Friday, July 9, 2021

VPD is looking for Damion Ryan

The VPD is looking for Damion Ryan. Isn't that ironic? All they have to do is ask the CFSEU and IHIT who are covering for him. While reporting on someone who recently showed up at the hospital in Surrey with gunshot wounds, the Vancouver Sun posted a video of a March 17th Press conference where it publicised six names that pose a risk to public safety.

In reality, this isn't a most wanted list. The police aren't asking for the public's help in locating these individuals. The police are saying the Hells Angels want these people dead so you better stay away from them. They threw Damion in there so it would look like they weren't one sided but that was just a red herring. That guy is already in hiding for capping a Quebec member in Greece.
Damion Ryan is already on the police's payroll. Are they gonna seize the money they gave him?

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