Sunday, February 26, 2023

Prince Harry's Ridiculous Memoir

Spare me the drama. The fake news is going off about Prince Harry's ridiculous memoir and I'm like spare me. We're supposed to feel sorry for you because you're second in line to the throne and are talking about things you shouldn't be talking about. Holy Randy Andy. Maybe there's a reason God didn't choose him to be first.

When Harry and Megan were hiding from the paparazzi on Vancouver Island I felt sorry for them. Then they moved to the lions den of decadence in the Hollywood cesspool and things quickly went downhill from there. They went from leave us alone to become drama queens in desperate need of a pity party and the fake news is eating it up. The British tabloids have always had a thing for royal scandals and gossip but remember the fake news has a motive. Remember it was MI 6 that wire tapped Dianna's phone and gave it to the media. MI 6 are not defenders of the crown. They are enemies from within extorting the crown. Why is that? Wait 'till I tell ye.

History has shown the difference a good king and a bad king can make. A good king can prevent a WEF takeover just like a good constitution can. A good king can prevent people from becoming slaves. I'm not a big fan of monarchies. I support good kings and I oppose bad kings.

The Buchanan's supported Robert the Bruce. He was a good king who fought against a tyrant. I always respected Charles. He was in love with Camilla and his mother made him marry Dianna. Most older guys covet pretty young girls yet Charles was bigger than that. He wanted to be with someone his own age. Someone he could relate to. There's nothing wrong with that. It's actually admirable. Dianna was without question a saint and will always be the queen of our hearts yet Charles and Camilla are noble. I was justifiably concerned when Charles started kissing Klaus Schwab's a*s and started to promote the WEF. He must not have read the part where the Communist revolution in Russia executed the Romanovs for standing in their way. Now we have the CIA simpletons going off about a royal lizard race. Spare me.

What does the future hold? Time will tell. It always does. Yet I will support good kings and oppose bad kings like I have always done. I will also oppose the Communist lie in all it's forms.

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