Saturday, October 20, 2018

Doug McCallum elected mayor of Surrey

CTV is reporting that "Voters in Surrey have elected Doug McCallum to be the next mayor of British Columbia's second-largest city. The 73-year-old Safe Surrey Coalition candidate won by more than 12,000 votes over top contender Tom Gill after campaigning on a promise to replace the RCMP detachment with a designated local police force and scrap the Surrey LRT in a city where violent crime and transportation are top issues. McCallum will take the reins from outgoing Mayor Linda Hepner, who announced back in April she would not seek re-election in order to dedicate more time to family and friends." Complete Surrey Results.

I'm not a member of the PTL club but I will say this: Thank God. As Leonard Cohen said "Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah." As Martin Luther King said "Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty we are Free at Last." Give it up for the New York Model.

Implementing the New York City Crime Reduction Model in Surrey

Addressing gun violence with the New York Model

Wake up Surrey on election Propaganda

So what happened in Surrey? Wait 'till I tell ye. Three grass roots coalitions rose up: Wake up Surrey, Skytrain for Surrey and Green Justice in direct contrast to the obscene propaganda of Harold Munro which violated the Local Election Campaign Financing Act. Dianne Watts chose Tom Gill over Bruce Haynes and created the split within Surrey First. Surrey does not believe her lies any more. That's what happened. Setting the record straight on Dianne Watts.

Let it be known that Surrey is now open for business: Whalley’s World Transformed

Invest in Surrey and Transform with us. Visit Hollywood North and the City of Parks.

Mike Hurley defeats Derek Corrigan in Burnaby

The Daily hive is reporting that "It is the end of an era in Burnaby, as Mike Hurley has been elected by voters as the city’s new mayor. A newcomer to the city’s political scene, Hurley will take over the city’s top job from longtime mayor Derek Corrigan, who was elected mayor in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, and 2014. The result comes just days after a poll was released showing that Hurley had a very real chance of winning the mayor’s chair. 'At the doors, Burnaby residents are telling us that it is time for change,' said Hurley."

So Translink will lose its new Mayor's council chair it bought. Derek Corrigan replaced Mayor Moonbeam as the Mayors council chair talking the talk on fiscal responsibility. Then they gave him a trip to South Korea for the Olympics and he changed his tune. He drank the poison kool aid and fell from grace. That's what happened. Joe Keithley elected to Burnaby city council.

I am disappointed that Kennedy Stewart edged out Ken Sims for mayor of Vancouver but I am happy Vision Vancouver has been wiped out and council has been replaced with Green and NPA. That's actually a healthy balance so it is. Green Justice. Unfortunately, Norm Farrell just missed out on North Vancouver school trustee. Two of the four independents running for West Vancouver council on the website were elected.

Frederickton Hells Angel sentenced for cocaine traficking

TBM Scandinavia quoted a CBC article that said "A Fredericton man and woman associated with the Hells Angels will be incarcerated for various drug and weapons charges. Robin Moulton, 49, a member of the Angels biker gang, was sentenced in Woodstock Court of Queen's Bench on Wednesday to four and half years for possession of cocaine with the intention of trafficking and possessing a drug press intended for trafficking purposes.

We reported the bust August of last year but he was just recently sentenced.

D-Day: Get out there and vote

Today is civic election day in BC. Get out there and vote. This election is too important to miss. You can make a difference. Green Justice endorsements: In Vancouver we endorse Ken Sim and the NPA full slate. In Surrey we endorse Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition but not the full slate. We also endorse Rina Gill and Roslyn Cassells. [Surrey School Trustees]

Voting locations in Surrey: [Map] [Full List] [Acceptable ID]

Voting locations in Vancouver: [Map] [Full List] [Acceptable ID]

To register in person at the time of voting, please bring two (2) pieces of acceptable identification that provide evidence of your identity and place of residence to the voting location (one item must contain the voter’s signature). Polls are open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Mayor Moonbeam from Vision Vancouver and Linda Hepner from Surrey First represented the epitome of arrogant insanity and fiscal irresponsibility. We need to get back on track.

SNC-Lavalin shares fall on news foreign bribery case will go to court

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Wake up Surrey on election Propaganda

Wake Up Surrey is reporting that: " Prime Minister Trudeau has clearly stated he will respect the decision of Surrey voters with reference to LRT. In our meeting, Wake Up Surrey asked Hon. Prime Minister about LRT/Skytrain. Same question was put forward by respected Harjinder Thind, Red 93.1. Common person shouldn't be misled by false propoganda. The funding announced is for infrastructure project whether it is LRT or Skytrain. It is wrong how the LRT funding is being misused by some and cheap politics before us. Wake Up Surrey requests all parties to give voters the facts and promote issue based politics." That includes you Harold Munro.

Elections BC direct the City of Surrey to take down the LRT signs

"Andrew Watson, Elections BC communications manager, said Elections BC requested late Thursday (Sept. 27) that the LRT signs be removed following a complaint regarding election advertising. Watson said under the local elections campaign financing act, election advertising is regulated during the campaign period."

Harold Munro is not credible. He is knowingly printing false information about the LRT in his cheap tabloid of corporate trash. Fire him, fine him or jail him. Take your pick. His printing of false information about the LRT and Skytrain choices during the election constitutes advertising and is therefore governed by the elections campaign financing act.

Mayweather willing to fight Khabib

The Score is reporting that Floyd Mayweather may again be lured from retirement for a potentially big payday against a UFC fighter. The undefeated (50-0) Mayweather says a fight against undefeated lightweight UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov (27-0) is "happening," according to Brett Okamoto of ESPN. Khabib recently called out Mayweather in an Instagram video alongside Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, saying there can be "only one king." Mayweather seems to have accepted the challenge.

"We're fighting," Mayweather told TMZ Sports. "I'm my own boss. I can't say what's going on on Khabib's end, but on my end we can make it happen." That would be interesting. There's no need to fight Conor McGregor after his defeat to Khabib. Right now McGregor is dead in the water.

Greg Harney suspended for misconduct

I saw a notice in the paper recently stating that a Vancouver Island lawyer named Greg Harney had been suspended for misconduct after a disciplinary hearing was held by the law society. Mr. Harney is suspended from October 26th to November 24th. He may return to practice on November 25th. Greg Harney fist appeared on our radar through his mishandling and fraudulent billing in Jack English's case regarding the Pacific Rim campground and the BCMC fraud.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fatal motorcycle accident in Abbotsford

The Abbotsford News is reporting that "A 37-year-old motorcycle driver died of his injuries after a crash with a pickup truck at Sumas Way and Marshall Road on Friday afternoon." He wore a beanie helmet. Those novelty helmets aren't so funny when you get in an accident. I'm sure some would argue that he would have survived if he was wearing a real helmet. Others would counter that he would have been brain dead so it would have been pointless. I can't stand full face helmets myself but I do wear a proper half helmet with a snell rating. That's my personal choice.

Monday, October 15, 2018

George Christie joins the MobKing TV Series

Brodway World is reporting that "Former Hells Angel George Christie Joins Upcoming Series The MobKing. Christie will play the role of Alex Gus Ventura, former leader of a powerful Canadian outlaw motorcycle club, who develops a friendship with the main character, Florida mob figure Mike White (Ciro Dapagio)."

"In the series, Dapagio's character owns a gentlemen's club and is a partner in a new Indian casino, fighting to climb his way to the top of Miami's underworld, following a 19-year prison stint. Along the way, he confronts rival organized crime factions, drug cartels, outlaw bikers and law enforcement, all while dealing with the ordinary challenges of being a devoted father."

As we know George is the former president of the Ventura Hells Angels. He wrote a book Exile on Front Street about his story as well as a fictional novel called Marked: A Story of Lies, Loyalty, Betrayal & Brotherhood. He also put out a legendary DVD called The Last American Outlaw and took his story on the road in a one man play called Outlaw. George is solid.

Before George came on board the new TV series looked pretty lame. It looked like a low budget attempt to glorify the life. Now that George is on board hopefully the series will gain some realism and integrity that the other spin offs lack. Hopefully it will expose the fraud for what it is. There is no L&R in greed. Only in self respect which is not found anywhere in that life any more.

On a related note I will point out the obvious. S&M is not erotica. The deranged mob that thinks it is need to spend some time with Dr. Phil. Ending Sexual is reporting that "Fifty Shades is not a risqué, passionate romance. It is a story of sexual and domestic abuse."

Likewise Time Magazine reported that "Not everyone is eagerly anticipating the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. While some fans of E.L. James’ steamy novels are looking forward to seeing the graphic S&M scenes on the big screen, others are pre-emptively objecting to the glamorization of violence, especially violent sex. They’re trying to start a social-media movement to boycott the much anticipated movie, encouraging would-be moviegoers to donate money to domestic-violence victims instead." Healthy relationships are built upon mutual respect not physical abuse. Protecting women is erotic. Abusing them is not. Just sayn.

Another gas fraud rocks metro Vancouver

Yet another unjustified spike in the price of gas at the pumps shows us why we need to break the oil monopoly in Metro Vancouver because we do not have a free market. Peter Rose from Delta wrote into the local paper and asked: "The last time gas prices approached $1.60 a litre the excuse given was that several oil refineries were down for maintenance and it was high demand season. So what is the excuse now?" There is none. Other than the fact that because of the oil monopoly they keep rising the price at the pump whenever they want. These profits aren't going to the employees in Calgary. They are going straight into the pocket of foreign ownership.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

State of the Union

It's a beautiful day out there so get out and enjoy it. As I head up to the mountains for some respite I just wanted to leave you all with a taste of Believer from Imagine Dragons.

I'm looking Looking forward to Creed 2 yo. Bring it. Hold the line and Feel the Thunder.

Cops on Pot: Is pot bad for you?

We've talked about cops selling legal pot and we've seen what happens when cops consume illegal pot. Now with legalization under way we need to talk about cops on legal pot. Global is reporting that "The president of the union representing Toronto police officers says a draft policy put forward by management banning members from consuming marijuana within 28 days of reporting for duty is "fraught with all kinds of issues and legal challenges."

I agree 28 days appears to be an arbitrary number and I agree it presents legal challenges but the fundamental question is, are employers allowed to discriminate against hiring employees that smoke pot? My response is why not? When pot becomes legal is it an employer's right to say they rather not hire someone who smokes pot? I say it is. Supply and demand might make it hard to find employees in BC who don't smoke pot but it is well within their right to set that standard.

Especially in policing. It is well withing an employer's right to say we don't want to hire anyone who smokes pot because discrimination against drug use is not prohibited grounds. The Guardian is reporting that "Vancouver, Ottawa, Regina and Montreal will let officers use it recreationally as Calgary introduced a zero-consumption policy."

It is tragic that the officer who had a prescription for medical marijuana committed suicide after getting slack for smoking pot while in uniform. Logic would dictate smoking pot while in uniform is in bad taste. Just like consuming alcohol while in uniform or on duty.

Is pot bad for you?

I do believe that pot is one of the least harmful drugs out there. It is way better than crack or crystal meth. Way better. People who are addicted to crack would benefit from using pot to get off the crack. More so than methadone. I also believe that for alcoholics, smoking pot is better than drinking alcohol. Nevertheless, pot is not good for you.

Recently I saw a headline in the news asking is pot good for you and I thought to myself AYFKM? Have we Deevolved that much in our intellectual capacities that we have to even ask that question?

Anything that gets you stoned, baked or wasted is not good for you. Smoking anything is bad for you. That is why the leading cause of death in house fires is smoke inhalation. That is why all those health warnings exist on cigarette packages. Second hand pot smoke is just as bad if not worse than second hand cigarette smoke. Vaping is much better than smoking.

CBD is different than THC

There are two different main ingredients in pot. One is TCH the other is CBD. CBD is good for you THC isn't. THC gets you stoned CBD doesn't. In Washington State they have the percent content of these two ingredients posted on legal pot packages they sell.

Pot that is high in THC and low in CBD is recreational. Pot that is high in CBD but low in THC has some medicinal qualities. CBD helps reduce seizures in epilepsy. Yet once again smoking anything is bad for you. It causes lung cancer. CBD oil is the best of all of the options.

BC Bud has more THC than other strains of pot

Pot has much more THC now then it did when we were young. It's gone up from 3% to 15%. The smell is different. Pot used to have a pleasant aroma to it. Now it is harsh and smells like skunk cabbage. It literally smells like sh*t. "Oh but it's good sh*t." That depends on your perspective.

The reason why those cops went ape sh*t on the pot they ingested was because it was more powerful than the old stuff and ingesting pot makes it difficult to control the amount of THC you consume. You never used to get some of the bad LSD type side effects from smoking pot back in the day. You do now. Which makes the current propaganda pot's good for you so absurd.

So when pot becomes legal in a few days am I going to run out there and get wasted? Nope. I'm going to stay as far away from those lunatics as I can. I am internally defined. I don't need the government or a mob of stoners to tell me what's right and wrong. I make that decision for myself independent of the millennial circus clowns. Nothing has changed. Stoners are still stoners. We just have a lot more of them now.

I salute the Calgary Police force for setting a zero tolerance for pot use among it's employees. That is a noble standard. When the compromised EPS and BC Gang Task force start indulging in legal pot I only see their current level of corruption get worse through apathy and self indulgence.

Hemp Paper is good not THC

The only good that is coming from this tsunami of insanity is the fact that mandatory minimum jail sentences for possession of pot will be removed. That was a waste of tax dollars. Now we can focus on getting crack and crystal meth off the streets. The other good is the fact that now we can start investing in the hemp paper industry as that truly will save the planet. Hemp paper is a renewable market. That is sustainable. Hemp toilet paper makes sense.

Ex-3 Doors Down bassist gets 10 years on gun charge

This is an example of extremism. The Canadian Press is reporting that "The founding member and former bassist of the rock band 3 Doors Down has been sentenced to 10 years in Mississippi state prison for possession of a firearm by a felon. News outlets report Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Robert Krebs gave Todd Harrell the maximum penalty during a hearing Thursday."

"Authorities responded to Harrell's home after an alarm went off in June. Harrell's wife told deputies they had got into an argument that turned physical. While deputies were talking to the couple, they noticed guns and drugs in the home. Harrell had served two years in prison for causing a fatal crash in Nashville in 2013. He testified in 2015 that he had been addicted to prescription drugs and was speeding.'

Here's the deal. In the United States it is a Constitutional right to bear arms. Except for felons. Felons aren't allowed to vote or posses guns. One can conceivably rationalize a firearm ban if someone had used a firearm to commit a criminal offense but not for a DUI. A guy gets a DUI and he's banned from voting or owning a gun for the rest of his life? That's a bit extreme as is giving him a ten year sentence for exercising his constitutional right to own a gun. That's more than someone gets in Canada for manslaughter less mandatory statutory release.

Here in Canada criminals who have used a firearm to commit a criminal offense can get a lifetime firearm ban but that means absolutely nothing because it is never enforced. Blaze had a lifetime firearm ban before he committed two subsequent criminals acts with firearms and virtually nothing is done about it. Especially after he started lying for, I mean cooperating with, the police.

If we want to reduce gun violence we need to enforce firearm bans on criminals who have used firearms to commit criminal offenses. Not on law biding citizens. Stephen Harper was wrong. Mandatory minimum sentences for the simple possession of a firearm is not right. Mandatory minimum sentences for using a firearm to commit a criminal offense is. There's a huge difference.

Addressing gun violence with the New York Model

Trump defends $110B US arms sale to Saudi Arabia

The Hill is reporting that "President Trump on Saturday, shortly after vowing to hand out a "severe punishment" to Saudi Arabia if it is found to have killed a missing dissident journalist, said he wants to preserve a $110 billion arms deal with the Saudi kingdom. Trump said if the United States pulled out of the deal, Russia and China would rush in to sell their own armaments, potentially costing domestic jobs." Money without morals represents the downfall of America.

Say hello to the new boss. Same as the old boss in more ways than one - Fooled again.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Green Justice and Roslyn Cassells' hacker is being watched - a shout out to Anonymous

Well this is entertaining. I had previously mentioned how the Green Justice web site was hacked before the election as well as Roslyn Cassells' web site. Roslyn is a local environmentalist so she must be on the terrorist watch list by now. I made her website for her because I support her.

Both websites were on a free server in Europe and were completely hacked. All the file directories were gone. When someone went on the web site all they saw was a notice saying the website was down and a recovery was in process which I did not put up nor did I have any control over. At first I thought the sever put it up. Only the recovery never happened.

So I move both sites over to a paid server. Within minutes of doing so both were hacked and the exact same message was showing. That's when I realized something was up. Only this time all the files were still present on the new paid server. Just the home page was changed. It was the exact same message that was on the other server. That's when I realized the hacker put it there not the server. I was shorty thereafter booted out and the email for the password reset had been changed. That wasn't my email. So I contacted the server and they fixed it.

The fact that the second hack happened so fast is evidence that I am being watched. That is why I object to the cops stingray antenna outside my house and all over Surrey. Aside from it being illegal warrantless surveillance, any hacker can use it giving them free access to all our microphones and wireless communications. Only my Internet isn't wireless.

Today I was updating Roslyn's website. As I was doing so I was booted out and the password reset email was changed. Once again, that wasn't my email. I contacted the server and they fixed it right away. So here's the deal: Look at the email hint for both password rests.

I know members of Anonymous used to read my blog. If anyone recognizes any of those two email hints please send me the entire email and what you know about this hacker. It is probably the same hacker they used to crash Laila Yuile's blog and Twitter. It's a corporate hack that opposes the grass roots movement. A mercenary Surrey First or SNC-Lavalin has hired. Let's connect the dots and prove the connection. Cheers.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Sons of Vancouver Hells Angel assault cop, co accused gets hit by truck running from police

The Vice is reporting that "A man who allegedly assaulted a police officer after a routine traffic stop was hit by a truck as he attempted to sprint away." Ya gotta love natural justice.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that three punk ass b*tches were driving along Granville street which is closed to traffic. The police pull them over on Robson and the little sh*t stains pull the cop into the car and start punching him in the head. Then one of them runs away and gets smoked by a pickup. The video is awesome. Two of the three are Bryce's nephews. LOSERS.

They are sons of his half brother Lloyd Robinson who is a former HA and was one of the founding members of the East Vancouver Hells Angels. One of Ricky C's friends from Satan's Angels. Those dirt bags always were f*ck ups. This is why we need a Mollen Commission in BC. The BC Gang task force is compromised and let these little West Vancouver sh*t stains run around without any consequences whatsoever. Spare the rod yo.

So the compromised BC Gang Task force send out these press releases trashing the Hells Angels collectively but when is the last time they ever attempted to do a drug bust involving the Hells Angels? That was back in the Summer of 2012 at the Kelowna Summer Jam. After they did such a great job the Christy Clark government disbanded the OMGU. Ever since then the BC Gang Task Force has been compromised just like the EPS. That's why we need a Mollen Commission. The sh*t I could tell you they are doing is so bizarre you simply wouldn't believe it.

Documentary on New York Cop Corruption in the /80's

Fatal daytime shooting in Surrey

CTV is reporting that "A man has died following a brazen daylight shooting in a residential area of Surrey, RCMP say. Mounties were called to the 6700 block of 130th Street shortly before 2 p.m. Thursday for reports of a shooting. When they arrived, they found a victim suffering from gunshot wounds. 'Despite all attempts to revive the individual they succumbed to their injuries,' police said in a statement." It's OK. Tom Gill has it handled. Not.

Wake Up Surrey is reporting that the shooting victim was 30 year old Sumeet Randhawa.

Tom Gill passes when asked about crime in Surrey

Tom Gill passes when asked about crime in Surrey

Global is reporting that at the Sheraton's Mayors debate Tom Gill was asked: “What is your priority on crime and policing? Pass,” he answered. LOL I couldn't make this sh*t up. That guy is such a blundering idiot. After the debate he said it was because of his blood sugar. Let's be honest. It's because he is a complete idiot.

This is the guy that was sharing private text messages with the media from one of his former councilors trying to convince the world he kicked her out and that she didn't leave the party on her own accord. Real classy. This is why his own Surrey First former Councillors call him a child and left the party because they have no confidence in his leadership. Mike Smyth needs a new job.

Another fatal shooting within the south Asian community and Tom Gills answer is Pass. I think he needs to pass the gavel to someone else. Dianne Watts says there's only two choices for mayor, Tom Gill or Doug McCallum. I guess the answer is crystal clear then. Maybe Dianne Watts can get a job in Ottawa. I hear they'll believe anything out there.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Setting the record straight

The front page of this weeks Surrey Now Leader was a revolting paid ad by none other than the fallen Godzilla herself. It claimed that there are only two choices for mayor in Surrey, Tom Gill and Doug McCallum. It then quoted Dianne Watts from her lapdog's article in Harold Munro's cheap tabloid of corporate trash who said Doug McCallum would be a step backwards. Not.

I wasn't going to comment on it because for local residents it is self explanatory but for those who don't live in Surrey I will explain why people who live in Surrey hate Dianne Watts so much. It's really simple. We live here. We saw what she did. Dianne Watts was anything but fiscally responsible when she was mayor. She led the city in record spending and put us in record debt. Her mandate was spend money and raise taxes. She spent more money than the left did because she is a neo con. No she is not a new conservative. She is a new con artist.

Everything she says is a lie. Let's start with the most obvious lie. When Dianne Watts was mayor she lied to the press and told them she was t boned by someone who ran a red light on her way home from a drunken gala. The press printed that lie without questioning it simply because she was Godzilla. Contrary to her claim, she t boned the other vehicle her vehicle was not t boned. That part is indisputable. The disputable part was which party ran the red light. She claimed the other party did. The other party claimed she did. Local residents who knew the intersection knew Dianne Watts was lying again so she settled out of court. She is dishonest.

For Dianne Watts to claim Doug McCallum is a step backwards is actually hilarious. Those of us who live here know that Doug McCallum's record on crime and fiscal responsibility was flawless which was in complete contrast to that of Dianne Watts who was anything but. Her claim to fame when she was elected MP was the fact that she never showed up to work.

Dianne Watts claims Doug McCallum is a step backwards because she is facing the wrong direction. She is facing fiscal irresponsibility and crime promotion. Doug McCallum is facing the other direction towards fiscal responsibility and crime prevention. Something she talked a lot about but never confronted. BTW how much of a salary is DW pulling from that "Non Profit" society Surrey First? She just doesn't want to lose another meal ticket.

I mentioned the ad to a coworker and he said Who is Tom Gill? I've never heard of him. He's the one involved with the allegation of voter fraud. Tom Gill denied any involvement but we who live here know he is doing what Dianne Watts does best - lie. The Wake up Surrey movement within the South Asian community in Surrey blew the whistle on election fraud with mail in ballots. None of the other south Asian Candidates were involved. The allegations solely involved supporters of Tom Gill. Recently Barinder Rasode gave an interview about why south Asian voters don't support Tom Gill and it has nothing to do with his race. It is because of his corruption.

Barinder was a member of Surrey first then ran agaist Dianne Watts and Linda Hepner for mayor. That is why Dianne Watts and Alex Tsakumis called her a whore on facebook. They didn't have a problem with Barinder dating Bob Cheema when she was on their slate. They all of a sudden had a problem with it when she left their slate. They didn't want to lose that meal ticket.

In the recent interview Barinder claimed she was too white for the brown voters and too brown for the white voters. I beg to differ. I didn't endorse her because she voted for that dirty casino on rural land despite the public opposition to it just like Tom Gill and Barbara Steele did. That is why she lost the support of the South Asian community. She defied them. It had nothing to do with her race. That's the same reason they don't endorse Tom Gill. He defied them.

If you want to vote for a south Asian who isn't involved in the dirty politics vote for Rina Gill. She is competent and honest. She would make a great deputy mayor. Just to set the record straight.

Tom Gill passes when asked about crime in Surrey

SNC-Lavalin shares fall on news foreign bribery case will go to court - Stop the gravy train! No LRT in Surrey

CBC is reporting that "Shares in Canadian engineering giant SNC-Lavalin fell to their lowest level in more than two years after the company revealed the federal government has decided it won't let the company settle allegations of foreign bribery out of court."

"The company has had the legal cloud hanging over its head since 2015, stemming from allegations that some of its former employees paid bribes to officials in Libya to influence government decisions and win contracts prior to 2012. The RCMP alleges that between 2001 and 2012, the company paid almost $48 million in bribes and defrauded various other entities of almost $130 million." This is just one case of many SNC-Lavalin has been involved with.

This ties in directly with the Surrey LRT Fraud. The Director of South of Fraser Rapid Transit at TransLink is Stephan Mehr. Before that he worked over 22 years with SNC-Lavalin the dirtiest construction company on the planet that is still in court facing fraud and corruption charges.

In 2017 SNC Lavalin agreed to repay Quebec municipalities for contracts obtained through fraudulent tactics. SNC-Lavalin was charged with offering bribes worth $47.7 million to officials in Libya. They are also alleged to have defrauded various Libyan public agencies of approximately $129.8 million. SNC-Lavalin agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle a corruption case filed by the African Development Bank for ordering illicit payments to public officials to secure contracts.

Criminal charges against Arthur Porter, the man accused of committing what Quebec authorities described as the biggest corruption fraud in Canada’s history, were officially abandoned, two years after his death in a Panama prison. Porter was charged with fraud and breach of trust with regards to a hospital built by SNC-Lavalin in Montreal. The list goes on...

Global and the Financial Times has picked up on the story. This is the pattern that keeps repeating itself over and over again. SNC-Lavalin bribes politicians to get government contracts then defrauds taxpayers for much more than the bribe cost them and the work is worth. They make a huge profit from tax fraud. Here's the reason why they keep getting away with it:

Global is reporting that the wealth management spin doctors claim "Should SNC be found guilty, it could be debarred from bidding on Canadian federal work. However, we view this outcome as unlikely, noting (1) SNC has a strong case and (2) we think it is unlikely the government would allow a company employing thousands of people in Canada to fail because of the transgressions of a handful of people.” That is the ultimate lie. It doesn't have a good case. Otherwise they wouldn't keep paying millions of dollars in settlements over and over again.

They were already banned from world contracts for ten years following the company’s misconduct in relation to the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project in Bangladesh, as well as misconduct under another Bank-financed project.. Giving them the contract to the evergreen line was a criminal act.

The spin doctors claim "we think it is unlikely the government would allow a company employing thousands of people in Canada to fail because of the transgressions of a handful of people." It's not the transgressions of a handful of people. It is their method of operation. Here's the deal. If SNC-Lavalin doesn't build it, someone else in the private sector will. No jobs will be lost. Someone else who isn't so bloody corrupt will put more money in the pockets of taxpayers and employees and less in the pockets of dirty politicians and dirty developers alike.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

I just saw A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It is profound. I've never been a Lady Gaga fan but I might be mixing her up with Madonna. All the trashy disco sh*t is beyond me. Sex sells and that's what the mob wants so that's what the mob gets. Only I'm not the mob.

However, her performance with Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born was magnificent. As Lady Gaga said in a recent interview the character she plays is very raw and real. She reveals herself without make up and lets her raw talent shine. I have to admit there are some things in Bradley Cooper's character that I can relate to. I'm not a drunk. I had good parents and I don't struggle with drug addiction. Yet I can relate to his desire to be real and say what you have to say.

I don't share his demons and I don't share his conclusions. If anyone is struggling with addiction it will inspire you to get clean. Or at least it should. Never mind the Notebook, this movie will rip your heart out. It will make a grown man cry. In that recent interview Lady Gaga said playing that character changed her. That's the type of movie it is. Well done. Mad harsh respect.

The Fall of the UFC

I wasn't going to comment on this but since I have been asked, I will state the obvious. Conor McGregor is a POS. He is an embarrassment to the Holy Land. His racist insults consistently cross the line. I have already stated that I will not watch him fight again. I stand by that statement. Dana White claims he is shocked and upset by the brawl after the match and that is a bold faced lie. If he didn't condone that kind of crap he wouldn't have let McGregor back. The whole BS brawl was a dirty scum bag's attempt at creating controversy for a rematch. I'm sorry but I'm not watching that either. The cheap trash is too much for me to stomach.

The Fall of the UFC and the rise of Bellator. Those aren't lightweights.

Without the darkness the light would not shine

We've talked about Casting shadows on the Horizon. We've talked about leaning towards Buddha and being comfortable in your own skin. Today I'm going to talk about Desiderata again from the perspective of light and darkness. Yin and yang remixed.

Without darkness we would not know what light is. Without the night sky, we wouldn't be able to see the stars shine. It's the principle of yin and yang. Light and darkness. Good and evil. In the West we see them as opposites in conflict but that is not always the case. In the East they see them as compliments like male and female. Which re-instills the absurdity of the new NDP elementary school curriculum that tells young kids there's no such thing as gender.

Good and evil does exist. We can be influenced by one or the other but the bottom line is that we are free to chose between the two. We are responsible for our own choices and what we do in life echos in eternity. When darkness rises, light shines. Peace.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Doug Ford's carbon tax tour

Tweedle Dee visited Jason Kenney of the UPC in Alberta to rally opposition to the carbon tax. I didn't think he'd be visiting the wicked witch of the west on that visit. OK so let's put this into perspective. Green Justice opposes the carbon tax because it is just another tax grab. Politicians stay up late at night trying to think up new ways to tax people. Then some neocon had a brainstorm. We'll call it a carbon tax. That way all the environmentalists will support it. What a scam that is. Conning the people into supporting a rise in taxes. It's actually quite funny.

I don't share Jason Kenney's idol worship of Doug Ford but I do oppose the carbon tax. However, once again we need to use common sense to balance the extremes. Setting the hype aside, polluting the environment indiscriminately is not a good thing. Importing PCP to dump in Canada is not a good thing. Exporting coal out of the Surrey docks is not a good thing. Natural gas is cleaner burning than coal. That is common sense.

Recently Jason Kenney declared war on the green left and I want to make a call to order. You can declare war on the alt left and the alt right. I'm fine with that but don't declare war on the environment. Green Justice supports business. Sustainable business. Rachel Notley has come across to the rest of the world as a raging lunatic. She insists that she will pollute the entire planet and no one can stop her. Why don't you mine asbestos while you're at it. That's not very progressive thinking. Protecting the environment is like avoiding unnecessary debt. Justin Trudeau's unlimited credit card spending is not sustainable. Neither is excessive pollution.

I'm not saying everyone should ride their bicycles to work. Mayor Moonbeam's desire to ban all cars from Vancouver is insane. I'm saying we should strive for sustainability and strive to avoid excessive pollution wherever possible. Like I said, natural gas is better than coal.

Recently everyone is kissing each others ass over the decision to go ahead with LGN out of Kitimat. I'm kinda shocked. I support natural gas but they just announced that instead of twinning an existing pipeline they are going to cut a new pipeline through an old growth forest and all the environmentalists are cheering at their victory. Did I miss something?

If they are going to clear cut a new pipeline to Kitimat, they might as well twin it while they are at it. That would be cost effective. The problem with Kitimat was and is, navigating tankers in to that harbour. It's not a clear passage. They have to navigate numerous islands in the Douglas Channel. There are risks involved. Would that be better than increased tanker traffic in Vancouver? Perhaps. It's always a trade off. Just fix the price of gas in Vancouver.

I will say Kinder Morgan is better than Enbridge. Enbridge has a horrible reputation for leaking pipelines in the US. Kinder Morgan is owned by Texas. Enbridge is owned by Communist China. Do the math. Green Justice supports Jason Kenney over Rachel Notley. Let's just leave the alt right and the alt left behind so we can balance the extremes and find peace of mind with lower taxes for everyone that allows for a vibrant economy to prosper. Peace.

BTW Privatizing Hydro will not fix the problem. That's what caused the problem. Contracting in that work will fix the problem. It's got nothing to do with left or right. It's just common sense.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fatal shootings in Mission and Chilliwack, Targeted hit in East Vancouver, body found in Richmond

Anything can happen in a New York minute. The Peace Arch News is reporting that "One man is dead after a shooting incident in the parking lot of the Junction Mall in Mission. Mission RCMP and IHIT are on scene but few details have been released. The incident occurred just after 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 3 near the SilverCity Mission Cinemas. RCMP have confirmed that shots were fired, and a man is deceased, but the investigation is still in the early stages and no other information is being released at this time. The suspect is not in custody."

"One witness at the scene said he heard four loud shots and then saw a vehicle quickly drive away. According to the witness, the vehicle then circled back towards the original shooting scene, a gun could be seen sticking out of the window, and three more shots rang out."

Update: The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that the Mission victim was Varinderpal Gill, 19 and was involved in the gang conflict. A Honda Pilot SUV was set on fire shortly after the shooting.

Targeted shooting in East Vancouver

BC Local News is reporting that "Vancouver police say a man is seriously injured after a targeted late-night shooting in the Downtown Eastside Wednesday. Officers received several 911 calls about shots fired near Carrall Street and East Pender around 11 p.m. When they arrived, police found a 46-year-old Vancouver man who had been shot. He was taken to hospital with serious injuries. No arrests have been reported." That's edging towards Chinatown.

Woman's body found in Richmond

The Richmond News is reporting that "Homicide investigators have been called in after a woman’s body was found in a Richmond city centre home in the early hours of Thursday. Shortly after midnight, Richmond RCMP was called to an older-style, detached home on the south-west corner of Westminster Highway and Minoru Boulevard for the discovery of a body. The body, according to police, is that of a deceased female and her death is considered as suspicious."

Update: CBC is reporting that the woman has been identified as Aspen Pallot, 19. Solaris Onatta Running Dey, 23, was arrested nearby shortly after her body was discovered and has been charged with manslaughter. Weird. The kid looks like a nerd from Big Bang theory. .

Fatal shooting in Chilliwack

The Chilliwack is reporting that "One person is dead following a shooting in the Yale Road and Menzies area of Chilliwack Thursday afternoon. The homicide teams have been called in to investigate the shooting, which happend around 2:20 p.m." Sh*t be cray yo.

Update: CBC is reporting that the Chilliwack victim was Kyle Cromarty, 27.

Shots fired in South Surrey

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "Surrey RCMP is investigating reports of shots fired overnight in South Surrey. Police say there were multiple reports of shots being fired in the 3300-block of 194 Street at approximately 1 a.m. Friday (Oct. 5)." Once again, I object to the new digital encrypted radios the police are using to go off the grid from Scan BC. Now we only hear what they want to tell us. It is not good for democracy or public accountability.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Green Justice is Back Online

As I previously mentioned, the website was hacked and the entire server crashed so I changed servers. It's now back online so it is. Let's get ready to rumble.... Oct 20th - face it.

Not surprisingly, Roslyn Cassells' web site was also hacked but is now up and running on a new server in time for the election. No lie can live forever because truth crushed to the earth will rise again so it will. Dirty tricks from dirty rats can slow us down but they can't stop us. Word.

Green Justice Mayor and Council endorsements

Green Justice School Trustees endorsements

Tom Gill Sucks - Surrey First Meltdown - Private Text messages

Surrey Mayor Candidate's Debate

Update: A slight correction on our Green Justice endorsement. The Peace Arch News and the Voice Online both reported that Brenda Locke and Mandeep Nagra both joined McCallum’s Safe Surrey Coalition. Beau Simpson and Justin Thind ran last year but aren't running this year. Brenda Locke is a former MLA in Surrey. Mandeep Nagra is concerned about drugs and gang violence and also prefers Skytrain over LRT. That's good enough for me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Victoria Police Chief fired for misconduct

First we heard that suspended Victoria Police Chief Frank Elsner resigned but unlike in Jim Browns case, the disciplinary hearing continued after he resigned. Then we hear that "Although Elsner resigned in May 2017, his service record will now show that he committed eight acts of misconduct under the Police Act which would have resulted in his dismissal from policing."

"Two retired judges acting for the commissioner determined that Elsner committed six acts of discreditable conduct, including three of workplace harassment, one act of deceit and one act of inappropriate use of police equipment. “I have concluded that the decisions and discipline proposed by the retired judges are well reasoned and appropriate … Therefore, there is no need to call a public hearing on these matters,” said Lowe. Since his resignation, Elsner has launched a cannabis consulting business - his profile on Linked In says he is principal consultant for UMBRA Strategic Solutions, which provides security consulting to marijuana businesses.

More cop pot. I wonder if he's going to start working for Andy Richards? Does that means cops who sell pot are not allowed to enter the US? Now two local mayors are complaining that the report implicates them by stating "In the report released Sept. 26, Lowe said Helps and Desjardins predetermined the outcome of the internal discipline process from the outset, and set about navigating a course to allow the former chief to remain in his post.”

Frank Elsner is from Sudbury where he "associated with criminals and partied with drug users, bikers, and hookers. He set up elaborate drug deals, disappeared for weeks on end, was involved in a hitman operation, and had multiple aliases." This is an example of an undercover cop who goes undercover not because he hates crime because he covets that life. I do not. There is nothing in that life that appeals to me and I think married cops that go undercover to infiltrate the bikers gangs because they covet that lifestyle are trash.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Liberals defeated in Quebec

Global is reporting that "François Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) will form the next majority government in Quebec. This historic election marks a first victory for the party and a stunning defeat for the Liberals." A little je me souviens à nos frères au Québec.

Surrey RCMP investigating voter fraud. Not.

CBC is reporting that "Surrey's chief election officer says he has "sufficient cause to suspect illegal activity" around the mail ballot process in the leadup to the Oct. 20 municipal election. Anthony Capuccinello Iraci confirmed the RCMP is investigating allegations of voter fraud, but said it was too early in the voting process for any harm to have been done."

Investigated by the RCMP. Yeah right. Like that's not a conflict of interest. The RCMP aren't going to charge Tom Gill because they want him to win since Doug McCallum will be getting rid of he RCMP. Having the RCMP investigate the mater is a complete conflict of interest. They won't charge Tom Gill any more than they charged Christy Clark in BC Rail. As soon as the BC Liberals renewed the RCMP contract the money laundering charges were dropped. So the voter fraud was within the South Asian community and it wasn't Rajesh. Gee, I wonder who that leaves.

On that note, Jas Rehal is a d*ck. The Surrey Now Leader is reporting that "Surrey removing 200 election signs near intersections that violate city rules. In Surrey, signs aren’t allowed within 25 meters of intersections." 25 meters of intersections? That is f*cking ridiculous. People have always out election sign at intersections because that is where traffic stop to wait for lights.

Jas Rehal is that baby peacock killing wannabe mall cop. Fire him. BTW I want to press charges for theft. He stole my sign on 88th and King George Hwy and I was not notified.

Edmonton cop leaking intel to the Hells Angels again

CBC is reporting that "An Edmonton police officer has been arrested as part of an ongoing investigation by the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, city police said Friday. CBC News has learned the female officer, a constable who worked out of downtown division, is suspected of leaking information to a Hells Angels associate. The officer is not in custody." As if it's only her. The EPS has always been compromised. That's why all the HA busts are done by ALERT.