Saturday, July 10, 2021

Jamie Bacon is the missing link

OK I did some digging. The project Territory bust never sat well with me. It looked fishy. The Kang group were Brother's Keepers rivals. The Brother's Keepers work for the Hells Angels.

I did not believe that the Kang Group were tied to the Red Scorpions because the Red Scorpions work for the Hells Angels. I was wrong. My sources have confirmed that the Kang Group did in fact work with the Red Scorpions. The Hells Angels were once again supplying both sides of that beef just like they supplied the Redd Alert and the RA Killers in the DTES. It also shows that when Kim tried to blame the UN for the recent violence, she lied.

The thing that bugs me is that Dr Spin and the Compromised CFSEU keep going on and on about the pions but they refuse to name the Hells Angels who are the real root of all this violence. This means they keep covering for the Hells Angels and keep promoting more violence.

I always said that it was believable that Kyle Latimer worked with Jamie Bacon. Turns out that Kyle Latimer did work with Gary Kang as well as Shrek who was a known Bacon brother associate. It's pretty obvious that Lolo Lanski works with BIBO and the Kang Group. He makes that loud and clear. Turns out that Lolo is Jamie Bacon's b*tch. Which is rather astounding since Jamie Bacon is a dumb f*ck who couldn't go to the gym without a body guard.

That makes Jamie Bacon the missing link in more ways than one. He is a neanderthal.

I can't see Jamie Bacon beefing with the Brother's Keepers. They could crush him in a heartbeat. Since the Brother's Keepers work for the Edmonton Hells Angels, they must be under strict orders not to touch Jamie. The reason why the Hells Angels empower f*ck ups like Jamie Bacon is because he is a f*ck up. He could never make it on his own. They own him.

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