Thursday, February 16, 2023

The Black National Anthem and the Grammys

I have two simple points to make and they revolve around the persistent brainwashing Hollywood and the mainstream media is bombarding us with. I've mentioned the Hollywood cesspool and how the Talk was going off about the Grammys. There's nothing wrong with music awards but the whole spirit of the event has been completely hijacked by Hollywood and right now Hollywood is compromised. First let's talk about the Superbowl and how Hollywood is trying to hijack that.

Rihanna performed the half time show while pregnant. All hail. They also sang the black National Anthem. It's a wonderful song. Lift every voice. Doesn't say lift every black voice. The intent of the song is very unifying but the way it's being used is not. Martin Luther King had a dream. His dream was that the Constitution would be more than a nice piece of paper hanging on the wall. His dream was that the Constitution would become a reality and that it has.

Chairman Mao had a different dream and the mainstream media is trying to hijack Martin Luther King's dream and replace it with Chairman Mao's dream. Let's not forget that Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister. Just sayn. Hollywood hates religion. Does that mean they also hate Martin Luther King? They sure hate his dream because they're constantly misrepresenting it.

I just want to remind everyone that the world is not black and white. It's not 50 Shades of Gray either. A few years ago I saw down with a brown friend and showed him the First Nations sacred hoop. It's a circle divided into four colours - black, white, red and yellow. I explained how it represents all the races of the earth working together in harmony.

He took one look at the diagram and said yeah, well I'm brown so I'm not included in your little club. I looked at the diagram in shock and then said I think you're missing the point. It means all the races of the earth working together. Of course you're included. He didn't feel included.

On the weekend when I took the Skytrain back to Surrey I saw a poster with a white member of the Vancouver Canucks advertising Black History month. I'm all for studying history and I'm all for black inclusion. It's just that I look at the poster and then look at the train and see so many different races other than black or white and I wonder how it makes them feel. Do they feel included? I have absolutely no doubt that Martin Luther King's dream included everyone.

The world is not just black and white. The world has a rainbow of different ethnicities. It is a magnificent mosaic tapestry. Yet we are constantly being bombarded with racism and victimization by the mainstream media. It's so Chairman Mao to rewrite history and completely misrepresent it. What happened at the Tienanmen Square Massacre again? Oh right, Google erased that event from the Internet in China. Google is burring and erasing a lot of true information in North America as well. As Candace Owens pointed out it all has an agenda.

Communism lies to every group under the sun trying to trick and trap them into slavery. There are no LGBT rights in Communism because in Communism no one has any rights. Before the pandemic it was all Black lives matter. However, as soon as Black Lives Matter were marching beside the police in New York protesting vaccine mandates, not a word was spoken about it in the mainstream media. Black lives only matter to them if it fits their agenda. A lot of black people in New York didn't trust the vaccine for good reason. Now they are vindicated.

Yet now that the vaccine thing has died down, the fake news is starting to push black lives matter again. They are determined to politicize everything and divide us. It's kind of like my blog. We always have trolls trying to lead us astray. Likewise, everywhere we go in life people are passionately trying to lead just astray. Like I said in the theme for the New year, the struggle between good and evil continues because it's always misrepresented.

There's also the constant erosion of our morals. The book 50 Shades of Gray is the perfect example. S&M is not erotic. That is deranged. Yet look at how the mob ate it up. We've talked about their determination to keep coming back with Minor Attacked Persons as they strive to normalize pedophilia. They shock us with the absurd then pull back with public outcry only to keep coming back over and over again until we are no longer shocked and accept what is morally unacceptable. That is the erosion of our morals. The road to hell is paved with immorality.

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  1. Hollyweird is a bunchof satan worshippers


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