Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anarchists on Crack

Handing out free crack pipes in east van isn't good enough for them. Now these fruit loop anarchists have to go and destroy a hockey game for a good city. Smash the Anarchists who steal from us. Report them and incarcerate them.

In Belfast the black flag didn't represent anarchy. It represented an objection to a social injustice. They would line the streets with black flags during an IRA funeral. They would wave a black flag when the Orange men would hold their parades of intolerance through Catholic areas of Belfast. Now the Anarchists want to crush social peace. These anarchists are the social injustice. Crush them.


  1. As Agent K says, this handing out crack pipes can't be right, it's going too far, and I know a lady at the Regent who's cornered the trade, it ain't this Justin.

    "Justin, who refused to give his last name for fear of being identified, said he sells between 50 and 60 crack pipes a day. Many of his customers visit his room at a Downtown Eastside hotel."

    "He wouldn't reveal where he gets the glass for his pipes, only that they are made from pipettes used in laboratories. He purchases plastic tubing for mouthpieces from local hardware stores and Brillo from corner stores."

    "Justin is confident his pipes will be better than those handed out for free by VANDU and that business won't be hard hit, given the enormous demand for crack pipes."

    I know where that glass stock comes from, this lady I know has got an in @ a pyrex factory, or from UBC, she gets 6-foot long, stock pyrex rods (I carried bundles of 'em to her room @ the Regent) & she and a worker cut 'em up w/glass cutters & make a 1000% profit reselling @ $2 per. Then, she farms out re-sales to re-sellers by the dozen. It's a huge trade, just from others' misery & has zero to do w/harm reduction, its a business fer Christ's sake. Justin gets his stock from these folks, who distribute most pipes in DTES. This BS harm-reduction shows how far the 4 pillars has degenerated into scummy drug-market suppliers, making so much; the pyrex stock costs next to nothing. They sell the brillo, whatever ya need to crank up. "Justin" gets his enabling supplies from the folks I know, they ain't in the *harm-reduction* biz, she can score $two hundred/day on good days.

    What BS we listen to huh, Agent K..?

    But if we didn't know better, we might mistakenly believe those BS crack-pipe *saviours.* Those fucks don't smoke rock themselves??

    You are so right Agent K, when we gonna just crack down on this, you and I have had it with whiney 4 pillars, you know it's all skewed now man.

  2. Yeah handing out free crack pipes is a pet peeve of mine. It sends a mixed message. The major of Nanaimo raised the concern and stopped it for a while but the political extremists, who as you say scream harm reduction but refuse to acknowledge the other four pillars, ended up winning and they reinstated the program. I met a government employee handing out free crack pipes in East Van a while ago. She was downright arrogant and rude.

    It’s a slippery slope. You hand out free crack pipes which forces the police to contain but allow the public sale of crack which funds organized crime. I keep saying if they arrested the crack dealers in East Van not the addicts and opened up a BC Bud store, the violence in East van would improve instantly. Yet as I said the Hells Angels refusing to allow anyone else to selling weed in East Van is somewhat concerning.


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