Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who killed Dru Cilliers?

I can't seem to get Dru out of my mind. I'm trying to figure out who killed him and it just doesn't make sense to me. He was a Hells angels affiliate. Bob Green's cousin Len Pelletier co signed the loan for Dru's Harley. I think Len's wife was genuinely saddened by the news of Dru's death.

Dru looked like a nice guy. Yes Dru sold drugs. He had a prior conviction from 2002. Yet in 2004 he was commended for bravery for dragging a man to safety from a burning car. The thing I don't understand is who killed him? The main beef we had in Surrey was between the UN and the Bacon brothers.

The Bacon brothers were taking over the leadership of the UN affiliated Red Scorpions and turned them into Hells Angel associates. So it really doesn't make sense to think the Bacons were responsible for Dru's murder. They met with the Independent Soldiers at Castle fun park who are Hells Angel puppets.

It doesn't make sense to think the UN were either because the UN weren't waring with the Hells Angels they were waring with the Bacons. The UN was caught doing business with the Hells Angels. So really, who other than the Hells Angels are going to kill an Hells Angels associate if there is no direct Hells Angels rival? Let me know what you think.


  1. 1)Killed over drug debt.
    2)Suspicion of being a double agent.
    3)Power struggle within his gang.
    4)Killed for drugs and money by a buyer
    5)Setup and killed by rival gang

    That's all I got.

  2. Interesting. Which rival gang? If he was suspected of being a double agent that would imply it was the BRM. As would the statement about a power struggle within his gang. Mom Boucher was accused of hiring a rival to kill his political opponents.

  3. One notices, as new to Surrey, looking out a window on the rough street of Surrey, (135A), getting told, "See that gang guy? He's laying down the law to the (homeless and crack people & junkies) folks there, there just was a beef, and its been settled, back to normal now."

    Trouble is, that area is right next to the new Surrey senior citizens place, Chuck Bailey Center. The stop is Gateway Skytrain, it's just not safe, for the elderly to have to get themselves thru that area to the Center. The elderly have loudly expressed concern, which the bureaucrats have laughed off.

    I'm always armed when I have to get into that, or any dangerous area. Yet to defend oneself in Canada regularly lands us in jail, even when the Judge hates what he's forced to do:

    "A Manitoba judge expressed sympathy Monday for a frightened newcomer to Winnipeg who bought a handgun for protection while living in one of the city's most crime-infested neighbourhoods."

    "Crown attorney Adam Bergen told court the fact Everett narrowly missed being hit by stray bullets in a previous shooting targeting another man should be of little consequence." (!!)

    "This isn't ... a movie out of Hollywood," Bergen said."

    "That struck a raw nerve with the judge, who questioned such a stance."

    "You don't think it's mitigating, the fact this man is getting pursued by gangs and has been shot at in the past?" asked Menzies."

    "Nope," replied Bergen."

    "Well, I hope you're never threatened, Mr. Bergen. I know it's a crime, but my goodness, I can't think of a better reason to be carrying," Menzies said."

    The Government just does not care whether the public lives or dies by violent crimes, as this Crown attorney clearly shows. Screw us, the key word here is the Crown's, "Nope."

  4. Hope S. does make perfect sense, there does not need to be a gang-war for a beef of any kind to occur, eh...?

    He just owed, screwed up a load, a woman argument...

    One hears its pretty bad out there; people get stabbed over $10. No lie. All the wang-sters are chasing that same old dollar, and times aren't always booming...

  5. JR!!!!! Come on if you know dru and you know all the details r u kidding me.

  6. I will not comment where I’m not sure. I can only tell u 100% jr is behind it. However dru made a few foolish decisions leading upto it. Sadly I don’t know how deep it goes and who backed him. But I have a pretty good damn idea

    1. Jr who? You can email me privately:

  7. Sadly he’s own guys


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