Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two Hells Angels charged in Kelowna killing

This is Robert Thomas. He is a petty thief and now a murder. He's on the lam. If you know where he is call 911. He has a long record for B&E and theft back in Ontario. Yet in 2005 he was charged with PSP in Kelowna and later found guilty. Possession of Stolen Property.

Turns out that senseless murder in Kelowna involved Robert Thomas and another Hells Angel as well as the president of a Hells Angels puppet club. This criminal act documents the criminal association of the Throttle Lockers with the Hells Angels. Both organizations should have their clubhouses seized under the criminal organization legislation.

Norman Cocks is seen here with his father Bob Cox. Norm is a full patch member of the Hells Angels and his father Bob is the very short president of the throttle Lockers.

There is no loyalty owed to this criminal organization. Rob Thomas is a petty thief and a bully. There is nothing noble about him. Bob Cox is this tiny guy who wants to be someone and just flushed that dream down the toilet by committing a senseless act of murder. This kind of violent oppression needs to stop. Report them. I'm not just talking about this murder. I'm talking about the Geoff Meisner and Brittney Irving murder as well as Joey Arrance's girlfriend's mother. These criminals are the rats who are murdering good people. We need to report them to the police. If you don't want to do that, then contact me. I respect confidence fully.

Also charged are Daniel Joseph McCrae, 21, Mathew Thomas McCrae, 19, Ansen Lloyd Schell, 19, and Thomas Allen Vaughan, 22 from Rutland Senior Secondary School.


  1. who is the guy from calgary over-seeing now?

  2. Which guy from Calgary? Zenon Stepkowski? He was over seeing the Vernon Greeks wasn't he?

  3. yes he was, that's why I am wondering,now that he lost the Greeks is now in Kelowna?

  4. @Hope S.

    Do you judge all murders the same? Or just stereotype? You don't know anything about these people besides what the media has told you so hold on to your panties until the truth comes out in court- oh...right, they haven't even been charged yet.

    Have some respect- these people have family too. You don't know what happened, you weren't there and you can't just assume based on a fucking patch on someone's back, grab a clue.

  5. That is outrageously offensive. Clifford Olsen has a family too. That’s no reason to rationalize what he did. Dain Philips is dead. That is a fact. He was unarmed. Robert Thomas has a criminal record in Ontario for theft and possession of stolen property. Witnesses saw him with another Hells Angel member and associate beat him to death with baseball bats and hammers. You need to have a little respect because you obviously don't have any.

    You are right about one thing though. Dain Philips was murdered. The Hells Angels have been involved in far too many murders including the murder of many of their own. Justice will not sleep forever. Mark my word. If you are his daughter with a new baby trying to get some support from him, my condolences. You have a wonderful life ahead of yourself with a wonderful new innocent child. It’s best not to drag that innocent child into that destructive lifestyle. Peace.


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