Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Silencing of addiction experts who criticize 'safe supply'

The Natioanl Post is reporting that "One of Canada’s leading experts on drug addiction says British Columbia’s provincial government asked him to delete a crucial database in an attempt to censor criticism of the province’s homeless policies. The incident appears to fit within a larger, nationwide campaign to silence experts who believe that, when it comes to homelessness and drugs, Canadian policy-makers are on the wrong track."

No kidding. There's no such thing as a safe supply of harmful drugs. That's like saying a safe supply of rat poison. Harmful drugs are called harmful drugs because they are harmful. The silencing of medical experts in favor of the pharmaceutical lobbyists. Where have we heard that before? Medical doctors who perform organ harvesting from live political prisoners in Communist China are unethical. So are the ones that promoted crime and addiction here. They are creating a manufactured emergency to justify their crazy solution.

"Dr. Julian Somers created an Inter-Ministry Evaluation Database (IMED), in 2004 to correlate data about vulnerable populations across various B.C. ministries. The conclusion? B.C.’s standard approach to homelessness was essentially a failure. That failed model across BC and Canada is warehousing homeless people in large groups, of mostly those fresh off the streets still battling addictions and mental health challenges, with little support for recovery, life skills or social reintegration. Much of their so-called treatment consists merely of freely given publicly funded harmful drugs, safe supply. Silencing medical experts on the subject is nothing new."

This brings us to the beginning with the censorship of BC substance abuse specialist Dr Colin Mangham. He opposed the opening of InSite in 2003 and lost his job with the government over it.

20 years later we clearly see that InSite has failed. It has not reduced crime and addiction like the Portugal model did, it has dramatically increased it to a point where it is completely out of control. Now their manufactured emergency wants to take one more step in the wrong direction which is all part of the WEF agenda to remove civil liberty and make everyone poor.

As the Toronto Coderix Addictions Clinic Medical Director Dr. Vincent Lam says in the Globe and Mail: “Prescribed opioids were an integral part of the creation of this crisis. We are not going to be able to prescribe our way out of it.” Exactly. The Portugal model was successful because they made treatment mandatory. They did not promote harm and addiction by handing out poison.

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