Monday, June 27, 2011

HST Ballots

Make sure you get your HST ballot. Canada Post resumes services Tuesday June 28 2011. If you don't receive a ballot in the mail you must call Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683 (toll-free) to request a voting package.

No doubt Harper and the BC Liberals are hoping for public apathy to slip this one past us. Let's just have a quick peek at some of the bold faced lies about the HST campaign.

The HST is not a reduction in tax. They would not be spending millions in advertising to convince us to lower taxes. It is NOT 10%. The Liberals have promised to drop it to 10% in 2014 after the next election. It will not be possible for us to repeal it if they don't.

PST did not apply to any services or to environmental consumer goods. Adding HST even at a reduced rate of 10% is still a tax increase because 10% on services or products that were not previously taxed is clearly a tax increase. It really is that simple.

The HST supports big corporations not small business. The HST crushes small business and unload corporate tax unto the consumers. The HST is bad for business.

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