Friday, June 17, 2011

Small man syndrome

The Vancouver riots were very disappointing. Small losers empowered by the mob thirsting for their five minutes of fame. Yet times are changing and mob rule just isn't cool any more. People are ratting out their friends and making fun of them for being jerks which is a good sign.

Take Stephane Gillet. From the outside he looks like a really nice guy. You'd never know that by looking at his criminal history. He has this huge chip on his shoulder. He wants people to think he's deranged so he commits deranged acts of drug related violence. Even against women and children. Oh his fan denies that but even the French version of the article admitted he kidnapped a woman and children at gun point. The English paper just got that event mixed up with one of the many other violent acts in his criminal history.

Ya see he doesn't want you to think he's a nice guy so he overcompensates by doing bizarre acts of violence and the new leadership of the Rock Machine is goating him on. What a shame. There's nothing noble in a drug war. No one wants to bring that back. No one in Quebec or Vancouver. The public won't stand for it any more.

Even the Australian Waffler from the Rock Machine down under can't change the fact that the Rock Machine in Australia can't get along with anyone. They can't even get along with the Rebels. They can't get along with the Hells Angels. They broke off from the Bandidios after the Bandidio massacre in Ontario. They even kicked out their new National President and totally trash him who has since joined Vagos so they've burned that bridge too. So who can they get along with? Only the trained monkeys who kiss their ass and groom their frail ego. That is sad, very sad.

Drug wars are not noble. They are just about money and greed not honour or brotherhood. They betray their own for the almighty dollar. The good news is that people can see through them and don't think that kind of off the hook violence is cool so they are using social media to report them to the police. Welcome to the new world.

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