Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Another fraudulently fake add

I just noticed this fake add that slipped through on my blog. If you look at the screen shot they use GQ's logo pretending to be an article on GQ but if you look at the url, it's not GQ it is a fake. This is a criminal act of fraud as well as a flaming copyright violation.

Here's another one fraudulently claiming to be CBC when it's not.

Yet another fake ad. This one about Shania Twain impersonating Entertainment Toady.


  1. Well, when you decided to keep the doors open by putting up ad flow (a necessary evil, nothing bad on you) you knew some trash was going to seep through.....just a matter of letting the provider know if they keep sending you trash, you will send them to bed without supper.....right?

    1. Yes. They have a place for you to report ads when you approve or ban them. The problem is the fake ads keep making new accounts. It's not just on my blog it's everywhere because this is a credible ad agency everyone uses.


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