam, it will be the fault of the Compromised CFSEU and their immoral spin doctor.

Tokyo Olympics: 25 m Pistol Women's Finals

Amnesty International petition: "Take action and call on President Xi Jinping to release people arbitrarily held in camps and prisons in Xinjiang, China."

“I think the purpose [of the classes] was to destroy our religion and to assimilate us…They said that you could not go to Friday prayers… You must not thank Allah; you must thank Xi Jinping for everything” – former detainee in Xinjiang."

"Since 2017, it is estimated that 1 million or more men and women from predominantly Muslim ethnic groups have been detained by the Chinese government in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The Chinese government is doing this in an attempt to replace Turkic Muslim ethno-cultural beliefs and practices with secular views and behaviours sanctioned by the Chinese authorities." The Dalai Lama supports freedom. The Communist Manifesto does not.

You wanna stop Islamophobia? Stop the CCP.

United Protest against the 2022 Beijing Olympics
MPs demand relocation of 2022 Olympics
Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney Over ‘Black Widow’ Streaming Release

The Wall Street journal is reporting that "Scarlett Johansson, star of the latest Marvel movie “Black Widow,” filed a lawsuit Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Disney, alleging her contract was breached when the media giant released the film on its Disney+ streaming service at the same time as its theatrical debut."

"Ms. Johansson said in the suit that her agreement with Disney’s Marvel Entertainment guaranteed an exclusive theatrical release, and her salary was based in large part on the box-office performance of the film."

This is how the Chinese Communist Party does business. The CCP owns Disney. Boycott Disney. First Gina Carano now this. No one is safe. MGM is providing alternate content.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Surrey shooting victim found under Patullo Bridge

CTV is reporitng that "A man is being treated in hospital for what police describe as "potentially life-threatening injuries" following a shooting in Surrey early Monday morning. Mounties say they were called to the Patullo Bridge area after an injured man was discovered underneath. The man, who was found shortly after 1 a.m., has been taken to hospital with what appear to be gunshot wounds. The RCMP said in a news release officers believe he wasn't shot where he was found, but instead was wounded in an incident outside Brownsville Pub on Old Yale Road."
The Surrey Now Leader is reporitng that "Police are asking the public for dash cam footage after a minivan with two people inside was shot up Saturday afternoon in Newton."

"Surrey RCMP say a Dodge Caravan was at the intersection of 128th Street and 60th Avenue at about 5 p.m. when the driver of a white, newer model Audi Q5 SUV drove past it and fired “numerous” shots into the passenger side of the van. Police say the Audi continued southbound on 128th Street towards 56th Avenue after the shooting."

Shooting in Edmonton tent city

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that "A man was shot and seriously injured near downtown Tuesday morning, and police are looking for help identifying four suspects and a vehicle."

"Edmonton police were called on a weapons complaint around 99 Street and 106 Avenue just before 7:30 a.m. Tuesday outside an encampment near Hope Mission. Witnesses told police a red Chevy Camaro pulled up and there was a “verbal dispute” between multiple suspects from the vehicle and a man staying in a tent. One of the suspects then reportedly pulled out a firearm and shot the complainant, before all four individuals fled the scene in the Camaro."

I obviously don't support gun violence. However, these lawless tent cities are magnets for crime and drug dealing. When we let drug dealing flourish, violent crime results.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Bulletproof Monk

I picked up the MGM add on with Amazon Prime Video and watched Bulletproof Monk. Nice.

Bonnie Henry bringing masks back

Bonnie Henry isn't just an airhead and an overpaid bureaucrat. She is the Devil in disguise. She has a sinister political agenda that has nothing to do with promoting health.

She works for the Communist Party of China and the World Health Organization. The Director of the WHO is not a medical doctor. He is a leader in a violent Communist paramilitary organization. Listening to anything they say is completely insane.

Castanet is reporting that "The new indoor public mask mandate in the Central Okanagan will remain in place for at least the next 14 days, until cases in the region begin to fall and vaccination rates increase." Oh the cunning plan of the evil one.

They are lying about the numbers again. In fact, they never stopped lying. Bonnie Henry does not represent the science. She opposes the science. Dr Kulvinder Kaur and the Canada Health Alliance represents the science.

July 1st Jason Kenny removed all covid restrictions including mask mandates after the flu season had ended. Wearing a mask outdoors during summer is just plain stupid. Heat and humidity kill Covid - vitamin D and zinc. Yet the flu season will return in the winter. Letting them lock us down again wouldn't just be stupid. It would be treason.

Texas and Florida saved the world from Bonnie Henry and the WHO's lies. When their numbers dropped after they opened up, it made Bonnie Henry's lies statistically impossible. The US is open. Europe is open. Canadians are the only ones still listening to their ridiculous lies. That's why they're still making them.

Post Media trash is reporting that cases are rising in Alberta but it's no cause for alarm. Why is that? Because they're not stupid. They're not listening to the lies any more.

Take a look at the Stanley cup play offs in the US. Take a look at the European soccer finals. They are all open and the sky has not fallen. That is further evidence Post Media's lies are statistically impossible. Buyer Beware. Texas Rangers fill stands with fans.

Alberta Is Lifting More Health Measures: "we are making changes to bring COVID-19 measures in line with how we handle other respiratory illnesses. Quarantine will no longer be legally required for confirmed COVID-19 cases. Routine, asymptomatic testing for close contacts will also be stopping. Come August 16, provincial mask mandates on transit, taxis, and ride-shares will be lifted." Deena Hinshaw and Bonnie Henry: A tale of two cities.

MGM hosts Sylvester Stallone's Samaritan

With the fall of Disney thanks to their ownership by Communist China, it is nice to seee MGM providing a positive alternative. Communist Disney is turning Captain American into Anti America. Their hateful agenda is not worth watching. MGM has risen to fill the void.

Grit Daily is reporting that "MGM is Starting to Make Their Own Superhero Movies. David Robert Mitchell is not the kind of filmmaker Marvel or Warner Bros. would hire to direct a comic book movie. Their style of filmmaking and Mitchell’s couldn’t be more different. Clearly, Mitchell is a director who wants to make his vision, not somebody else’s. That’s why him of all people directing an original superhero movie is very promising." I can't stand all those guys with tights and capes. At least this is a little more reality based and not quite so nerdy.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Langley murder victim identified

The Indo Canadain Voice is reporting that "Christopher Roy, 36, of Vancouver has been identified as the homicide victim whose body was located inside a burned vehicle in Langley on July 21. Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) investigators said that Roy was known to police, had a criminal record, and was connected to the current Lower Mainland Gang Conflict.

Target Shooting is an Olympic Sport

Legal guns have nothing to do with gang violence and everyone knows that. People do not use a registered firearm to commit a crime. They use an illegally obtained firearm which is untraceable - a throw away. Justin Trudeau's gun control is not to make cities safe. Examining the Swiss Model.

Sam Kang sentenced for drug trafficking

The written decision for Sam Kang's sentencing for drug trafficking has been posted on the court website. Sam Kang and Jamie Bacon run the Red Scorpions who work for the Hells Angels. The Brother's Keepers, who also work for the Hells Angels, have been killing all the Kangs in Metro Vancouver. When they kill Samjeet, then Jamie Bacon will be left in charge.

Sam Kang is from Surrey. Jamie Bacon is not. Jamie Bacon couldn't go to the gym without a body guard. That's why the HAs are putting him in charge of the RS. Less overhead and easy to tax.

The sentence decision for Csongor Szucs, Kyle Latimer's co accused is also posted on the court website. Aside from the drugs and firearms seized, they were also in possession of an RCMP uniform. I guess that's because Jamie Bacon likes the cops so much he like to play dress up.
As I previously mentioned, this investigation was spearheaded by the Delta Police Department.

Kelowna man found not guilty of drug trafficking

The Kelowna Daily courier is reporting that "A Kelowna man who was driving an SUV that contained heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine has been found not guilty of drug trafficking. The Crown failed to prove that Robin Darec Saumier, 41, knew the 100 individually-wrapped packages of drugs were in the SUV, Supreme Court Judge Steven Wilson decided."

"Because the accused was not seen with drugs on his person and was not seen physically engaging in the trafficking of any drugs, the Crown's case depends on circumstantial evidence," Wilson wrote. AYFKM? That's what possession for the purpose of trafficking means. Another whack job in a santa suit. Who did the truck belong to? This is the actual decision.

Castanet is reporting that "But before stopping at Safeway, Saumier said he stopped outside Cecil's Perogies to meet with his drug dealer, where he bought a gram of heroin. He said he was addicted to opioids at the time, and that he had stopped on Richter to buy drugs, not sell them like police had assumed."

"While Saumier was acquitted on the possession for the purpose of trafficking charges, he is still facing unrelated charges of possession of stolen property under $5,000 from last summer, along with a charge of breaching his release order in June 2020. He has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2014."

In May 2019 the Kelowna RCMP launched an undercover investigation into street level drug trafficking. This is what the police are supposed to do. However, in that case they went after another adict not the dealer. "At the time of the offence, he was living on the street, having lost his girlfriend and his home." Why the f*ck didn't they arrest the dealer he bought the drugs from?

CDC tosses PCR Test

Geome Web is reporting that "The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last week it is withdrawing the Emergency Use Authorization for its test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 while recommending that clinical labs that had been using its test transition to a test that can differentiate the coronavirus from influenza viruses. Meanwhile, The US Food and Drug Administration has revoked Emergency Use Authorizations for SARS-CoV-2 tests from three other companies. In the meantime, the FDA revoked EUAs for SARS-CoV-2 tests developed by Gravity Diagnostics, Curative, and BioFire Diagnostics."

The fake fact checkers, funded by the Communist Party of China claim the PCR test is reliable. Dr Kulvinder Kaur and the Canada Health Alliance disagree. They claim the PCR test is so unreliable it is worthless. The Portuguese courts agree. The gargle test is much less invasive.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Stargate SG - 1 - Vaccine causes sterility

I was watching an old episode from an old TV series called Stargate SG - !. Episode 10 in Season five contained an interesting account about how one alien species wiped out another by offering a vaccine to a pandemic. Their vaccine caused sterility and the civilization came to an abrupt end. Obviously, this is all fiction yet biological warfare isn't.

After all, the reason why the NIH were banned from conducting gain of function research at the Wuhan lab is because it could be used as a biological weapon. Their science is anything but.

Normal vaccines have a long history of helping humans rise above disease. Yet this vaccine is very different than the others and the World Health Organization has a shady political agenda tied to the CCP. Bill Gates and the WHO spiked a tetanus vaccine in Kenya with a sterilization drug.

Rand Paul and Dr Fauci's gain-of-function lie

Yahoo News is reporting that "Sen. Rand Paul requested that Attorney General Merrick Garland criminally investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci over Senate testimony in which President Joe Biden's chief infectious disease expert said that the National Institutes of Health never funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which the Kentucky Republican says is a lie."

"Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, insists that the NIH grants did not fund gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab and has repeatedly defended U.S. funding going to bat coronavirus research in China. But he also admitted that he doesn’t actually know what the secretive Chinese lab has been doing."

Fox News is reporting that "The Wall Street Journal editorial board accused the media of groupthink in avoiding coverage of potential gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology because doing so might give credence to Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and the populist right."

People are still lining up to hear Donald Trump speak

People are still lining up to hear him. This is what he had to say:

Larry Elder runs for Governor of California

Now that's what I'm talking about - California Here We Come.

Democrats have destroyed New York and California. It's time to turn the tide.

VP of Modesto Hells Angels pleads guilty to drug traficking

TBM Nation is reporting that "Michael Shafer, 33, of Modesto, pleaded guilty today to conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute heroin and conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute marijuana, Acting U.S. Attorney Phillip A. Talbert announced."

"According to court documents, Shafer was the Vice President of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Modesto in 2019. As part of a years-long investigation into the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, investigators obtained a court-authorized wiretap for Shafer’s phone. The wiretapped calls and messages showed that Shafer was conspiring to distribute marijuana and heroin. Specifically, in April 2019, Shafer conspired with a former Hells Angels member who was incarcerated in Pleasant Valley State Prison to smuggle heroin into prison."

"Shafer is scheduled to be sentenced by U.S. District Judge Dale A. Drozd on Oct. 22. Shafer faces a maximum statutory penalty of 40 years in prison, a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison, and a $5 million fine."

QV Wire is reporting that "Earlier this year, Modesto Hells Angels President Randy Picchi was charged with conspiring to distribute methamphetamine for leading a drug conspiracy that involved his wife, Tina Picchi, Michael Mize, and Hells Angels member Michael Pack."

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Cranbrook biker Brawl - Rebels and Hells Angels

The Canadain Press is reporting that "Cranbrook Mounties broke up a fight on Friday between rival outlaw motorcycle gangs from Alberta that ended with several people to hospital. RCMP say they were called about the fight at a gas station early Friday evening, and officers flooded the area and separated the two groups. Police say that shortly after, the local hospital reported five people showed up with what appeared to be stab wounds."

The Calgary Herald interviewed a witness who said, "I don’t know what it was about or what it was over. The cops came afterwards but it looked like 30 Rebels and probably 15 (Hells Angels)."

CBC reported that "Police separated the two groups, RCMP said in a release, and determined they were rival motorcycle gangs from Alberta who were passing through the B.C. city. An RCMP spokesperson told CBC it's believed the two groups were the Hells Angels and the Rebels, but could not immediately provide more information as to where in Alberta the groups were from."

The Confederate flag represents slavery. That's not going to fly in BC. Just sayn.

Like I said, people who ride in BC don't like troublemakers. It's time to turn the page.

Rob Smith and the Hodge Twins address Brandi Love

I wasn't going to mention this one but since Rob Smith and the Hodge Twins already have, I will simply cite them and add my own twist. I had no doubt the Hodge twins would put a humours spin on the event. Brandi Love, a well-known porn star bought a VIP ticket at a Turning Point USA event. She's obviously welcome to do that. However, as Rob Smith pointed out we need to remember that turning Point USA is a family event. The organization speaks to youth and colleges about conservative values. Fidelity in marriage is one of those values.

I'm not sure Brandi Love shares or promotes that value. As I keep saying, what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. The key worlds are consenting and adults. Rob Smith is quite right in that the porn industry is not always consensual and is filled with the exploitation and human trafficking of minors. Homosexuality didn't cause the fall of Rome, promiscuity did.

We need to ask ourselves what are we promoting? Is Brandi Love promoting fidelity in marriage? I don't think so. They say the sex trade is the world's oldest profession. The porn industry isn't necessarily the sex trade but Brandi Love is paid to film herself having sex with other people so it is indirectly connected. Are we promoting conservative values or eroding them?

We all know the story of Mary Magdalene. Christ said he who is without sin cast the first stone. Yet Mary Magdalene was repentant. She was ashamed of what she had done. Brandi Love is not. I'm not saying she should be. I'm just saying it's a completely different scenario.

There's no doubt Candace Owens would come unglued over this one. She was railing on Cardy B for degrading women. I have no doubt she would see Brandi Love in the same light. Candace is trying to empower women. Teaching them to have self-respect and help them succeed in life. She tells women they don't have to take off their clothes and be an object to be a success.

Unfortunately, the publicity stunt was very profitable for Brandi because it got her a whole lot of free advertising. As soon as these people are mentioned, their popularity skyrockets. Just like Stormy Danials. Stormy Danials was pretty average. A Trump supporter told me that after her lawsuit, her popularity skyrocketed simply because people became aware of her name.

The Falun Gong state the world needs more morality. They are right. We should not be promoting or endorsing trailer trash like the Desperate Housewives. We should aspire to something higher.

We all know about the wanton daughters of Zion walking and mincing as they go. They shall be smitten with the scab and the itch. That box of cracker jacks contains a nasty little surprise no one wants. "What's the difference between a Surrey girl and a Rolls Royce? Not everyone's been in a Rolls Royce and not everyone wants to be in something everyone else has already been in.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Campbell Heights becomes Communist China's launching point in Surrey

Remember Cabpell Heights? That was where Dianne Watts laundered public assets for the BC Liberals and their campaign contributors. Well, it turns out that is now the epicentre of Communist China's belt road initiative in Surrey.
BIV is reporting that " A major warehouse facility under construction in Surrey is not just paving the way for more trade between B.C. and China. It could be helping pave Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative to Canada."

Selling China LNG is a good idea. Letting Xi Jinping take over Canada is not.

Douglas Todd is reporting that "Ex-B.C. premier Christy Clark was ebullient in 2016 when she announced a range of partnerships with China. But the tide of opinion has turned."

"As China’s Communist leadership has grown increasingly repressive under President Xi Jinping, polls show the tide of public opinion in Canada and elsewhere has turned deeply suspicious. Other Western countries are backing away from many China trade deals, including by rejecting Huawei and its 5G technology. Australia has just ordered its biggest state to pull out of four Belt and Road agreements."

"It’s difficult to find anyone in the current B.C. government who even wants to talk about China, let alone criticize how the country’s strong-arm leadership has in the past five years cracked down on residents of Hong Kong, jailed Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig in retaliation for the detainment of Huawei boss Meng Wangzhou, interned about a million Uyghur Muslims and shown increasing military aggression toward Taiwan."

"Asian Canadian activists who support democracy for Hong Kong, nevertheless, are among those applauding the move by Australia’s national government to force its state of Victoria to terminate a 2018 deal, one similar to that entered into by B.C.’s former Liberal premier. The democracy advocates says such trade agreements allow China to infiltrate foreign regions and threaten their sovereignty."

"Canada’s federal Conservative party is also not as shy as B.C.’s politicians. Journalist Graeme Wood reports that Conservative foreign affairs critic Michael Chong doesn’t believe B.C. should belong to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, saying it’s contrary to Canadian “interests and values” and poses a threat to national security." Exactly.

"Anastasia Lin, a specialist on China-Canada policy with The Macdonald-Laurier Institute, was born in China but raised in part in Surrey, which she notes with worry is now home to one of the most conspicuous Belt and Road projects under construction in the country, a $190-million convention-centre and warehouse."

"The massive complex has been dubbed the “World Commodity Trade Center.” It is a joint venture between China’s state-sponsored company, Shing Kee Godown Group (SKG), and a local firm, Pollyco, which will eventually cover the equivalent of 14 soccer fields in Campbell Heights, at 192 St. and 34A Ave.'

BC Trio charged in Regina drug ring

620ckrm is reporting that "Three BC men are facing charges after a drug bust in the Regina. On Wednesday, the Regina Police Drug Unit executed four search warrants, two on vehicles, and two on residences on the 2100 block of Heseltine Road and the 100 block of Froom Crescent. During the searches, officers seized 450 grams of cocaine, 225 grams of methamphetamine and fentanyl mixture, 250 grams of cutting agent, a loaded firearm and ammunition, $40,000 in cash, as well as multiple cell phones, digital scales and other evidence to support drug trafficking."

"As a result, 21-year-old Azhar Ahmaf, from Surrey. BC, 24-year-old Akashdeen Bhoot, from Abbotsford, and 23-year-old Taranvir Sidhu, from Abbotsford, have all been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine, possession for the purpose of trafficking fentanyl, possession of proceeds of property obtained by crime over $5,000, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a restricted firearm with ammunition, possession of a firearm knowing the serial number has been tampered with, and the unsafe storage of a firearm. Additionally, Bhoot has been charged with possession of a firearm contrary to a prohibition order."

More BC drug dealers arrested out of province because the CFSEU in BC doesn't.

"Possession of a firearm contrary to a prohibition order." Not only was this an illegally obtained firearm, it was an illegally obtained firearm obtained by someone who already had a probation order banning him from owning firearms. That means discipline should be progressive and legal firearm owners are not the problem.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Drea Humphrey & Matt Brevner from Rebel News

Give it up for the dynamic duo. All hail. Prayer closet? LOL That's what I said.

You catch more flies with honey than vinager. Common sense. Balance the extremes. Drea wore a mask while reporting on the May 2nd 2020 protest in Surrey before she was with Rebel News when she was with Hungry for Truth because the MSM was criticizing freedom protesters for not social distancing. She wanted to maintain her Charter Right to free speech so she wore a mask. She wasn't wearing one at the May 23rd protest. Another reason she was wearing one was because she was worried that her former employer would identify her and she might lose her job.

As I previously said, Laura Lynn posted a video clip of a customer in Costco standing on a chair delivering a bizarre rant about masks. Buddy you look like an idiot. Sit down. None of the employees at Costco have the authority to change a company wide policy or provincial legislation. It's not their fault. Raging on them is dysfunctional. We need to elect politicians like Maxime Bernier with the End the Lockdown Caucus. That is what we need to do.

Sylvester Stallone poses with daughters

I don't care about celebrity gossip but I decided to share this because I respect Stallone. All his movies were classy. People magazine is reporting that "On Wednesday, the Rambo star, 75, shared a photo with children Sophia, 24, Sistine, 23, and Scarlet, 19 - whom he shares with wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone - singing their praises in the post's caption."

People Magazine is also reporting that " Jennifer, a co-founder of Serious Skincare, and Sly tied the knot in May 1997." Stallone also has a son, Robert Balboa Jr from his previous 26 year marage to Adriana 'Adrian' Pennino. Robert first appeared in Rocky 2. Stalone has been married to Jennifer since 1997. Tragically, his oldest son Sage, who appeared in Rocky 5, died in 2012.

Hong Kong police arrest 5 trade union members

The Canadain Press is reporting that "Hong Kong police on Thursday arrested five trade union members over children's books they described as seditious, and a court denied bail for four editors and journalists held on charges of endangering national security, as part of a widening crackdown on dissent in the city. The five who were arrested are members of the General Association of Hong Kong Speech Therapists, according to local media reports."

"The association published three children’s books that Li Kwai-wah, a senior superintendent of the national security department, said have seditious intent. The books feature stories that revolve around a village of sheep that has to deal with wolves from a different village. The sheep take action like going on strike or escaping by boat, according to the synopses published on the association’s website. There was also a story about wolves who are “cruel and try to occupy the area” where the sheep live, and try to kill them, Li said."

What we are seeing here is trade unionists being put in jail for supporting trade unionism. This is exactly what I said. The Communist Manifesto says Workers of the world unite! Alexandre Soljenitsyne said that slogan was a lie because as soon as Communism takes over, the trade unions have no rights. They don't have the right to strike. That is exactly what we are now seeing in Hong Kong. Communism use trade unions to get power then betray them at the first chance.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Justin Trudeau and the Dalai Lama: Polar Opposites

I’ve been in the hospital for a couple of days and had time to dive into the Dalai Lama’s book, The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World. When you explore the first few chapters you can’t help but see the connection between what Dalai Lama said and what Justin Trudeau misrepresented in his We Foundation. The Dalai Lama is the Zen master that finds peace in a troubled world and Justin Trudeau is the troubled world the Dalai Lama is referring to. I shall explain the epiphany.

The Dalai Lama’s book was actually written by Howard Cutler who interviewed him, yet it contains many quotes and answers to questions from the Dalai Lama. It reflects what I would envision as a student questioning a Zen master.

Part One I, Us and Them lists Five chapters. 1) Me versus We 2) Me and We 3) Prejudice (Us Versus them) 4) Overcoming Prejudice and 5) Extreme Nationalism.

It appears that Justin Trudeau stole his slogan for the We Foundation from the Dalai Lama but he purposely leaves out the chronological conclusions and thereby completely changes the meaning. Kinda like how the number 7 represents perfection while the number 6 represents not quite perfection. 666 is inherently flawed and completely changes the original quest.

Extreme Nationalism: In chapter five Howard Cutler starts off by saying “Well this week we have been talking about US Versus Them divisions, and the dangers of this progressing to prejudice, conflict and violence. I am just thinking that identifying with one’s country or nation seems to be the most powerful examples of Us. What is your own take on Nationalism?”

The Dalai Lama said, “I do not think that nationalism in itself is destructive. Being a member of a particular nation can be part of a person’s sense of identity. So nationalism can be useful, giving you a sense of belonging. I think nationalism is like an instrument or like science - if you utilize science the wrong way (in an atomic bomb for example) then it could bring disaster. If you use it properly, it brings benefit. So it is up to us to use it in the right way.”

This is one of the key differences between the Dalai Lama and Justin Trudeau’s Communism. The Dalai Lama states that “each community must have the right to preserve their own culture, including language, customs and dress and so on.”

Let’s face it, the Dalai Lama is in exile. The aboriginal Buddhist monks of Tibet are bitterly oppressed. Yet Justin Trudeau admires the Communist dictatorship oppressing them.
The Dalai Lama states “we need to ensure that the different nationalities are respected and accorded dignity. Of course if you have a diversity of different cultures within one country, in order for all of them to thrive, I think freedom is very important and a good fair constitution with the rule of law.” This is the exact opposite of Communism. Justin Trudeau addresses Islamophobia but endorses the Muslim geocode in China. Justin is a fake feminist and a fake supporter of social justice. Everything about him is fake.
Often we are made to believe nationalism is bad and that nationalism is associated with Fascism. Yet the Dalai Lama explains “When nationalism becomes extreme, it can become a dangerous ideology, so powerful that it can incite people to commit acts of aggression.” He then refers to the ethnic cleansing in the Balkans. Yet we look at Communist China and we see the same thing.

Mao's murders and Communist China's ethnic cleansing of the Uyghurs, the Tibetans and the Falun Gong show that Communist China is an example of national extremism. Yet they claim the opposite. Clearly, actions speak louder than words.

Chapter 15 concludes with Empathy, Compassion, and Finding Happiness in (Justin Trudeau's) Troubled World. It cites the Power of Empathy and the Definition of Compassion. “Finally we come to the pinnacle of human emotions: compassion. Compassion is commonly defined as a kind of sympathy for or openness to the suffering of another, associated with the wish that they may be freed from their suffering. Some people’s definitions include the wish to help the suffering person." This is the compassion of Buddha and the Dalai Lama is a Budhist.

Buddha was a rich kid who left the ivory tower to see suffering in the world. When he saw that suffering he had a desire to ease the suffering of others. This is what the Falun Gong believe.

When we see the suffering of the Tibeteans and the Uyghurs, we have a desire to ease that suffering and make it stop. When we see the Falun Gong put in jail for their religious beliefs then executed to order for organ harvesting how can we not feel empathy for them? It is clear that the Troubled World the Dalai Lama is referring to is Justin Trudeau’s world and that of Xi Jinping.

The Dalai Lama has found peace in exile because he hasn’t given up on standing up for what’s right and opposing the persecution and suffering of others. He has found peace in exile because he has not resorted to violence. He is more noble than his persecutors.

Justin Trudeau’s misrepresentation of the We Movement is like the Confucius Institute’s misrepresentation of Confucius. Justin Trudeau is a glutton while the Dalai Lama always speaks out against greed. Indeed, Justin Trudeau and the Dalai Lama are polar opposites.
There’s another section in the book where Howard Cutler, the longtime student of the Dalai Lama, talks about how we are all the same. Howard states that he has regularly heard the Dalai Lama say that in public speeches.

Then when he asks the Dalai Lama about it, he said we’re not all the same. We’re all different. Whatever gave you that idea? Howard was shocked and said from you. You’ve said it repeatedly in your speeches. The Dalai Lama went on to explain that we are all different and unique like plants in a garden. That is why we need to respect individual rights. We need to protect individuals. There can be no collective social justice when individuals suffer.

The Dalai Lama further explained that he said that to help people feel connected. We are all the same in the sense that we are all human. We all put our pants on one leg at a time. We all bleed the same colour. Understanding that builds a common bond that helps us relate to those that suffer. This could be me. They are just like me. As in the song from a distance.

I submit that when the Dalai Lama said we are all the same it’s more like Bob Marley’s saying we are one. We are all brothers and sisters connected in the human family. If we can see that, then we have a greater desire to ease the suffering of others.

Communism teaches that we are all the same. Communism destroys cultural traditions so it can eradicate cultural differences and make us clones of each other. There is no happiness in that. We are all connected but we are all different. We are unique and need to celebrate our differences not fear them. Diversity makes us strong. Variety is the spice of life.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Covid Misinformation and Medical censorship

Although I have literally cut the cable, when I was spinning at the gym yesterday Global news came on. It was ridiculous. Global News is now worse than CNN. When Global Television was bought out by Post Media News, Global News went down the toilet. Just like Bill Gates' Microsoft News Network, it is worthless. Both outlets are parroting each other. Covid this covid that. Delta variant this, Joe Biden that. It is absurd.

Flu season is over. It's the summer. When summer is over, flu season will return but the sky will not fall. Unless you watch Global News and the Microsoft News Network. Dr Kelly Victory told us that viruses often replicate themselves but when they do, they get weaker not stronger. Calling a new flu virus a Covid 19 variant is ridiculous.

The Canada Health Alliance was created so medical doctors could confront the medical misinformation on television. The same with the Canadian Covid Care Alliance. Dr Kulvinder Kaur represents the science. The MSM and the WHO does not.

The Great Barrington Declaration was launched by three public health experts from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford, encouraging governments to lift lockdown restrictions on young and healthy people while focusing protection measures on the elderly. This would allow COVID-19 to spread in a population where it is less likely to be deadly, the authors state, encouraging widespread immunity that is not dependent on a vaccine.

The Pharmaceutica industry is making billions from their experimental vaccines. As a vaccine specialist pointed out, the Covid vaccines are different than normal vaccines. Normal vaccines just stay in your arm and your body sends anti bodies to fight off the virus. The Covid vaccine travels throughout your body. The RNA vaccines bypass the immune system which arguably makes them counterproductive in building immunity.

Covid cases and deaths have been grossly misreported. At one point we were told over 10,000 seniors in Care homes died from Covid. Yet the same number of seniors died this year as last year and the year before that. They are deliberately falsifying the numbers.
Global talked about vaccine hesitancy. It said three reasons for vaccine hesitancy are 1) a concern about side effects, 2) a mistrust of government and 3) waiting to see if it's safe. Ah yeah. It's an experimental vaccine. Anyone with a brain would wait to see if it's safe. They forgot one. 4) a mistrust of the media.

CBC was caught red handed lying about the Covid hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They didn't make a mistake, they lied. During the initial Covid outbreak the media consistency lied about Covid hospitalization rates in California and New York. The media would show line ups outside of the hospitals claiming there were body bags in the street. Then when people went there with their phones, the hospitals were empty with no line ups.

The media is not credible, the science is. The media is consistently misrepresenting the science. That is why medical professionals have to circumvent the media to get the truth out.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Military vehicles in Toronto part of the government's fight against COVID-19. WTF? Update

CTV is reporting that "The military is advising people in the Toronto area to expect a large number of its personnel and vehicles on the roads starting on Monday. The Department of National Defence says members of the Joint Task Force Central will be heading from units across Ontario to Canadian Forces Base Borden. The movement is part of the government's fight against COVID-19." AYFKM? Doug Ford is a freak! UN Armoured vehicles? That is an act of war.
Rebel News claims that the presence of UN armoured vehicles is separated form Rob Ford Covid military delusion. Rebel News claims that Apotex no longer owns that building in Toronto, it's owned by INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing who make armoured vehicles for the UN that are shipped abroad. Time will tell if they use them here.

It's doesn't change the fact that stepping up the Covid response in Ontario with the military is insane. There's another Covid military installation in Hamilton in between the hospital and the jail.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Anniversary of China's persecution of the Falun Gong

I attended a rally today at the Vancouver Art Gallery commemorating the 22nd anniversary of the Communist Party of China's persecution of the Falun Gong in China. It was nice to see their marching band back. One mother made a call for her daughter Yang Jinya to be released from prison and one daughter made a call for her mother Tang Huafeng to be released from Prison. Both are political prisoners in China who were imprisoned for their religious beliefs.

I spoke with one practitioner who said many people here in Canada think Communism and Socialism is good. We are here to say no it's not. We have suffered greatly in China under Communism. Communism will take all your freedoms away.

I spoke with another practitioner who met with Justin Trudeau's Minister of Defence about another pollical prisoner in China. He wouldn't do anything about it and simply forwarded their letter to someone else. The Federal liberals are criminally culpable in the Communist atrocities in China. On the recent declaration about the Uighur genocide in China, Justin Trudeau abstained from voting. That's because he supports Communism and all the atrocities that go with it.

Dark web drug ring busted in Salt Lake

The Associated Press News is reporting that "The final legal chapter of a multimillion-dollar online opioid drug ring ended Friday as a group of millennials who helped run the dark-web operation based in suburban Salt Lake City were sentenced to prison. Drew Crandall helped start the operation that eventually grew to shipping tens of thousands of fake pills laced with the deadly opioid fentanyl to people nationwide in 2016." Salt Lake City - hmmm....

Sure enough, Aaron Shamo, the ringleader was an inactive Mormon. Deseret News is reporitng that Aaron was a deacon when he was 12/13 but became inactive. Drew Crandall helped him set up the operation while Sean Gygi, who looks like Dwight from the Office, became a runner and eventually wore a wire. Mixing up fake oxy in mason jars ended up killing a lot of people.

Tornado damage in Barrie, Ontario

A tornado touched down in Barrie, Ontario north of Toronto on Thursday creating extensive damage in a residential neighbourhood. Several injuries were reported but thankfully no deaths.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Residential school misrepresentation

Once again the media is maliciously misrepresenting the residential schools to fit their shareholders agenda. The Communist News Network is reporting that "On his first day as Manitoba's new Indigenous reconciliation and northern affairs minister, Alan Lagimodiere was publicly taken to task by Opposition leader Wab Kinew for saying that those who once ran residential schools thought they were doing the right thing." AYFKM? .

He's under fire for telling the truth There is no question that the residential schools were trying to do the right thing. The political opportunist boldly declared that the expressed intent of the residential schools was to kill the Indian in the child. That is not true.

There is no question that England has a long history of boarding schools. Rich families would send their kids off to boarding school. Although Harry Potter's Hogwarts was fictional, the longstanding tradition was not. Boarding schools in England were common.

Did the kids complain about the conditions at the boarding schools? Of course they did. Did the kids complain about being separated from their families? Of course they did. In hindsight were the boarding schools a bad idea? Of course they were. Yet that does not change the fact that the intent of the boarding schools was good.

The Catholic sisters were nuns like Mother Teresa who devoted their whole lives to service. They were there to help the children not harm them. Education is a good thing. Whenever we took the at risk youth to serve at Harbour light food line in the DTES, the homeless would always say to the kids stay in school. Don't end up like me.

There is no question the intent of the residential schools was to help the kids lead productive and successful lives. Misrepresenting that truth has a dark political agenda tied to the current mistreatment of Aboriginals in Communist China.

This is the Canadian Critical Race Theory where the CCP is teaching Aboriginals to be victims just like the Blacks in the US. The Canadian Charter of Rights states that all people are equal regardless of race, colour or creed. That is what Canada teaches. Misrepresenting that with fake history is dishonest. The left wants you to see yourself as a victim because they want you to be a victim and stay a victim. The Canadian Charter of Rights protects civil liberty by law. The Communist Manifesto does not. The Communist Manifesto destroys civil liberty and makes everyone, native and non-native slaves. Through education we teach people that racism is wrong. Through education we teach people that slavery is wrong.

I work with a couple of First Nation members and they say that not every Native wants to spend the rest of their life living in a tent hunting and fishing. They want to learn a trade and get a good job, buy a house and live a normal life like everyone else. Education is a big part of that.

David Santillan, Mongols National President out in bad

TBM Nation is reporting that lil Dave, the Mongols National President is out in bad.

ABC is reporting that the Feds are still going after their patch. I thought that was all over and done with. I'm going to have to look into this. I remember Ruben Doc Cavazos. I liked him.

Lil Dave has been accused of working with ATF Agent John Ciccone. ATF agent Darrin Kozlowski claims to have infiltrated the Mongols for three years. That was before 2012.

The Aging Rebel, RIP, was covering the Mongol trial closely. Although I oppose criminal activity, I did not agree with seizing their patch. I thought that was a bad precedent that crossed the line since the ATF themselves are dirty as f*ck. In 2019 a federal judge in California refused to strip the Mongols of their trademark. The Feds must have appealed that decision.

Let's take a look at the difference between the Mongols and the Hells Angels by examining the Michael Kramer case. Michael Kramer cooperated with the police. He ratted out others for a murder he committed. Then he murdered a brother he betrayed to silence him.

The Hells Angels didn't put him out in bad. They put him to work with the ATF.

That's how Sonny Badger got out of prison.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Pitbull speaks out on Cuban Protests: flip the coin

Pitbull the famous Cuban American rapper took to Instagram and Twitter to make a wakeup call with regards to the Cuban protests. I trust him. Mike Pompeo has also been posting about Cuba but I don't trust him. Mike Pompeo has two faces or two different sides of the same coin.
Mike Pompeo admitted that when he was at West Point their motto was "you shall not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those that do." Then he admitted that when he was the Director of the CIA, that's all they did. Two completely different sides of the same coin. Which one is he? I don't know.

The CIA are dirty. I don't trust them yet freedom is a God given right. It comes as no surprise that the hijacked BLM movement denounced the recent protests in Cuba. They reject the will of the people because they support Communism which oppresses the will of the people.

Fox News is reporting that "Black Lives Matter faced fierce criticism late Wednesday after posting a statement that blasted the U.S. and praised Cuba's government while the island was destabilized by historic protests and violent crackdowns." Does BLM support Rob Smith?

"The statement – originally posted on Instagram and later tweeted and retweeted – blamed the U.S. embargo for the country's instability and credited the Cuban government for historically granting Black revolutionaries asylum. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, was quick to rebuke an initial tweet that linked to the statement."

"The extortionist ring known as the Black Lives Matter organization took a break today from shaking down corporations for millions & buying themselves mansions to share their support for the Communist regime in #Cuba," Rubio tweeted." The BLM Communists are rich.

Senator Ted Cruz points out the Biden Administrations' double standard on Immigration. They don't want immigrants from Cuba because they reject Communism. Just like Hong Kong.

Violence in South Africa

There certainly is a lot of unrest around the world and the media's misrepresentation of the events is disturbing. However, today I'm going to address the wild card: South Africa.

CTV is reporting that "Crowds clashed with police and ransacked or set ablaze shopping malls in cities across South Africa on Tuesday, with dozens of people reported killed, as grievances unleashed by the jailing of ex-president Jacob Zuma boiled over into the worst violence in years."

"Protests that followed Zuma's arrest last week for failing to appear at a corruption inquiry have widened into looting and an outpouring of general anger over the hardship and inequality that persist 27 years after the end of apartheid. Poverty has been exacerbated by severe social and economic restrictions aimed at blocking the spread of COVID-19."

So here we see Covid 19 creates poverty and economic hardships and rioting results. Mission accomplished. After all, that is the purpose of the Covid reset. Clearly the free market is not the problem banning it is. "Zuma's foundation said there would be no peace in South Africa until the former president was released from jail."

Jacob Zuma was a freedom fighter who opposed Apartheid and served in prison with Nelson Mandella and other ANC leaders. He returned from exile in 1980 when the ban on the ANC was lifted. He because president of South Africa in 2009 until 2018 where he faced various corruption charges including arms dealing and rape. In 2018 Cyril Ramaphosa became president of South Africa after becoming president of the ANC in 2017.

So Jacob Zuma was a member of the ANC as was Nelson Mandella and the current president.

CTV is also reporting that "A South African court has rejected former South African President Jacob Zuma's request to postpone his current jail term."

"In a separate matter, Zuma is standing trial on charges of corruption related to a 1999 arms deal, where he allegedly received bribes from French arms manufacturer Thales. His financial adviser has already been convicted and imprisoned in that case."

"While human rights groups in South Africa welcomed Zuma's imprisonment, many people in KwaZulu-Natal, the center of support for the former president, said they were not happy about it."

"It does not sit well with me because, first of all, he is an elderly person, so for him to be incarcerated is not good for him," said Philiswa Zondi in Pietermaritzburg. "Perhaps it would have been better for him to be incarcerated at home than to be in a cell."

"Another Pietermaritzburg resident, Ntuthuko Mdletshe, said she felt Zuma had been treated unfairly because South Africa has many other corrupt politicians who have not been arrested."

"I feel so bad for Jacob Zuma," said Mdletshe. "I feel bad because every political party has its own corruption, even the previous government had its own corruption."

Maybe that's not worth burning the country down over. Any leader who asks his people to burn their country down so he doesn't have to go to jail, in not someone I would follow.

I understand the double standard. When the media refers to a $2 billion arms deal, Zumba did not receive $2 billion. The French company did. Zumba received $35,000 annually from 1999 as a bribe. The French company Thales got the $2 billion and they haven't been charged.

This is what large corporations like SNC - Lavalin and Lockheed Martin do all the time. They get billion-dollar government contracts paid for by the taxpayer and give the dirty politicians a kickback in the form of campaign contributions.

The former French president Sarkozy did the same thing in Pakistan only far worse. He got a kickback on the sale of a French sub then launched a false flag terrorist attack when the kickbacks were cut off. That was known as the Karachi affair.

So Sarkozy and the French company gets off but Zumba is charged. I get it. Justin Trudeau did worse too. The We Scandal, SNC-Lavalin and his involvement with the CCP mean he should be in jail. Yet the media spins for him because they too get kickbacks. However, rioting because you don't want a corrupt politician to go to jail looks pretty strange to the rest of the world.