Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Robert Thomas Fugitive has turned himself in

Update: He has turned himself in to the Kelowna Police overnight

This keeps getting worse. All the seven men charged in the murder of Dain Phillips are in police custody except for Hells Angel Robert Thomas who is on the run. This guy is a piece of garbage. If you know where he is, call it in. He is the rat. Seven on one unarmed man trying to make peace beaten to death with hammers and bats over a high school feud? That is insane.

We know he was last seen Sunday or Monday riding his bike near his house in Kelowna. If he has any brains he'd leave town. Either way if you know where he is or where he's going, call it in.

The new twist is that police say that some of the seven men charged in this brutal homicide are suspects in a Kelowna drive by shooing that took place on Leon near the location of the closed Liquid Zoo September 7 2010. Police aren't saying which of the seven men arrested for the Dain Phillips murders are suspects in the Leon shooting but as Castanet points out, the police sketch of the prime suspect in that shooting looks an awful lot like Robert Thomas.

Robert Thomas' involvement in the Dain Phillips murder reveals his association and endorsement of the Throttle Lockers. (Lockers as in lock the throttle not rockers) Makes ya kinda wonder if it was Robert Thomas who signed his endorsement of the Throttle Lockers in their clubhouse. Rob from the Kelowna Hells Angels. It would appear that Robert Thomas is the Hells Angel David Giles assigned to be in charge of the Throttle Lockers.

Let's not forget the Throttle Lockers bragging about their association with another Hells Angels puppet club in Prince George called the Renegades. A second woman in Prince George claims she was gang raped in the Renegade clubhouse.


  1. This was all planned by HA, you bet they told him turn yerself in right now or else.

  2. Quite possibly. It’s pretty expensive to keep someone in hiding for a long time like they did for Paul Eischeid in Argentina. No doubt Bryce could have put him up for a while but how’s he gonna earn his keep? He’s just a thief.


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