Sunday, October 25, 2009

An Olive Branch for the UN

Ongeai shimasu. What is the value of a human life? What is the value of a member of your crew? Will you protect them? Will you be loyal to them? I am told the UN have a noble motto. It is: "Honor, Loyalty, Respect." Indeed those are noble qualities. Yet somehow they get very distorted in a gang bangers world.

Let's take the Hells Angels. They have no loyalty. They say they do but the bottom line is if you are one of their associates and you get caught doing something, Rainbow Ricky is like we don't know him. There is no loyalty in that.

Loyalty doesn't mean protecting someone in your crew if they do something really fucked up like mutilate a crack ho or kill an innocent bystander in cold blood. There is no honour in that. The Chinese have Wing Chung and Yip man. The Japanese have Kendo and Bushido. That is honour.

Remember all those Bruce Lee movies. Kinda like an eastern western. The good guy vs the bad guys. Bruce Lee's character in those movies fought against the bad guys who were ruthless and smuggled heroin. Crack is no better than heroin, it's worse.

Feel the love Clayton Roueche had for James Coulter when he helped him overcome his crack addiction:

If Clay cared for James that much, how can we in good conscience exploit other brothers, sisters, girlfriends and daughters by turning them into crack addicts and getting rich by exploiting them. Where is the honour in that?

Look at how much risk is involved in taking all that BC Bud and trading it for cocaine to be sold here as crack. As soon as cocaine is involved people go crazy. Friends betray friends for more money - greed.

Everybody thinks Scarface was someone to look up to but he's not. He was a deranged fuck up who had no value for human life. If you value your friendships and cherish your crew, how can you in good conscience send them to trade bud for cocaine knowing the risk of them getting murdered is high as is the risk of spending an insane length of time in a US prison. If you care about your friends and if you cherish the members of your crew how can you do that?

Why would you ask them to take that kind of risk? So you can drive a new Hummer or SUV? Those cars look dumb. Whatever happened to Tokyo Drift or the old school muscle cars? Now that is honour. It has class because it's something you build. It's not a brand new Harley with a gay ass faring on it.

You're going to ask your crew to risk their life or chance spending their life in a US prison so you can have lots of money? There is no honour in that. The only honour is protecting your friends from that.

My olive branch is this: If you want to sell pot, feel free but stop trading the pot for cocaine. It destroys our society and puts your crew at huge risk. I ask you again, what is the value of a human life? What is the value of a member of your crew? Will you fight for them? Will you die for them? If so, will you live for them? Sometimes that's harder.

Think about how this would change our society. If they can use methadone to get off heroin, they can use pot to get off crack. Those skinny bone rack crack addicts would all of a sudden want some food to eat and they wouldn't be taking an axe to a Senior citizen for five dollars to buy more crack.

People would make money just not as much money but the risk would be far less so you'd be protecting your crew. I wanted to give the same Olive Branch to the Hells Angels but they don't have the values you aspire to.

The Hells Angels lie. If they would hire someone to kill an enemy, don't you think they would also rat out one of their enemies to the police? You really think they wouldn't do that? Who do you think ratted out Clay? The Hells Angels say one thing to your face but they say something else behind your back.

Yet I appeal to you to stop the violence. I've seen the you kill one of ours, we kill one of yours in other parts of the world and it doesn't work. That kind of violence only begets more violence until we are all left blind. Stop shooting people in public. Let's build the kind of society that we can be proud of. One where our mothers, sisters and grandmothers are safe. That is honourable. UN or as they say in Japaneses "Own" - Honour.

Domo arigato gozaimas

Agent AK


  1. Heroine = female version of hero
    Heroin = addictive opiate-based narcotic

  2. My bad. Brian surgery was my second career choice.

  3. where is SHANE KNOX

  4. MC Hammer’s little brother? I dunno is he a player? Kinda looks like a small fish.

  5. i heard that he got stabbed in the neck, that kid has some anger, and looks like he doesent care to die. Im sure that kid is affliated with UN. looks like he is trying to build a name, i heard no one will even sell him guns, because hes so fu#cke% in the head. Someone told me he chased his oldest sister down the road swinging a misscette at her well she was 6months pragnent. used a tourch on some lady, melted her arm with blue flame, over 500 dollers. thats messed up to me... HES WACK!!! MESSED UP!!!

  6. Interesting. I knew a guy in Surrey that was beaking off about his new guns and got in a lot of trouble from the guys who sold them to him because he drew too much heat. He ended up leaving town. I don’t know about little fish chasing his sister with a machete. That would be messed up. No doubt you heard someone say that but I can’t confirm it and don’t want to be held liable for slander. Much.


  8. shane knox is a fag lol big time bitch

  9. yea. Post ur name you dumb fuck I will come c you. And if ur rs it will make my day that much more happier. I will scream with u

  10. talk shit buddy state ur name shane and us will come c u

  11. What’s your name little girl?
    What part of fuck off don’t you understand?

  12. beef with shane? I really wouldent go there. The guy got stabbed like 3 times in the neck. I honestley don't think he's a bitch. He's a young guy that's making a name. To be honest. If you called him a bitch to his face. He would mess up. No matter how big the guy is. It not my thing to say anything. But I would hafe to say. He's respected and solid !!! He aint no bitch! If U.N. Asked him to gun down an R.S. Member. I'm sure he would. He really doesent have nutting to live for except his loyalty, honnour, respect

  13. shanes awsome guy!!!

  14. My bad. I guess you were referring to the person who trashed Shane Knox. Two points need to be made. First, you’re comment is the prime example of what is wrong with our society. I say our society because you and I both live in it although our beliefs are worlds apart.

    You said “If U.N. Asked him to gun down an R.S. Member. I'm sure he would. He really doesent have nutting to live for except his loyalty, honnour, respect” Can’t you see how fucked up that is? There is absolutely nothing honourable or to be respected in shooting someone because someone asked you to. That is deranged.

    This drama is all a bit complicated. Shane appears to be Mike Hammersley’s brother. Different last names, maybe different father. Mike is big Shane is small but that is just referring to physical appearance. Mike has pissed a lot of people off and I’m getting e-mail from people who no longer want to be associated with him.

    Mike has been seen with associates of the Hells Angels. Hells Angels were taped saying they hate the UN and that the UN aren’t welcome in the entire province. Larry Amero’s friends are Bacon brother friends. If the UN wanted Shane to prove his loyalty by shooting a RS member you said he would. Kinda like how Larry Amero proved his loyalty to the UN by letting an old girlfriend ride in the car with the UN guys that shot at the Bacon brothers outside Tbarz?

    These guys trade girlfriends like they trade hockey cards. Why was Larry Amero getting all warm and fuzzy with Randy Naicker if Randy was with the Bacons at Castle fun Park in Kevlar? Did Matt the Rat prove his loyalty to the UN by getting Rob Sidhu to use his connections to find the location of the Bacon brothers? Have you ever heard of playing both sides?

    Mike’s a big guy and Shane is a little guy. Who cares? Shane doesn’t have to shoot someone to get respect. He already has respect. If he does something fucked up like that he will lose his respect. This whole UN, Bacon brothers, Hells Angels triangle is toxic.

  15. i personally know mr.knox and from what i know of him he is a nice guy his brother is a bit of a retard though!

  16. My name is Shane Francis Knox, born may30th 1984, born and raised in east van, my mother is karen mcguire, thats how im related to Mike Hamersley, my father is Lenard earnest fiddler. my grandmother raised me, gloria mai la forge, first female fight manager in history, golden gloves. anyways i was born at saint pauls hospital, my grandma raised me, my mother was a drug addict, so was my father. my grandmother raised me till i was 16, then i moved out. my father never came around, passed away from drugs in 2005, my mother is alive, love her lots, even thoe i dont contact her. mike on the other hand hates her, never showed anything to anyone, brothers mothers fathers, he just for himself. i got another brother sammie jones, he aint an angle, got popped going across with a bunch of coke. i half to say yes i do have lots of respect, i was a gangster, i use to sell drugs, torture randoms, do all kinds of hatefull thing, im sure thats all the anger i have built up in the years since i was a child. i was not a good child growing up at all, 10 years old running around on the streets with a kitchen knife, protecting my self. i look back at all the bad things i have done, and im not happy about it, im more assamed then anything, im 25 years old, living in calgary, living good, got out of the drug thing, the gang thing. all of it, i have been making new friends, that aint gangsters. thats funny...
    my life has changed, i have made a 360 degree turn in my life, the choises i make in my life, the people that where in the crew, thought they where my friends, they trully aint. when ur in trouble, whos going to be there. NOBODY. this i have learned. i would have done thoes things to rs, yea i was a soilder, but when u think about it, they got families also, thtey have mothers also, they have girlfriend and so on, whats the outcome. Respect, no ur wrong.
    i am out, i dont want that life style any longer, UN the RS HAHA. lets see the future. thats all i gota say.
    people if i have changed one persons life outa 50 who read this, then this is the way that i have giving back.
    i have worked to hard to fall back into the world of hate, i have found who i am, and i like my life more then ever, GOD HAS KEPT ME HERE FOR A REASON. now im living my life, even thoe i got a warrent that i gota deal with.


  17. Well said Shane. You have more balls than the rest of the players on the field. You used your real name, but clarified you got out and made new friends. I’m not going to applaud the fact that you claim you would have shot someone because someone asked you to but I will applaud you for getting out and for realizing those kind of friends who would ask you to do those kind of things don’t really have your back when push comes to shove. Most of them are indeed in it for themselves.

    Nor will I judge you for the life you’ve left because I haven’t had the same struggles. I applaud the fact that although your mother has an addiction, you don’t disrespect her publically. That in itself is a sign of self respect. Feel free to post here but be careful about giving out too much personal information. Many others are less insightful and more vindictive. Cheers.