Tuesday, July 13, 2021

15-year-old Edmonton girl rescued from human trafficking

The Edmonton journal is reporting tha "Three Edmonton men are facing charges around human trafficking after they allegedly sexually exploited and drugged a teenage girl, police say."

Tyson Shaw, 24, Islam Montasser, 26, and Amir Idris, 30, have been jointly charged.

"ALERT said Thursday suspects groomed the 15-year-old girl online, escalating to nude photography, and then steered her into the sex trade. Police say three men allegedly “procured the youth for sexual services” and are facing a combined 35 criminal charges after a two-month investigation. The most recent arrest was June 29." ALERT is not compromised. The CFSEU is.

The Edmonton Journal previously reported that "Kalab Abberra Kitil, 24, had been charged with second-degree murder for the June 2, 2014, slaying of Sultanbek Abdymamat Uulu, but pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of manslaughter.

"According to an agreed statement of facts, an acquaintance of the victim, Islam Montasser, had met Kitil through the drug trade in February or March 2014 and ended up owing him $500. This led to Kitil threatening to do harm to Montasser if the debt was not repaid."

Global reported that a man and women are accused of working together to recruit two teenage girls into the sex trade in Edmonton. Polce have arrested 24 year old Michael Moffat and 25 year old Louisa Wallis. That case apears to be from 2019. The other case is recent.

Organized prostitution follows a familiar path. First they recruit young women to become strippers so they can make money for college. After they get them addicted to drugs, they tell them if you really want to make a lot more money, you should become an escort. After the drugs have eaten them alive, they cast them aside like an old shoe.

Hells Angel strippers from Edmonton and the Orange Number 5 ended up dead on the Pickton farm. Caitlin Bradley ended up dead on a Kelowna beach. That was under the old leadership.

What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business - consenting adults. What Sonny Barger had done to Margo Compton and her twin daughters was deranged. The prosecution even helped him hide his involvement. Michael Kramer pimps for the ATF and no one cares.

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