Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Jimmy Bulger murdered in prison - Update

The BBC is reporting that "The 89-year-old was discovered unresponsive at the maximum security facility shortly after being transferred there from a Florida jail. A prison union official told the Associated Press news agency the death was being investigated as a homicide. The life of Bulger, who was convicted in 2013 of 11 murders, inspired several films. He was captured in California in 2011 after a 16-year manhunt."

"The former leader of South Boston's Winter Hill gang inspired the film Black Mass featuring Johnny Depp, and The Departed, which won the Academy Award for best picture in 2007. His death came on the same day that he was transferred to the Hazelton penitentiary in West Virginia, which houses 1,385 inmates, according to reports. An inmate with mafia ties is under investigation for Bulger's killing, three sources briefed on the incident told the Boston Globe. Bulger was severely beaten by one or more of his fellow inmates shortly after arriving at the prison, law enforcement sources told CBS. Boston-based WFXT-TV, a Fox affiliate, reports that Bulger was killed hours after being admitted to the general inmate population."

They beat an 89 year old legend to death in general population. That is a sleazebag move. Some people have no self respect. This is yet another example of corruption in the US prison system.

Just to clarify I am not condoning any of the crimes Jimmy Bulger did or was accused of doing. All I'm saying is that he was a mob boss. Beating him to death when he was 89 years old was cheap and sleazy. It's a millennial move not an old school move. El Chapo was the Mexican Don. Disrespecting him in prison is cheap and sleazy. That doesn't mean I support any of the crimes El Chapo did or was accused of doing. He worked for the CIA just like Noriega and Pablo Escabar.

Likewise Vito Rizzuto was the Canadian Don. I don't support any of the crimes he did or was accused of doing. I just recognize who he was. The Calabrians getting members of the Ontario Hells Angels to fire bomb a funeral home when Vito was in prison was cheap and sleazy. Just like using a sniper to shoot Nic Rizzuto at home in front of his family was. That wasn't even the Calabrians. That was military / CIA. Ralph Natale was the Don in Philly. He was old school. The new kids on the block were not. That's all I'm saying.

Allegations of being a rat - Not.

I should clarify the obvious. Jimmy Bulger was not a rat. He never informed on anyone within his group. Ever. That's why he was in prison. CBC claims that "He was also an FBI informant who ratted on the New England mob, his gang's main rival, in an era when bringing down the Mafia was a top national priority for the FBI."

Let's put this in perspective. Boston was Irish. If the Italians were to set up shop in Boston, that would be an act of war and that's exactly what happened. The Patriarca family were even warring among themselves. Bulger had a member of the FBI named John Connolly on his payroll just like Al Capone did. It's quite possible that Connolly gave Bulger informant protection status to cover his own ass for turning a blind eye to his criminal activity. All I know is that if I set up shop on Commercial Drive in Vancouver and started extorting the Italian businesses there on behalf of an Irish gang, that would cross the line. That is what the Patriarca family did in Boston.

Allegations of being a Woman beater

I'm more concerns with the allegations that he strangled two women. Is that true? I don't know. If THAT is true then THAT is f*cked up. However, the timing of the allegations is suspicious. The New York Times reported that "popular myths in South Boston portrayed him as an Irish Robin Hood, giving out turkeys on Thanksgiving and protecting his own from the hated police and outsiders." That obviously infuriated the police.

Kevin Weeks flipped on Jimmy and copped a plea. He wrote a book about their escapades called Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger’s Irish Mob. To rationalize him becoming a rat on his own people Kevin pointed to the fact that Jimmy cooperated with the feds on a rival. Painting Jimmy as a rat is inaccurate but helped rationalize his becoming a rat.

This seems to be where the allegations of Jimmy strangling two women come from. It is certainly possible. The Irish are known for fighting and drinking, often at the same time. They are also knows occasionally for domestic violence. That is indeed a stain on the Nation and a violation of the Irish Proclamation. I don't know if he mistreated women or not. All I know is that is serves the police's motive to defame him by portraying him as a woman beater instead of a Robin Hood.

CNN reported that Jimmy was convicted of the murder of Deborah Hussey. However, the defense argued that Flemmi (the police witness) was responsible for Hussey's death. Flemmi had molested Hussey when she was 17 (at act that Flemmi maintained happened twice and was consensual). Jimmy was also accused of murdering Debra Davis. Flemmi had testified he lured Davis to a house where Bulger strangled her. Yet the defense presented testimony from Martorano, who admitted he had "accidentally strangled" the 26-year-old woman.

When the MSM quotes an anonymous source who said he was probably killed for being a rat and a woman beater I say bullsh*t. He was not a rat and none of those rats in prison cared if he was a woman beater. Especially if it was a drug addicted prostitute that would run her mouth in public about her ties to the gang. Any drug addict, male or female who refuses to keep their mouth shut runs the risk of getting killed. That is the nature of the business in that industry. I'm certainly not condoning it. I'm simply saying Jimmy Bulger was not murdered for being a rat or for being a woman beater because he was neither. The police are lying to covert their ass. The MSM Sucks.

Allegations of Funding the IRA

Let me explain something to you. Back then, everyone did. That's what NORAID was.

Update: He was in a f*cking wheelchair for God's sake. Four on one. F*ck ups. I don't normally get involved with Italian business but when they f*ck with the Irish I do. The Patriarca crime family has no place in Boston outside of the North End. Mark my word. Rhode Island, fine. Boston, no. Stay in your own mother f*cking lane Pillsbury. Erin go Bragh. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

If Cheesehead starts taxing and extorting the Irish businesses in Boston then the Irish brothers will go on a turkey shoot. They'll be busting caps like it' the fourth of July or as we say in Vancouver, like it's the Chinese New Year. Gung Hay Fat Choy yo.

Happy Halloween

Halloween is for kids. It's not a time for adults to get sh*t faced. Drive safe and be responsible.

Monday, October 29, 2018

RMMC World Drama

Social media is turning parts of the MC world into a circus side show of drama. TBM Scandinavia sent me a couple links to some recent articles and I have to say wow. There appears to be some bickering between the new President of Rock Machine Europe and the old one who patched over to the No Surrender MC in Norway. TBM Scandinavia is reporting that Suat Erkose, the new president of Rock Machine Europe is claiming that Terje Østby, the former president of Rock Machine Europe, is trying to sell Suat out for a murder he hasn't even been charged with.

I assume he is referring to the murder of a Bandidos prospect in Norway back in 2017. As evidence Suat posts a screen shot of a text message he claims Terje sent a female who said I didn't order the murder Suat did. By posting this information publicly Suat has just implicated himself in that murder. He's trying to say Terje ratted him out.

Perhaps Terje has good reason for doing so. After that murder RM Norway patched over to No Surrender MC. I might add that No Surender Norway is affiliated with Henk Kuipers not Klaes Otto. Henk Kuipers is a friend of Michael Green. Klaas Otto was the one sentenced for some really bizarre extortion threats. That has nothing to do with Michael, Henk or No Surrender MC Norway. Bandidos and RM normally get a long. Killing a Bandidos prospect because he trash talked the RM on facebook is really dumb. There is no honour in it.

Having said that, Suat Erkose appears to be the subject of many complaints. Harley Liberty claims he was selling patches online. Other sites claim he is a former cop and is originally from Turkey not Germany. RM Australia seem to have some concerns about him as well.

I have respect for Norway. In Ireland I had a good from from Norway who served in the military. He was loyal and trustworthy. RM was originally from Canada and then went international. RM was notorious in Quebec. I use that term because they were. They waged war with the HAs in Quebec for a generation. That RM was basically disbanded when the founding members patched over to HAs after the Bandido massacre in Canada. RM Canada was going to merge with the Bandidos but after the massacre they said no thanks and merged with the HAs instead.

Sean Brown tweaked the logo and restarted it basically starting a new MC using the name and former logo. The original logo was a yellow eagle's head. Sean kept the same logo he just made it white instead of yellow. The new kids on the block kicked Sean out because they wanted to be a gang not a MC and Sean didn't want to war with the HAs any more. The new Rock Machine is basically a new MC using the old name. Rock Machine Australia seem to be solid. I don't know what's up with Suat Erkose. History will judge him not me.

There are also some articles about the Kinfolk MC in the US. TBM Scandinavia is reporting a former Kinfolk member said "A year ago I was part of a well established club, I could see what the club was becoming, I watched Brothers make false accusations against each other and use fallen Brothers to step on to make that next rung on the ladder. I had been talking to Kinfolk MC about things before I left. I had Brothers that were put out bad standing for bullshit reasons that you would not believe! But THEY were my Brothers not the piece of cloth they wore!"

After he left the club the cops showed up at his door and showed him text messages from his former club putting him out in bad. The cops were trying to use that betrayal to get information about the club from him. He didn't give the cops any info he just left the life. That is what I am talking about. When I look at all that drama and betrayal all I have to say is, that ain't me.

Crystal Meth Epidemic in the Prairies

CBC is reporting that "Police are dealing with a prairie fire of methamphetamine use which is rapidly overtaking fentanyl as the drug of choice for many. So many people were dying on the fake fentanyl that there's a perception out there that meth is safer." OK is meth safer than fentanyl? Probably but crystal meth is a horrible drug. It's not speed, it's like speed but it's made with Drano. It eats you alive from the inside out. Which is per say better than dying instantly from a single dose like with fentanyl but it certainly is not good.

If there is a crystal meth epidemic in the Prairies then the Hells Angels are the prime suspects as to the ones supplying that drug. We remember when Ryan was cooking all that meth in Surrey for John Punko. Which leads us back to this mystery drug lab outside of Vernon that was most likely run by the Hells Angels. That could quite feasibly be the suppliers for the Crystal meth epidemic in the Prairies. They were loading an awful lot of 45 gallon drums on that flat deck. That was a major lab and the compromised RCMP's silence on it is very disturbing.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Police silent about meth lab outside Vernon

Last Wednesday CFJC reported that there had been a large police presence on Trinity Valley Road between Lumby and Enderby in what appeared to be a huge bust and wondered why the police had not gone public with the information. A local witnesses claimed a window of an SUV was shot out, and a man was pepper sprayed.

Castanet reported that "Little information is being released on what some are saying is a massive meth lab on Trinity Valley Road. Castanet received tips of a large police presence in the rural area earlier this month, but officials have yet to provide comment. A witness, who asked to remain anonymous, said truckloads of chemicals have been going out of the property for a week."

This is why the police's decision to take their scanners off the grid is not in the public's best interest. If there has been a shooting or a meth lab bust, the public need to know about it. The public are the ones that pay the police's salaries. Maybe Vernon needs it's own police force as well. One that's accountable to the public. The RCMP isn't and they're compromised.

Castanet is reporting that "In 2014, RCMP were called to a home in the Trinity Valley Area following a report of shots fired in the area where they discovered a drug lab." Is that what happened here? The police responded to shots fired and stumbled across a meth lab they were forced to deal with? As we know the compromised BC Gang Task force stopped making Hells Angels drug arrests after the Kelowna Summer Jam in 2012 when the OMGU was disbanded.

In 2012 the police raided a meth lab run by the Hells Angels on Postill Drive in Coldstream outside Vernon which was described by police as a major production point for the Valley.

Moving forward: Transforming Whalley into Times Square

Now that we have put the Post Media lies into perspective, we can move forward and get past them so we can get on with business. We've already touched on transforming Whalley into the new Yaletown of Surrey and I would like to expand upon that. I keep citing the success of the New York Model. The transformation of East 42nd Street Times Square (The Deuce) is exactly the same as the transformation of Whalley in Surrey.

Recently Harold Munro's snakes and vipers have criticized Dough McCallum's consideration of denying legal pot store permits for Surrey. As I previously said, if Doug McCallum opposes that for Surrey and council agrees with him they are free to do so as are any other duly elected city council. The question is, now that pot's legal, where do we put them? Let's not put them in Whalley. Lets try and build Whalley into something better.

Right now porn stores and pawn shops are perfectly legal and permeate Whalley. If we want to transform Whalley into the new Yaletown or Times Square we might want to change that. Back in the /80's Times Square was littered with porn theaters. Then all of a sudden gentrification began and they moved Disney on the Deuce. That's like moving a Disney store onto Main and Hastings. We thought they were crazy at the time but it worked.

Crack dealers felt very comfortable selling crack outside a porn theater but they didn't feel as comfortable selling crack outside a Disney store. Gentrification along with police enforcement transformed Times Square into the vibrant tourist attraction it is now. Anyone who wants porn can get it online so these old porn shops have become obsolete and the pawn shops in that area simply facilitate fencing stolen property in support of the drug trade.

Panchos is a complete sh*t hole. That and the Byrd have got to go. Once we get rid of all that trash we can move better business into the area that will help build the local economy not suck the life out of it like a parasite. That is all we've seen for the past few years and we need to move past that. We've already made huge progress on the Surrey Strip. The new city council can transform Whalley. That goal is now within reach. Give it up for the New York Model.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

World's Biggest Arms Dealers

Rachel Blevins on Why The U.S. Always Passes Its Military Budget During the Holidays

Love Money ran an interesting series itemizing the countries that make the most money from Arms sales. The Netherlands was up there. China was up there. Russia was up there but the United States was at the top of the list. They make the most money from arms sales.

Their biggest customer? Saudi Arabia who in turn supplies ISIS. Supporting the War on Terror is indeed big business. Just like in the movie Lord of War the United States is supplying both sides.

Last year, 58% of Israel's international arms sales were to countries in Asia, primarily India, which secured a $2 billion (£1.6bn) contract with IAI for the advanced Barak 8 air defense systems. That is something worth buying. Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system is defensive not offensive. It is the logical response to missile threats and bombers. Canada needs this system.

No Surrender founder gets six years in prison

TBM Scandenavia is reporting that "The court in Breda sentenced Klaas Otto (link is external), founder of outlaw motorcycle gang No Surrender, to six years in prison on Thursday. He was found guilty of extortion, assaulting and threatening two car dealers, and laundering 1.3 million euros, NOS reports." This is concerning.

"The court was appalled by the violent crimes Otto was charged with. "He forced his victims with brute force to give him large amounts of money and vehicles. One of the victims was beaten with a cane, locked in a cage and threatened with the rape of his wife by members of the defendant's motorcycle club", the court said. "Another victim sustained permanent injury in an assault and was told that the ears of his children would be cut off."

If you want to leave the life, then leave the life. A lot of old men go through this bizarre identity crisis where they have a burning desire to be someone people respect. Some confuse fear with respect. There is nothing noble or respectable about extortion. There is nothing noble or respectable about theft. There is nothing noble or respectable about gang raping someones wife or cutting someones kids ears off. That is bottom of the barrel sleaze bag.

That is not old school. That is a f*ck up. The Devil's Rejects on Vancouver Island, they are complete f*ck ups. This recent news about the No Surrender crew in Holland is very concerning given the fact that Rock Machine Norway patched over to No Surrender Crew.

This brings us back to Walter Stadnick the small man Anglophone f*ck up from Ontario politicking for Mom Boucher the rapist over in Montreal. Now I have love for Montreal. I have love for Trois Riviere but I have no love for Walter Stadnick or Mom Boucher. There is nothing noble about rape. In BC we are told that rape is against the rules. Evidently not. Walter Stadnick is a piece of garbage because he is a snake in the grass. He's a dirty politician. The French aren't like that. He is not French. Walter Stadnick has not left the life. He is not a role model. He is just another f*ck up like Larry Amero. They're a dime a dozen.

I keep reiterating that I was never a part of that life and I never wanted to be. Idolizing f*ck ups is deranged. Y'all need some time with Dr Phil because there is something missing in your DNA. Ya got no balls. They're not real. They're fake. You are synthetic. You need to grow up.

Friday, October 26, 2018

President of the Devils Rejects charged with murder

CBC is reporting that "The head of an outlaw motorcycle club based on Vancouver Island has been charged with first-degree murder in the 2016 death of a mixed martial arts fighter. Richard (Ricky) Ernest Alexander is in custody pending further court proceedings related to the death of John Dillon Brown." CBC reported that their Campbell River clubhouse was raided in a homicide investigation August 2017. Alexander was the one with the pink handgun.

The Devils Rejects are a Hells Angels puppet club. Rainbow Ricky had a Gay pride parade at the Langford clubhouse April 2017, a year after the murder. That's another step closer to criminal organization status. That murder was approved by the local executive of the Hells Angels chapter that sponsored them. No offense but that guy really does look like a drag queen.

Fentanyl bust in Castlegar

CFJC Today is reporting that "Police in Castlegar have seized a substantial amount of cash and drugs after executing two search warrants at different homes in the city this week. Yesterday afternoon, Oct. 25, Castlegar RCMP executed two search warrants at the same time, at two separate home. As a result, roughly 800 fentanyl pills, 17 ounces of cocaine, one kilogram of cannabis, more than $50,000 in cash, other pills believed to be synthetic drugs, firearms and ammunition. A 65-year-old man, 65-year-old woman, and a 52-year-old man were all arrested."

"The 52-year-old man remains in custody with several drug and weapons related charges pending. The other suspects were released at the scene, according to a news release. Investigators from Nelson, Trail and Castlegar worked together on this search, and police believe this seizure has disrupted a large drug trafficking operation that has been impacting communities in the Castlegar and Trail areas."

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Larry Amero's bail hearing resumes

Kim Bolan is reporting that Gumby's three day parole hearing has resumed on Wednesday and will conclude on Friday. Is he a risk to the public? Of course not. He's only a risk to himself. Is he a flight risk? Of course he is. Even more so than Skellator was. Gumby was charged with trafficking massive amounts of crystal meth precursors in Australia.

Perhaps granting him bail would be a good idea. It would certainly save tax payers a lot of money. Only don't give him 24 hour police protection like they did for the Bacon Brothers. Sometimes in life you have to step back and let natural justice take it's course.

Kim Reported that "Amero was seriously wounded in the Aug. 14, 2011, shooting in Kelowna that left Red Scorpion gangster Jonathan Bacon dead and Independent Soldier James Riach uninjured. At the time, The Vancouver Sun reported the trio had formed a new gang alliance called the Wolf Pack." Yes, at the time Kim did report that it was a new alliance but everyone knows it wasn't new so I have no idea why she keeps saying that.

Everyone knows that Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon were close friends long before the Surrey Six. Kim Bolan herself reported that James Riach met with the Bacon Brothers at Castle fun Park when they were wearing Kevlar before the Surrey Six. James met with the Bacon brothers before the Surrey Six as a member of the Independent soldiers so saying it was a new alliance when they were shot in Kelowna is simply not true.

Kim finally admits that Larry and Jonathon were shot in Kelowna "after a weekend of boating and partying in the Okanagan city" which is consistent with what I previously reported. Their presence in Kelowna at that time was no secret. It was their coming out party. They were loud and proud running around like idiots on that ridiculous boat trying to pick fights with civilians. When the police said Shrader was the one that told the shooters Larry and Jonathon were in town, that was a bold faced like. THEIR witness did. Kim printing that lie, putting his life at risk under false pretense, was unethical. At least now we finally have the story straight.

To the ones that I care about I'm going to have to offer my sincere heartfelt apology but I do have to set the record straight. Larry Amero is a piece of garbage like unto Jonathon Bacon. The world is full of good and bad examples. Larry Amero is a bad example. He started off as a rich yuppie kid from the suburbs who stole things because he wanted to be cool. Then he became a low life drug dealer who was consumed with greed and paid for many murders in that industry.

Larry Amero was tied to the Surrey Six. Larry Amero was also tied to every murder Robby Alkhalil and Dean Wiwchar committed because Robby and Dean worked for Larry. Gumby is a suspect in Forrest Schab's murder. His parents must be so proud. I am not. There is nothing in that life that interests me. When it comes to Larry Amero, no respect no surrender. Bjorn Sylvest died of a drug over dose. The Hells Angels wanted their name on his tombstone but the family had to pay for the funeral. At least the UN bought their guys proper tombstones. Surrey Girls Suck.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Putting the Post Media Lies into Perspective

Three days in a row, Harold Munro has posted bold faced lies on the front page of his cheap tabloid of corporate trash. Today he said the mayor of Coquitlam warns that scrapping the LRT in Surrey will delay the project 10 years. That is a bold faced lie. The mayor of Coquitlam did say that but it is simply not true. This is how the media gets away with slander.

It's like when the National Enquirer writes Woman claims she was abducted by aliens. They did pay a woman to say that but what she said was not true. It's like when Kim posted the lies the witness said in court. The witness did make those statements but those statement were obviously untrue. That put the life of a former gang member at risk.

Posting those lies was unethical. As is Harold Munro's ongoing campaign to overturn a democratic election. Tomorrow we're probably going to read that Russia hacked the election in Surrey. That's why Surrey First was wiped off the map. Their corruption and bold refusal to heed the pleadings of the voters had nothing to do with it. Much.

The mayor of Coquitlam has no authority to dictate what building permits are approved or rejected in Surrey. Coquitlam got Skytrain not LRT and Surrey wants the same deal.

Kennedy Stewart *might* support McCallum's transit plan

Now Kennedy Stewart *might* support McCallum's transit plan. Well then we *might* support Kennedy Stewart. I have no problem with the NDP collectively, I have a problem with Jinny Sims individually. She is the dark undertow within the NDP that Laila Yuille warned us about.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that "Vancouver’s mayor-elect Kennedy Stewart has softened his support for a move by the next mayor of neighbouring Surrey to cancel plans for light-rail lines and replace them with more expensive SkyTrain transit, saying he won’t do anything to jeopardize a planned subway for his own city."

Indeed, what Vancouver wants in Vancouver is up to Vancouver just as what Surrey wants in Surrey is up to Surrey. Green Justice will support any candidate from any party that embraces it's policies. That includes the NDP. Right now Vancouver city council has the perfect balance between Green and the NPA. Having a NDP facilitator makes sense. They just need to avoid Surrey First's defiant arrogance. Mark my word, the NDP will stand or fall in Surrey.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Harold Munro's Credibility Meltdown

Clearly Harold Munro has lost his mind. He must have had some kind of nervous breakdown after the collapse of his credibility in the recent Surrey election where his brain dead candidate was wiped out of existence. In today's cheap tabloid of corporate trash he claims that there is growing opposition to the Skytrian in Surrey. ROTFL -. AYFKM?

Doug McCallum was very clear about his position on LRT and the RCMP. He and his party won the election by a landslide. To claim that there is growing opposition to Skytrain in Surrey three days after the landslide election is not just delusional, it is a bold faced lie.

This isn't just Harold Munro, this is Post Media News. Three days after the landslide election Anita Huberman said "“We will be doing our own advocacy… about why we think the RCMP should stay in Surrey, why we need LRT.” Three days after a democratic election Anita Huberman said she will appeal to the government to tell them that she thinks the voters in Surrey are wrong. God Damn you Anita Huberman and God Damn Post Media News for pedaling that sh*t right after a democratic election. This is as dirty as it gets. Save Hjorth Road elementary.

Brian Mulroney invests in legal pot

Why is this not surprising? CBC is reporting that "Former prime minister Brian Mulroney, whose government once introduced legislation to keep marijuana in the same legal category as heroin, hasn't merely become a born-again weed evangelical - he now says Canada is poised to influence the rest of the world to join the cannabis bandwagon."

The Star is reporting that "Former prime minister Brian Mulroney is joining the board of directors of an American cannabis company. Acreage Holdings, one of the largest vertically integrated cannabis companies in the U.S., says Mulroney will officially become a board member in November, when the company will list in the Canadian Securities Exchange."

Brian Mulroney's support of the drug trade is nothing new. He is from the Iran Contra era when Oliver North and the CIA were actively involved in cocaine trafficking which created the US crack epidemic. Lyin Brian's corruption was the reason the Reform Party was created. The Reform Party opposed Brian Mulroney's tax and spend pork barrel politics.

Stevie Cameron said it all in her book On The Take: Crime, Corruption And Greed In The Mulroney Years. "Stevie Cameron's stunning expose of greed and crime in the Mulroney era is a Canadian publishing phenomenon. The widespread corruption the public suspected during Brian Mulroney's regime is confirmed and detailed in this meticulous journalistic account. Now, with shocking new information from Tory insiders, On The Take is even more hard-hitting and revealing. This is compelling, gossipy, required reading for all Canadians."

Now we read that "Mulroney’s daughter, Caroline Mulroney, is the attorney general of Ontario and has been overseeing the legalization of marijuana in the province." This is so the cops and politicians can have a monopoly on the industry just like before.

I want to be clear about something. Now that recreation marijuana has been legalized, there is no such thing as illegal pot. The spin doctors still report that the police are clamping down on illegal pot. There is no such thing because pot has been legalized. What they are really saying is they are clamping down on their competitors to secure a monopoly on the drug trade. That is what they are saying. Andy Richards has no right to complain about the Hells Angels selling pot when he does so himself. That is a complete conflict of interest.

Two other points. If Doug McCallum doesn't want to issue pot permits in Surrey and the current city council agrees with him, then that is their right just like it is the right of any other elected city council. More importantly I want to address the issue of getting rid of the RCMP in Surrey.

Getting rid of the RCMP in Surrey really isn't a big deal and it most certainly isn't controversial. Vancouver has it's own police force. So does New Westminster and so does Delta. Surrey has a much larger population than Delta. Law enforcement continues to exist under those jurisdictions. Surrey is the largest city in Canada that doesn't have it's own police force. Forming it's own police force is a natural consequence of growth. There is no controversy in it.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Time for Self Reflection

The complete transformation in the Surrey Civic Election landscape represents a good time to pause for some self reflection. A lot of people worked very hard during the election and didn't get in. Surrey is a big city now and there are only a limited number of seats. It's easier for people to vote in slates and name recognition counts. Yet nothing is for naught.

It's always good to take time out to reflect upon one's mission statement. Lao Tzu says he who knows others is wise but he who knows himself is enlightened. When I first started my blog and website people misunderstood the origin of the name. People thought Gangsters out meant outing gangsters and exposing their true identities. Although that is exactly what we did in the beginning as a response to the heartfelt pleas of a grieving mother, that is not what the name meant. The name meant gangsters get out as in get the f*ck out of my neighborhood.

I have always been clear in that I was never a gang member, drug dealer or a cop. I was something different. Back in the day we never got involved with drugs or prostitution. We simply stopped violent crime. Then when the crack epidemic swept the United States back in the /80's Curtis Sliwa led us to that battle head on face to face. I was never under cover. We were always loud and proud. This is our neighborhood now. Drug dealers get out.

Years later I found out about the Gary Webb story and I thought, you b*astards. Then I found out about the 75th precinct in Brooklyn. We were risking our lives confronting the crack dealers up there in Harlem and down there on the Deuce and they were the ones supplying the crack dealers with cocaine. You b*astards. That is why we need a Molllen Commission in BC.

Nevertheless, after my real name was plastered all over the front page of the local papers and my home address was plastered all over the Internet, I decided to amend my mission statement to put my kids at ease. Someone said your just teaching your kids to stand up to bullies. I responded by saying they will never be able to see it that way in this life. It's time for me to evolve. So I adapted the Kerri Krysko model.

I stopped posting inside tips on crime (for the most part) and simply commented on gang news already in the media. My purpose was to encourage people to leave the life. My exit strategy was simple. If you want to leave the life, don't become a police informant, just leave. That is the safest way for you to move on and leave the life behind.

I still do that but I have evolved yet again like Charmander in Pokemon. Given the political landscape it became time for me to launch Green Justice, a third party sponsor. We post policies and endorse any candidate from any party who embraces those policies. That is who we are and what we do. The purpose is to promote small business, defend civil liberty and implement the New York Crime Reduction Model here in Surrey which is in everyone's best interest.

When I was young my father took me to Paradise Valley and sat me down among the trees. He said look at all these huge trees. Someone planted them before we were born and never got a chance to see them grow to maturity. He then talked about the Mormon pioneers. He wasn't a Mormon but he respected what they did. He said the Mormon pioneers came over in waves. One wave would plant crops and another wave would come later to harvest the crops. Then he said to me plant shade trees under which you know you will never rest.

It was good advice. It was all about casting shadows on the horizon. Being mindful of the footprints we leave behind striving to make this world a better place for the next generation. That's what it's all about. Speaking of which, season two of the Good Place is on Netflix now. Eleanor spent her whole life self absorbed not really caring about anyone else.

Then she meets some friends after she dies and decides she wants to become a better person. They even try to help one of their tormentors try to become a better person so they can all get out of the bad place and get into the good place which is really the same place depending on the way you behave and the company you keep. Tahani spent her life on earth fundraising for charity but she didn't do it to help others, she just did it for the praise of the world. She recognizes that now and is striving to be more genuine and sincere. It's all about aspiring to something higher.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Doug McCallum elected mayor of Surrey

CTV is reporting that "Voters in Surrey have elected Doug McCallum to be the next mayor of British Columbia's second-largest city. The 73-year-old Safe Surrey Coalition candidate won by more than 12,000 votes over top contender Tom Gill after campaigning on a promise to replace the RCMP detachment with a designated local police force and scrap the Surrey LRT in a city where violent crime and transportation are top issues. McCallum will take the reins from outgoing Mayor Linda Hepner, who announced back in April she would not seek re-election in order to dedicate more time to family and friends." Complete Surrey Results.

I'm not a member of the PTL club but I will say this: Thank God. As Leonard Cohen said "Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah." As Martin Luther King said "Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty we are Free at Last." Give it up for the New York Model.

Implementing the New York City Crime Reduction Model in Surrey

Addressing gun violence with the New York Model

Wake up Surrey on election Propaganda

So what happened in Surrey? Wait 'till I tell ye. Three grass roots coalitions rose up: Wake up Surrey, Skytrain for Surrey and Green Justice in direct contrast to the obscene propaganda of Harold Munro which violated the Local Election Campaign Financing Act. Dianne Watts chose Tom Gill over Bruce Haynes and created the split within Surrey First. Surrey does not believe her lies any more. That's what happened. Setting the record straight on Dianne Watts.

Let it be known that Surrey is now open for business: Whalley’s World Transformed

Invest in Surrey and Transform with us. Visit Hollywood North and the City of Parks.

Mike Hurley defeats Derek Corrigan in Burnaby

The Daily hive is reporting that "It is the end of an era in Burnaby, as Mike Hurley has been elected by voters as the city’s new mayor. A newcomer to the city’s political scene, Hurley will take over the city’s top job from longtime mayor Derek Corrigan, who was elected mayor in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, and 2014. The result comes just days after a poll was released showing that Hurley had a very real chance of winning the mayor’s chair. 'At the doors, Burnaby residents are telling us that it is time for change,' said Hurley."

So Translink will lose its new Mayor's council chair it bought. Derek Corrigan replaced Mayor Moonbeam as the Mayors council chair talking the talk on fiscal responsibility. Then they gave him a trip to South Korea for the Olympics and he changed his tune. He drank the poison kool aid and fell from grace. That's what happened. Joe Keithley elected to Burnaby city council.

I am disappointed that Kennedy Stewart edged out Ken Sims for mayor of Vancouver but I am happy Vision Vancouver has been wiped out and council has been replaced with Green and NPA. That's actually a healthy balance so it is. Green Justice. Unfortunately, Norm Farrell just missed out on North Vancouver school trustee. Two of the four independents running for West Vancouver council on the website were elected.

Collaboration key for Vancouver's new mayor and council

No kidding. He is powerless. He has no party and no councilors. That means the NPA and the Green control the city now. Kennedy Stewart is just their public relations spokesperson.

Frederickton Hells Angel sentenced for cocaine traficking

TBM Scandinavia quoted a CBC article that said "A Fredericton man and woman associated with the Hells Angels will be incarcerated for various drug and weapons charges. Robin Moulton, 49, a member of the Angels biker gang, was sentenced in Woodstock Court of Queen's Bench on Wednesday to four and half years for possession of cocaine with the intention of trafficking and possessing a drug press intended for trafficking purposes.

We reported the bust August of last year but he was just recently sentenced.

D-Day: Get out there and vote

Today is civic election day in BC. Get out there and vote. This election is too important to miss. You can make a difference. Green Justice endorsements: In Vancouver we endorse Ken Sim and the NPA full slate. In Surrey we endorse Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition but not the full slate. We also endorse Rina Gill and Roslyn Cassells. [Surrey School Trustees]

Voting locations in Surrey: [Map] [Full List] [Acceptable ID]

Voting locations in Vancouver: [Map] [Full List] [Acceptable ID]

To register in person at the time of voting, please bring two (2) pieces of acceptable identification that provide evidence of your identity and place of residence to the voting location (one item must contain the voter’s signature). Polls are open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Mayor Moonbeam from Vision Vancouver and Linda Hepner from Surrey First represented the epitome of arrogant insanity and fiscal irresponsibility. We need to get back on track.

SNC-Lavalin shares fall on news foreign bribery case will go to court

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Wake up Surrey on election Propaganda

Wake Up Surrey is reporting that: " Prime Minister Trudeau has clearly stated he will respect the decision of Surrey voters with reference to LRT. In our meeting, Wake Up Surrey asked Hon. Prime Minister about LRT/Skytrain. Same question was put forward by respected Harjinder Thind, Red 93.1. Common person shouldn't be misled by false propoganda. The funding announced is for infrastructure project whether it is LRT or Skytrain. It is wrong how the LRT funding is being misused by some and cheap politics before us. Wake Up Surrey requests all parties to give voters the facts and promote issue based politics." That includes you Harold Munro.

Elections BC direct the City of Surrey to take down the LRT signs

"Andrew Watson, Elections BC communications manager, said Elections BC requested late Thursday (Sept. 27) that the LRT signs be removed following a complaint regarding election advertising. Watson said under the local elections campaign financing act, election advertising is regulated during the campaign period."

Harold Munro is not credible. He is knowingly printing false information about the LRT in his cheap tabloid of corporate trash. Fire him, fine him or jail him. Take your pick. His printing of false information about the LRT and Skytrain choices during the election constitutes advertising and is therefore governed by the elections campaign financing act.

Mayweather willing to fight Khabib

The Score is reporting that Floyd Mayweather may again be lured from retirement for a potentially big payday against a UFC fighter. The undefeated (50-0) Mayweather says a fight against undefeated lightweight UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov (27-0) is "happening," according to Brett Okamoto of ESPN. Khabib recently called out Mayweather in an Instagram video alongside Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, saying there can be "only one king." Mayweather seems to have accepted the challenge.

"We're fighting," Mayweather told TMZ Sports. "I'm my own boss. I can't say what's going on on Khabib's end, but on my end we can make it happen." That would be interesting. There's no need to fight Conor McGregor after his defeat to Khabib. Right now McGregor is dead in the water.

Greg Harney suspended for misconduct

I saw a notice in the paper recently stating that a Vancouver Island lawyer named Greg Harney had been suspended for misconduct after a disciplinary hearing was held by the law society. Mr. Harney is suspended from October 26th to November 24th. He may return to practice on November 25th. Greg Harney fist appeared on our radar through his mishandling and fraudulent billing in Jack English's case regarding the Pacific Rim campground and the BCMC fraud.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fatal motorcycle accident in Abbotsford

The Abbotsford News is reporting that "A 37-year-old motorcycle driver died of his injuries after a crash with a pickup truck at Sumas Way and Marshall Road on Friday afternoon." He wore a beanie helmet. Those novelty helmets aren't so funny when you get in an accident. I'm sure some would argue that he would have survived if he was wearing a real helmet. Others would counter that he would have been brain dead so it would have been pointless. I can't stand full face helmets myself but I do wear a proper half helmet with a snell rating. That's my personal choice.

Update: The Abbotsford News is reporting that the name of the motorcyclist killed was Larry Nizio. "The collision took place just after 4:30 p.m. Police say both Nizio and the driver of the pickup were travelling south on Sumas Way and making a left turn onto Marshall Road when the crash took place in the intersection. The crash is still under investigation, and police say it will take some time to sort out all the circumstances, as they have received conflicting reports about what occurred." That's because some people who weren't there are lying and making things up.

One doesn't simply fall over after starting off from a red light. If you are cornering on water, ice or gravel you can go down but not starting straight on a sunny afternoon. If someone had tipped over after starting off at a red light, the pick up truck would have had time to stop not run right over them. There are other inconsistencies that are also under investigation.

Any death is tragic especially when young kids are involved. This is a video tribute the family made for him. Everything can change in a New York minute. Peace.

Monday, October 15, 2018

George Christie joins the MobKing TV Series

Brodway World is reporting that "Former Hells Angel George Christie Joins Upcoming Series The MobKing. Christie will play the role of Alex Gus Ventura, former leader of a powerful Canadian outlaw motorcycle club, who develops a friendship with the main character, Florida mob figure Mike White (Ciro Dapagio)."

"In the series, Dapagio's character owns a gentlemen's club and is a partner in a new Indian casino, fighting to climb his way to the top of Miami's underworld, following a 19-year prison stint. Along the way, he confronts rival organized crime factions, drug cartels, outlaw bikers and law enforcement, all while dealing with the ordinary challenges of being a devoted father."

As we know George is the former president of the Ventura Hells Angels. He wrote a book Exile on Front Street about his story as well as a fictional novel called Marked: A Story of Lies, Loyalty, Betrayal & Brotherhood. He also put out a legendary DVD called The Last American Outlaw and took his story on the road in a one man play called Outlaw. George is solid.

Before George came on board the new TV series looked pretty lame. It looked like a low budget attempt to glorify the life. Now that George is on board hopefully the series will gain some realism and integrity that the other spin offs lack. Hopefully it will expose the fraud for what it is. There is no L&R in greed. Only in self respect which is not found anywhere in that life any more.

On a related note I will point out the obvious. S&M is not erotica. The deranged mob that thinks it is need to spend some time with Dr. Phil. Ending Sexual is reporting that "Fifty Shades is not a risqué, passionate romance. It is a story of sexual and domestic abuse."

Likewise Time Magazine reported that "Not everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. While some fans of E.L. James’ steamy novels are looking forward to seeing the graphic S&M scenes on the big screen, others are pre-emptively objecting to the glamorization of violence, especially violent sex. They’re trying to start a social-media movement to boycott the much anticipated movie, encouraging would-be moviegoers to donate money to domestic-violence victims instead." Healthy relationships are built upon mutual respect not physical abuse. Protecting women is erotic. Abusing them is not. Just sayn.

Another gas fraud rocks metro Vancouver

Yet another unjustified spike in the price of gas at the pumps shows us why we need to break the oil monopoly in Metro Vancouver because we do not have a free market. Peter Rose from Delta wrote into the local paper and asked: "The last time gas prices approached $1.60 a litre the excuse given was that several oil refineries were down for maintenance and it was high demand season. So what is the excuse now?" There is none. Other than the fact that because of the oil monopoly they keep rising the price at the pump whenever they want. These profits aren't going to the employees in Calgary. They are going straight into the pocket of foreign ownership.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

State of the Union

It's a beautiful day out there so get out and enjoy it. As I head up to the mountains for some respite I just wanted to leave you all with a taste of Believer from Imagine Dragons.

I'm looking Looking forward to Creed 2 yo. Bring it. Hold the line and Feel the Thunder.

Cops on Pot: Is pot bad for you?

We've talked about cops selling legal pot and we've seen what happens when cops consume illegal pot. Now with legalization under way we need to talk about cops on legal pot. Global is reporting that "The president of the union representing Toronto police officers says a draft policy put forward by management banning members from consuming marijuana within 28 days of reporting for duty is "fraught with all kinds of issues and legal challenges."

I agree 28 days appears to be an arbitrary number and I agree it presents legal challenges but the fundamental question is, are employers allowed to discriminate against hiring employees that smoke pot? My response is why not? When pot becomes legal is it an employer's right to say they rather not hire someone who smokes pot? I say it is. Supply and demand might make it hard to find employees in BC who don't smoke pot but it is well within their right to set that standard.

Especially in policing. It is well withing an employer's right to say we don't want to hire anyone who smokes pot because discrimination against drug use is not prohibited grounds. The Guardian is reporting that "Vancouver, Ottawa, Regina and Montreal will let officers use it recreationally as Calgary introduced a zero-consumption policy."

It is tragic that the officer who had a prescription for medical marijuana committed suicide after getting slack for smoking pot while in uniform. Logic would dictate smoking pot while in uniform is in bad taste. Just like consuming alcohol while in uniform or on duty.

Is pot bad for you?

I do believe that pot is one of the least harmful drugs out there. It is way better than crack or crystal meth. Way better. People who are addicted to crack would benefit from using pot to get off the crack. More so than methadone. I also believe that for alcoholics, smoking pot is better than drinking alcohol. Nevertheless, pot is not good for you.

Recently I saw a headline in the news asking is pot good for you and I thought to myself AYFKM? Have we Deevolved that much in our intellectual capacities that we have to even ask that question?

Anything that gets you stoned, baked or wasted is not good for you. Smoking anything is bad for you. That is why the leading cause of death in house fires is smoke inhalation. That is why all those health warnings exist on cigarette packages. Second hand pot smoke is just as bad if not worse than second hand cigarette smoke. Vaping is much better than smoking.

CBD is different than THC

There are two different main ingredients in pot. One is TCH the other is CBD. CBD is good for you THC isn't. THC gets you stoned CBD doesn't. In Washington State they have the percent content of these two ingredients posted on legal pot packages they sell.

Pot that is high in THC and low in CBD is recreational. Pot that is high in CBD but low in THC has some medicinal qualities. CBD helps reduce seizures in epilepsy. Yet once again smoking anything is bad for you. It causes lung cancer. CBD oil is the best of all of the options.

BC Bud has more THC than other strains of pot

Pot has much more THC now then it did when we were young. It's gone up from 3% to 15%. The smell is different. Pot used to have a pleasant aroma to it. Now it is harsh and smells like skunk cabbage. It literally smells like sh*t. "Oh but it's good sh*t." That depends on your perspective.

The reason why those cops went ape sh*t on the pot they ingested was because it was more powerful than the old stuff and ingesting pot makes it difficult to control the amount of THC you consume. You never used to get some of the bad LSD type side effects from smoking pot back in the day. You do now. Which makes the current propaganda pot's good for you so absurd.

So when pot becomes legal in a few days am I going to run out there and get wasted? Nope. I'm going to stay as far away from those lunatics as I can. I am internally defined. I don't need the government or a mob of stoners to tell me what's right and wrong. I make that decision for myself independent of the millennial circus clowns. Nothing has changed. Stoners are still stoners. We just have a lot more of them now.

I salute the Calgary Police force for setting a zero tolerance for pot use among it's employees. That is a noble standard. When the compromised EPS and BC Gang Task force start indulging in legal pot I only see their current level of corruption get worse through apathy and self indulgence.

Hemp Paper is good not THC

The only good that is coming from this tsunami of insanity is the fact that mandatory minimum jail sentences for possession of pot will be removed. That was a waste of tax dollars. Now we can focus on getting crack and crystal meth off the streets. The other good is the fact that now we can start investing in the hemp paper industry as that truly will save the planet. Hemp paper is a renewable market. That is sustainable. Hemp toilet paper makes sense.

Ex-3 Doors Down bassist gets 10 years on gun charge

This is an example of extremism. The Canadian Press is reporting that "The founding member and former bassist of the rock band 3 Doors Down has been sentenced to 10 years in Mississippi state prison for possession of a firearm by a felon. News outlets report Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Robert Krebs gave Todd Harrell the maximum penalty during a hearing Thursday."

"Authorities responded to Harrell's home after an alarm went off in June. Harrell's wife told deputies they had got into an argument that turned physical. While deputies were talking to the couple, they noticed guns and drugs in the home. Harrell had served two years in prison for causing a fatal crash in Nashville in 2013. He testified in 2015 that he had been addicted to prescription drugs and was speeding.'

Here's the deal. In the United States it is a Constitutional right to bear arms. Except for felons. Felons aren't allowed to vote or posses guns. One can conceivably rationalize a firearm ban if someone had used a firearm to commit a criminal offense but not for a DUI. A guy gets a DUI and he's banned from voting or owning a gun for the rest of his life? That's a bit extreme as is giving him a ten year sentence for exercising his constitutional right to own a gun. That's more than someone gets in Canada for manslaughter less mandatory statutory release.

Here in Canada criminals who have used a firearm to commit a criminal offense can get a lifetime firearm ban but that means absolutely nothing because it is never enforced. Blaze had a lifetime firearm ban before he committed two subsequent criminals acts with firearms and virtually nothing is done about it. Especially after he started lying for, I mean cooperating with, the police.

If we want to reduce gun violence we need to enforce firearm bans on criminals who have used firearms to commit criminal offenses. Not on law biding citizens. Stephen Harper was wrong. Mandatory minimum sentences for the simple possession of a firearm is not right. Mandatory minimum sentences for using a firearm to commit a criminal offense is. There's a huge difference.

Addressing gun violence with the New York Model

Trump defends $110B US arms sale to Saudi Arabia

The Hill is reporting that "President Trump on Saturday, shortly after vowing to hand out a "severe punishment" to Saudi Arabia if it is found to have killed a missing dissident journalist, said he wants to preserve a $110 billion arms deal with the Saudi kingdom. Trump said if the United States pulled out of the deal, Russia and China would rush in to sell their own armaments, potentially costing domestic jobs." Money without morals represents the downfall of America.

Say hello to the new boss. Same as the old boss in more ways than one - Fooled again.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Green Justice and Roslyn Cassells' hacker is being watched - a shout out to Anonymous

Well this is entertaining. I had previously mentioned how the Green Justice web site was hacked before the election as well as Roslyn Cassells' web site. Roslyn is a local environmentalist so she must be on the terrorist watch list by now. I made her website for her because I support her.

Both websites were on a free server in Europe and were completely hacked. All the file directories were gone. When someone went on the web site all they saw was a notice saying the website was down and a recovery was in process which I did not put up nor did I have any control over. At first I thought the sever put it up. Only the recovery never happened.

So I move both sites over to a paid server. Within minutes of doing so both were hacked and the exact same message was showing. That's when I realized something was up. Only this time all the files were still present on the new paid server. Just the home page was changed. It was the exact same message that was on the other server. That's when I realized the hacker put it there not the server. I was shorty thereafter booted out and the email for the password reset had been changed. That wasn't my email. So I contacted the server and they fixed it.

The fact that the second hack happened so fast is evidence that I am being watched. That is why I object to the cops stingray antenna outside my house and all over Surrey. Aside from it being illegal warrantless surveillance, any hacker can use it giving them free access to all our microphones and wireless communications. Only my Internet isn't wireless.

Today I was updating Roslyn's website. As I was doing so I was booted out and the password reset email was changed. Once again, that wasn't my email. I contacted the server and they fixed it right away. So here's the deal: Look at the email hint for both password rests.

I know members of Anonymous used to read my blog. If anyone recognizes any of those two email hints please send me the entire email and what you know about this hacker. It is probably the same hacker they used to crash Laila Yuile's blog and Twitter. It's a corporate hack that opposes the grass roots movement. A mercenary Surrey First or SNC-Lavalin has hired. Let's connect the dots and prove the connection. Cheers.