Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Langley Hells Angels clubhouse still stands

The Langley Advance is reporting that "Three Hells Angels clubhouses in B.C. have been ordered turned over to the provincial government, but there are still a number of local headquarters for chapters of the biker gang, including one here in Langley."

"As for whether the White Rock Chapter clubhouse could also be seized, Winpenny said that the three forfeitures that just took place were based on long-running investigations over years. There have not been any announced investigations into the Langley-based chapter and its property."

Exactly. They don't have enough dirt on the Whiterock chapter to seize their clubhouse known as Jabba's Palce. Larry Amero is no longer affiliated with that chapter. He became part of the Surrey girl Chapter with Randy Jones. Whiterock cut the heat bag loose. Anything affiliated with West Point and the Wolf Pack are free game because the amount of murders and criminal activity they have been involved with is staggering. That would include Shakerz. Sorry girls. Just sayn.

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