Saturday, February 4, 2023

Communist China and the Hollywood Cesspool

I don't want to be negative but I just want to restate the obvious. Hollywood is a liberal sh*t hole of Communist propaganda and moral decay. Daytime television is ridiculous. Not that I sit at home watching daytime television because I don't. Sometimes it comes on in the lunchroom at work.

The View is partisan crap. It's all bullsh*t with an agenda just like it's spin off the Talk. I saw a commercial for the Talk saying we present different viewpoints. No you don't. You provide different viewpoints of the same stack of sh*t but no matter how you look at it, it's the same stack of sh*t. You support the agenda and the narrative. That is your MO. That's your purpose.

Yesterday I saw a clip from a new talk show and everyone in the audience were wearing pink face masks. I was like AYFKM? Y'all look ridiculous. Omicron was less than the seasonal flu. Omicron offshoots are even less than that. Use you brain and get a life. All this fake woke bullsh*t is toxic.

They were going off about the Grammys this and the Grammys that. GMAFB. No one cares about the Grammys or anything else that comes out of the Hollywood cesspool of moral decay and fake compassion. All that fake drama from Will Smith at the Oscars was paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. I like Will Smith but that stunt was a choreographed set up.

Drew Barrymore has a talk show now and I like the new Drew Barrymore. I think she has class. Yet the script writers are still pushing the same agenda. Everyone in her audience wears yellow face masks and it looks f*cking ridiculous. It's all fake and pretentious.

Recently Pamula Anderson was in the news trashing another ex and I was like get a f*cking life. That's all she does is play the victim and trash her exs. Now she has a new memoir out on Netflix glorifying her playboy past. I thought there was hope for her when she was promoting Julian Assange but now I see that it's a lost cause. I don't want to be mean. Really. But she is promoting things I oppose. She doesn't stand for the things that I believe in. I don't give a f*ck about the playboy thing but she was trashing guys that look at porn and that was her claim to fame. Just like Kim Kardashian and Stormy Daniels. It's all very pretentious just like the rest of Hollywood.

I support morality and civil liberty. That's the opposite of Communism and Hollywood. Right after she was promoting Julian, Pamula Anderson was going off hosting some kind of open sex website. I believe in committed relationships. Hollywood has always promoted moral decay and fake compassion. Now that they've been bought out by the CCP it's become even more extreme. It wasn't a hostile take over. It was a natural transition. After all, the road to hell is paved with lies.


  1. The world is completely f**ked and sadly, there is no turning back...

    1. I think there's still hope. They said the Constitution would one day hang by a thread. That day has come. They also said it would be saved by righteous men and women who love freedom. That's up to us.

    2. New generation is a bunch of 🐑


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