Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Robert Thomas Fugitive has turned himself in

Update: He has turned himself in to the Kelowna Police overnight

This keeps getting worse. All the seven men charged in the murder of Dain Phillips are in police custody except for Hells Angel Robert Thomas who is on the run. This guy is a piece of garbage. If you know where he is, call it in. He is the rat. Seven on one unarmed man trying to make peace beaten to death with hammers and bats over a high school feud? That is insane.

We know he was last seen Sunday or Monday riding his bike near his house in Kelowna. If he has any brains he'd leave town. Either way if you know where he is or where he's going, call it in.

The new twist is that police say that some of the seven men charged in this brutal homicide are suspects in a Kelowna drive by shooing that took place on Leon near the location of the closed Liquid Zoo September 7 2010. Police aren't saying which of the seven men arrested for the Dain Phillips murders are suspects in the Leon shooting but as Castanet points out, the police sketch of the prime suspect in that shooting looks an awful lot like Robert Thomas.

Robert Thomas' involvement in the Dain Phillips murder reveals his association and endorsement of the Throttle Lockers. (Lockers as in lock the throttle not rockers) Makes ya kinda wonder if it was Robert Thomas who signed his endorsement of the Throttle Lockers in their clubhouse. Rob from the Kelowna Hells Angels. It would appear that Robert Thomas is the Hells Angel David Giles assigned to be in charge of the Throttle Lockers.

Let's not forget the Throttle Lockers bragging about their association with another Hells Angels puppet club in Prince George called the Renegades. A second woman in Prince George claims she was gang raped in the Renegade clubhouse.

Two Hells Angels charged in Kelowna killing

This is Robert Thomas. He is a petty thief and now a murder. He's on the lam. If you know where he is call 911. He has a long record for B&E and theft back in Ontario. Yet in 2005 he was charged with PSP in Kelowna and later found guilty. Possession of Stolen Property.

Turns out that senseless murder in Kelowna involved Robert Thomas and another Hells Angel as well as the president of a Hells Angels puppet club. This criminal act documents the criminal association of the Throttle Lockers with the Hells Angels. Both organizations should have their clubhouses seized under the criminal organization legislation.

Norman Cocks is seen here with his father Bob Cox. Norm is a full patch member of the Hells Angels and his father Bob is the very short president of the throttle Lockers.

There is no loyalty owed to this criminal organization. Rob Thomas is a petty thief and a bully. There is nothing noble about him. Bob Cox is this tiny guy who wants to be someone and just flushed that dream down the toilet by committing a senseless act of murder. This kind of violent oppression needs to stop. Report them. I'm not just talking about this murder. I'm talking about the Geoff Meisner and Brittney Irving murder as well as Joey Arrance's girlfriend's mother. These criminals are the rats who are murdering good people. We need to report them to the police. If you don't want to do that, then contact me. I respect confidence fully.

Also charged are Daniel Joseph McCrae, 21, Mathew Thomas McCrae, 19, Ansen Lloyd Schell, 19, and Thomas Allen Vaughan, 22 from Rutland Senior Secondary School.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kelowna Murder

A brawl between two Kelowna families ended up in a murder. 51 year old husband and father Dain Phillips died after being beaten with a baseball bat on June 11 2011.

Police believe Phillips was caught in the crossfire. Evidence in this incident indicates that the 51-year-old victim did not provoke the attack nor engage in an altercation. Two men in one group are related as are three men in the other group.

It is absolutely triadic that adults can act like children. Look at the cost. A husband and father has been murdered and another father has senselessly thrown his life away as a result. This is not a noble legacy. It's very sad. There are no winners in this conflict. Only sorrow.

HST Ballots

Make sure you get your HST ballot. Canada Post resumes services Tuesday June 28 2011. If you don't receive a ballot in the mail you must call Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683 (toll-free) to request a voting package.

No doubt Harper and the BC Liberals are hoping for public apathy to slip this one past us. Let's just have a quick peek at some of the bold faced lies about the HST campaign.

The HST is not a reduction in tax. They would not be spending millions in advertising to convince us to lower taxes. It is NOT 10%. The Liberals have promised to drop it to 10% in 2014 after the next election. It will not be possible for us to repeal it if they don't.

PST did not apply to any services or to environmental consumer goods. Adding HST even at a reduced rate of 10% is still a tax increase because 10% on services or products that were not previously taxed is clearly a tax increase. It really is that simple.

The HST supports big corporations not small business. The HST crushes small business and unload corporate tax unto the consumers. The HST is bad for business.

Dustin Paxton and Crystal Meth

Monday Dustin Paxton faced the beginning of three trials on 11 charges against 4 people. Paxton is accused of the aggravated assault and forcible confinement of his former girlfriend, who was 17-years-old at the time and cannot be identified.

News reports claim he met her at the Mustard Seed in Calgary when she was homeless and addicted to crystal meth. She claims their relationship became increasingly violent but did not report it to the police. Officers learned of the assaults while investigating the beating of Paxton’s former roommate.

The incidents involving his roommate, who also cannot be named, allegedly took place over a 14-month period. In April 2010, the victim was dropped off at a Saskatchewan hospital severely malnourished. The room mate cannot be named but we all know who he is and we all wish him well.

What I still find inconceivable is the motive. Not the motive of the twisted offender but the motive of the viciously abused room mate. Why on earth did he stay in such a horrifically abusive relationship when he had opportunities to leave?

The case involving Paxton's girlfriend introduces crystal meth into the equation. Some claimed Paxton sold drugs. Others claimed Carl Nyberg, an employee of the same small moving company, had ripped off the Hells Angels and had disappeared. It was that missing room mate's car they drove from Calgary to Regina.

This new artcile claims the woman who Paxton assaulted was a self-admitted drug addict at the time and she said she started frequently staying at Paxton's home where she would spend her days smoking marijuana and using crystal meth with Paxton and his roommate.

If Paxton sold drugs, who did he sell them for? I know there is a great deal of effort to portray Paxton as a wacko who is a repeat offender of violence and is solely responsible for the injuries his former room mate incurred. I know the family admittedly denies that the Hells Angels were involved in any way, shape or form.

They claim the fact that the former room mate who was tortured at one time testified in a murder trial where someone he and his brother knew, murdered a beloved Hells Angels associate had absolutely nothing to do with the motive behind the torture and injuries Paxton inflicted upon him.

Perhaps not. Yet Dale Donovan, Sean Wolf and Corey MacInnis were all friends and associates. Corey, known as Tiny Mac, was a founding member of the Winnipeg Hells Angels and was friends with Sean Wolfe who became if not a Sargent in arms for the chapter at least an enforcer. Corey and Sean were accused of threatening a young drug dealer with a gun and beating him with a hammer. Those charges were dropped when the victim refused to testify.

Dale Donovan was the chapter president. Dale and Sean were eventually convicted of cocaine trafficking. The Zig Zag crew paid the Winnipeg Hells Angels protection money so the Zig Zag crew could sell crack for the Hells angels. Famous Amos from the Zig Zag crew was caught on video cutting crack cocaine for the Hells angels while the bobsy twins were reported to tell the Zig Zag crew members if they were having trouble paying their protection money, they should get a real job as well as selling drugs.

The point is, Dale and Sean really liked Trevor Savoie. Trever was a small kid who sold drugs for the Hells angels through the Zig Zag crew. The police claim that Dale was so upset about his murder that he got a tattoo of the young kid as a memorial. This photo is of Sean Wolfe comforting a friend at Trevor's funeral.

Corey MacInnis escaped conviction in the Zig Zag crew round up because he had moved to Calgary after he was stabbed and had his deadheads covered up with a pair of ugly fish. Yet he still continued to be an associate. He later advertised for a Calgary tattoo parlor that sold bongs and drug related paraphernalia.

The Paxton torture case drew a lot of attention on the Internet. Everyone and their dog were discussing every conspiracy theory possible to try and figure out why the room mate stayed to endure that kind of horrific abuse. Some thought he was addicted to crystal meth and stayed for the drug. Others thought the threat of being hunted down by the Hells angels caused him to stay. Others thought he was in a gay relationship and stayed for the same reason a battered wife would.

No one knows the real reason he stayed and I highly doubt the real reason will ever come out in court. Someone contacted me and claimed Tiny Mac was involved. Others claimed he was abducted by aliens. Personally, I think if drugs were involved in any way, so were the Hells Angels. I would think that argument would have more merit then the claim it was aliens.

Yet the fact remains. Dale Donovan, Sean Wolf and Corey MacInnis were friends and associates. Dale and Sean were in prison but Corey was living in Calgary at the time. If Paxton was selling drugs it is highly unlikely he was a free agent.

The fact remains that Dale and Sean were very upset about the murder of Trevor Savoie. The room mate's mother lied and said the only reason her son testified in that trial was because he lived in the same neighbourhood as gang members. In reality, the son who was tortured and his brother both knew the shooter. The shooter stayed in their home briefly after committing the murder.

Point granted, the room mate who was tortured's testimony in that Hells angels murder trial was insignificant. He simply said yes the shooter stayed in his home with his brother for a few days after the shooting and was acting very erratic. Yet we all know that when the Hells angels retaliate, they retaliate against someone's friends and family as well.

Like I said, I highly doubt we will ever know who else was involved in that torture case. We do know Paxton was because the room mate said so and he will go on trial for it. The fact remains the Hells Angels were deeply involved in the drug trade in Winnipeg and used violence and extortion to control it.

The RCMP Pension Scandal

I'm trying to understand the nature of the RCMP Pension scandal. A lot of political posturing and accusations have been thrown back and forth but it's important to get to the root of the problem in order to fix it. It is essential to do so if we are to restore and preserve the integrity of the RCMP.

CBC reports that several years ago the RCMP tried to privatize or outsource the administration of it's pension and insurance fund to "save money." OK that's a big red flag right there. A reoccurring problem of fraud is revealed whenever government uses the word privatization to circumvent public accountability. Enron is the prime example. Likewise, the privatization of the RCMP Pension was met with similar misappropriated corruption. Every big corporation wants to get it's greedy little mitts on it's employees pension.

CTV claims the RCMP's human resources branch may have improperly diverted some of the money from the members' insurance fund to shore up other budgets. One blogger claims the RCMP has never been accountable to the public.

If we are going to restore and protect the integrity of the RCMP we need to do so by making it publicly accountable. That doesn't mean make a verbally abusive civilian the RCMP Commissioner. Civilian agencies created to investigate police complaints are essential. Yet a civilian commissioner is like having a civilian general. It doesn't make sense. Elliot is stepping down this summer. John McKay would make a good replacement as would Jim Chu.

To restore and protect the RCMP's integrity we need to:

1) Fix the pension. If money was wasted or borrowed to cover other budgets, replace those funds and report budgets to the public so that kind of misappropriation of funds doesn't happen again.

2) Fix the abusive nature of the administration. The obsession for cover up and the firing of whistle blowers needs to stop. Four officers charged with perjury in the Taser incident is not acceptable. Four officers facing criminal charges relating to one officer's inappropriate relationship with a witness is not acceptable.

3) Implement a civilian agency to monitor police complaints so the few bad apples that are consistently giving civilians the boots get replaced with officers who understand the motto to serve and protect.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Preserving the Integrity of the RCMP

The charges against some of the officers investigating the Surrey Six murder trial are making big news. As a result some are questioning whether or not we should renew our contract with the RCMP. I believe there is no question we should.

Without question the RCMP have taken public hits to their credibility. The Taser death at the airport and the subsequent perjury charges are one. The Kelowna officer kicking a suspect in the face while he was kneeling on the ground is another. That is the same officer who assaulted a driver who he thought was stealing a boat when in reality he was employed to repossessed it. He was driving the company truck but the officer took no time to hear him out.

Although there is a huge problem with a lack of accountability the police have to the public, that problem is by no means limited to the RCMP. The VPD gave the wrong guy the boots. Why the VPD let the Hells Angels sell drugs in East Van is also suspect. The New Westminster use of force trainer was caught abusing his authority while he was drunk off duty and assisting other officers from the Delta and West Van PD beat and rob an innocent victim.

Giving someone like Gordon Campbell his own private army is as frightening as giving someone like Stephen Harper his own private army. It is demonic. Before we make any drastic changes to the status quo we need one conclusive change. We need to implement the civilian agency.

We need a civilian agency that oversees police complaints that is accountable to the public. Smaller agencies have a tendency of forming exclusive old boys clubs. That's not to say the old boys club can't exist federally either. Large cities can and do have their own police force. I personally don't think a Regional Police force is the answer to the accountability problem.

Don't get me wrong, something does need to change. Public accountability needs to be introduced. Before we change from a federal police force to a regional police force we need to establish a civilian agency that overseas all policing in the province. That is conclusive.

I despise the fact that Harper the Liar is cutting funding for the RCMP and the Gang Task force while spending millions on advertising promoting the RCMP brand. It is hollow and hypocritical. Yet I do believe the RCMP have a noble history worth restoring and protecting. We do that through a civilian agency not through a Regional Police force with no public accountability.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who killed Dru Cilliers?

I can't seem to get Dru out of my mind. I'm trying to figure out who killed him and it just doesn't make sense to me. He was a Hells angels affiliate. Bob Green's cousin Len Pelletier co signed the loan for Dru's Harley. I think Len's wife was genuinely saddened by the news of Dru's death.

Dru looked like a nice guy. Yes Dru sold drugs. He had a prior conviction from 2002. Yet in 2004 he was commended for bravery for dragging a man to safety from a burning car. The thing I don't understand is who killed him? The main beef we had in Surrey was between the UN and the Bacon brothers.

The Bacon brothers were taking over the leadership of the UN affiliated Red Scorpions and turned them into Hells Angel associates. So it really doesn't make sense to think the Bacons were responsible for Dru's murder. They met with the Independent Soldiers at Castle fun park who are Hells Angel puppets.

It doesn't make sense to think the UN were either because the UN weren't waring with the Hells Angels they were waring with the Bacons. The UN was caught doing business with the Hells Angels. So really, who other than the Hells Angels are going to kill an Hells Angels associate if there is no direct Hells Angels rival? Let me know what you think.

The New Bulldog Cafe

Someone claims there's a new Bulldog cafe in Vancouver run by the Hells Angels. Get this, it's across the street from the BC Marijuana Party office and is right beside the Black Door. The BCMP is of course right beside the Amsterdam cafe. Where they're too scared to sell you pot and just refer you to the Black Door across the street run by the Hells Angels.

We know that the original Bulldog Cafe started in Amsterdam in 1976. It's considered to be the first cannabis coffee shop in Amsterdam. I'm not sure if that one is run by the Hells angels but this one sure is. It has the blessing of the VPD of course. Not only are the VPD letting the Black door do business freely, they are letting them expand and sell out of their own cafe next door.

I have no problem with them selling weed or baked goods out of there but what's with all the arguing? "Tell buddy it's my block." I have a problem with the Hells angels saying no one is allowed to sell weed but them. That is so Nazi. It's shamefully suspicious that they get the green light from the VPD but no one else does. Maybe Stephen Harper will be performing there next with his pot smoking supporter Rob Ford, the new mayor of Toronto.

Gordon Campbell's Private Personal Assistant

Speaking of Gordon Campbell's drunk driving charges in Hawaii, who was with him in the car anyways? There has been a lot of whispering going on about it. The first media report came out that there was a passenger in the car with him when he was pulled over for DUI yet that information was erased from subsequent reports.

One source claims that it was his Private Personal Assistant yet other reports claim it was someone else. One source claims his Personal Private Assistant had a child a year later yet other sources claim that is simply untrue. There has been a lot of speculation about the nature of his relationship with his long time advisor Lara Dauphinee.

Let's look at what we do know. We know Gordo's blood alcohol level was 0.161‏, which is more than twice the legal limit. The old legal limit not the new legal limit. Which means he had more than 8 drinks not just two.

Not only that he was speeding and nearly crossing into a lane toward another vehicle. Campbell was fined $500 for the petty misdemeanor of driving under the influence of alcohol. He also was ordered to pay $50 for failure to drive on the right side of the road, $50 for disregarding lane markings and $125 for speeding, going 70 mph in a 45-mph zone.

What I don't get is the oily skin mentioned in the police report. What on earth would cause that? Toronto mayor Rob Ford is another one of Stephen Harper's supporters.

The question I have is, why are Harper's associates such drunken pigs? OK Bruce Carson wasn't a drunk. He was just a pig and a crook.

So here we have a drunk like Gordon Campbell getting promoted to represent Canada at the 2012 Summer Olympics who changed the drinking driving laws from .08 to seize your car after two drinks.

Here we have a mayor who had a dui charge in Florida and was caught with marijuana support Harper's plan to introduce mandatory minimum sentences for the possession of marijuana.

Here we have an old pervert with a criminal record of fraud hooking up with young escorts and not only bringing them to Sussex Drive but get caught channeling money from conflicted government contracts into her account to pay for her services.

All this while Harper pimps the church and family values. It all looks so hypocritical. Sure people change but Rob Ford's assault charge against his wife wasn't that long ago. He admitted to lying about yelling and swearing at a couple while he was drunk at a hockey game in 2006. What can ya do with a drunken sailor? Give him a chauffeur in London. Now that is a travesty of justice.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kamloops home invasion

Another case of mistaken identity saw a young family targeted by home invaders early Tuesday morning, an attempt that ended in multiple gunshots being fired at their North Kamloops house.

The people who are living there now are not the people who were there two months ago. Police are now interviewing the former residents prior to the family moving in about a month ago and why four men would disguise themselves in hoodies and bandannas and pay them a visit.

Stephen Harper rewards Gordon Campbell

Gag me with a spoon. Stephen Harper nominated his partner in crime Gordon Campbell to be Canada's next High Commmissioner to the United Kingdom. In exchange for selling BC out to the HST lie. I guess Harper had to renege on the promise of giving Campbell a senate seat. The term Harper's Promise is going to become as famous as the term Lyin Brian. Looks like Harper's Taser lobbyist has them tasering deer in Toronto. What will they think of next?

The Duplessis Orphans

This case has nothing to do with gangs but I fund it shocking and tragic. During the reign of Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis in the 1940s and 1950s, an alarming number of healthy children living in sanctuaries were hastily diagnosed as mentally incompetent, psychotic patients. The diagnoses were always swift — the children went to bed orphans and woke up psychiatric patients.

The reason? Shrewd fiscal planning; federal subsidies paid out more to hospitals than to orphanages. Some children allegedly endured lobotomies, electroshock, straitjackets and abuse. For the rest of their lives they would struggle to bring attention to their story and demand compensation. They called themselves the Duplessis Orphans.

So here we have a politician who wants to scam the system. His jurisdiction is provincial which orphanages fall under. Mental institutions get federal funding. So he takes these kids in orphanages and labels them mental patients to get more funding from the federal government. Not only was it a scam but it was a complete tragedy what kind of horrible things these children had to endure.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights for Canada and the Commission for Victims of Crimes against Humanity held a press conference at the Montreal Atwater Library to demand that an independent public investigation be held to shed light on the psychiatrists behind the crimes committed against tens of thousands of Orphans.

Back in the day psychiatrists did some pretty bizarre things in the name of science. Shock therapy was horrible and I am astounded that it appears to be making a come back. Sounds more like an overture to the Rocky Horror Picture show.

That's why I'm so against the new tasers that fire an electrode into the suspect and let the police send ongoing electric currents through their body. It causes brain damage. The fact that longtime Stephen Harper ally Ken Boessenkool became a registered lobbyist of Taser International is an insane conflict of interest.

I am equally shocked that anyone with an education would cite Sigmund Freud theories as being anything but deranged. Freud was a freak. blaming problems in life on how you were toilet trained by your mother. Claiming women who were raped or abused because they secretly wanted it. His theories were anything but educated and I find it absurd individuals who like to pretend to be educated still cite his theories as though they weren't something to be ashamed of.

The current controversy with the Duplessis Orphans is the existence of a graveyard where many of the children who died were buried. The orphans' group claims children buried in an abandoned cemetery in east-end Montreal may have been victims of medical experiments performed at the old Cite de St. Jean de Dieu insane asylum, now Louis-Hyppolite Lafontaine Hospital.

Albert Sylvio, 62, was a Duplessis orphan who lived at St. Jean de Dieu in the 1950s. He said that during that time, he transported about 60 bodies of fellow orphans from the operating rooms to the basement morgue. "I undressed them and washed them and prepared them for burial," he said. "We put them in cardboard boxes. Some of them were children." He said the bodies were then taken to the cemetery and buried in unmarked graves.

A Quebec law passed in 1942 allowed the nuns to sell unclaimed bodies to medical schools for $10. Many dead orphans, whose names and identities had been changed or erased, were dissected. What was left of their bodies was buried in cemeteries such as St. Jean de Dieu.

One government registry indicates there were about 2,000 bodies buried at the St. Jean de Dieu cemetery, which locals called the "pigsty" because it was next to a hog farm owned by the nuns. At least 42 were children.

Abandoned cemeteries in New Westminster also raises concerns about similar testing of metal patients in Riverview(Essondale). We know that New Westminster had a bad reputation at the time for building on human grave sites. In fact the Picktons originally owned a hog farm right beside the Essondale cemetery.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

RCMP probes G8 spending

I don't want to be cynical of everyone, much, but I find it interesting that the RCMP would make news investigating the lavish spending of the G-8 fake lake party after the Harper government has dramatically cut funding for the RCMP.

Nevertheless, it doesn't change the fact that spending a vast amount of tax dollars on the lavish G-8 exclusive party is somewhat bizare when they then turn around and dramatically cut funding for the RCMP and the gang task force. In fact, I'd go far as to say that cutting funding for the RCMP and the gang task force after campaigning on a tough on crime platform is simply fraud.

Taking police officers off the street then spending $33 million on advertising to promote the RCMP brand is absolutely bizarre. Welcome to the Harper majority. We will say we told you so because we didn't vote for him.

The RCMP probe appears to be in the President of the Treasury Board's riding Tony Clement. His riding got all the handouts. Yet Clement claims the RCMP probe is just a Liberal PR stunt. Well cutting all the funding for the RCMP wasn't a Liberal PR stunt. The Harper government did that all by themselves. Comparing those cuts on one hand with lavish spending on the other hand is called public accountability and has merit when considering future elections.

The Tories claim they have done nothing wrong but I beg to differ. Cutting funding for the gang task force and taking police officers off the street then spending that money on an exclusive party and advertising is clearly a misappropriation of funds. Didn't Jack Layton say he would spend more money on more police? Isn't it ironic that someone Harper calls a socialist would be tougher on crime than he is. That sounds more like Lyin Brian to me.

What ever happened to that RCMP probe over the $9-million contract for Parliament Hill renovation that was tied to the Hells Angels? Did that ever go anywhere or did they just promote another one of the accused to the Supreme Court?

The RCMP were probing the nature of the relationship between construction firm LM Sauvé and long-time Conservative organizer and business adviser Gilles Varin. Investigators are focusing on lobbying rules and anti-corruption laws. I'm not concerned about the insider trading about how another Conservative insider got another government contract. I'm concerned about what another conservative insider is doing involved with the Hells Angels.

Conrad Black is Back in the news

Well, the cat came back. Conrad Black is back in the news. This time he's going back to prison. There were two aspects of Conrad Black's fraud. One obviously was investment fraud. The other was media fraud. Conrad Black was a wealthy very right wing media tycoon who started buying up newspapers and media outlets.

We generally think that news is news and doesn't carry with it a political prejudice. One wouldn't think that a news outlet would intentionally print bad things about a political candidate they didn't like and selectively print good things about political candidates they do like. However, reality shows us that certain media outlets have certain political slants. One could argue the purpose of a political slant is to appeal to a certain type of reader and make more money. Another could argue that it is media controlled censorship and brain washing.

For example, it has been said that if you wrote an editorial in support of workers or organized labour when Conrad Black owned the paper, you would be fired. After all the owner of the paper can fire whoever they want for whatever reason they want.

Fox News is obviously biased. With all the money the Harper and Campbell governments are spending on dishonest adverting for the HST, we can clearly see why the Harper government would want to create his own Fox News North and have a profit making media outlet where he can get all the free advertising and brainwashing he wants. It would save him a ton on advertising.

Yet the criminal charges arise from the fact that Media tycoon Conrad Black and his allies looted the company he created to manage a global publishing empire of more than 400 million dollars since 1997, a report prepared for US court and regulators showed. The report also blamed high-profile members of the company's board of directors for rubber-stamping Black's efforts and failing to question dubious payments being made.

"Not once or twice, but on dozens of occasions Hollinger was victimized by its controlling shareholders as they transferred to themselves and their affiliates more than 400 million dollars in the last seven years. The aggregate cash taken by Hollingers former CEO Conrad M. Black and its former COO F. David Radler and their associates represented 95.2 percent of Hollinger's entire adjusted net income during 1997-2003."

The report went on to say that Hollinger went from being an expanding business -- which at the time controlled Britain's Daily Telegraph as well as the Jerusalem Post and Chicago Sun-Times -- "to becoming a company whose sole preoccupation was generating current cash for the controlling shareholders, with no concern for building future enterprise value or wealth for all shareholders."

We all know Conrad Black was imprisoned for embezzling money from the company but the report claims Hollinger was victimized by its controlling shareholders as they transferred to themselves and their affiliates more than 400 million dollars in the last seven years. Two things come to mind. This sounds an awful lot like the National Heritage scam. Controlling shareholders milked the company for themselves and their affiliates. The flaming question is, who were Hollinger's controlling shareholders and affiliates that befitted from the fraud other than lord cat in the hat.

Locally we know that David Radler, the former publisher of the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers, had been granted full parole December 2008. He served just under 2 1/2 years for fraud.

Ralder took a plea bargain. He plead guilty to mail fraud and agreed to testify against Conrad Black. He was originally sentenced to 6 1/2 years but was transferred to a Canadian prison and released early. I'm not sure how that math worked out. Statutory release is after two thirds of your sentence has been served. Two thirds of 6 1/2 years is 4 1/3 years not 2 1/2.

Richard Perle is the former co-chairman and director of Hollinger, Inc. Perle is an American political advisor and lobbyist who worked for the Reagan administration as an assistant Secretary of Defense and worked on the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee from 1987 to 2004. He was Chairman of the Board from 2001 to 2003 under the Bush Administration. Richard Perle was blasted for his role in the Hollinger Scandal.

James R. Thompson is a Commissioner on the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. The former Republican governor of Illinois has served as a director of Hollinger since 1994. Even Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon's secretary of state was on the Hollinger board of directors. Kissinger escaped both the Watergate and the Hollinger scandals unscathed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Conrad Black. I just want to point out what he did wasn't nearly as bad as the repeated pattern the Bush family fraud did on a regular basis. In CONrad's case, he and his associates spent 95.2 percent of Hollinger's entire adjusted net income during 1997-2003.

The cartoon does represent one argument. CONrad Black created the company and it was his company to do with the profits what he wanted. Take for example if someone started a small business. Say they were building houses. If they owned the company they could spend the profits however they wanted.

The problem arises when it's a publicly traded company and you aren't the sole proprietor. You're not the only owner. Taking all the profits from the company without telling the other owners and shareholders investing in the company is considered theft. Thus CONrad's incarceration.

However, what the Bush family did on a repeated basis was way worse. According to Al Martin, Neb Bush would get him to set up a fake company. They would then commit fraud by overstating the company's value to trick investors and qualify for bank loans. Real Estate or fake Oil Companies were the most popular.

The repeated Bush Family fraud wasn't just a matter of spending the profits of a legitimate company. It involved creating a fake company, ripping off investors and ripping off banks by purposely defaulting on bank loans. Now, I will admit, not all of the Bush Fraud investors were innocent victims. Some knew the oil company was fake and they knew it was going to go bankrupt. They still invested in the venture because they believed in the cause.

They were promised 50% of their investment to be returned in dividends knowing they could write off the other 50% of their investment from their taxes and come out whole after the fact. Plus an autographed picture of George bush and a warm fuzzy feeling you were helping fight Communism in Nicaragua. By committing tax fraud but after all, in their mind the government should have been funding the contras in the first place.

So, my point is simple. What CONrad Black did was wrong and illegal. Yet it was nothing compared to the myriad of investment fraud the Bush family were involved with. CONrad spent the company's profits while the Bush crime family made fake companies, ripped off investors and knowingly defaulted on bank loans creating multiple bank crisis which had to be bailed out at the tax payers expense. All in the name of GREED. Sure the contras got a few pennies for their cause but the amount and extent of the investment fraud as well as the drug and arms dealing made many in that crime family rich.

Inviting George Bush to come to Canada to speak on the economy is absurd. He'll likely use the opportunity to set up another ponzi scheme like Bre X.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

BCCI Banking Scandal

One of the more mysterious aspects of the Inslaw murders was the CIA's involvement in the BCCI Banking scandal. BCCI was known as the Bank of crooks and criminals international since it was heavily involved in laundering drug money.

I don't want to focus on Pakistan's nuclear industry. We know Canada was deeply involved in that. I want to focus on the scandalous nature of the BCCI and how it was tied to the CIA. Illegal arms, laundering drug money as well as fraud all sound frighteningly familiar to the allegations found in Al Martin's book The Conspirators.

Time Magazine reported that Sheik Kamal Adham and Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz, head of the largest commercial bank in Saudi Arabia, were involved with BCCI scandal. I don't even have to say the name of the U.S. crime family involved with oil fraud in Texas that was tied to Saudi Arabia.

In fact Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi was tied to BCCI and had the backing of Saudi and the U.S. in Iran Contra. Which of course involved Oliver North through the front company Lake Resources.

Albert Hakim pleaded guilty November 21, 1989, to a misdemeanor of supplementing the salary of Oliver L. North. Lake Resources Inc., in which Hakim was the principal shareholder. He also pleaded guilty to a corporate felony of theft of government property in diverting Iran arms sales proceeds to the Nicaraguan contras and other activities. Hakim was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Gerhard A. Gesell on February 1, 1990, to two years probation and a $5,000 fine; Lake Resources was ordered dissolved.

Iran Contra didn't just involve Iran. It involved arms and drugs going in and out of Nicaragua. Oliver North was in charge of everything that went in and out of Nicaragua at the time. Under Richard Secord's direction of course. Lake Resources was just one of many shell companies tied to a complex maze of investment fraud. The day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld stated the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 trillion. Privatizing the military and removing what little public accountability there is, is not the answer, The answer is to increase public accountability.

The International Credit and Investment Corporation of Grand Caymans was termed BCCI’s “bank-within-a-bank” in the Kerry Committee report. Thus, James Bath’s Skyways Aircraft Leasing is an enterprise related to Mahfouz’s BCCI via “IC Inc.” The company was found by investigators to be at the very centre of a chart found in Oliver North’s White House safe, showing the banking network of the Iran-Contra operation.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hitman Jimmy Hughes

I was just going to put Hitman Jimmy Hughes in the gang member registry but there really is too much to write about him. Jimmy Hughes is a born again preacher who admits to being a hit man before he saw the light. Since then he was charged in the Octopus murders yet those charges were shamefully dropped.

It's a cold case in more ways than one but the puzzling thing is how can a Christian Minster who makes money off the fact that he admits he used to be a hitman refuse to confess to who he murdered when he was a hitman? Doesn't that mock God?

Doesn't the word hypocrite ring like a bell of warning? I had a friend who was a very witty and sarcastic Christian. He was a musician and wrote a song called Jimmy. It had profound imagery and was about a parade led by another man named Jimmy. There were three Jimmy's in his song each leading the parade. All were con men. One was Jim Jones. The other was Jim Baker and the third was Jimmy Swaggart. All three religious con men and hypocrites. No doubt we can add Jimmy Hughes to that list.

Jimmy Hughes Ministries supposedly helps battered women and dope addicts in Central America. Kinda like how Tony Terezakis was "helping" heroin addicted prostitutes in East Vancouver.

Here's the deal. Jimmy Hughes admits he was a hitman. Three people were murdered. They were murdered because they knew something and were going to make that information public. Once source claimed they were murdered over Bingo on the reservation. Yet that does not make sense because the reservation already had a casino. Another source claims they were murdered because they found an organized crime figure was skimming the profits from the casino. That theory doesn't make sense because what casino doesn't launder money and skim profits for organized crime?

It was called the Octopus Murders because it was tied to the INSLAW affair which journalist Danny Casolaro called the Octopus. Referring to a huge organized crime ring who's tentacles spread everywhere even into government. That same journalist was murdered the day after he was given key documents exposing the Octopus.

The fact is, Jimmy Hughes was a hitman. Three people were murdered and a former Hells Angel named Glen Heggstad was accused of hiring Jimmy Hughes to commit the murder. Justice would obviously be nice but the real question is, what was the real reason they were killed? What information was the hit supposed to cover up? That is what's most significant.

OK so one source claims that William Turner worked for the IRS and had given Danny Casolaro key information about specific individuals the night before he was killed. Hmmm not likely.

Another source claims Turner was an engineer for Honeywell until it had been acquired by Hughes Aircraft. Turner alleged that he'd uncovered evidence of fraud by Hughes Aircraft, and that his whistleblowing was ignored by the Department of Defense. Casolaro seems to have thought that Hughes Aircraft might have been involved in the Octopus as well. Well that seems a lot more plausible than Bingo and the IRS.

The theatrical production "Danny Casolaro Died for You" written by Danny's cousin claims Casolaro found high level corruption in the Reagan/Bush Justice Department. Gee other than drugs, arms, murder and fraud, I wonder what that could possibly be?

Honeywell employs people in Huntsville, AL which Al Martin described as the vortex of corruption. Hmmm Hughes Aircraft is involved with Huntsville, AL as well. In fact, not only did Danny Casolaro receive death threats during his investigation, a book about his research claims he met a U.S. Army Special Forces covert intelligence officer in the very hotel room he was found murdered in. I mean sporadically decided to commit suicide in.

Inslaw Lawyer Elliot Richardson has some interesting things to say about software to die for. He cited the October Surprise and the Iran-contra scandal. Personally I think the Regan administration delaying the release of the Iran Hostages until after the election to be nothing surprising or news worthy. I think it all had to involve drugs, guns, murder and fraud. It always does.

The Octopus is a good name for it. It just goes on forever. Most people have a ten second attention span when it comes to conspiracy theories and this Octopus even overwhelms me. I don't want to minimize the death of good honorable people but unfortunately nobody really cares. It's like Catherine Austin Fitts asking a group of a hundred people who will push the big red button? Only one in a hundred would. The Last Circle - Exposing the Labyrinth has more in depth pertinent information about the Octopus.

Robert Booth Nichols had been in contact with Danny Casolaro. Nichols worked for MCA Corporation which was tied to the Gambino crime family. Thomas Gates from the FBI claimed that "high level DOJ officials were tied to illegal activities of MCA." However, it went far beyond MCA.

Michael Riconosciuto served as Director of Research for the Wackenhut facility at the Cabazon Indian reservation in Indio, California. He confirms it's all about drugs for arms. Although Michael Riconosciuto is sitting in prison I find him meticulously articulate and credible. His claims are the same claim as Gary Webb and all the others. "Who's behind this ring?"

"It's The Company. Arms get shipped to the Contras, the Afghanistan rebels [Mujahaden], the Middle East. You know, to fight the Soviet influence. But the Contras and the Mujahaden don't have money to pay for arms, so they pay with drugs, cocaine or heroin. The Company handles the drug end of it in the U.S ..."

Oh and here's some of the investment fraud that connects CIA asset Robert Booth Nichols with the Bush administration. No big surprise there. Robert Booth Nichols cheated a guy out of $10 million. That fraud was sanctioned by John P.Ellis. Ellis is the first cousin of former President George W. Bush. Seemingly Robert Booth Nichols, died in Geneva, Switzerland on February 14, 2009. Others claim he's still alive. With that kind of money involved one has to wonder about the Clinton's involvement in this whole thing as well. They were seemingly tied to the Promise software in Arkansas.

In his Grand Jury testimony, Riconsciuto says his software modifications were used to launder drug money from the Mena, Arkansas operation - as well as for secret intelligence eavesdropping purposes.

Does Larry Amero know where DY is?

Forrest Schab, also known as DY is a Canadian rapper raised in Vancouver. He's missing. Someone on the Dirty claimed that Hells Angel Larry Amero and Rob Velek fronted Forrest money for his rapping career. Rob Velek is a MMA fighter from Revolution which has ties to the Hells Angels.

We know that DY, aka Forrest Schab was raised in Vancouver. Just like Mad Child's Shane Bunting who also has connections to the Hells Angels and Revolution. Only Mad child paid his drug debts. Shane claims he blew millions on his Oxycontin addiction.

Forrest Schab went on a holiday to Mexico. He told his family he'd be out of contact for two weeks. Only he never regained contact and has completely disappeared. With friends like the Hells Angels, who needs enemies?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fine Them

Kim Bolan raised some interesting points about the Vancouver riot. She recounted how the rioters that were caught vandalizing things and assaulting people at the beginning of the Olympics basically got off with all but one of the charges being dropped. No wonder they came back to do it again.

The other point she raised was about how the current judicial system is in such a crisis having laid off all those sheriffs which has resulted in trial delays and adjournments. Convicting rioters would be expensive and the current system is out of money. Or is it?

Let's think about it for one minute. Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper know how dead set against the HST the citizens of BC really are. They are spending a huge amount of tax dollars on dishonest adds trying to get us to vote in favor of raising taxes.

Laying off the sheriffs and putting the judicial system in a manufactured crisis was a publicity stunt. OK Gordon Campbell isn't there any more but all his former cabinet members are. All his MLAs that unilaterally drove ahead with the HST contrary to pubic opinion are there. Christy Clark is just a poster girl to resell it like Kim Campbell tried to resell Brian Mulroney's GST.

I don't believe there is a huge budget shortfall. These are the same people that closed Riverview and closed seniors homes while they gave themselves two huge pay raises and the very gold plated pension Campbell campaigned against when he was initially elected. They are inherently dishonest.

And just for the record, the HST is very much the Harper Sales tax. Harper was the one that bribed Gordon Campbell to push it through in BC. All the CONservative MP's towed the party line by voting in favour of it. Donna Cadmen said she opposed it but ducked the vote because she wasn't allowed to vote against it.

Kim Bolan suggested that since the system is so over budget, we should drop all the vandalism and theft charges and just proceed with the violent charges so we don't run out of money. Hold the door. The system isn't out of money and setting cars on fire, breaking store windows and looting businesses are violent crimes. Rioters getting in fist fights with each other is a natural consequence. We cannot drop charges against people who set cars on fire and loot businesses.

The answer is simple. Fine them. Fine them like you would for a parking ticket. If they want to, they can fight the parking ticket but they don't get a free lawyer to do so. If they don't pay the fine they don't get their car insurance renewed. It's that simple. This would save a ton of money and might actually pay for itself in fines. Not only that it would be easy to enforce. If a thousand people broke windows and stole things a thousand people could get tickets for vandalism and it would be totally manageable to enforce.

As one poster pointed out, dropping the charges against those caught on camera setting cars on fire, vandalizing and looting businesses will only see the problem increase dramatically. Issuing City fines for rioting like parking tickets would actually work. It's no different that red light cameras. You don't have to get a search warrant to find stolen property. That is way too costly and time consuming. If they are caught on camera looting and vandalizing then fine them. However, I do agree that the villains caught ganging up and assaulting the heros that were defendign persons and property should be criminally charged to the full extent of the law.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

HST Dishonesty

The amount of money the government is spending on HST advertising is shameful. Everyone knows that adding a 10% tax to something that was not previously taxed is a tax increase. The government wouldn't be spending that much money on advertising trying to trick us into keeping the HST if it wasn't a tax increase. Yet not only are the adds clearly biased, they are also clearly dishonest.

The HST is not 10% it is 12%. They claim that some time in the future they will reduce it to 10%. Yet once it's in there is absolutely nothing stopping them from keeping it at 12% or increasing it after they dropped to 10% for a few months.

Then the adds come out with the most outrageous statement in recorded history. Paid actors saying "I have no reason to believe they won't drop it to 10% like they promised." If that is not the most absurd thing I have ever heard, I don't know what is. Just because they lied to us consistently about everything else, that doesn't mean they will keep lying to us about dropping the HST.

Harper lied about not taxing income trusts. He's already forming a long list of proven lies. Gordon Campbell lied when he was elected on the promise to oppose the MLA gold plated pension. Forget recall. We need to hold politicians criminally responsible for breach of contract when they consistently break their election promises. Letting a politician get away with lying is no different than letting an anarchist get away with setting a car on fire. They are the same thing. Both are wrong and we need to hold both parties accountable.

They lied when they said the adds wouldn't be biased. Why wouldn't they lie about dropping the HST? Regardless, the amount of tax dollars they are spending on HST advertising is a scandal, a scam and a sham. They would send out a bogus survey asking us how we want to spend the increased revenue from the HST if it wasn't increased revenue. I tell ya one place I don't want them to spend the increased revenue. On more prisons for nonviolent crime like possession of pot. Or for enforcing a non patriot act that removes our civil liberties.

Important Lessons from the Vancouver Riot

I think the first simple but important lesson we have all learned from the Vancouver riot is that the police need locking gas caps. We all do. Locking gas caps has become as important fundamental crime prevention tool as the steering wheel club.

Who would have thought it was that easy to set a car on fire. These idiots weren't using petrol bombs, they were just stuffing rags in the gas tanks and lighting them. Locking gas caps would be a simple but important deterrent.

The other good thing we learned is that bragging about that kind of stupidity will see your friends turn you in which is wonderful. Setting cars on fire, vandalizing and looting businesses is stealing from us. Nothing to brag about. Reporting those idiots is automatic.

The next step is to enforce fines and civil damages for theft or vandalism. That's an important step. If you're caught trashing something in a riot, you will be forced to pay monetary fines and damages. And if you're an employable anarchist who is out there to crush social peace while you scab off the system and live off welfare, you just got cut off and disqualified yourself for social assistance. Bye bye. Welfare is an important safety net for the down trodden, but not for those employable men who abuse the system.

The other good thing we learned is that if something bad like that happens, the public can volunteer to help clean and rebuild. Something that would take much longer and be much more expensive without volunteers. Smurfs rock.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bikers and Nazi's

I never really clued in to the association of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and Nazi enthusiasts. The general public pretty much views anyone who displays a swastika as an extremist and a drama queen looking for attention. Young kids trying to go for the shock value. Wayne Kellestine liked Nazi symbols and confederate flags. He even danced a jig and sang the German anthem when he murdered the Shedden Eight.

Mom Boucher and Salvatore Cazzetta formed their own white supremest biker gang called the SS. Mom Boucher went on to join the Hells Angels while Salvatore Cazzettan went on to form the Rock Machine. The SS were Hitler's Storm troopers that were symbolically represented in George Lucas's Star Wars saga.

I'm kind of surprised at the Rock Machine's affinity for Nazism and the SS. On their facebook group they posted a picture of someone wearing Rock Machine colours with a SS license plate. The SS symbol isn't nearly as notorious as the swastika but it clearly represents the same thing. In fact a gumbie on the Rock Machine facebook group even used a profile picture of him wearing one of those girlie Halloween masks and a baseball cap with the SS logo on it.

Hitler invaded France. It's hard for me to understand how anyone especially anyone of French heritage would wear the symbol of the country that invaded them. It's rather bizarre.

Don't get me wrong. Germans are wonderful people. Their history and culture is much more than Adolf Hitler. Yet Hitler conned the Germans. At the time, no one really knew for sure what was happening to the Jews. First it was segregation. Then they started disappearing not to be heard from. People began to wonder but by then it was too late. What could they do? The gestapo were ruthless.

The point is, we can't blame all Germans for Hitler. Yet anyone who wears a swastika or an SS symbol now, have no excuse. They are knowingly perpetuating racism and intolerance. That is what we fought to oppose. Wearing those symbols now mocks the sacrifices our forefathers made on our behalf.

Yet the Hells Angels have even taken it one step further. They used to use the SS lightening bolt symbol on their Filthy Few patch. Until they replaced it with a skull with devil horns and the number 666. I kid you not. Grown men bragging about the number 666. Now that is really dumb. I really don't think that's something an Irish Catholic or a French Catholic would do.

Even more bizarre is the Hells Angels association with Nazi symbols and white supremacists on one hand and their exploitation of Greg Wooley on the other. They never did let Greg join the Hells Angels but they did let him join the Rock Machine so he could lead a Hells Angels puppet club called the Syndicate and the Crack Down Posse who supplied the Montreal crips with cocaine. So here we have white supremacists, exploiting someone of African ancestry and poisoning the black community in Montreal and getting rich off it. No wonder the other Haitian brothers were upset with them.

Small man syndrome

The Vancouver riots were very disappointing. Small losers empowered by the mob thirsting for their five minutes of fame. Yet times are changing and mob rule just isn't cool any more. People are ratting out their friends and making fun of them for being jerks which is a good sign.

Take Stephane Gillet. From the outside he looks like a really nice guy. You'd never know that by looking at his criminal history. He has this huge chip on his shoulder. He wants people to think he's deranged so he commits deranged acts of drug related violence. Even against women and children. Oh his fan denies that but even the French version of the article admitted he kidnapped a woman and children at gun point. The English paper just got that event mixed up with one of the many other violent acts in his criminal history.

Ya see he doesn't want you to think he's a nice guy so he overcompensates by doing bizarre acts of violence and the new leadership of the Rock Machine is goating him on. What a shame. There's nothing noble in a drug war. No one wants to bring that back. No one in Quebec or Vancouver. The public won't stand for it any more.

Even the Australian Waffler from the Rock Machine down under can't change the fact that the Rock Machine in Australia can't get along with anyone. They can't even get along with the Rebels. They can't get along with the Hells Angels. They broke off from the Bandidios after the Bandidio massacre in Ontario. They even kicked out their new National President and totally trash him who has since joined Vagos so they've burned that bridge too. So who can they get along with? Only the trained monkeys who kiss their ass and groom their frail ego. That is sad, very sad.

Drug wars are not noble. They are just about money and greed not honour or brotherhood. They betray their own for the almighty dollar. The good news is that people can see through them and don't think that kind of off the hook violence is cool so they are using social media to report them to the police. Welcome to the new world.

Making money from misery in Surrey

The Surrey Now ran a bizarre full page article about rogue recovery houses that prey on the addicted in Surrey. I know the Front Room is basically a drug house but that's a shelter not a recovery house. It is unwise to put a homeless shelter beside a needle exchange then give them in and out privileges all night. They don't even get in and out privileges at the Dell. As a result the Front Room is just a Provincially funded drug house where the staff are regularily abused. The Front room shelter and the needle exchange share the same civic address: 10667 135A Street, Surrey.

The recovery house scams are shocking. "There's good money in recovery houses; 10 clients will gross the operator nearly $6,000 a month and those who exploit their clients by providing substandard accommodation and meals can realize a tidy profit."

Corey is a 22-year-old recovering crack addict who lives in one of Robinson's recovery houses. He's been wrestling with substance abuse of one kind or another since he was seven. He spent four weeks in a recovery house run by an organization that has at least five houses in Surrey.

"They got $560 a month from me and it was pretty much just a meal a day and a bed to sleep in. I wasn't put on any restrictions and I was allowed to keep my phone," Corey said. He said within the first week of his residence there, he and the house monitor - the person in charge of the place - were on their way to a recovery meeting.

"While we were out, the monitor bought some crack. Both of us were using crack. After a while, I figured there wasn't much point being there."

Steve Burke and Charlie Morton both live in Whalley and both have bad recovery houses in their area. They claim the majority of recovery houses have more residents than the rules allow, are poorly managed, and are nothing more than money-making enterprises that take advantage of people who have fallen on bad times.

"We have more compassion for a dying seal on a beach than we have for human beings in our city. It's not right. I think the province is misappropriating our tax money, supposedly to help these people, and they're not doing anything."

Burke agreed. He said profit is the prime motive for most recovery house operators. "You can't make a profit with just six people in that house. You've got to have more people there - a lot more."

City hall can only regulate zoning and land use; it has no direct control over the recovery process itself. Nobody knows for sure just how many drug and alcohol recovery houses are operating in Surrey. Some estimates run as high as 200, but Surrey's mayor thinks the actual number is smaller.

"From what I understand, there are about 130 here in our city," Mayor Dianne Watts told the Now. However many there are, the vast majority of the recovery houses in Surrey - about 90 per cent of them - are not subject to provincial regulation and inspection and that's a problem. It's a problem for the city, for police, but most of all, it's a problem for their residents, addicts trying to get clean and sober.

The situation dates from December 2001 when the government of former premier Gordon Campbell changed the rules governing recovery houses. The Liberals amended the Community Care Facility Act to create a new class of facility called supportive recovery residences that are not required to have a provincial licence to operate.

In order to qualify as a supportive recovery residence, operators are required to provide "a safe and drug-free environment" for recovering addicts, but cannot "provide most or all of the services" required of licenced houses. The changes essentially created a class of boarding house for those addicted to alcohol and drugs.

In many cases, what it created was a network of flophouses where people trying to overcome addiction are exploited by unscrupulous operators who take clients' welfare cheques, but deliver little in the way of support or supervision.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Morning After

"When evil men and women burn and bomb, good men and women must build and bind." Martin Luther King. Turns out the morning after the riot the volunteers are coming out to help clean up the mess and board up the broken windows. Three cheers. All the volunteers at the Olympics made that event a huge success.

Vancouver riot clean up brings locals and non-locals together. Facebook group aims to id rioters. "Prosecute the thugs." Vancouver Police Want Your Riot Video and Photos. Report them.

Anarchists on Crack

Handing out free crack pipes in east van isn't good enough for them. Now these fruit loop anarchists have to go and destroy a hockey game for a good city. Smash the Anarchists who steal from us. Report them and incarcerate them.

In Belfast the black flag didn't represent anarchy. It represented an objection to a social injustice. They would line the streets with black flags during an IRA funeral. They would wave a black flag when the Orange men would hold their parades of intolerance through Catholic areas of Belfast. Now the Anarchists want to crush social peace. These anarchists are the social injustice. Crush them.

The Stanley Cup Loss

Yes losing the Stanley cup in game seven was a disappointment. Even though that loss was completely overshadowed by the shameful after game riots, something should be said about the game.

Hat's off to Tim Thomas. He was a consistent champion. After getting our asses kicked so badly in Boston we hardly deserved to win the cup. Even though it was a long time waiting.

Historically, Vancouver has never really had a great hockey team. That's what made this year so special. Dealing with loss respectfully is an attribute of a die hard Canuck fan. It's irritating to see band waggon jumpers, jump onto the band waggon at the last minute when things are going well, then be the first to jump off the band waggon as soon as things go wrong.

Being a true Canuck fan means supporting your team in victory and in defeat. The Grizzles rarely won a game but we loved having them because we all wanted to see the big names from the NBA visit. Let's face it, we suck at basketball. In fact we suck at baseball and soccer too but who cares about baseball. That ranks right up there with curling and golf. OK Tiger Woods made golf interesting but without Tiger golf is pretty boring. Soccer is interesting so we still support the Whitecaps even though we never make the World Cup.

Hockey is the only thing Canada is good at. Well certainly not the only thing but the only professional sport. Yet the violence on and off the ice needs to stop. It is just a game. The on the ice violence in hockey is becoming like the WWF. Wrestlers have to keep outdoing themselves with more and more dangerous stunts until someone really gets hurt. That's not what it all about. Defending yourself is one thing but being a bully is another.

So I'm not going to burn my Canucks jersey. I'm going to still wear it with pride even though a whole bunch of lawless losers have stained it. My response it to find pictures of people committing unlawful acts of violence that night and identify and report them to the police. After all, this is our city and no huckleberry hillbilly is going to destroy it. Not if we have anything to say about it.

Lawless Losers

Well something needs to be said. The vast majority of Vancovuerites were outraged and ashamed of the childish idiots who seized the opportunity of the mob and rioted in Vancouver last night. That's the good news. Although it was more than a few troublemakers, the vast majority of the people from here were outraged.

As a result we saw a change in the response by the public. The public were not cheering on the idiots who turned over cars, set them on fire and vandalized stores. The vast majority were taking their pictures and reporting them to the police. This is a good trend.

One person on facebook bragged about all the things they did that night on their facebook status. One of that person's disgusted friends took a screen clip of that childish boast and posted it on a wall for the police to see. This is the social change we need to embrace to prevent being held hostage by a mob of lawless losers. Report them to the police.

When they burn a car or vandalize a store they are stealing from us. They're not just stealing from the owner of the car they set on fire. That hillbilly act raises insurance rates for all of us so in so doing they are stealing from all of us and as a result we as a people need to report that crime not hide it.

When these hillbillies break into a store or a bank and vandalize and loot it, they are stealing from all of us because the price of goods is raised to offset that loss. When they riot and vandalize things the increase policing costs us tax dollars so all that huckleberry hillbilly conduct costs us money. Do you think we are going to protect you now? Not likely. If you have pictures of people committing unlawful acts that night, submit them to the police. If you can identify anyone who was seen committing unlawful acts after the game last night, report them. That is your duty. The rats are the ones who were running around stealing from us. Only rats steal.

I will add that the vast majority of the idiots we saw causing problems last night were white trash. That is nothing to brag about. There were similar problems during the G-8 insanity in Toronto. A lot of people had a legitimate right to voice their concern and object to the extravagant waste of money on Harper's fake lake and fake promise of fiscal responsibility.

Yet the first day of the G-8 in Toronto saw many hillbillies from out of town come in and start rioting and looting. Like kids in a candy store they get all excited about the power trip from a mob and revel in their five minutes of fame compensating for their small man syndrome. We saw one real man on youtube do the right thing.

Yet the next day the police overcompensated and started beating random people who had signs instead of targeting the people they saw committing acts of vandalism. It's really not brain surgery. If you see someone throwing a rock in a store window or setting a car on fire, then you can give that person the boots and arrest him. You don't kick the cat and rob our precious civil liberties by giving random people the boots for exercising their democratic right to free speech.

In London England, they use to have a problem with football hooligans. Thugs who would exploit the mob and cause trouble. In response the police would stand shoulder to shoulder and confine the trouble makers to an area. Then they would send in the Calvary. Police on horseback that would charge in and beat the shit out of the violent thugs with truncheons. That's what I'm talking about. If you see them committing violent unlawful acts, deal with it.

There's nothing worse then seeing a line of riot police getting taunted by a handful of idiots embowered by the mob who throw things at them. When the police see a handful of idiots step away from the crowd to assault the police, that is when the line of riot police pick up their shield and baton and charge forward, past the handful of violent stragglers then reform a new line holding off the mob with the violent stragglers caught behind their line. That's when the police on their side beat the living shit out of the violent stragglers now caught behind their new line. That is Sparta.

When the police are caught on video beating an innocent person like Rodney King, the public are outraged. Yet people are equally outraged when idiots loot, vandalize and set cars on fire. If the public sees a violent idiot commit unlawful acts during the riot, then they see the police attack him with a truncheon, then the public cheer. It really is that simple. If you see him committing a violent crime, take him down. If he is standing there with a sign claiming his charter right, leave him alone.

Several months ago I spoke with someone visiting here from Chicago. He talked about the Chicago riots. He said he lived in the suburbs at the time and they were worried the riots would come out to the suburbs and damage their homes and property. He said they all had guns and took to the street and said if you bring that violence here, we will shoot you dead. We can argue about gun control until the cows come home. Those neighbours bringing out their long guns and standing shoulder to shoulder against the mob during the Chicago riots contained them and prevented the riots from spreading like a wild fire into the suburbs. All I know is if that kind of violence comes into my neighbourhood, my neighbours and I are not going to stand by and watch.