Saturday, September 1, 2018

Knowah Ferguson sentenced for attempted murder of Hells Angel Damion Ryan

A lot of big news stories have pushed some of the smaller stories to the side like the fact that the individuals accused of murdering and dismembering a Canadian Teacher in Taiwan are a former Israeli soldier and a former US Marine. Billy Bowden getting busted again is also big news.

Keith Fraser is reporting that Knowah Ferguson was sentenced for attempted murder of local Hells Angel Damion Ryan who is no longer local. Knowah walked up to him at the food court in the Vancouver airport, put a gun to the back of his head and pulled the trigger. The only thing that saved him was the fact that the gun jammed. Pretty lucky. That was enough to make Damion leave town and hide out in Greece since he was previously wounded in a 2010 shooting.

There has been some interesting details come out in the trial that although they fall within the realm of believably, I'm not going to comment on them simply because ever since Blaze started cooperating with the police we have had a huge problem with Hells Angel associates lying in court about the UN. There had to be a reason Damion Ryan was targeted other than the fact that he was simply a member of the Hells Angels. He had to have done something specific.

The Star reported that the UN was fighting with the Wolf Pack at the time. If Damion Ryan was associated with the cub pack that would make perfect sense. No one in Surrey likes or respects the cub pack. Aside form being idiots, they were tied to the Bacon trash and the Surrey Six.

The cub pack has a long history of co operating with the police so they don't have to go to prison. The police assisting the cub pack's drug trade in Surrey is an abomination.

Damion Ryan became a member of the Ontario Village Idiots until the Quebec brothers disbanded them. Kim Bolan reported that Damion Ryan is now living in Greece where the Edmonton scum bags ganged up on a local father and beat him to death.

Don't support E-Ville any more. Have a little self respect.

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