Friday, July 30, 2021

Bustin caps at Kyle Gianis in Kelowna

Breaking News: Kyle Gianis shot again

This one kinda past me by and I missed it. Back in March BC Local News reported that "The man arrested by B.C.’s gang cops last week in West Kelowna is allegedly the same individual who was shot this week outside a Kelowna gym. Vancouver Sun journalist Kim Bolan reported the connection and named Kyle Gianis as the victim of the targeted shooting in the parking lot Global Fitness on Monday, March 29." That name rang a bell.

A while ago people sent me links to a YouTube reality show Kyle was hosting in Kelowna during Covid. I didn't report on it at the time because it seemed as though he was trying to make a go of it so I let him run with it. After all, he was genuinely from Surrey.

In 2017 Kyle was injured in a fatal shooting that killed his friend Tyler Pastuck. Kyle seemed pretty genuine. He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth like Gumby and Pig Sh*t was. He rose above adversity and I respect that.

The Penticton Herald reported that "Just last November, trafficker David Tull was sentenced to almost 12 years in jail for his role in the 2017 conspiracy to murder Gianis, his former associate in the drug world who was marked for death after double-crossing Tull."

This is all very similar to Jamie Bacon and DK. When a drug dealer hires someone to kill his former body guard. I do not believe Kyle Gianis betrayed David Tull. I think it was the other way around. David Tull cut a deal and cooperated with the police. So did one of the guys he hired to kill Kyle. Another similarity to Blaze and the rat pack.

This case also reminds me of the murder of Konaam Shirzad outside a gym in Kamloops. Someone else who had left the life that the Cub Pack felt threatened by. I don't know Kyle but I do know Dr Spin and the Compromised CFSEU. I saw how they lied about Shrader and put his life at risk because they wanted him to testify against former associates which he refused to do.

I don't believe Kyle has ever cooperated with the police and given anyone up. If he ends up dead like Konaam, it will be the fault of the Compromised CFSEU and their immoral spin doctor.

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