Thursday, July 15, 2021

Violence in South Africa

There certainly is a lot of unrest around the world and the media's misrepresentation of the events is disturbing. However, today I'm going to address the wild card: South Africa.

CTV is reporting that "Crowds clashed with police and ransacked or set ablaze shopping malls in cities across South Africa on Tuesday, with dozens of people reported killed, as grievances unleashed by the jailing of ex-president Jacob Zuma boiled over into the worst violence in years."

"Protests that followed Zuma's arrest last week for failing to appear at a corruption inquiry have widened into looting and an outpouring of general anger over the hardship and inequality that persist 27 years after the end of apartheid. Poverty has been exacerbated by severe social and economic restrictions aimed at blocking the spread of COVID-19."

So here we see Covid 19 creates poverty and economic hardships and rioting results. Mission accomplished. After all, that is the purpose of the Covid reset. Clearly the free market is not the problem banning it is. "Zuma's foundation said there would be no peace in South Africa until the former president was released from jail."

Jacob Zuma was a freedom fighter who opposed Apartheid and served in prison with Nelson Mandella and other ANC leaders. He returned from exile in 1980 when the ban on the ANC was lifted. He because president of South Africa in 2009 until 2018 where he faced various corruption charges including arms dealing and rape. In 2018 Cyril Ramaphosa became president of South Africa after becoming president of the ANC in 2017.

So Jacob Zuma was a member of the ANC as was Nelson Mandella and the current president.

CTV is also reporting that "A South African court has rejected former South African President Jacob Zuma's request to postpone his current jail term."

"In a separate matter, Zuma is standing trial on charges of corruption related to a 1999 arms deal, where he allegedly received bribes from French arms manufacturer Thales. His financial adviser has already been convicted and imprisoned in that case."

"While human rights groups in South Africa welcomed Zuma's imprisonment, many people in KwaZulu-Natal, the center of support for the former president, said they were not happy about it."

"It does not sit well with me because, first of all, he is an elderly person, so for him to be incarcerated is not good for him," said Philiswa Zondi in Pietermaritzburg. "Perhaps it would have been better for him to be incarcerated at home than to be in a cell."

"Another Pietermaritzburg resident, Ntuthuko Mdletshe, said she felt Zuma had been treated unfairly because South Africa has many other corrupt politicians who have not been arrested."

"I feel so bad for Jacob Zuma," said Mdletshe. "I feel bad because every political party has its own corruption, even the previous government had its own corruption."

Maybe that's not worth burning the country down over. Any leader who asks his people to burn their country down so he doesn't have to go to jail, in not someone I would follow.

I understand the double standard. When the media refers to a $2 billion arms deal, Zumba did not receive $2 billion. The French company did. Zumba received $35,000 annually from 1999 as a bribe. The French company Thales got the $2 billion and they haven't been charged.

This is what large corporations like SNC - Lavalin and Lockheed Martin do all the time. They get billion-dollar government contracts paid for by the taxpayer and give the dirty politicians a kickback in the form of campaign contributions.

The former French president Sarkozy did the same thing in Pakistan only far worse. He got a kickback on the sale of a French sub then launched a false flag terrorist attack when the kickbacks were cut off. That was known as the Karachi affair.

So Sarkozy and the French company gets off but Zumba is charged. I get it. Justin Trudeau did worse too. The We Scandal, SNC-Lavalin and his involvement with the CCP mean he should be in jail. Yet the media spins for him because they too get kickbacks. However, rioting because you don't want a corrupt politician to go to jail looks pretty strange to the rest of the world.

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