Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Give it up for Daryl Dela Cruz

Local super hero Daryl Dela Cruz was on global today speaking out against LRT in favor of Skytrain for Surrey defying John Horgan, Justin Trudeau and Linda Hepner. God Bless him. On Daryl's twitter he points out that "Another LRT collision in Calgary today. Pedestrian vs train. Over 2 hours of delays/disruption to service."

Daryl is also pointing out that "Peter Fassbender, the former TransLink minister, who thinks SkyTrain would likely be better, is running for Mayor in Langley City." Daryl also pointed out that everyone who showed up at the LRT "celebration" in Surrey worked for the city or for LRT. People who drive cars prefer Skytrain because Skytrian does not impede traffic. LRT SUCKS.

LRT is a line to nowhere

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