Sunday, February 12, 2023

Bill Morneau: A Path to Canadian Prosperity

Justin Trudeau mocking another former colleague who disagrees with him.

CTV is reporting that "Former federal finance minister Bill Morneau says that when it came to COVID-19 pandemic aid policy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the top advisers in his office favoured "scoring political points" over policy rationales, leading to him feeling like a rubber stamp ahead of his inevitable resignation. 'My job of providing counsel and direction where fiscal matters were concerned had deteriorated into serving as something between a figurehead and a rubber stamp,' he writes in his new book, out on Jan. 17."

"It became unsustainable," Morneau said in reference to what was behind his decision in August 2020 to resign both as finance minister and Toronto Centre MP. This move came six months into the federal government's COVID-19 aid rollout and amid the WE Charity controversy.

He was the fall guy for the WE Charity scandal. It wasn't Bill Morneau's charity it was Justin Trudeau's charity. Justin Trudeau should have been the one to resign but he refused. Commodus refuses to relinquish power because he has a dark agenda that is determined to bankrupt the country and force us to be enslaved by his coveted Communist dictatorship.

The title of Bill Morneau's new book is Where To from Here: A Path to Canadian Prosperity. Trade unions strive to raise the standard of living for workers. Bill Morneau get's it. Compare that with Chrystia Freeland who wants to roll back the middle class and make everyone poor. No wonder they kicked him to the curb. He was making too much sense.

Trudeau Liberals to spend $34.7 billion in federal debt interest for 2022/23, says Fraser Institute

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    You gotta watch this series. Its like a light bulb went on for me! I am now very concerned we are headed for the Nazi narrative only now its 2023! History repeats itself, true story.


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