Tuesday, February 28, 2023

The Recruit on Netflix

Although I despise the CIA, I have to admit that the Netflix series the Recruit is rivoting. I'm sure glad they have a season 2 planned. It demonstrates the what's in it for me mentality.

The Dalai Lama's escape from Communism

Time Magazine is reporting that "Asingle image can certainly evoke strong memories. This 1959 TIME cover photo and the accompanying story of my escape from Tibet brings movingly back to me the tragedy of my land and of my people. The tragedy of Tibet has yet to be resolved. But my becoming a refugee in India brought with it many hidden blessings."

"For one, the moment I was able to cross over from Tibet to India on March 31, 1959, I realized the value of freedom. Since then, I have been the longest-­staying guest of the Indian government, enjoying every possible liberty. In addition, India has provided me, and those other Tibetans who managed to escape, the freedom to preserve and promote Tibetan identity and our culture of peace and compassion, and to share them with the entire world."

Yet "the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that drove him out of Tibet is working to co-opt Buddhist principles - as well as the succession process itself." Crimes against Tibet.

Langley Hells Angels clubhouse still stands

The Langley Advance is reporting that "Three Hells Angels clubhouses in B.C. have been ordered turned over to the provincial government, but there are still a number of local headquarters for chapters of the biker gang, including one here in Langley."

"As for whether the White Rock Chapter clubhouse could also be seized, Winpenny said that the three forfeitures that just took place were based on long-running investigations over years. There have not been any announced investigations into the Langley-based chapter and its property."

Exactly. They don't have enough dirt on the Whiterock chapter to seize their clubhouse known as Jabba's Palce. Larry Amero is no longer affiliated with that chapter. He became part of the Surrey girl Chapter with Randy Jones. Whiterock cut the heat bag loose. Anything affiliated with West Point and the Wolf Pack are free game because the amount of murders and criminal activity they have been involved with is staggering. That would include Shakerz. Sorry girls. Just sayn.

Ron DeSantis: The Courage to be Free

Bill Maher and Woody Harrelson

Surrey and New York get some snow

A cold front blew down and Surrey got snow Sunday morning. Looks like New York City got some snow as well. In Surrey it warmed up slightly and the roads were fine. Similar to New York.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Rectal torture at Guantanamo Bay

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that "Dr. Sondra S. Crosby appeared in court to condemn the rectal feeding torture method used by the United State’s CIA in Guantanamo Bay. Crosby appeared in court for the trial of Abd Al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who is accused of participating in the planning of the bombing of the USS Cole. His lawyers are claiming that any confessions he made were under the duress of torture."

"Mr. Nashiri claims that in 2013, prison staff used ‘rectal feeding’ to torture him. Dr Crosby testified that he experienced it as a violent rape, sexual assault and that the experience “was a very, very distressing painful, shameful stigmatizing event according to The New York Times. Mr. Nashiri also claims that he had been sodomized by the end of a broom by prison staff."

"At the time, the CIA defended rectal feeding as a ‘medical procedure’, according to the Times. However, Physicians for Human Righs condemned the practice as sexual assault masquerading as medical treatment.” The group of medical practitioners said that there are oral and intravenous alternatives, which is why rectal feeding is not used in a medical context."

"Crosby explained that rectal feeding is a method in which CIA prison staff would take a tube, designed to be placed in the windpipe, and place it in a prisoner’s anus. Then, the staff would use a syringe to inject a nutritional shake into the anus. Dawn reported that "They left the tube in for an additional 30 minutes ‘to aid in colonic absorption’,” Dr Crosby said, dismissing the procedure as bogus. The liquid nutritional supplement would have acted just like an enema, and it would have been expelled”. Rectal feeding is bogus and sodomizing with a broomstick is deranged.

This brings us back to torture and civil liberty. Torture is never acceptable under any circumstances. Especially by the CIA who have a long history of drug trafficking and false flag attacks. Guantanamo Bay is an abomination. So are all the CIA black prison sites around the world. This is how the CIA violates the US Constitution. They claim that as long as the site is not on American soil, it is not covered by the Constitution. That is a lie. It's also a slippery slope because they also have black prison sites in the US when they are not authorized to operate in the US. Everything they say is a lie and they have absolutely no public accountability whatsoever.

The BBC is reporting that "US President Joe Biden says he hopes to close the facility, where 32 people are still being detained. At its peak in 2003 the facility held 680 prisoners at one time." Biden should close it down. Obama was supposed to but never did.

Obama dropped more bombs in Afghanistan that anyone else. Afghanistan wasn't about terrorism. It was about control of opium and the oil pipeline. The Texas oil barons were wining and dining the Taliban trying to win the contract for the pipeline. As soon as they awarded the pipeline to an Argentina firm they were invaded. The Taliban had brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the invasion, Afghanistan returned to being the largest opium producers in the world.

This puts the torture of suspected terrorists in a completely different light and reinforces the need for due process and the right to a fair trial. Omar Khadr was 15 years old when he was accused of throwing a grenade at invading forces. If he threw it at the Russians when they invaded, he would have been a hero for defending his country against a foreign invasion. Instead he was tortured at Guantanamo Bay. The Constitution is a vital document and the CIA is constantly trying to undermine it. The CIA does not support the founding father's quest.

El Salvador is making mass arrests of suspected MS 13 members and everyone sees this as a good thing. Mass prisons are never a good thing. What if they were anti vaxxers or lockdown protesters? It's like the former president of the Philippians who encouraged people to shoot suspected drug dealers dead. What's to stop somebody from robbing someone and shooting them only to later falsely claim they were a drug dealer? What's to stop a politician from shooting a political rival then falsely accusing them of being a drug dealer? There is a reason we have and support due process. It's to prevent dictatorships and the abuse of power.

Why the CIA is on the wrong side and how they got there

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Dead body found on Devil's Army clubhouse floor

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "A former member of the Devil’s Army motorcycle club testified that he became increasingly paranoid after the March 11, 2016 murder of Dillon Brown. 'I kept thinking that eventually I’d be killed,' a person only identified as X said Friday as he testified for the second day against Richard Alexander. Prosecutor Kimberly Henders Miller asked X about discovering Brown’s body on the floor of the Devil’s Army clubhouse..."

Ricky Alexander shot him in the head with his pink 22.

Hells Angels kidnap 70 year old grandparents

Prince Harry's Ridiculous Memoir

Spare me the drama. The fake news is going off about Prince Harry's ridiculous memoir and I'm like spare me. We're supposed to feel sorry for you because you're second in line to the throne and are talking about things you shouldn't be talking about. Holy Randy Andy. Maybe there's a reason God didn't choose him to be first.

When Harry and Megan were hiding from the paparazzi on Vancouver Island I felt sorry for them. Then they moved to the lions den of decadence in the Hollywood cesspool and things quickly went downhill from there. They went from leave us alone to become drama queens in desperate need of a pity party and the fake news is eating it up. The British tabloids have always had a thing for royal scandals and gossip but remember the fake news has a motive. Remember it was MI 6 that wire tapped Dianna's phone and gave it to the media. MI 6 are not defenders of the crown. They are enemies from within extorting the crown. Why is that? Wait 'till I tell ye.

History has shown the difference a good king and a bad king can make. A good king can prevent a WEF takeover just like a good constitution can. A good king can prevent people from becoming slaves. I'm not a big fan of monarchies. I support good kings and I oppose bad kings.

The Buchanan's supported Robert the Bruce. He was a good king who fought against a tyrant. I always respected Charles. He was in love with Camilla and his mother made him marry Dianna. Most older guys covet pretty young girls yet Charles was bigger than that. He wanted to be with someone his own age. Someone he could relate to. There's nothing wrong with that. It's actually admirable. Dianna was without question a saint and will always be the queen of our hearts yet Charles and Camilla are noble. I was justifiably concerned when Charles started kissing Klaus Schwab's a*s and started to promote the WEF. He must not have read the part where the Communist revolution in Russia executed the Romanovs for standing in their way. Now we have the CIA simpletons going off about a royal lizard race. Spare me.

What does the future hold? Time will tell. It always does. Yet I will support good kings and oppose bad kings like I have always done. I will also oppose the Communist lie in all it's forms.

Woody Harrelson on SNL

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Bill Maher on the Woke Revolution

We Will Rock You musical on tour

Speaking of a Bat Outta Hell, there's another musical with the music of Queen called We Will Rock You. "The story of a future Earth where globalisation has eliminated all creativity, including musical instruments. But resistance is growing. Writer Ben Elton has fashioned a hilarious futuristic comedy around more than 24 of Queen's biggest hit songs delivered in a show that boasts the scale and spectacle that marked Queen's live performances." We Will Rock You closed in the West End in 2014, then toured internationally and has returned to London.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Christine Anderson's visit to Canada

Christine Anderson, the famous anti lockdown MEP from Germany who denounced Justin Trudeau's hypocrisy came to Canada for a visit and was warmly welcomed. The Fake News is losing their sh*t and Pierre Poilievre is distancing himself from her claiming that some of her views are racist and hateful. OK let's calm down and look at this rationally because the fake news is using this to continue their misrepresentation of the entire freedom movement.

Christine Anderson supported the Convoy. So did I. So did Pierre Poilievre. All three of us share that common belief. Christine Anderson denounced Justin Trudeau's hypocrisy. So did I. So did Pierre Poilievre. That is another belief the three of us all share. There's nothing racist or hateful about that. The gallery in Eurpoe was full which means many MEPs walked out during Justin Trudeau's speech. However, Christine Anderson is also very anti immigration. I am not. She is also very anti Islam. I am not. Justin Trudeau pretends to oppose Islamophobia. He does not. He's a liar. He supports the Muslim genocide in Communist China.

I still submit that in our struggle for freedom against the WEF and Globalism, Muslims are our allies. They have seen where the road to Communism leads in China and they reject it. If we are Constitutionalists who support a free republic, then we support the freedom of religion. Adapting a single state religion is just as bad as abolishing all religion. In fact, it is a road to that end. First you abolish all religions but one, then you abolish that one religion and Mission Accomplished. The free republic has been destroyed.

Although Christine Anderson and I share many core values, there are some positions that we do not agree on. Maxime Bernier would agree with her about immigration. Someone needs to explain to Maxime Bernier that he's an immigrant. He's French. The French and the English are both immigrants to North America. So am I even though I was born here. Even though my parents were born here. Even though my mother's father's father was born here. I'm still an immigrant. I support the inscription on the statue of liberty. That statue was donated by France. The Fench Revolution was founded upon the principles of liberté, égalité, fraternité. Je me souviens.

However, Maxime Bernie has a lot of other opinions that are right on the money and he deserves to be heard as does Christine Anderson. I can totally understand how Ireland wants to remain Irish and France wants to remain French. Yet here in North America, we're all immigrants and the left does not support Islam. They hate all religion including Buddhism and Islam. Buyer Beware.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Hells Angels drug bust in Ontario

The Toronto Star is reporting that "Twenty-seven people - including three full-patch Hells Angels - have been arrested in what police call a crackdown on a drug and gun trafficking ring. The 13-month operation called Project Coyote pooled the efforts of Toronto police, the Ontario Provincial Police, the Windsor Police Service and the Belleville Police Service, against the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, the affiliated Red Devils Motorcycle club and an unidentified street gang."

Police seized 16 kilos of cociane, 6 kilos of crystal meth and 1.5 kilos of fentanyl. Well done.

"Nicholas Runnalls, 43, who police say is a full-patch Hells Angel from Trenton, faces 22 charges, including participation in a criminal organization. Police said other Hells Angels charged were Jesse Thibert, 43, of Lakeshore, charged with participation in a criminal organization and commission of an offence for a criminal organization and Mark Stewart, 43, of Belleville, charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence." Full list of people charged.

Damon Ryan was busted again by the OPP earlier this month.

Chilliwack school Libraries promote incest

Update: Drea Humphrey from Rebel News is covering the story about Chilliwack Grooming

This is the perfect example of how the fake news promotes things it should not be promoting. Global and Bill Gates' Satanic News Network is reporting that "No, books in Chilliwack school libraries aren’t child pornography, RCMP says." This is a fake fact checker gone wrong.

Notice the spin. They are trying to justify inappropriate books in school libraries by misrepresenting valid concerns. The book promotes incest. One could also argue that the book The Long Dark Shadow which promotes pedophilia doesn't technically contain child pornography, it just presents arguments in support of pedophilia and child pornography. The bottom line is that the book is simply not appropriate for anyone especially children. Quoting a RCMP source that claims the material is not illegal doesn't make it right.

Bill Gates is a bad man. Global is promoting things it should not promote. Here we have a fruit loop with green hair who shouldn't be anywhere near children sitting in a position of authority promoting things to young children that shouldn't be promoted. It starts off with a war on religion, then slides down the slippery slope and evolves into a war on morality and a war on what's right. It becomes a war of good and evil. As I said, the theme for the new year is the struggle between good and evil continues because it is always misrepresented.

It's like Balenciaga bragging about a bad court decision allowing child pornography. This is not right and they are promoting a whole bunch of things that should not be promoted. This is what Ron DeSantis opposed in Florida and so should we.
The fake news lied about the parents in Chilliwack complaining about a book in the school library that normalized incest. The fake news said those parents were religions extremists trying to ban books. The book normalized incest. Why on earth would the fake news even consider promoting that? The book is about two little girls. They are sisters. One of the sisters is being sexually abuse by their father, the other is not. The girl who isn't being sexually abuse becomes jealous of the girl who is. If you promote that then you are mentally deranged. Shame on you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Ron DeSantis and George Soros

This needs to be said because some false information is being circulated. George Soros did not endorse Ron DeSantis. That is a bold faced lie. This isn't coming from the fake fact checkers who would lie and say he didn't when he did. This is coming from me. Someone who does support Donald Trump. George Soros is a villain like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. He is Lex Luther. Ron DeSantis is not. Ron DeSantis is a superhero. He is superman. His policies in Florida have led the way out of the pandemic and into economic prosperity. He has walked the walk.

In my previous post someone made a comment claiming that George Soros endorsed Ron DeSantis and immediately I said no way. Ron DeSantis supports law and order. George Soros does not. George Soros funded the ANTIFA riots. If you haven't noticed, I like to question things. I put statements to the test of believability. I ask does this statement make sense? Is it consistent with the known facts? Is it believable? This is how fact checking is supposed to begin.

So lets look at what George Soros really said. The Daily Mail reported that "Billionaire liberal donor George Soros said Thursday he believes 2024 could turn into a 'Democratic landslide' if Ron DeSantis wins the presidential nomination and Donald Trump runs as a third-party candidate." That is what George Soros said. He didn't say he supported Ron DeSantis.

He said I think this infighting is great. He said he hopes Ron DeSantis wins the Republican nomination and Donald Trump runs as a third party candidate because that would split the vote and let the Democrats get in again. That's what he said and he is freaking right. If Ron DeSantis won the Republican nomination, Donald Trump probably would rung as a third party candidate because he's an ego maniac. That would indeed split the vote and let the Democrats win.

I've addressed this in part before. The fake news was desperately trying to create drama between Trump and DeSantis to split the vote and I said there is no beef. They're on the same team. If DeSantis wants to run for the Republican nomination that is his right. I would personally prefer that he wait because each superhero can only serve two terms in office.

If Trump serves his second term then DeSantos serves two terms after that.That way we get three terms instead of two. If Trump lost the Republican nomination and still ran as a third party candidate, that would be a very selfish thing to do. DeSantis might see this as his golden opportunity because Florida has such a shining track record right now.

Right now Trump is also a superhero. He's Batman. He has withstood an incredible a mount of opposition from the fake news and corrupt CIA / FBI playing politics. The Trump cult doesn't realize how bad the CIA really is. Yet even though Trump is a good guy, he can be turned like anyone else. When we see Trump and Kari Lake repeating false statements about DeSantis, that becomes a concern. We need to debate policies. What policies of DeSantis do you disagree with? Let's talk about that instead of parroting lies. DeSantis is not a Globalist like George Bush.

Don't ya hate it now that the Communist Party of China has taken over Disney? All of a sudden the superheroes are becoming tainted and are starting to fight with each other. When that movie came out about Superman and Batman fighting each other I overhead a conversation between two middle aged men at work arguing about who would win in a fight - Batman or Superman. My response was I can't believe two grown men are arguing about this. It's fiction. Unfortunately the new rivalry between Trump and DeSantis is not and the fake news is loving every minute of it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Banning Natural gas is completely insane

Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not. Fake environmentalism has a dark agenda behind it that has nothing to do with reducing CO2 emissions. Just like banning farming does. Natural gas could easily solve Europe's manufactured energy crisis. We should promote it.

Monday, February 20, 2023

DeSantis Visits NYC for Pro-Law Enforcement Rally

Law and order with low taxes means economic growth. Debate policies not personalities.

East Vancouver shooting

CTV is reporting that "A man is in the hospital with "multiple gunshot wounds" after a shooting on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Sunday afternoon, according to authorities. The Vancouver Police Department, in a statement, says officers were already in the area of East Hastings and Columbia streets around 2:30 p.m. when shots rang out." That's proactive. Walking the beat.

"The 31-year-old victim was repeatedly shot. While some officers stayed to care for the injured man, others tracked the suspect as he fled from East Hastings to Chinatown, where he was arrested moments later," says spokesperson Sgt. Steve Addison in a media release. The man's injuries are described as serious, but the VPD says he is expected to survive. The suspect has not been named, but police say he is a man in his 30s." As a result, they caught the suspect.

This shooting involves harmful drugs, illegal guns and a failed drug policy in the DTES.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

50 kilos of cocaine & 20 kilos of meth seized in Winnipeg

CTV is reporting that "The Winnipeg Police Service has arrested and charged 13 people, and seized more than $7 million worth of drugs as part of a trafficking investigation that spanned Ontario and British Columbia. The investigation, called Project Onyx, resulted in the seizure of 50 kilograms of cocaine, with an estimated street value of $5 million, and 20 kilograms of methamphetamine, with an estimated street value of $2 million."

"The 13 people charged include nine from Winnipeg, one person from Toronto, two people from Niverville, Man., and one person from Coquitlam, B.C. They range in age from 24 to 59 years old and all are charged or facing various drug-trafficking charges."

"We had individuals that we deemed threats to Manitoba and the people of Manitoba,” Inspector Elton Hall with the organized crime unit said. “We knew they were bringing in large quantities of drugs like this. These individuals, whether they know it or not, are preying on vulnerable people in the city, people who are reliant on this. They make a lot of money off of this." Indeed.

"When you see this table, this is why crime rates are going through the roof. Why shootings are going up, why gang violence is going up. So, it's a very significant arrest.” Exactly.
"Hall said several vehicles contained hydraulic trap compartments which were used to smuggle drugs, adding many of the traps cost more than the cars themselves. “It's very difficult to get in and out of; it's hidden,” he said. “You have to figure out how to work the compartment. And when you do, the compartment will come up or out of its hiding place.” That's next level.
This Winnipeg bust was tied to Coquitlam as was the Metro Vancouver drug bust that seized 52 kilos of crystal meth. The RCMP arrested Damion Ryan in Ottawa. Damion Ryan was running the drugs in the DTES for the Wolf Pack. Ryan rolled on the Driftwood Crip he hired to kill Mo.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

The results of the fake Emergency act inquiry

I really don't understand why anyone is the slightest bit surprised by the results of the fake inquiry on the unjustified use of the emergencies act for the Trucker's convoy. The laws were already in place to tow vehicles illegally parked. Beating civilian protesters and trampling them on horseback was an abomination the world witnessed. What a partisan judge appointed by the liberals presiding over a fake inquiry says is virtually irrelevant. The real results will be revealed in the next election. As long as it's not done by Dominion Voting. Five Times August saw it all.

Tamara Lich is a saint Justin Trudeau vilified just like he did former colleges who disagreed with him like Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Jody Wilson-Raybould and even Bill Morneau.

52 kilos of crystal meth seized in Maple Ridge

Today in BC is reporting that "The RCMP has now released details on yet another major drug bust in the Lower Mainland, this time taking place in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Maple Ridge." 3 kilos of cocaine and 52 kilos of crystal meth were seized. That's huge.

The CFSEU also seized 10 kilos of cocaine and 3 kilos of crystal meth out of Fort St. John, Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson. I don't know what happened to the CFSEU but this is good news. This saves lives. This is what they are supposed to do. They've been compromised for ten years now all of a sudden they start doing their job. I stand all amazed.

As Fredericton Police Chief Roger Brown says crystal meth is a Diabolical drug.

The Left's obsession to sexualize young children

This one shows just how crazy the world has become in it's obsession to sexualize young children. We've heard campaigns in the past mocking parents who want to ban books from school libraries. It's portrayed as though banning books is an archaic step backwards. Let's face it knowledge is good. Yet rape and pedophilia is not. Books that promote that are an abomination.

We've heard about the book the Long Dark Shadow that strives to normalize pedophilia. Now we have a new book on school shelves called Identical which is about identical twins. One is being sexually abused by their father and the other is jealous of the attention it gives her. So just what are they trying to normalize here? I'll let you decide that for yourself.

Action 4 Canada opposes these books in school for good reason. Children need to be protected not sexualized and brainwashed with sexual violence. SOGI isn't about stopping transgender discrimination. It's about sexulaization of children that promotes a whole lot of dark things that should not be promoted. It goes too far and has become very extreme.

Drea Humphrey from Rebel News has been covering the rival protests about the Drag Queen story time. It's just so toxic. I don't want to rag on drag queens. If parents want to bring their kids to that they are free to do so. I'm just concerned about the sexualization of very young children and all the very inappropriate things that go along with it. Bringing young kids into a Gay bar. What they hell is that? You shouldn't bring young kids into any bar. You shouldn't expose young children to heterosexual strippers or gay strippers. You shouldn't expose young children to any of that. It once again opens Pandora's box. It's like Kim Kardashian and the Balenciaga Scandal.

The Balenciaga Scandal wasn't just promoting pedophilia, it was also promoting a whole bunch of completely insane things. They keep pushing the limits. They have absolutely no boundaries whatsoever. We all need boundaries. That's healthy. Refusing to recognize and allow that is not.

US Pipeline Raid in Syria

Bill Gates' Fake News Network is reporting that "An Islamic State group leader was killed and four US troops wounded in a US helicopter raid in northeast Syria, US Central Command said on Friday. It said a raid the previous day targeted and killed a senior leader named as Hamza al-Homsi who oversaw the group's network in eastern Syria." That is ridiculous.

I don't want to hate but I will restate the obvious. The conflict in Syria has absolutely nothing to do with ISIS. It is simply about stopping a rival oil pipeline from Iran in favor of the Saudi backed pipeline from Qatar. The CIA created ISIS to justify military intervention in the pipeline dispute. Hilary Clinton armed ISIS through Qatar. The US murdered the Iranian general who defeated ISIS in Syria. Building both pipelines would benefit consumers and solve the energy crisis.

When Tulsi Gabbard visited Syria she said "Syrians ask me, 'Why is the United States providing support & arms to terrorist groups like ISIS who are raping, kidnapping, torturing, & killing the Syrian people when it was Al-Qaeda who attacked the United States on 9/11, not Syria.' I didn't have an answer." Israel admitted helping ISIS troops on their border because they opposed Assad who supported the rival pipeline. The European energy crisis was manufactured in support of the Saudi oil monopoly. The free market benefits consumers. Oil monopolies do not.
Remember when the Pentagon announced that they killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri five times. The day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld declared that the greatest enemy America now faces is the Pentagon bureaucracy. He claimed that the Pentagon was missing $2.3 trillion and that the military can't account for 25% of what it spends. $2.3 trillion - that is organized crime at the highest level. That was the day before 911. Now it is worse. Millions of tax dollars sent to the Ukraine was laundered through FTX into Joe Biden's midterms. Just sayn.

Warning labels on beer and wine

This is kind of a non issue but I just want to comment on it because it relates to the governments position on harmful drug promotion. Recently I was asked to participate in a random nanos survey about putting warning labels on beer and wine like cigarettes. It was done on behalf of the Canadian government. You know how cigarettes have these hue warnings on them about the harmful effects of smoking? They keep getting larger and more dramatic. Warning cigarettes cause cancer. Warning cigarettes will make you impotent. Warning cigarettes will kill you.

I always thought it was strange how they would make such a big deal about the harmful effects of smoking then turn around and promote drug abuse. How can crack, heroin and crystal meth be safe when cigarettes are harmful? How can smoking pot be safe when smoking cigarettes is not? Pot smoke is unfiltered and is even more cancerous than cigarette smoke.

Then you get young kids claim pot is good for you it's an herb. Pot cures cancer. Pot does not cure cancer. Chemo cures cancer. Pot eases the side effects of chemo. Pot didn't cure Bob Marley or my brother. My brother died of throat cancer. Smoking anything is bad for you. Near the end he had to switch to edibles. Yet the government keeps pushing the extremes.

Apparently they claim that alcohol causes cancer. I did not know that. I guess everything does. Nevertheless, I don't want to see those kind of warning labels on a nice bottle of wine. When you spend all that money on a really nice bottle of wine, you don't want to see those graphic images. Everyone knows drinking alcohol in excess is bad for you. Everyone knows giving alcoholics alcohol is a bad idea. Everyone knows smoking cigarettes is bad for you. Putting those dramatic warnings on cigarettes, beer and wine while you promote harmful drugs is complete hypocrisy.

The top picture looks like meth mouth. If you brush your teeth I don't think cigarettes will do that but crystal meth sure will. Why don't they put big posters like that up in their lethal injection sites saying Warning crystal meth will give you meth mouth. Warning crack and crystal meth are bad for you. Warning crack and crystal meth will kill you. Why don't they do that instead? That would be part of the four pillars and fall under harm prevention. Crack is a poison we should oppose.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Devil's Reject murder trial in court

The Times Colonist is reporting that "John Dillon Brown thought he was going to receive money in exchange for dropping a lawsuit for injuries he received in a fight with bikers at the Voodoo Lounge in Campbell River. Instead, he was shot in the back of the head and stuffed in the trunk of his car, which was abandoned on the side of the road 75 kilometres north of Campbell River. That information was revealed Tuesday on the first day of Richard Ernest Alexander’s trial."

Going to the clubhouse thinking you're going to get paid for dropping a lawsuit after kicking their a*s probably wasn't very smart. I still wanna know if Priscilla capped him with her pink gun. Wasn't Priscilla on Rebel News reading stories to young children? It kinda looked like her.

When I was young, the image I had in my mind when I heard the term Hells Angel was similar to that of a Guardian Angel. I thought these guys were tough. They kept order in hell. Where angels fear to tread. I didn't see them as low life criminals who would steal cars and bully people. I thought one Hells Angel could take on five guys. I didn't think five Hells Angels would jump one guy just because he looked at them the wrong way or objected to them stealing his car and I certainly didn't think they would shoot someone with a pink gun. Priscilla and Rainbow Ricky are absolutely pathetic. So was Odis Garret. The world has changed so it has. We need to face that.

The Black National Anthem and the Grammys

I have two simple points to make and they revolve around the persistent brainwashing Hollywood and the mainstream media is bombarding us with. I've mentioned the Hollywood cesspool and how the Talk was going off about the Grammys. There's nothing wrong with music awards but the whole spirit of the event has been completely hijacked by Hollywood and right now Hollywood is compromised. First let's talk about the Superbowl and how Hollywood is trying to hijack that.

Rihanna performed the half time show while pregnant. All hail. They also sang the black National Anthem. It's a wonderful song. Lift every voice. Doesn't say lift every black voice. The intent of the song is very unifying but the way it's being used is not. Martin Luther King had a dream. His dream was that the Constitution would be more than a nice piece of paper hanging on the wall. His dream was that the Constitution would become a reality and that it has.

Chairman Mao had a different dream and the mainstream media is trying to hijack Martin Luther King's dream and replace it with Chairman Mao's dream. Let's not forget that Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister. Just sayn. Hollywood hates religion. Does that mean they also hate Martin Luther King? They sure hate his dream because they're constantly misrepresenting it.

I just want to remind everyone that the world is not black and white. It's not 50 Shades of Gray either. A few years ago I saw down with a brown friend and showed him the First Nations sacred hoop. It's a circle divided into four colours - black, white, red and yellow. I explained how it represents all the races of the earth working together in harmony.

He took one look at the diagram and said yeah, well I'm brown so I'm not included in your little club. I looked at the diagram in shock and then said I think you're missing the point. It means all the races of the earth working together. Of course you're included. He didn't feel included.

On the weekend when I took the Skytrain back to Surrey I saw a poster with a white member of the Vancouver Canucks advertising Black History month. I'm all for studying history and I'm all for black inclusion. It's just that I look at the poster and then look at the train and see so many different races other than black or white and I wonder how it makes them feel. Do they feel included? I have absolutely no doubt that Martin Luther King's dream included everyone.

The world is not just black and white. The world has a rainbow of different ethnicities. It is a magnificent mosaic tapestry. Yet we are constantly being bombarded with racism and victimization by the mainstream media. It's so Chairman Mao to rewrite history and completely misrepresent it. What happened at the Tienanmen Square Massacre again? Oh right, Google erased that event from the Internet in China. Google is burring and erasing a lot of true information in North America as well. As Candace Owens pointed out it all has an agenda.

Communism lies to every group under the sun trying to trick and trap them into slavery. There are no LGBT rights in Communism because in Communism no one has any rights. Before the pandemic it was all Black lives matter. However, as soon as Black Lives Matter were marching beside the police in New York protesting vaccine mandates, not a word was spoken about it in the mainstream media. Black lives only matter to them if it fits their agenda. A lot of black people in New York didn't trust the vaccine for good reason. Now they are vindicated.

Yet now that the vaccine thing has died down, the fake news is starting to push black lives matter again. They are determined to politicize everything and divide us. It's kind of like my blog. We always have trolls trying to lead us astray. Likewise, everywhere we go in life people are passionately trying to lead just astray. Like I said in the theme for the New year, the struggle between good and evil continues because it's always misrepresented.

There's also the constant erosion of our morals. The book 50 Shades of Gray is the perfect example. S&M is not erotic. That is deranged. Yet look at how the mob ate it up. We've talked about their determination to keep coming back with Minor Attacked Persons as they strive to normalize pedophilia. They shock us with the absurd then pull back with public outcry only to keep coming back over and over again until we are no longer shocked and accept what is morally unacceptable. That is the erosion of our morals. The road to hell is paved with immorality.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Brenda Lucki steps down as RCMP Commissioner

CTV is reporitng that "Embattled RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki is stepping down, saying that she is leaving knowing she did her best. In a statement announcing what she called a "personal decision," Lucki said she has decided to retire ahead of reaching five years in the role. Her last day will be March 17, 2023." Well, well well, isn't today full of surprises.

I think having a woman at the helm to address the chronic sexual harassment in the RCMP was a step forward but her using the Nova Scotia false flag as a justification for gun control was deplorable. None of the firearms used were legally obtained. Why did the RCMP pay the shooter all that money? Why did 2 RCMP officers shoot up a fire hall that was protecting civilians? Thanks to the fake inquiry, we will never know. Clinton is right. They're just going to hire another Liberal.

3 BC Hells Angels clubhouses seized on appeal

Vancouver is Awesome is reporting that "The B.C. government has successfully seized three Hells Angels' clubhouses, including the one in Kelowna. More than two and a half years after Justice Barry Davies ruled against B.C.'s Director of Civil Forfeiture in the case – a culmination of nearly 13 years of proceedings – B.C.'s Court of Appeal has overturned the previous ruling and found in favour of the B.C. Civil Forfeiture Office." Wow! The appeal process worked.

"The three clubhouses which will now be seized by the province are located on Ellis Street in Kelowna's North End, along with properties in Nanaimo and East Vancouver. The proceedings began back in 2007, two years after the Civil Forfeiture Act became law in B.C., with the province seeking to seize the Nanaimo property. In August 2012, police raided the club's Kelowna clubhouse, and the province began forfeiture proceedings against it and the Hells Angels' East Vancouver clubhouse several months later. The clubhouses have continued to be used by the Hells Angels, although the assets have been frozen since 2016." What about Shakerz?
Other than shock, I have mixed feelings about this. It shows you how important it is for prosecutors to appeal bad decisions because judges are not infallible. I think the Kelowna clubhouse was a given because they were caught doing a lot of criminal activity. However, that was under the previous leadership so I almost feel sorry for them.

The East Van chapter was involved with a whole lot of criminal activity but the real problem in the DTES now are the Wolf Pack and their farm teams from Edmonton. Naniamo was a bit border line. I know they were involved with some but it was pretty minor. I was told there was something dodgy going on about the government's desire to attain that specif parcel of property but I can't remember what it was. Naniamo has many members and they don't all sell drugs.

That brings us to the idealistic attempt to balance the extremes. The Aging Rebel, God rest his soul, closely followed the US government's attempt to seize the Mongol's patch in court. I thought that quest was a bit extreme as well as concerning. One thing we've all learned from the pandemic is to be weary of government over reach. The ATF is dirty as f*ck.

The freedom of association is protected by the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights. The right to commit crime is not. The future of MCs is entirely up to them. If they persist in criminal activity, that will be their end. No one can stop you from riding a motorcycle. No one can stop you from riding a motorcycle in a group. The concern seems to revolve around the three piece patch. The obsession with the term 1%er is an obsession with crime.

The term 1%er came from a saying that 99% of people who ride motorcycles are law biding citizens. 1% of those who ride motorcycles are deranged criminals. Being part of that 1% is nothing to brag about. Mind how ya go. We are all free to choose but we are not free to avoid the consequences of our choices. Sooner or later, everyone is accountable.
The thing I didn't understand about the previous decision that was overturned on appeal was their bizarre measuring stick. They claimed that it didn't matter if the club was convinted of criminal activity and it didn't matter if the clubhouse was purchased with the proceeds of crime. The judge claimed the crown had to prove the clubhouse would be used in the future for planning criminal activity. That was kind of ridiculous. That's like saying it doesn't matter if someone committed murder. In order to convict them you need to prove they will commit murder again in the future.

Proceeds of crime legislation, which I'm not a fan of, states that the item was purchased with the proceeds of crime. What someone may or may not do in the future is simply not relevant. That judge's new definition was suspicious. It makes us wonder if he was on the take and was trying to become Peter Leask's replacement. Bad judges need to be replaced.

Silencing of addiction experts who criticize 'safe supply'

The Natioanl Post is reporting that "One of Canada’s leading experts on drug addiction says British Columbia’s provincial government asked him to delete a crucial database in an attempt to censor criticism of the province’s homeless policies. The incident appears to fit within a larger, nationwide campaign to silence experts who believe that, when it comes to homelessness and drugs, Canadian policy-makers are on the wrong track."

No kidding. There's no such thing as a safe supply of harmful drugs. That's like saying a safe supply of rat poison. Harmful drugs are called harmful drugs because they are harmful. The silencing of medical experts in favor of the pharmaceutical lobbyists. Where have we heard that before? Medical doctors who perform organ harvesting from live political prisoners in Communist China are unethical. So are the ones that promoted crime and addiction here. They are creating a manufactured emergency to justify their crazy solution.

"Dr. Julian Somers created an Inter-Ministry Evaluation Database (IMED), in 2004 to correlate data about vulnerable populations across various B.C. ministries. The conclusion? B.C.’s standard approach to homelessness was essentially a failure. That failed model across BC and Canada is warehousing homeless people in large groups, of mostly those fresh off the streets still battling addictions and mental health challenges, with little support for recovery, life skills or social reintegration. Much of their so-called treatment consists merely of freely given publicly funded harmful drugs, safe supply. Silencing medical experts on the subject is nothing new."

This brings us to the beginning with the censorship of BC substance abuse specialist Dr Colin Mangham. He opposed the opening of InSite in 2003 and lost his job with the government over it.

20 years later we clearly see that InSite has failed. It has not reduced crime and addiction like the Portugal model did, it has dramatically increased it to a point where it is completely out of control. Now their manufactured emergency wants to take one more step in the wrong direction which is all part of the WEF agenda to remove civil liberty and make everyone poor.

As the Toronto Coderix Addictions Clinic Medical Director Dr. Vincent Lam says in the Globe and Mail: “Prescribed opioids were an integral part of the creation of this crisis. We are not going to be able to prescribe our way out of it.” Exactly. The Portugal model was successful because they made treatment mandatory. They did not promote harm and addiction by handing out poison.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

The Solution to Metro Vancouver's Housing Crisis

Update: Governments at root of rental housing crisis in BC

The solution to Metro Vancouver's housing crisis is very simple - build more rental units. When I finished high school I moved out on my own and rented my fist apartment. They used to have apartment building that you could rent suites from. That was back in the day. Those same old building are still there. Only they're 30 years old. The problem is they haven't built any new ones.

Everyone has been obsessed with making a quick buck with all the free money for the past 30 years. No one has committed to make a lasting profit from rental housing. Right before I finished high school there was a crash in the housing market triggered by high interest rates. Mortgage rates went up to 20%. Your mortgage payments doubled. People couldn't afford those payments and many people lost their homes. I was there. I saw it. I've been afraid ever since.

I've been cautiously waiting for it to happen again only it never did. Mortgage rates never rose that high ever since. For the past 30 years it's been cheaper to own than to rent. Consequently, since mortgage rates have been next to nothing for so long, people would buy up investment properties and rent them out. The rent would pay the mortgage and they'd own another property in the process. It was a great gig. That's why no one has bothered building any new complexes for renting. Now young kids graduating high school can't afford down payments or that large of a mortgage payment. 1.8 million dollars for me to move across the street is completely insane.

The government can help solve this problem but they shouldn't have to. The private sector can make money from building rental housing. It is way easier to evict a bad tenant that plays loud music and parties from a rental unit than from a condo they own.

If the government buys a complex they don't have to rent it out for free. They can rent it out at market value. That way it's not a drain on tax dollars. Helping create more rental units would be the simple solution to the current housing crisis. The government can give tax breaks for private companies that build rental units. Civic governments can help as well by zoning for rental units. If developers want to get a permit to build new condos tell them they need to build some rental units as well. It really is that simple. That' all we have to do. We don't have to change our economic or democratic system for another manufactured emergency.

The government could set up a crown corporation like the Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation. They could build and buy rental units and rent them out at market value. That means it wouldn't cost tax dollars. It would make a profit. They could pay the government dividend which would reduce taxes. The Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation is totally mismanaged. they could do a lot better. They could solve the housing crisis if properly funded and organized.

Bill Morneau: A Path to Canadian Prosperity

Justin Trudeau mocking another former colleague who disagrees with him.

CTV is reporting that "Former federal finance minister Bill Morneau says that when it came to COVID-19 pandemic aid policy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the top advisers in his office favoured "scoring political points" over policy rationales, leading to him feeling like a rubber stamp ahead of his inevitable resignation. 'My job of providing counsel and direction where fiscal matters were concerned had deteriorated into serving as something between a figurehead and a rubber stamp,' he writes in his new book, out on Jan. 17."

"It became unsustainable," Morneau said in reference to what was behind his decision in August 2020 to resign both as finance minister and Toronto Centre MP. This move came six months into the federal government's COVID-19 aid rollout and amid the WE Charity controversy.

He was the fall guy for the WE Charity scandal. It wasn't Bill Morneau's charity it was Justin Trudeau's charity. Justin Trudeau should have been the one to resign but he refused. Commodus refuses to relinquish power because he has a dark agenda that is determined to bankrupt the country and force us to be enslaved by his coveted Communist dictatorship.

The title of Bill Morneau's new book is Where To from Here: A Path to Canadian Prosperity. Trade unions strive to raise the standard of living for workers. Bill Morneau get's it. Compare that with Chrystia Freeland who wants to roll back the middle class and make everyone poor. No wonder they kicked him to the curb. He was making too much sense.

Trudeau Liberals to spend $34.7 billion in federal debt interest for 2022/23, says Fraser Institute

Saturday, February 11, 2023

The Future of Surrey: Reflecting on my crib

I took my bike in to get some work done on it today and took the Skytrain back to Surrey while it was getting fixed. I was walking down the street doing errands and notice a middle aged white woman had just crossed the road. It wasn't a busy street and there wasn't any intersections nearby. Yet a white guy in a work truck honked at her as if to say don't jay walk. She looked him in the eye and flipped him the bird. I laughed and thought to myself welcome back to Surrey.

As I was coming out of Canadian Tire there was a brown guy and a white guy in a bit of a scuffle. As I circled around to see if I needed to intervene, I noticed the brown guy was getting physical with the white guy and the white guy was talking back to him. Then I see the white guy is holding a crystal meth pipe up high. It looked like the brown guy was a LPO for the store and he had another bigger brown guy standing behind him for back up. Looked like he was security. I just smiled and walked away saying nope. I'm not getting involved in that. Unless of course the brown guys need back up. That white trash meth head is a sh*t stain in our community.

I'll tell ya this: there are a lot of low life criminals in the city that are adicted to drugs. Yet they're mostly white. You rarely see brown guys or Asians who are addicted to drugs stealing things. It's mostly white guys. That's the way it has always been in Surrey. I grew up here.

I grew up with the Surrey jokes. They used to say hey did ya hear Vancouver got a new prison? They put a fence around Surrey. Or what's the difference between a Surrey girl and a Rolls-Royce? Not everyone's been in a Rolls-Royce. Yet Surrey has really made a huge amount of progress and they have immigration to thank for it. I'm really perplexed by the term minority. When you travel around the world you quickly see that white people are the minority.

My son was overseas playing in an orchestra. Someone came up to him and asked him how it felt to be the only white person in the entire orchestra. They asked if it made him feel uncomfortable. He was kind of surprised by the question and said no, it kinda feels like my high school growing up. That's one of the reasons I wanted to raise my kids here. It's very multicultural.

Anthem Properties is reporting that "With over 1,000 new residents making the move to Surrey every month, it’s safe to say that the city’s popularity is increasing fast, with no signs of slowing down." They state that Surrey is the second-largest city by population in British Columbia and is well on its way to becoming BC’s largest city within the next decade. Why is that? Because of immigration. People moving here from other parts of the country and world.

A lot of people from small towns all around the world complain about there being no jobs there. That's why they move to big cities in search of employment. Immigration means economic growth. More houses being built. More people going to restaurants and consuming things. That means more jobs. You don't see people in Surrey protesting immigration. They understand the benefits of immigration. All this immigration is helping lift Surrey out of it's negative history.

Surrey will soon be larger than Vancouver. That's because Vancouver is grid locked. They can only build up. Surrey can build up and out. So can Langley. The Mormons built a Temple in Langley and all around that Temple high density housing has exploded. I was born in North Vancouver. That is very high end but it is especially grid locked. They have nowhere to expand to. Only up but their infrastructure can't take it. That means Surrey will soon become BC's largest City. Which doesn't mean much because Toronto and Montreal has way more population than Metro Vancouver. I'm just pointing out that growth is good and has benefited Surrey greatly.

A few years ago a coworker said to me "You go to the gym in Surrey? That's full of brown guys isn't it?" I'm like yeah, it's Surrey. I grew up there. It not a problem. East Indians have a long history of military service. Many Indo Canadians work in security helping keep people safe and prevent theft. Many are beloved truckers. Yes a lot of the young brown kids can get swept up in the gang life but I'll tell you one thing about the brown kids - they respect their elders. It's part of their culture. Our white kids could learn from them. I'm an old man. I am in no way threatening. Yet I can't tell you how many times these young kids call me sir. I almost cringe when I hear it. They are in no way trying to be disrespectful. They're being very respectful and I appreciate it. All the brown guys at the gym, young and old, are very polite and friendly.

Surrey has many other ethnic communities as well. Several years ago my daughter was waiting in the car while I picked up a few groceries at Superstore. As I was coming back to the car a white guy had just mugged an elderly Korean woman. He took her purse and started walking away.

The woman started screaming for help in Korean. It just so happened she was right beside a baseball diamond at a park and a large group of young Korean men were playing baseball there at the time. As soon as they heard her screams they dropped what they were doing and came running to her aid. The white mugger started to run so they chased him down.

One of the kids found him but was having difficulty restraining him so I assisted with the take down. We formed a perimeter and held him until the police came. I said to the guy what the hell were you thinking? This is the safest parking lot in Surrey. I know the security guard who workers here. You're lucky he's not here today. He starts to plead with me and says yo man I can't go back to jail. I laughed and said you're not going to jail. Our judicial system sucks but you can't be doing that sh*t here. This is our crib.

Since then the government opened up a treatment centre and the place is full of white addicts stealing sh*t and causing problems. I'd trade those Korean kids for those white addicts in a heartbeat. A couple of months ago I saw a pretty white girl sitting on the side of the road there smoking a crystal meth pipe. I thought to myself God damn the pusher. They'll be pimping her out until the drug eats her alive and she can't earn any more money. Then she'll end up dead. Helping her kill herself like that is not compassion. It's evil.

They say violence never solves anything. That is simply not true. Maybe not violence but physical force sure does. That's the only thing those guys understand. That LPO roughing up that meth head I saw today understood that. My daughter used to work as a manager for Safeway in Whalley before they shut it down. She'd get in fights with crack heads stealing sh*t all the time. She was friends with several of the brown security guards and LPO officers. Technically they had a no chase no force caveat from their employer but they were like f*ck that. They were not afraid to get physical. They knew if they didn't those drug addicts would be literally walking out the door with grocery carts full of merchandise. Immigration is good. Promoting crime and addiction is not.