Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bob Green and 666 Holdings

Bob Green is a member of the Hells Angels. He was once the manager of the North Burnaby Inn. He is a director of Grant Street Holdings which owns the Burnaby Hells Angels clubhouse. In 2005 that same property was owned by 666 Holdings of which Bob Green was also a director. http://www2.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=9f8139e4-4161-4af3-8f99-a460d3b300f1
So basically the ownership of the property hasn't changed, just the name of the company. They changed the name of the company from 666 Holdings to Grant Street Holdings named after 3910 Grant Street which is the address of the clubhouse. Why would a grown man name a company 666 Holdings?
When we were kids I used to have a room mate who listened to Iron Maiden 666 The number of the beast. It was just a JOKE. A dumb song kids used to play to be goofy. No one took it seriously.

Why would Sonny Barger, the focal point of the Hells Angels put the number 666 on his elite filthy few patch? Grown men bragging about the number 666? That's so high school.

Let's take a look at the dead head the police dragged out of the Toronto Hells Angels clubhouse. Holy Lord of the flies Batman, that looked deranged. Grown men drinking beer and smoking a blunt gathered around a deranged deadhead with horns? That is weird.

I never really noticed it before but if you look at the Hells Angels logo, their dead head has horns. Thus the Toronto clubhouse dead head is a model of the official logo. That looks satanic. Dumb, juvenile and satanic. When we think of the father of all lies who glories in rape, murder and torture, we realize no grown man with a brain would voluntarily enlist in that. That is why he is referred to as the father of all lies. "Oh we don't do that. They're haters and lie about us at every opportunity."
Oh really, the Hells Angels are the liars. All the drug convictions prove they are a criminal organization. The turf war with the Rock Machine in Montreal, what was it over? Drugs. The violence with the Finks and other gangs in Australia is over drugs. All the violence is over the drug trade that they claim not to be involved in.

And the prostitution rings they claim they are not involved in... they own brothels in Amsterdam and Vegas. Yes it's legal there so stop lying and stop saying the Hells Angels aren't involved in prostitution. BTW even Amsterdam doesn't like the Hells Angels. City Hall claims the Hells Angels used their bully tactics to buy the brothel for far less than what it was worth.
Nevertheless, Bob Green looks normal. He doesn't look like a biker. Neither does his cousin Len Pelletier. Len's a small guy with a big mouth living behind a gated fortress and sports an 1970's mustache that makes him looks like Steve Martin in The Jerk. Bob hanging around with Len is the first glimpse that we get of something being wrong with Bob. 666 Holdings is the next.

What's my point? My point is that the Hells Angels are liars. They lie to their own and only offer information on a need to know basis. "Oh we would never associate with Robert Picton." Well Hells Angels attended Piggy Palace on the same pig farm and Robert's lawyer argued in court that the Hells Angels had considerable association with Robert's brother Dave, who had been previously convicted of sexual assault on that same pig farm.
Yet many "nice" people believe the lies and profit from the sale of drugs using their families as a front. What do their wives think really goes on in Amsterdam? Ya think they own a brothel there and those married men never try it out?
They are a criminal organization that in some dumb, juvenile and deranged way, brag about being followers of satan. The father of all lies. Good luck with that. See you on the other side...


  1. Judas Priest didn't do Number of the Beast dumbass, it was Iron Maiden.

    1. Correct. This is an old post. I thought I corrected that long ago. I always get those two groups mixed up.

  2. The law is honest and Corporations are fair please and politician are there for the people.If maybe more people would ban together for the rights of the working man we would have a true democracy.So if they want there groups that at least rebel against corrupt establishments all the power to them.They wouldn't be around if everone wasn't getting jerk around by the establishment they have what some people need to escape from your so called democracy, they live in a place were there see no justice from what we call capitalism.If you keep seeing corruption at the top why not start your own little world. There just screwing society in a different way.
    Mabye we need to clean are own house first.

  3. Pierre Trudeau had 666 on his licence plate on his Mercedes.

    And, yes, maybe the Hell's Angels are liars and maybe not.

    But, we all know the government, the judges, the politicians, the police, the lawyers, the bankers are liars and they are supposed to work for us but they lie to us all the time and the Hell's Angels, well..., the Hell's Angels never tell us they are there to help us. So, while some of what the Hell's Angels do isn't nice, look deeply into the government and you will find far worse crime.

    Do governments commit murder? Of course they do. Ask our Native communities what the governments did to them. Ask the children who are ripped from their homes by child protection services only to be abused, sold into prostitution and murdered. Ask the English family on Vancouver Island who were the target of terrorism so the government criminals could steal their property. Ask the soldiers who came back injured without limbs after being lured into the opium war in Afghanistan. Everybody with any intelligence knows who the liars are.

    Ask anyone who knows what is going on and they will tell you that the greatest criminals are in business and government. and the yt

  4. I think:
    Robert Picton is a sadistic psychopath.
    He is clearly not low intelligence. He played a good “simple unassuming pig farmer” game. He would have had it all calculated out, he made friends and held parties to lure women to his farm get in a position of trust. The victims knew there was women disappearing yet they trusted him to go with him. He got away with it for as long as he did because he is a manipulative psychopath & they are chameleons. They are the best actors, charmers and manipulators.
    You can’t actually be saying because someone is involved with drug trafficking they then must be involved with serial killing of women with a sadistic psychopath.

    No, Robert Picton killed those women because he is a sadistic violent psychopath, for fun, to get off on it.
    That is such a shock to our minds that
    we want another answer like the victims owed the hells angels money, they were making suff films, etc.
    Normal minds have a hard time coming to terms with it: that there are just violent, sadistic psychopaths like Picton, Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer, McArthur, that kill for fun out there.
    You don’t keep hidden decades of serial murders with a group of people involved. That’s just not done.
    Psychopaths like him know how to fool people. Look at McArthur putting his victims body parts in flower pots at his garden company employers homes. Were they in on it? No. They thought they were friends, trusted him and had the misfortune of being used by him to dispose of his victims in their flower pots. People are commodities to psychopaths.
    Sadistic Psychopath serial killers work alone or at the most in a pair(but odds are they’d get into a fight one or the other would be killed). They don’t work in groups, serial killers.
    They don’t do “team work”.
    The unfounded accusations really take away from him being accountable and recognized as the sadistic killer he is with throwing theories around, accusing others. That is playing into his hands- games. Certainly very hurtful to the people said these theories about and their families. Thats a big leap going from drugs to being involved with serial killing of women. Bundy did the same thing pointing fingers at others. He was so manipulative and convincing he had women in love with him protesting that other people were involved not him.

    Sadistic Psychopath serial killer games.

    Robert Picton alone killed all those women. For fun.

    To make up these other theories is really taking away from the monster HE is.
    Doing a disservice to his victims.

    That’s my analysis of this. For what it’s worth.


    1. Dianne Rock was gang raped on the Pickton farm. That would implicate more than one suspect. When the court found that out, the judge's instructions to the jury was that they could convict him even if the only or the main suspect just an active participant.


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