Sunday, September 23, 2018

Metro Vancouver Police step off the grid into the shadows

Evidently this is old news but I just clued into it. October 2017 Global reported that "The Surrey Fire Service has switched to a new encrypted digital radio system and the BC Ambulance Service will soon be doing the same. And that means little information from emergency responder calls, if any, will seep out to the public over the airwaves." They claim “That means the communication is kept secure and out of the hands of other people who may listen to it and monitor it for nefarious purposes that pose a threat for first responders.”

That is a crock of sh*t. The police are paid by the public and need to be publicly accountable. Scan BC ran quite reflectively. The real reason they went off the grid is to hide from the public. I realize the police don't like the press at shooting investigations but the press always stay behind the tape. Now we simply don't hear about shootings. We only hear what they choose to tell us when they feel like telling us. This needs to change. Going off the grid lets them suppress crime statistics. CBC reported on it June 2017.

The reason this came to light is because there was a police incident outside our place last night. Seven cop cars with cops putting on vests walking around with assault rifles drawn. I checked Scan BC to see what was up and it's gone silent. Now we haven't hard a word about it. The public need to be informed about crime in their community. This is Canada not Communism.


  1. And VPD is worthy of special concern in such area's......from "Panoptic Dreams:Streetscape Video SUrviellance in Canada" by Sean P. Hier:

    "VPD is the only police service in Canada that refused repeated requests for interviews. The VPD is also the only public institution that failed to honour repeated requests for information after formal Access to Information Requests were submitted".

    That's a pretty big "Fuck You". Think about what that says regarding that agency's professional culture. VPD's unofficial motto for years has been "we're the police, we can do whatever we want". I heard that said from one "member" to another on 2 separate occasions. (He knew I was within earshot, he was just trying to virtue signal me on what cool guys he and his buddy were.)

    These people really don't care what you think, barely care what the law says regards limits on their behavior, and will violate the Law they are sworn to uphold to protect themselves from being held to account the same way they do others.

    "One Law For All".

  2. It is not just Vancouver.

    Check out Sgt. Dale Sheddon's quote from Calgary Police Service:

    "“Police are exempt from laws ..." Seddon said."


    The accuracy of the quote was confirmed to me by CPS as I wanted it to be accurate before I shared it with the classes I teach.

    The quote is also in the video embedded in the video.

  3. No wonder the cops in Canada are in favor of gun control.

    Here's an interesting question:

    Why do you think it is that cops in the states are overwhelmingly against gun control?


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