Sunday, September 30, 2018

Surrey School Board Candidates

Green Justice is very clear on who they endorse for Mayor and council. I'd like to take the time now to address the candidates for School Trustees. First I'd like to say that anyone on the Surrey First ballot has to go. Their time is done. Putting a road through Hjorth Road elementary is in no one's best interest. Next I'd like to say that I endorse Cindy Dalglish, Charlene Dobie, Mary-Em Waddington and Sonia Andhi of Surrey Students NOW because they are clearly opposed to the road through Hjorth Road elementary. Opposing that is in everyone's best interest.

I endorse Laurae McNally who is an incumbent but she is an independent from Whiterock. She is not a member of Surrey First and is opposed to the road going the road Hjorth Road elementary. I also endorse Lisa Alexis who is an independent. Julia Poole in an independent who is actually an experienced school teacher. Gary Tymoschuk is an incumbent with Surrey First who claims to be oppose to the road through Hjorth Road. That appears to be in conflict with his party. So here are the six Surrey candidates and one Whiterock candidate Green Justice endorses:

Cindy Dalglish - Surrey Students NOW

Charlene Dobie - Surrey Students NOW

Mary-Em Waddington - Surrey Students NOW

Sonia Andhi - Surrey Students NOW

Lisa Alexis - Independent

Julia Poole - Independent

Laurae McNally - Independent for Whiterock

I don't support gender parity. Sometimes the best man for the job isn't a woman. In this case we endorse all women. Who cares? It's the person not the gender we endorse. Having a financial wizard and a former school teacher makes the slate complete. Say goodbye to Surrey First. Give it up for Xena and the Amazon warriors. This is a printable PDF of the endorsement.

On a separate issue, I will now address the new SOGI 123 program for elementary school students. I'm all for equal rights - gay, straight, transgender, it just doesn't matter. However, no one likes religion pushed on them and likewise no one likes alternate lifestyles pushed on them. Gay pride is an oxymoron. Being gay is one thing, being promiscuous is another. Promoting gay promiscuity is just as bad as promoting heterosexual promiscuity. It is cheap and trashy.

Cramming these rainbow crosswalks down our throat is a bit much. If someone is persecuted for their sexual orientation, that is wrong. Likewise if someone is persecuted for their religious beliefs that is also wrong. Both are prohibited under the Canadian Charter of Rights.

Tragically the Supreme Court of Canada just threw away the Canadian Charter of Rights and has discriminated against law school grads from Trinity Western University. Neither the state nor the court has the jurisdiction or the authority to tell me what kind of covenant I can and cannot make. They do not have the right to tell me what I can and cannot believe. That crosses the line.

Recently Doug Ford rose to power in Ontario in response to leftist extremism cramming gender neutrally down young kids throats and the people said enough is enough. Talking about using condoms with high school students is very different then cramming gender neutrality on young elementary school students. This new SOGI 123 program the NDP has come out with is insane. Consensus has fallen. I do not support that. It boils down to confused adults teaching children to be confused. That's just not right. Kids need to feel loved and wanted. They don't need to be pushed into making decisions that will adversely affect them for the rest of their lives. Caitlyn Jenner is to be accepted but he / she is certainly not a role model. Just say'n.

Caitlyn Jenner was a man who became a woman yet still prefers to have sex with women. Do you really think other women will feel comfortable sharing the same washroom with him? I think not. Telling elementary school kids there is no such thing as gender is wrong.


  1. Thank you for your endorsement Dennis. I appreciate your support! Excellent well written Blog!


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