Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Brenda Lucki steps down as RCMP Commissioner

CTV is reporitng that "Embattled RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki is stepping down, saying that she is leaving knowing she did her best. In a statement announcing what she called a "personal decision," Lucki said she has decided to retire ahead of reaching five years in the role. Her last day will be March 17, 2023." Well, well well, isn't today full of surprises.

I think having a woman at the helm to address the chronic sexual harassment in the RCMP was a step forward but her using the Nova Scotia false flag as a justification for gun control was deplorable. None of the firearms used were legally obtained. Why did the RCMP pay the shooter all that money? Why did 2 RCMP officers shoot up a fire hall that was protecting civilians? Thanks to the fake inquiry, we will never know. Clinton is right. They're just going to hire another Liberal.


  1. Sure hope the door hits her on the way out! Baaabye!
    Oh, and take Trudeau with ya, thick as thieves those two. Well, Trudeau is “thick” anyway …. I rest my case.

  2. She was useless as a Cst in St Pierre-Joylis MB yet they promoted her to Cpl & hid her in D HQ. Barley 8 years on & she jumps to Inspector & they send her to F Div SK in charge of traffic. Does know a thing about it but can’t keep her mouth shut & loved ordering subordinates to take her kit to armouries for cleaning. This included ordering Cpl’s from posts as far as 2 hrs away to come in for a meeting (which could have been done over phone) then ordering them to take her kit to armoury. Lost track of the useless twit after that till she surfaced in Ottawa. Best way I heard fellow members describe her was complete incompetence !!! If there is a more incompetent “leader” in Rcmp, God help us !

  3. RCMP cheeze resigned and HA clubhouses seized in BC. 2+2=4 again?


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