Thursday, July 1, 2021

Canada Day: Rising above the Hate

We've seen how the Chinese Communist Party is trying to teach kids to hate America. Well they're trying to do that here in Canada too. The unmarked graves at Catholic residential schools is trending. As a result, several Catholic churches on Indiginous land have burnt to the ground. I obviously don't support that as many First Nation members attended those churches and people today are not responsible for what someone else did many years ago.

It's like the concept of original sin. I'm responsible for what I do not what Adam did. However, at least they're not blaming John A MacDonald any more. John A MacDonald was a Protestant. Egerton Ryerson was a Methodist minister. They are not responsible for something the Catholic Church did. Tricking us into hating them for something they didn't do isn't just displaced aggression, it's a bold faced lie that has a sinister agenda tied to it.

The Communist Party of China is buying up the Mainstream Media. They fund the fake fact checkers on Twitter and Facebook. The Communist Party of China is not our friend. They are the sworn enemy of civl liberty and human rights. Aside from being the biggest polluters on the planet, the CCP is the biggest violator of human rights. How do they get away with it? They lie; consistently. They do it through our media on a daily basis.

Obviously Canada has had some dark times. The working conditions of the Chinese immigrants who built the railway were horrible. Just like the working conditions of anyone who worked in the mines back then. The Japanese internment camps during the war was a bad thing. They claimed they were trying to protect them in a time of war but they took their land. Yet the prison camps in Japan were horific and tortured prisoners excessively. That's why everyone was so upset.

As I said before, Canada has crime like everyone else. Yet we shun crime as we should. Just like racism. We oppose racism just like we oppose crime. We don't teach people to be racist any more than we teach people to commit crime. We support law and order. The Charter of Rights opposes racism and protects civil liberty by law. We can all be proud of that document.

Historically, England's approach to Canada was far better than Spain's approach to Central America. Cortez and the Conquistadors were murderers. They slaughtered the locals. England took a different approach. They strived to coexist through treaty making. We can be proud of that.

Residential schools were not a bad idea per say. How they were implemented was bad. Education is good. Free education is fantastic. Taking kids away from their families and culture is not. As we discover more unmarked graves, we need to remember that they are unmarked graves not mass graves. There's a big difference.

As Drea Humphrey who is part First Nations pointed out, infant mortality rate back then was very high. Tuberculosis was prevalent. My mother lost her father from scarlet fever when she was a young child. Anyone who has done any genealogical research knows back then they buried people on Church grounds. That practice was common.

Now we see opportunists trying use the First Nations community for their own sinister objectives. They say give the land back. Hold the door. The world is a big place. No one owns it. Everyone has a right to be here. No one is better than anyone else. Just remember the CCP do not support aboriginal rights. Look at what they are doing to the Uyghurs. They are rounding them up into prison camps, forcing them to be sterilized and execute them for their organs just like the Falun Gong. This isn't something they did a hundred years ago. This is something they are doing now.

Communism does not support Aboriginal rights because they oppose human rights. Just look at Tibet. So when the CCP tries to convince you to hate Canada, think again. Hong Kong was a lot better off under England's rule than Communism. So is Canada. Lest we forget.

Chief Seatle gave a magnificent discourse about First Nation beliefs. He said land ownership is not part of their culture. How can you own the air, water or land? It is here for everyone to share. The buffalo, the bear, the salmon. We all coexist. This is the Canadian mosaic. We teach people to respect cultural diversity. This respect for diversity is what Canada was built upon and that is something we can all be proud of. As Chief Dan George said, my heart soars.
Note the windmill on Grouse mountain. I've never seen that thing turn in the wind : )

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