Sunday, July 18, 2021

Military vehicles in Toronto part of the government's fight against COVID-19. WTF? Update

CTV is reporting that "The military is advising people in the Toronto area to expect a large number of its personnel and vehicles on the roads starting on Monday. The Department of National Defence says members of the Joint Task Force Central will be heading from units across Ontario to Canadian Forces Base Borden. The movement is part of the government's fight against COVID-19." AYFKM? Doug Ford is a freak! UN Armoured vehicles? That is an act of war.
Rebel News claims that the presence of UN armoured vehicles is separated form Rob Ford Covid military delusion. Rebel News claims that Apotex no longer owns that building in Toronto, it's owned by INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing who make armoured vehicles for the UN that are shipped abroad. Time will tell if they use them here.

It's doesn't change the fact that stepping up the Covid response in Ontario with the military is insane. There's another Covid military installation in Hamilton in between the hospital and the jail.

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