Thursday, October 29, 2009

La Familia Michoacana

303 people tied to La Familia drug Cartel in Mexico have been arrested across 19 states.
We all know the Mexican drug cartels are ruthless and a lot of money is involved. Interesting to note about this cartel is that they have a religious twist and claim their dealers don't do the drugs they traffic.

Kind of like that woman I saw selling crack at Surrey Central for the Hells Angels who said "I don't smoke the shit, I just sell it." Somehow I don't see that as any more noble. They are willing to exploit addicts but smart enough not to become one.

Seemingly La Familia started in the /80's as a group of vigilantes set up to fight kidnappers and drug cartels only to become ones themselves:

Clearly that is a good example of what happens when you take the law into your own hands. It's hard to understand how a group of people united to fight against a particular type of oppression end up becoming the exact same as the original oppressors they were set up to combat. We see it all the time but I have a hard time comprehending why that transformation happens. Absolute power corrupts...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Battle of the Bands - Two Hells Angels compared to two Mongols

Alright, I don't support the sale of drugs but lets take a look at two famous Hells Angels and compare them with two famous Mongols. Then you will see why I prefer Mongols to Deadheads.

Sonny Barger and his pal Otis Garret. I say pal because Sonny Barger started the Oakland chapter where Otis is from and Sonny Barger attended Otis Garret's trial. Otis Garret is still honoured on Sonny Barger's Vegas web site as one of the filthy Few.

Let's take a look at Sonny Barger first. He's small, untrustworthy, vulgar and a pig. He looks like an old Sonny Bono. I do not see him as an American legend. That is bizarre. His pal Otis Garret is a deviant. Birds of a feather.

Otis is scrawny and old. I'm not sure what that is in the background but if he is pretending to me a Free Mason I have to shake my head. Otis doesn't know what the word fidelity means. He was convicted of running a prostitution ring in San Fransisco along with several other Hells Angels. The woman who testified against him ended up dead along with her twin 7 year old daughters.,4502047
Sonny Barger attended the trial. He did and does support his pal because Otis was on official business. These two are trash. They are the scum of the earth. For them 1%er means bottom of the barrel not cream of the crop.

In contrast let's take a look at DOC Ruben Cavazos and Jesse Ventura. Doc Cavazos wrote a book called Honor Few, Fear None.

He is well spoken, well groomed and well liked. He was arrested with several other Mongols not long ago in a major under cover operation which resulted in weapons charges, drug charges and the unprecedented seizure of the clubs logo.

A Mongol claimed responsibility for killing a San Fransisco Hells Angel chapter leader. Shortly after that the Feds came in and seized their logo. I find that very suspicious. Especially when San Fransisco was the hub for the CIA Contra crack cocaine distribution ring that supplied Freeway Ricky in LA during the American crack epidemic. Documented by accredited reporter Gary Webb in his book Dark Alliance who is now dead of a suspicious suicide.
San Fransisco was also where the Hells Angels brothel called the Love's Nest was located:

I was disappointed to hear about Mongol drug seizures. Nevertheless, Reben Cavazos is a far more noble character than Sonny Barger or Otis Garret. Before his arrest and the federal seizure of their logo, he ran a blog on his book's web site. Someone commented on it about Jesse Ventura at one time being a mongol and he responded by saying he still is one.

I found that interesting so I started to research him a bit. Jesse Ventura was a former Governor and professional wrestler. He went through Navy Seal training, served in Vietnam and was part of a branch of the Navy Seals. Demolition specialist I believe. I found his comments about 911 very interesting. Another reason the Feds didn't like him making the seizure of the club's logo all the more suspicious.

Jessue Ventura is educated and very well spoken. Both he and Ruben Cavazos speak highly of military service. They are respectful and walk with honour unlike the bobbsey twins Sonny Barger and Otis Garret. They are deviant trash.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. As I said I am disappointed in the Mongol drug seizures. Mostly meth I believe. It appears they used that to fund their arsenal collection in their conflicts with the Hells Angels. Kinda disappointing that the Hells Angels had to get the Po Po to take them out. That was so cheap.

The Mongols appear to be like other biker clubs big on strippers and that kind of party lifestyle. Normally that's something your supposed to grow out of when you get married and have kids. Yet the Hells Angels are way worse. It is my firm belief that notwithstanding that inclination, I do not believe you would of ever found Mongols or at least these two Mongols at Piggy's Palace or associating with the likes of Dave Picton. Nor would you ever hear them say killing a crack ho is population control. That is disgusting. Especially when the Hells Angels turned them into crack hos in the first place. I think that Doc and Jesse treat women better than the Hells Angels because they have a stronger self image.

I'm not saying we should invite Mongols here to shoot Hells Angels. Hell we have plenty of people here willing to do that. I'm just saying that Hells Angels do not represent real bikers. Most of them don't even ride. I'm saying that the Mongols were better than them and it's important to remember they had to get the Police to take out the Mongols are weren't able to do it themselves.
Ruben Cavazos and Jesse Ventura are better than Sonny Barger and Otis Garret. Much better. Seizing the Mongol's colours but not the Hells Angels colours who are guilty of far worse crimes is wrong. Very wrong.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

An Olive Branch for the UN

Ongeai shimasu. What is the value of a human life? What is the value of a member of your crew? Will you protect them? Will you be loyal to them? I am told the UN have a noble motto. It is: "Honor, Loyalty, Respect." Indeed those are noble qualities. Yet somehow they get very distorted in a gang bangers world.

Let's take the Hells Angels. They have no loyalty. They say they do but the bottom line is if you are one of their associates and you get caught doing something, Rainbow Ricky is like we don't know him. There is no loyalty in that.

Loyalty doesn't mean protecting someone in your crew if they do something really fucked up like mutilate a crack ho or kill an innocent bystander in cold blood. There is no honour in that. The Chinese have Wing Chung and Yip man. The Japanese have Kendo and Bushido. That is honour.

Remember all those Bruce Lee movies. Kinda like an eastern western. The good guy vs the bad guys. Bruce Lee's character in those movies fought against the bad guys who were ruthless and smuggled heroin. Crack is no better than heroin, it's worse.

Feel the love Clayton Roueche had for James Coulter when he helped him overcome his crack addiction:

If Clay cared for James that much, how can we in good conscience exploit other brothers, sisters, girlfriends and daughters by turning them into crack addicts and getting rich by exploiting them. Where is the honour in that?

Look at how much risk is involved in taking all that BC Bud and trading it for cocaine to be sold here as crack. As soon as cocaine is involved people go crazy. Friends betray friends for more money - greed.

Everybody thinks Scarface was someone to look up to but he's not. He was a deranged fuck up who had no value for human life. If you value your friendships and cherish your crew, how can you in good conscience send them to trade bud for cocaine knowing the risk of them getting murdered is high as is the risk of spending an insane length of time in a US prison. If you care about your friends and if you cherish the members of your crew how can you do that?

Why would you ask them to take that kind of risk? So you can drive a new Hummer or SUV? Those cars look dumb. Whatever happened to Tokyo Drift or the old school muscle cars? Now that is honour. It has class because it's something you build. It's not a brand new Harley with a gay ass faring on it.

You're going to ask your crew to risk their life or chance spending their life in a US prison so you can have lots of money? There is no honour in that. The only honour is protecting your friends from that.

My olive branch is this: If you want to sell pot, feel free but stop trading the pot for cocaine. It destroys our society and puts your crew at huge risk. I ask you again, what is the value of a human life? What is the value of a member of your crew? Will you fight for them? Will you die for them? If so, will you live for them? Sometimes that's harder.

Think about how this would change our society. If they can use methadone to get off heroin, they can use pot to get off crack. Those skinny bone rack crack addicts would all of a sudden want some food to eat and they wouldn't be taking an axe to a Senior citizen for five dollars to buy more crack.

People would make money just not as much money but the risk would be far less so you'd be protecting your crew. I wanted to give the same Olive Branch to the Hells Angels but they don't have the values you aspire to.

The Hells Angels lie. If they would hire someone to kill an enemy, don't you think they would also rat out one of their enemies to the police? You really think they wouldn't do that? Who do you think ratted out Clay? The Hells Angels say one thing to your face but they say something else behind your back.

Yet I appeal to you to stop the violence. I've seen the you kill one of ours, we kill one of yours in other parts of the world and it doesn't work. That kind of violence only begets more violence until we are all left blind. Stop shooting people in public. Let's build the kind of society that we can be proud of. One where our mothers, sisters and grandmothers are safe. That is honourable. UN or as they say in Japaneses "Own" - Honour.

Domo arigato gozaimas

Agent AK

Gay Gangster fight

Speaking of gay ass gangsters, this is a video clip of a gay gangsters fight on Mad TV: Holy Brokeback Mountain Batman, is this what they mean when they say Jesters? After all, they do represent the red, white and blue. They're the rainbow.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hired Hits and Gory Dismemberments

The question I pose is, was Joe Bralic killed by LA drug dealers or was it a hired hit? Was Elliott Castaneda killed by Mexican drug dealers or was it a hired hit? Was Gordon Kendall and Jeffry Ivans killed by drug dealers in Puerto Vallarta or was that a hired hit by locals?

Since so many of these drug dealers get shot here is it so unrealistic to believe locals paid to have them killed out of the country? Dealing cocaine is without question a deadly business but let's face it, these guys want to sell their product. We are the ones fighting over who they sell it to.

One of the guys who drove down to meet Joe Bralic in LA was drug dealer Derrick Madinski. The Tyee reports that Madinski told the Vancouver court his drug deals started at $5,000.00 and soon escalated up to $80,000.00. In April 2001, Madinski said he witnessed Mihaly Illes shoot his friend Dowling in the head twice while the three were driving around in Dowling's van. The claim was Illes was upset Dowling, who was a crack addict, was stealing his product.

Madinski testified at Illes' trial stating that after shooting Dowling Illes cut off Dowling's head and dismembered his body while he watched. Then both of them burried Dowling's body in two separate locations in Squamish. Besides testifying to his part in the murder, Madinsky testified about his role in the cross border drug trade he was involved in that ended up killing Joe Bralic.

If Madinski was involved in the cross border bud for cocaine drug trade, which group was he with? The UN or the Hells Angels? He must have had an affiliation.

We know that Elliott Castaneda who was killed in Mexico had an affiliation. He was with the UN. But he was Mexican. Isn't it more likely someone from here hired the hit on him? The Hells Angels work with the UN but claim they're not welcome in the province and they will pound anyone who does business with them. Did the Hells Angels do the hit on Elliott to cut out the middleman and buy direct? Did the UN retaliate and have Gordon Kendall and Jeffry Ivans killed in Peurto Vallerta in retaliation since they were making connections for the Hells Angels?

That is clearly speculation but it makes you wonder. The bottom line is that the Hells Angels are exploiting kids like Gordon, Jeff and perhaps Joe. Those kids are dying while the Hells Angels who don't even ride motorcycles are profiting from the business without assuming any risk.

At the trial of contract killer Mickie (Phil) Smith the court was told one of his murders was done for the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels. Smith killed Paul Percy Soluk at a crack house in Surrey and said a man he called Yurik helped him chop up and dispose of the body. Smith said "Yurik's not an Angel but he works with the Angels. I know he's done a lot of hits."

Hells Angel Neil Smith was convicted of hiring Wayne James to murder Sean Simmons in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia:

This has gotten completely out of control. The Hells Angels are a criminal organization and their clubhouses need to be seized under the criminal organization legislation. Anyone who does business with them is a liar and a fool.

Anton Brad Hooites-Meursing

Anton is an interesting character. I don't know much about him but he has been referred to as a crew jumper. Some hate him, many fear him. He admitted to killing gangster John Lahn but said it was in self defense. It was a hung jury so he was let off. That was appealed and he's facing a third trial for the murder:

Anton's lawyer submitted evidence to the court that former gangsters had been tortured by Lahn's henchmen. Ironic after last night's rebroadcast of the movie Boondock saints. Lahn was a bad guy. Did Anton act in self defense? That will be the question the next jury has to decide. It's kind of a wild west defense. The other guy drew first. But they're all involved in criminal activity.

I'm told Anton ratted out the Bacons and help Eileen Mohan. Yet it turns out that was false so someone is trying to set him up. I wonder why. We know he killed John Lahn. I am told he's killed two others but haven't found any charge or documentation for that. We know he was at the castle fun park meeting with the Bacon brothers and Independent Soldiers. We also know he was the one who set up Joe Bralic with the LA dealers:

The Tyee claims Anton was born in Canada but grew up in Long Beach before he was deported back to Canada 10 years ago when he was in his early 20's. Anton is known as Compton in Canada or Blanco with his Latino friends which means whitey. The Tyee reports Riske as claiming Anton is a loose cannon that carries a gun with him everywhere and often shoots it off in the street.

James Riach also attended the castle fun park meeting and seems to have ties the Independent soldiers gang which is tied to the Hells Angels. Riach's Yaletown home was found containing 8 guns, cocaine packaged for resale, bullet proof vests and tens of thousands of dollars cash. Police told the court they found a framed picture of Anton is Raich's bedroom. In his bedroom? That's a little creepy:

The heckler claims Anton was involved with the Buttars and the Adiwals. The thing that I find interesting is why did the heckler think I was Anton? Does he and I have beef with the same people?

Who Killed Joe Bralic?

Joe Bralic wasn't a gangster, he's a casualty of war - the drug war. He didn't seem to have an affiliation. He appears to have been another body builder lured into the trap of easy money that wasn't so easy and paid for it with his life.

He's the guy that went to LA for a brief "holiday" and ended up dead. The Tyee wrote an in depth two part article about the mysterious event calling it the deal that killed Superman:

Unbeknown to his family, the clean cut, well groomed body builder started selling pot. Innocent enough. Then he was trapped by the quick money that can be made trading B.C. Bud for cocaine in the U.S. and selling the cocaine back in Canada. This seems to be where all the huge money is made but the repercussions are deadly.

I see it as greed. Selling a little bud isn't good enough. The lust for dump hummers or expensive cars and a fast lifestyle causes people to drop their standards and sell crack. Even if it's indirectly, that is what the cocaine ends up getting sold as. Cheap and highly addictive creating addicts with broken lives that will kill their mother for five dollars for more crack. There is no honour in selling that kind of rat poison on the street.

So Joe Bralic goes to LA to make the deal. Seemingly the guy who set him up with people in LA is Anton Brad Hooites-Meursing, a local bad boy who attended the castle fun park event with the Bacon brothers and the IS.

Two other criminals Bralic befriended who actually went to LA with him were Garry Favell and Derrick Madinski. Bralic's body was dumped in an alley around 1:00 PM on a Thursday. That same morning Favell and Madinski had checked out of the same hotel into one down the street. They must have known something was up. They came back to Bralic's hotel around 3:00 PM and asked the maid for the key to his room so they could check on their "friend" who was not answering the door. Yet they left LA and returned to Canada without him and without filing a missing person report. With friends like those, who needs enemies.

It appears that Bralic met with the LA cocaine connection around noon. Some claim he was haggling over the price which is unlikely. Others claim it was a straight robbery which is more realistic. Since he had no gang affiliation, the LA drug dealers had nothing to lose by shooting him and taking all the BC bud while they keep the cocaine they were suppose to trade for it. Even more money for them. Think about it, people who sell crack have no morals. They are not trustworthy. Period.

The Tyee article explains that with a gang affiliation dealers are less likely to rob you and shoot you because your gang will retaliate. An informant for the article gave the Hells Angels as an example. Somewhat Ironic. However, Bralic didn't go to LA alone as was thought. Anton made the connection for him. If Anthon has ties to the bacon brothers and the IS maybe Bralic thought he did have the backing of a gang. Why would Anthon hook him up without a gang?

Why didn't Favell and Madinski come with Bralic to the meeting? Or did they? Why did they change hotels that morning? Why did they return to Bralic's hotel room after he was killed, gain entry and return to Canada without filing a missing person report? Why didn't his girlfriend who drove to LA with Favell and Madinski to meet him file a missing person report? Here I thought Matt the rat was bad. Seems like more birds of a feather.

The moral of the story is steroids don't make you bullet proof. Selling pot is one thing but as soon as you cross that line of trading B.C. Bud for cocaine to be sold as crack, the risk of ending up dead is dramatically increased. People who profit from the sale of crack have no morals and can not be trusted so matter what they say. Friends betray friends on a regular basis over the greed of a fast buck.

Last night they had the movie Boondock Saints on TV again. It's kind of a funny movie about two guys in Boston who end up killing two organized crime figures in self defense and go on to exterminate criminal trash who evade the law. It's funny if you look at all the murders like a non reality based western. However, as tempting as that may be, I don't support murder.

Maybe I'm just getting soft as I get older. I guess I just value human life. Murder is really serious. Life does not end at death. Committing murder isn't something we can repay or replace like stealing something from a store. Stealing a life is irreplaceable. You can't give that back and it effects parents, children and siblings forever. What we do in life, echoes in eternity.

We need to set standards and draw lines. I said draw lines not do lines. We need to stay away from the cocaine, crack and meth and we need to value human life more. Murder isn't any more glamorous then selling crack. It's cheap, dirty, senseless. We need to open our eyes and see that greed kills. It kills friendships. It kills people and it destroys lives. Buyer beware.
Think about it. Bralic goes to LA to trade B.C. Bud for cocaine. Where did he put all the B.C. Bud, in his carry on? Not likely. His girlfriend flew out to Saskatchewan to meet up with Favell and Madinski who drove there from Vancouver. They drove across the border at North Dakota and met with Bralic who had driven there from LA. That's a long drive from LA. Then they all drive to LA together, his girlfriend in his car and Favell and Madinski in the jeep.
Do ya think that maybe the B.C. Bud was hidden in the jeep? Or at least picked up by the jeep after they walked it across and stashed it? If Bralic was trading Bud for cocaine, the Bud had to of come from somewhere. Favell and Madinski are the prime suspects. Was Joe Bralic robbed by a LA dealer or betrayed by his own people like so many others in the Vancouver drug war.
Interesting to note that the Tyee claims the Hells Angels had tried to recruit Bralic for Ultimate fighting and attended his funeral. If the Hells Angels tried to recruit Bralic for Mixed Martial Arts and attended his funeral and if the Independent Soldiers and crew from the castle fun park meeting are linked to the Hells Angels, who realled killed Joe Bralic? People who profit from exploiting these kids are just as guilty as those that do the hit.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jesters on Google

The Jesters clubhouse is on Google street view too. It's between Pro Auto Recyclers at 10645 120 street in Surrey also referred to as Scott road for the visitors:,-122.885109&cbp=12,,,1,&ved=0CAkQ2wU&sa=X&ei=WufgSpHdJYvUiAOd8-DrCQ

Looks like Google took the pictures before they finished the clubhouse. You have to see our more recent pictures to see the fence and the dumb clown logo they put on it:

White Rock Hells Angels now on Google Street View

The Whiterock clubhouse is on Google Street View. You have to cut and paste a search for 21764 61 Avenue Langley, B.C. to see it now. The bullies had Google's link to my site taken down. They must have found my comments offensive. Don't you hate it when bullies play the victim? Kinda makes them look pathetic:,0,15722566438680825699&ei=NdzgSoCfF4XIsQOqscHODA&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CA0QnwIwAA
This is the web page they must have found offensive:

Is that dump truck for burying bodies?

You have to spin it around because it starts off with your back to the property but you can move up and down the street. Just think of the money this will save on police surveillance. Just kidding. It doesn't refresh so it's not realtime. Yet.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Worst little whore house in Surrey

Update: House of Horrors murder has been released from prison.

Burt Renolds and Dolly Parton starred in the comedy, "The Best Little Whore house in Texas." Unfortunately there's nothing funny about the famous crack house in Surrey that was known as the House of Horrors. That's where sex trade workers were tortured and murdered. Police claim Annette Allan was murdered there and dumped in the Fraser River.

Yvonne Marie Boen's DNA was found there as well as on Picton's Pig Farm. That's a sick connection. Perhaps this is Surrey's dirty little secret. Perhaps it's not so secret. It would be interesting to find out what they found at the Cloverdale dig site. It would also be interesting to find out how the House of Horrors was connected to a Surrey grow rip involving a Hells Angel. The gag order involving Juel Toss Stanton should be over by now.

The thing that gets me wondering is some graffiti I saw a few doors up the street at the same time period. I had heard about the crack house known as the House of Horrors but didn't realize the exact location. Turns out it was a few doors down from a meth lab that burnt down. Someone wrote graffiti on the burned out house that said "Hells Angels Pimp Whalley Girls."

At the time I sluffed it off as unlikely but then I read about Otis Garrett and I saw a Hells Angels enforcing for the crack dealers in Surrey Central. That really surprised me. What were the Hells Angels doing in Surrey Central and why were they enforcing for crack dealers there? I had no idea. I guess I was just naive.

So here's the math. If the Hells Angels are connected to the crack trade in Surrey and if the Hells Angels are involved in prostitution, then maybe that graffiti I saw was a cry for help. It makes me very upset the Hells Angels are now allowed to broadcast their Jesters Puppet Clubhouse in Surrey. That's the last thing we need here.

The Jesters Clubhouse in Surrey

This has got to be the dumbest gang logo I have ever seen. Kim Bolan reported on the Jesters new clubhouse at or about 10665 120th Street in Surrey so I thought I'd drive by and have a look. Sure enough you can't miss it. It's got that stupid clown logo screaming criminal organization for the world to see.

I can't believe they're allowed to advertise a criminal organization like that. Right between two auto wreckers adjacent to the highest car theft park and ride Sky Train Station in the system. Isn't that ironic. They should seize it under the criminal organization legislation. At least shut it down for the most embarrassing gang logo in Surrey. This isn't a batman movie.
I did see a MMA fighter on the fight network the other night with a Jester Tattoo on his shoulder. He was from Quebec and the fight was in Quebec but the crowd booed him. I've never seen a MMA fighter get booed before. Perhaps it's a sign of the times.

The Red Scorpions

Kim Bolan was the one who first broke the news about the Red Scorpions being involved in the Surrey Six murder. Not only were they involved, they were the victims. The Bacon brothers used to be affiliated with the UN and broke off from them to take over the Red Scorpions.

The Red Scorpions used to be friends and or affiliates with the UN. Those were the people killed in the Surrey Six murder. One other guy was killed in the Guildford parking lot and a mother was gunned down not far away with her son in the car. These were the Red Scorpions who were affiliated with the UN.

It is clear that the Bacon brothers were attempting a hostile take over of the Red Scorpions similar to the take over of the Independent Soldiers leadership which for all practical purposes was successful.
The UN did not take kindly to the take over and have been killing off bad bacon as we speak:
Obviously this is over the sale of drugs. However, since the Hells Angels are clearly the cocaine kingpins in the province and no one sells drugs in Prince George without the Hells Angels permission, one has to wonder how they fit into the picture. Perhaps we could ask Hells Angel Larry Amero who was seen with Independent Soldier Randy Naicker. Randy N was with the Bacon brother's crew when they were arrested in Castle park wearing body armour.
The police tell us that the new IS are a puppet club of the Hells Angels just like the Crew, the Renegades and the court Jesters. Since the Hells Angels run all these puppet clubs and profit from their sale of drugs, how can they not be involved in this turf dispute between the UN's Red Scorpions and the Bacon brother's Red Scorpions? Larry should know. He's the one with his finger in all the cow pies.

For all practical purposes the Hells Angels tolerate the UN and have been caught doing business with them but it's all very suspicious when Ron Lising and John Punko claim the UN aren't welcome in the province and they will pound anyone who does business with them. It makes for the Hells Angels associates who do do business with the UN suspicious. Especially when a UN members ended up dead in Mexico after having done business with a Hells Angel associate there. Did I say Matt the Rat again? My bad.

Perhaps the UN are perfectly aware of the betrayal and were responsible for the death of the Hell's Angels Bob and Doug McKenzie shot up in Mexico. It's all a viscous circle of betrayal and speculation. More like a soap opera. There used to be honour amongst thieves back in the day. Not any more. Now the Hells Angels just keep lying to as many people as will believe them.

My point is, as we clearly see how bad the Bacon brothers and associates are, let's not forget who encourages, supported and or endorsed their hostile take over of the Red Scorpions because the puppet master is not less blameworthy than the puppet.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Street prostitution

They say prostitution is the oldest profession so what's the problem. I tell you what the problem is, exploitation. Remember back in the day when there used to be areas of Vancouver were prostitutes were pretty? Now everywhere you go the skid row prostitute shows up needing $5 for crack.

It used to be just the prostitutes from East Van were scary, beaten and abused drug addicts. Now, that's all there is. Take Surrey for example. A Surrey crack ho is frightening. Any john who wants to have sex with that is disturbed. However, she didn't always look that way. The drugs and the std's have physically transformed her. Legalize it? I disagree. That will not stop exploitation. It will only make a difficult task impossible as the police wouldn't be able to make any arrests. The plague would continue.

The real problem is the crack and crystal meth. We see prolific offenders steal to pay for the drugs and exploited woman ho for it. We need enforcement to help addicts stop committing suicide at taxpayers expense.

The New York Model

Everyone talks about the New York model but few have any idea what that means. From the mid 19th century in Gangs of New York to the Warriors of the /70's, New York City had a history of being plagued with gang crime. Yet everyone talks about how New York has changed and how safe it is now. This is what people refer to as the New York model.

It didn't happen through safe injection sites or through legalization of crack. Three things happened. 1) They cracked down on the gangs 2) They cracked down on the crack dealers and stopped letting them sell crack in public and 3) They moved Disney on the Deuce.

When I visited New York in the /80's there were no real gangs. Just a handful of small insignificant ones. The police broke up the gangs by making it harder for them to do business when they wore colours. If they saw a gang or individual wearing gang colours, they would take the person aside and search them. If they were found with drugs or weapons, they were arrested.

Wearing gang colours was just cause for a search. Here gang tattoos should be just cause for a search. Gang tattoos are not freedom of expression and freedom of association. Chris Hudson in Australia pointed to his Hells Angels tattoo and said "Don't you know who I am? I'm a Hells Angel." Having and showing that tattoo was an act of intimidation. Being a member of a criminal organization is just cause for them to be periodically searched.

Not every day in the middle of the night but certainly as they go out in public and jeopardize public safety. Random searches of known gang members for drugs or guns is an example of the New York model which was successful in restoring peace in that crime ridden area.

When I was in New York, gangs weren't the problem, the crack epidemic was. That was the first thing they did to address the problem. They stopped letting crack dealers sell crack in public. This sounds simple but takes focused determination to achieve. As soon as police turn the corner the crack dealers come back like rats on garbage.

Knowing that crack dealers get released quickly and that the paper work on the arrests is undaunting, it's easier to drive by and turn a blind eye to it. Following up on a campaign to stop crack from being sold in public at Surrey central requires ongoing attention. Surveillance cameras would help.

Moving Disney on the deuce was shocking.

East 42nd Street was full of crack dealers and smutty porn theatres like Soho in London. Moving Disney in was high risk but it paid off. That's like moving Disney to Main and Hastings in Vancouver. Yet a coordinated effort saw a transformation in the City which the rest of the world refers to as the New York Model. It doesn't come through complacency and safe injection sites. We've tried being enablers and it didn't work. Now let's try being responsible citizens and see how that goes. Let's try the New York model and leave Amsterdam for Amsterdam.

Let's give it up for New York.

That's not where I'm from but it is where I've been.

I support the Ghetto Gospel.

Bad Bacon's wrongful death suit

So the Mohan's have filed a wrongful death suit against those charged in their son's murder along with the landlords of the strata. Interesting discussions have arisen.
The purpose of a wrongful death suit in civil court is often a back up in case the judicial system fails as many surmised in the OJ case. Did the LAPD plant the bloody glove? Unlikely but possible. Did he do it? Criminal court said no civil court said yes. All I know is putting that show on TV by OJ, "If I did it, Here's how it happened" would have been satanic:
What happens if the judicial system in B.C. fails again and the Bacon brothers walk. Again. Thus the need for a wrongful death suit. Getting off this time is unlikely with a confession but already it looks like history repeating itself with an abuse of the charter.

In August of 2005 Jonathan Bacon was arrested with two machine pistols, two handguns, silencers, (like Randy Potts) a bullet proof vest, crack, ecstasy, marijuana and almost $100,000.00 in cash. June of 2008 Judge Donald Gardiner ruled police did not have grounds for the warrant used to make the seizures and this bad bacon walked.
Did you catch that? The police had a search warrant. This quack of a Judge over ruled the search warrant and let the guy free who was caught with guns and crack. I think the Mohan's should include Judge Donald Gardiner in their wrongful death suit. He carries serious liability here for failing to protect public safety.

This is an example of a bad decision that leaves the public wondering if this judge is inept or corrupt. Which is it? It's either one or the other because this kind of defiant abuse of the charter is clearly treason. Yet April 2007 we see history repeat itself.

In April 2007, the Bacon brothers were caught again with four loaded handguns and five magazines in their SUV and their lawyer is once again trying to throw out the evidence on a abuse of the charter. The police obtained a warrant to follow the SUV. The Bad Bacon's were involved in a shootout, as their vehicle was riddled with bullets and Jamie was hit though incurring only a bruise thanks to body armour.
The police investigated the crime scene and found .40 caliber shells inside the corvette Jamie was driving which was riddled with .45 caliber bullets. It appeared that the Jamie was was firing back at the shooters with a glock.
The corvette, the SUV and the garage door were all riddled with bullets. A search of the SUV found four loaded handguns in a secret compartment. This was a crime scene. Police don't need a warrant to search a crime scene. Abusing the charter yet again would be treason.

Another bad Bacon is their parents who deny and rationalize criminal behavior. Good parents don't so that. The father, Davie Bacon, the prime pig so to speak arrogantly told the media his kids, the three little pigs, weren't gangsters and that his son Jonathon was innocent and that he was confident all charges against them would be dropped and the matter would be over with.

That was in 2008 right before Donald Duck threw out the evidence against his son Jonathan Bacon, where Jonathan was caught with guns, drugs and cash. The father prime pig was right. The charges against his son were dropped through an abuse of the charter but the case was far from over. His son was not innocent. He was caught with the guns, drugs and cash. The evidence was thrown out by abusing a technicality. For his father to arrogantly claim his son was innocent is an outrage. His name should be added to the wrongful death suit.
Another bone of contention I have is the fact that the court recently heard that on February of 2007 all three brothers were under investigation for conspiracy to commit murder. Why would the youngest brother be charged in the Surrey Six murder but not the older two brothers? They should be added to the wrongful death suit.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

East Van doesn't look after it's own

The Vancouver Province ran an excellent article by a retired VPD officer about exploitation in East Van:
He spoke about the exploitation of the youth and how predators are ready to take advantage of them. He compared it to throwing a poodle into a shark tank. He touched on prostitution as young as 14 and gave an example of even younger than that. All to pay for drug addictions from exploited addicts.
I think the key word here is predators. That's exactly what they are. Many from East Van used to beak off and say we take care of our own. Perhaps it used to be. Perhaps it never was. Sick yuppies from the Granville strip occasionally participated in malicious beatings of the homeless. The recent attack on a homeless man on the Drive where three white males set a homeless man on fire as he slept on an abandoned couch was shameful.
The theory was that the homeless were safe from those kind of attacks in East Van. Yet the VPD released videos of under cover officers dressed as vulnerable seniors in East Van. Often they would get beaten and robbed.

I remember taking teenagers into blood alley by Pigeon corner to hand out food, jackets and gloves during winter. The youth I brought were surprised to see the reaction of the homeless. First it was fear. The homeless were afraid the youth were going to assault them. Then it was shock and relief when instead of beating them the youth gave them something to help them make it through the night.
I never really clued in until now but the elderly and the homeless have always been exploited in East Van. The reason people beak off and claim East Van takes care of their own is because the bullies don't want outsiders protecting their victims from being robbed. Nor do they want anyone to interfere with the money they make from exploiting the addicts. This is how the Hells Angels who import cocaine into Canada make their living.
Once we expand the CCTV project from Scott Road Sky Train Station to Surrey Central, the next step is to do it in East Van. You can't recover from an addiction where you have predators yelling crack crack crack in your face pushing the drug on you. We need to target the dealers not the addicts.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Closed Circuit Television Vs. Google Street View

Well I'm thrilled to see closed circuit television installed in the Scot Road Sky Train station parking lot. Here we have a place that was high in vehicle break ins being monitored by closed circuit television. Great idea. They should put cameras at Surrey central where the crack dealers sell crack in public.

Wait a minute, we do. It's called Google Street view:

If you go to Google Street view and scroll over to Surrey Central Sky Train Station this is what you see:
It doesn't seem refresh or be live stream though which is likely a good thing. I'll admit the Google Street view is a cool feature of modern technology. Privacy concerns do arise when it expands into residential neighbourhoods. Criminals could use it to case out a neighbourhood to see when people are away to rob them. Stalkers could keep tags on an ex or rapists could find victim patterns. None of which is good. I'm hopeful those concerns will be addresses.
Web cams of rush hour traffic, border line ups or snow conditions are great ideas. Common sense needs to balance out the obvious privacy concerns. Nevertheless I'm all for the Scott Road Sky Train Station parking lot CCTV cameras being installed at Surrey Central.

They already have them outside SFU at surrey Place which caught a vicious stabbing on camera:
Another stabbing suspect at the Broadway Station:
They even already have them at the Surrey Central Sky Train Station which caught the savage beating of Matthew Martins. We just need a couple of cameras across the street to keep tabs on the crack dealers. Notice I said dealers not addicts.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vancouver Special Edition

Look what they pulled out of the Fraser River. Not another body. This time is was an automatic weapon. We've all heard about the Saturday night special. A small handgun that has a short barrel and isn't very accurate but is easily concealed. Well this is a Vancouver Special.

Did ya see the movie, Grand Torino with Clint Eastwood? Well there's a funny scene in the movie of two cars of gang bangers beaking off to each other. One guy pulls out a gun as if to say shut up and walk away while a guy from the other group pulls out an Uzi and shouts "How many bullets you got?"

Funny in a movie but not so funny in real life. This compact machine gun with a silencer was found floating down the Fraser river and was used in some gang related shootings recently. You're got to admire the firearm. They're small, very fast but not that accurate because of the short barrel. Add the silencer and you lengthen the barrel and the bullets have a straighter trajectory. Ingenious actually.

But what ever happened to Chris Tucker's put your gun down and fight me like a man? Now it's like homeboy brought a knife to a gun fight. Some guy pulls a gun, someone else pulls out a bigger gun, then someone pulls out a machine gun. Then someone like Randy Potts pulls out one of his hand grenades and someone like the Bandidos pulls out one of their rocket launchers and everyone starts to blow sh*t up. That is f*cked up.
Like I said it's the same mentality as swarming. A group of guys swarm someone, bear spray them, then give him the boots. There is nothing manly about that. People who swarm are asking to get swarmed. I remember one kid tell me they were always nice to geeks in high school because you never know if they were going to snap and come back with a gun to shoot everyone who made fun of them.
All the gun violence is messed up. Not only because it isn't manly but because it's over the right to sell crack and crystal meth. That is messed up. Completely.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Burton Rice, XMMA and the Hells Angels

Speaking of Chuck Liddell and the Hells Angels, Burton Rice seems to be an interesting character. He's the president of a new UFC league called XMMA. He was arrested in the police's combined Operation SharQc connecting him with criminal activity involving the Hells Angels.

He's also the publisher of a magazine called Naked Eye:

I heard this story and cast it aside since it was about smuggling cigarettes which I didn't think was a big deal. However, it also involves money laundering, drug smuggling and MMA. Interesting how this magazine run by Burton Rice had tons of money ($3-$4 million was found in their safes) but they weren't paying their employees while hiding under the Hells Angels banner. Not good business. Kinda like what they did in Amsterdam. People don't like to do business with bullies.

It also involves how they harass people, as well as steal and extort from them in the tobacco industry:

The bottom line is giving a business license to operate mixed martial arts venues to an associate of the Hells Angels, a criminal organization is just plain wrong. Allow UFC competitions but ban the Hells Angels from taking control of them.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bob Green and 666 Holdings

Bob Green is a member of the Hells Angels. He was once the manager of the North Burnaby Inn. He is a director of Grant Street Holdings which owns the Burnaby Hells Angels clubhouse. In 2005 that same property was owned by 666 Holdings of which Bob Green was also a director.
So basically the ownership of the property hasn't changed, just the name of the company. They changed the name of the company from 666 Holdings to Grant Street Holdings named after 3910 Grant Street which is the address of the clubhouse. Why would a grown man name a company 666 Holdings?
When we were kids I used to have a room mate who listened to Iron Maiden 666 The number of the beast. It was just a JOKE. A dumb song kids used to play to be goofy. No one took it seriously.

Why would Sonny Barger, the focal point of the Hells Angels put the number 666 on his elite filthy few patch? Grown men bragging about the number 666? That's so high school.

Let's take a look at the dead head the police dragged out of the Toronto Hells Angels clubhouse. Holy Lord of the flies Batman, that looked deranged. Grown men drinking beer and smoking a blunt gathered around a deranged deadhead with horns? That is weird.

I never really noticed it before but if you look at the Hells Angels logo, their dead head has horns. Thus the Toronto clubhouse dead head is a model of the official logo. That looks satanic. Dumb, juvenile and satanic. When we think of the father of all lies who glories in rape, murder and torture, we realize no grown man with a brain would voluntarily enlist in that. That is why he is referred to as the father of all lies. "Oh we don't do that. They're haters and lie about us at every opportunity."
Oh really, the Hells Angels are the liars. All the drug convictions prove they are a criminal organization. The turf war with the Rock Machine in Montreal, what was it over? Drugs. The violence with the Finks and other gangs in Australia is over drugs. All the violence is over the drug trade that they claim not to be involved in.

And the prostitution rings they claim they are not involved in... they own brothels in Amsterdam and Vegas. Yes it's legal there so stop lying and stop saying the Hells Angels aren't involved in prostitution. BTW even Amsterdam doesn't like the Hells Angels. City Hall claims the Hells Angels used their bully tactics to buy the brothel for far less than what it was worth.
Nevertheless, Bob Green looks normal. He doesn't look like a biker. Neither does his cousin Len Pelletier. Len's a small guy with a big mouth living behind a gated fortress and sports an 1970's mustache that makes him looks like Steve Martin in The Jerk. Bob hanging around with Len is the first glimpse that we get of something being wrong with Bob. 666 Holdings is the next.

What's my point? My point is that the Hells Angels are liars. They lie to their own and only offer information on a need to know basis. "Oh we would never associate with Robert Picton." Well Hells Angels attended Piggy Palace on the same pig farm and Robert's lawyer argued in court that the Hells Angels had considerable association with Robert's brother Dave, who had been previously convicted of sexual assault on that same pig farm.
Yet many "nice" people believe the lies and profit from the sale of drugs using their families as a front. What do their wives think really goes on in Amsterdam? Ya think they own a brothel there and those married men never try it out?
They are a criminal organization that in some dumb, juvenile and deranged way, brag about being followers of satan. The father of all lies. Good luck with that. See you on the other side...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Chuck Liddell and the Hells Angels

This is old news and I don't want to make a big deal about it, but I just want to flog a dead horse and emphasize my concerns and frustrations with the Hells Angels. First I want to say that Chuck Liddell is first class. Not just because he can kick my ass but because he has proven himself in the ring. It's no wonder the Hells Angels are attracted to him.

Rumor has it he spends time with the Hells Angels when he is in Vancouver. True or false it doesn't really matter. If he does that is his right. My concern is what about the other things the Hells Angels do that relate to criminal activity. Look at Australian rules football player Alan Didak. He hitched a ride with Hells Angel Chris Hudson when out clubbing. He was in the car when Hudson pulled out a gun and started shooting. Awkward.

The photos of Chuck with some Vancouver Hells Angels reminds me of a kid getting his picture with Hulk Hogan. Somehow getting your photo with a WWF star makes you a star. Just because Chuck has had his photo taken with some Hells Angels doesn't really mean anything.
I'll admit Chuck's strange interview on Good Morning Texas sounded like he was wacked out on drugs but he was tested and passed. Chuck was tired and on sleeping pills. The bottom line is Chuck had a successful UFC career and retired with honour. Tito Ortiz on the other hand appears to be a bit of an asshole despite his competence.
The reason I bring this up is to illustrate some people of interest in the photos. In the first two photos we see cousins and friends Len Pelletier and Bob Green. Len is on Chuck's right and Bob is the second on Chuck's left. Len Pelletier is the Hells Angel who lives in a gated fortress in Langley who was shot at picking his kid up from high school. Bob Green is a director of Grant Street holdings which owns the Hells Angels Burnaby clubhouse.

The second two photos has Rob Alvarez with Chuck Liddell. In the last photo Rob is on Chuck's right and in the second from last photo Rob is the person on the far left in the picture. Rob Alvarez was the guy who was kicking a bouncer while his friend Hells Angel Ron Lising sucker punched the bouncer as they butt in line at the Au Bar in Vancouver. My point is Chuck Liddell is better than these people. The Hells Angels should leave him alone and they should leave George St. Pierre alone too. There's a lot of talk on the Internet about how the Hells Angels are trying to get cozy with George St. Pierre.
Just remember that the Hells Angels went to Australia with the sole purpose of starting shit. They patched over a member of a local club called the Finks. The police say they bribed the guy with a new Harley to betray his crew. Then they told the old club to leave town and a fight broke out at a mixed martial arts competition both groups attended. Guns were used in public.
The reason they went to Australia was to take over the drug trade in that area. The Hells Angels enforce for the crack dealers in Surrey central. I saw them. UFC is good. The Hells Angels are bad. We don't need them here and we don't need them involved with the mixed martial arts venue. Mom Boucher is not a nice guy. We don't need or want anything to do with him.