Saturday, February 4, 2023

Deena Hinshaw: BC's deputy provincial health officer

True North is reporting that Deena Hinshaw has become BC's deputy provincial health officer. Awesome. Put Bonnie Henry out to pasture and let Deena Hinshaw take over. It's time to move forward. Omicron offshoots are not important. Restoring civil liberty is. Hire Back our Heros.


  1. Deena is just as bad as Bonnie

    1. Not so. Alberta lets unvaccinated doctors and nurses work. Bonnie doesn't.

    2. Henshaw during covid was a complete troll windage. She wasn't in power when those doctors got jobs back Kenny was and told her to f off pretty much

    3. Perhaps but since she allowed unvaccinated doctors and nurses back to work in Alberta, there's absolutely no reason she can't do the same in BC.


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