Thursday, September 13, 2018

Rachel Notley is a liar and a lunatic

Rachel Notley took out a full page add in a Metro Vancouver Newspaper claiming that "Trans Mountain's delay costs Canadians $40 million every day." That is a bold faced lie. The pipeline already exists. A delay in twinning the pipeline for the tar sands oil that Chicago and Detroit don't want represents a new market not an existing one. It's not our fault Chicago and Detroit kicked Alberta out because of all the petroleum coke byproduct. That pipeline already exists as well.

The delay is Rachel Notley's fault. She single-handedly killed the deal. John Horgan asked how do we control the volume of tar sands oil that passes through BC and our port? She responded by saying you don't. We can send as much as we want whenever we want and you have absolutely no say if we start sending too much for the tanker traffic to handle.

John Horgan asked who pays for the clean up in the event of a spill? Raging Rachel said you do. We won't spend a dime on clean up. That is just bad business. A conservative would have negotiated a fair deal. Raging Rachel did not. Justin Bieber is just as bad because he enabled her insanity by insisting he was going to proceed with the pipeline without our consent.

The full page add represents a bad corporate tactic. The employer comes up with a bad contract and the Union says no. Instead of bargaining in good faith the employer tries to con the members into accepting the bad deal the Union rejected. John Horgan is our bargaining agent. You need to negotiate with him and tell him you will split the cost of clean up and that we can restrict the amount of tar sands oil that flows through the port if the tanker traffic gets too congested.

The newspaper add pretends Raging Rachel is concerned about the welfare of the rest of Canada when she obviously is not. She wants to be able to turn the oil tap off at will to the East and the West to extort the rest of the country for her own gain. She doesn't care about anyone else on the planet. She just pulled out of climate change agreements. She basically said f the world because she is a raging lunatic that needs to be replaced in the next election. Bring someone with a brain to the table next time. Rachel Notley is a lunatic.

Raging Rachel's full page add was paid for with tax dollars. The add complains about the court decision. The court simply pointed out that Kinder Morgan failed to do an environmental assessment of increased tanker traffic in Vancouver's port. They didn't do the assessment because they said our liability ends at the pipeline. Raging Rachel once again wants to con Vancouver into breaking the law so that we can take all the risk and get none of the rewards.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever Alberta doesn't refine the tar sands bitumen in Alberta and send the refined oil through the existing pipeline to Vancouver. If they refined it in Alberta they could also use the existing pipeline to Chicago and Detroit.

The only reason they won't is because they have no way of getting rid of the petroleum coke byproduct that is created when the tar sands bitumen is refined. Chicago and Detroit finally got rid of their mountains of petroleum coke by shipping it off to India. India won't take it any more because it is even more toxic to burn then coal. We need to figure out what to do with the petcoke. Grind it up and put it in concrete. Make bricks out of it for all I care. It's not freaking radioactive. The point is, if you refine it at source, there is no need for a new pipeline.

There is no emergency. The only emergency is the fact that Rachel Notley is going to lose the upcoming election. That is why she's so frantic. She knows she screwed up and only cares about getting elected. She cares nothing about the environment or anyone else on the planet.

Why Rachel Notley will need an even bigger miracle to win again: "The longer the Alberta NDP are in power, the harder it will be to repeat the shocking victory that won them the province."

United Conservative Party on track to win big in Alberta, says poll

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